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WATCH: European Tour player smashes ball 300 yards with 3-iron


This is absurd. European Tour rookie Jordan Smith just did something some of us can’t do with a driver.


He hit his tee shot 300 yards….with an iron. Let this be a testament to how much faster golfers are swinging.


It’s power wave has gotten so crazy, that we sometimes poke fun at Jordan Spieth for his power. Yet, he hits it over 290 yards off the tee.


I will personally say, that I love the power surge. Think of it kinda like baseball.


Fans absolutely adore the home run, and it’s always exciting to see. Driving in golf is a fan favorite, and it’s always a joy seeing guys boom it down a fairway.


The course vs. player balance is still there however. Don’t worry, you won’t see anyone drive a par-5 anytime soon.


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Check out the European Tour’s innovative new tournament

Although this was a week ago, I just found the European Tour’s Hero Challenge to be such a fresh idea. To aim of the tournament is to get as close to the pin as possible on a 156-yard par-3.

It takes places under the lights, with flames shooting up after every swing. It’s about as awesome and unique of a way you can ever play golf.

Plus, it’ll be appealing to the younger audiences. Besides, aren’t we tired of the ol’ “golf is boring” narrative? This event makes golf stand out more, while still featuring the pureness of the game. Let’s hope all of the tours can come up with cool ideas like this more often.

You can read a full piece I did on the Hero Challenge at Pro Golf Now

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Andrew “Beef” Johnston’s house is as big as his character

Ignore the lame headline, you must see Andrew Johnston’s crazy house. Johnston became an instant sensation after getting his first win on the European Tour and saying how “hammered” he was going to get afterwards.

He then played very well at the Open Championship at Royal Troon, although he and many others were miles apart from Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson. This made him even more popular and now, he shows off his amazing crib.

He’s got a place that most people dream of. It’s certainly a beefy crib if I say so myself.

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WATCH: These 200-yard putts are real and insane

We make a big deal when we hit a nice 20 ft putt on a tricky green. But ever hit a 200-yard putt?

Well, that’s what some Eruopean Tour did recently. Well, OK, they actually swung the putters as if they were wedges but still was very impressive nonetheless.

Some of the best players in the world teed it up to have a closest to the pin competition with their putters. The event took place at the scenic Stuart Castle Links golf course.

Martin Kaymer and Bernhard Langer did something similar a couple of years ago. Among the big names that took part in this particular contest, Henrik Stenson and Greame McDowell led the charge.

Russel Knox hit a gorgeous shot with his putter to win the challenge. These guys just proved again why they are so good as you and I can barely get it close to the pin with a wedge, let alone a putter.

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WATCH: European Tour golfer loses mind after hole-in-one

A hole-in-one is one of toughest and most exciting accomplishments in all of sports. But, for James Morrison of the European Tour, it was an even sweeter experience as he won a BMW in the process.

But what was as fun as the ace was Morrison’s celebration. The man lifted up his playing partner and carried him several feet as if he were a trophy.

Hilarious celebrations like these after an amazing shot is one reason why we love this game. Do your dance!

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Source: Swing By Swing

The European Tour will have a £10,000 putting contest

Driving for show is a always a blast but putting for dough is even better for golfers on any of the pro tours. Now, the art of putting will now be on display as the European Tour plans to have a made-for-TV putting contest where the prize will be £10,000.

The contest will team up tour pros along with celebrities for a chance at the prize. Think of it as the Pebble Beach Pro-Am of putting.

Audience participation will also be key for the event. Here’s the release from the European Tour on the event:

The ISPS HANDA Pressure Putt Showdown will feature star players and celebrities battling it out on the putting green for a £10,000 prize which will be donated to charity, with music and audience participation adding to the atmosphere.
The unique format is designed to bring a whole new level of fan interaction and entertainment to European Tour events, as part of Chief Executive Keith Pelley’s strategy to raise the profile of the tour by engaging fans and players alike with exciting new ideas.
The inaugural Showdown, at the European Tour’s headquarters in Surrey, will put eight teams of two – one European Tour star and one celebrity partner – in the spotlight and will begin with each team putting from a distance of three feet.
If both players miss, they will be eliminated before the successful teams move a foot further away from the hole and the battle resumes. As the background music adds to the pressure and excitement, the successful teams will continue to move further away from the hole until a winner is declared.
Chief Executive of the European Tour Pelley said: “This is one of the many innovations we have been working on to widen the appeal of our game to greater audiences and to showcase the immense talent and personality of our stars.”

Among other initiatives, the European Tour will also have a nine-hole tournament for amateurs that will debut during the Open Championship at Royal Troon. The USGA has something similar with their annual Play 9 Day which now is the ninth of every month.

Putting contests and nine hole tournaments? I love it.

People love putting and love quick and adrenaline pumped play (nine hole play). This should all be fun.

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Source: Swing By Swing 

WATCH: Miguel Angel Jimenez plays golf on Great Wall of China

Miguel Angel Jimenez is known as “the most interesting man in golf” and he’s continued to live up to that name by hitting golf shots off of the Great Wall of China.

During the Volvo China Open is when he decided to go on his golfing adventure. Ladies and gentlemen, this is urban golf at its finest.

With 21 European Tour wins, and one golf’s all-time leaders in holes-in-ones, add this to his list of wins. Oh, so much win.

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Source: SwingBySwing.com

WATCH: Rory McIlroy zip-lines through Dubai skyline

See you on the other side @xdubai

A video posted by Rory McIlroy (@rorymcilroy) on

Rory McIlroy has had a heck of a career winning four major championships but he also injured his ankle playing soccer which caused him to miss last year’s Open Championship.

But that’s not stopping McIlroy from doing something dangerous. He decided to go zip-lining above the Dubai skyline.

Yup, that’s right, it was during the European Tour Omega Desert Classic that McIlroy decided to perform this adventurous stunt. The video caption states “See you on the other side” and well, it’s clear he made it since the video was posted.

What’s the old saying? “Don’t try this at home kids!”.

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Source: GolfDigest.com 

WATCH: Matt Fitzpatrick gets insanely close to a 59

Ouch! Right in the feels!

Matthew Fitzpatrick, who is one of the bright young golfers in the sport, was VERY close to shooting the first 59 in European Tour history.

The Northwestern aulumn would go on to finish with a 60 which is still amazing, especially on such a historic golf course such as Kennemer Golf Club. He’s only 21 which makes it even cooler.

Check out the video below and you’ll see how close he was:

Seems like “Fitz” just keeps getting better and better. It’ll be lots of fun to see what else he can do going forward. BEAST!

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Source: Golf Digest


Video: Rory Mcilroy putts into bunker on “Road Hole”

Wow! How often does this happen? Let alone for the best golfer on the planet? Well, Rory Mcilroy hit his putt into a bunker, yes you heard me right. The world’s best putted into a bunker. He did it on one of the most iconic holes in the world on St. Andrews’ 17th “Road Hole”. See it for yourself below!

Now, a lot of players tend to putt off the greens at St. Andrews just because it’s possible to do and many have made putts off the greens. That’s what makes St. Andrews such a fun course to play. Wide fairways, bunkers all over, roller coaster greens, etc. Let’s take this video as a lesson though. Don’t putt from off the green when the bunker is practically right in front of your face!

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