WATCH: Euro Tour Golfer Pablo Larrazabal Gets Chased by Bees, Jumps in Lake

This is definitely scary. Anytime a bee is showing interest in you, it’s quite an “Ah!” moment. But when a SWARM of bees all want to sting the crap out of you then that’s when you run for your life, or in the case of European Tour golfer Pablo Larrazabal, fight them off with your towel like a badass and then run and jump in a lake. Check out the video courtesy of Fox Sports!

I tell you what, the dude’s name is pretty awesome. It’s like “What’s your name foo?”. “Larrazabal biotch.” The amazing thing is that he over came it and nailed a birdie. What a boss.

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A RARE FEAT: Joost Luiten and James Hahn Hit Jaw Dropping Double Eagles in the Same Day

James Hahn

James Hahn

Wow, simply an amazing shot. The craziest thing is probably how the ball continued to roll on the green for so long and then eventually roll into the cup. Joost Luiten nailed this gorgeous shot at the Volvo Golf Champions on the European Tour. The most mind-boggling thing about this is that he wasn’t the only one who hit an albatross. James Hahn hit one at the Sony Open making this one of the more memorable days in golf in terms of terrific shots. unfortunately, the video of James’ shot was taken off by a YouTube user for some reason but I’ll be sure to update this article once a video comes in again. For now, enjoy this amazing shot by Joost Luiten and watch how the ball incredibly rolls on the green at the perfect speed from a far distance and land in the hole. COME ON GUYS! DON’T DO THE OTHER PLAYERS LIKE THAT! It’s too cold outside in most places, why y’all got to take them to school like that James and Joost? Oh, and yes, that’s the same James Hahn that performed the Gangnam Style dance at the Waste Management Open last year.

Credit for video: Shane Bacon, Yahoo Sports

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Ernie Els might retire soon, cuts down on schedule

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Four time major champion and world golf hall of famer Ernie Els looks to cut down on his schedule from next season on according to the legendary Sky Sports. If he goes on with his plans then this could very well mean the possible end of a truly remarkable career no doubt. He’s quietly been slowing down on his schedule already as he only played only 19 PGA Tour and seven European Tour events. While speaking at the Nedbank Golf Challenge in Sun City in South Africa, Ernie had mentioned that “There are other things that come into play now according to Sky Sports.

“It’s always been difficult leaving the house, but now you really see your kids – Samantha (14) and 11-year-old Ben – growing up and it gets more difficult.

He’s absolutely right. I’m sure it sucks when you’re on the road all of the time and you don’t really have the opportunity to see your kids grow throughout the years. There’s no doubt he’ll want to spend more time with his kids while he’s going through the shortened schedule. He definitely earned a shorter schedule with the amazing career he’s had. He’s widely been considered that big third player behind Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods and he’s been that and more with many fans, writers and fellow golfers considering them the “Big 3″. Much like the big three before them of Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player, Ernie, tiger and Phil combined for several major titles with all three of them combining for a whopping 23 major victories.

While tiger and Phil relied on power for most of their game, Ernie was more of a control player throughout his career and has proven to be successful. Ernie has an amazing 66 worldwide wins and he’s seventh all-time on the European Tour in wins with 28 and seventh all-time on the Sunshine Tour with 16 wins. If this is the slowly ending career of Ernie Els then I got to say thank you. You’ve been awesome and it’s been quite a ride. Let’s hope that he finds another gig somewhere after he hangs up the cleats and calls it a career which hopefully won’t be for a few more years but I think we’ve already seen the best of the great Ernie Els.

What do you think about Ernie’s shorter scheduling? How many years do you think he has left? Think he can possibly get one more major for an encore before it’s all said and done? As always, let me know in the comments below!

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PICTURE: John Daly’s New Pants Will Widen Your Eyes


John Daly as we know is quite the character and he’s also known to be very entertaining on the golf course with his exploding drives. But we also know him as the guy who where’s the coolest, flashiest pants ever (I said that in my Tommy from the Rugrats voice) and well, he’s at it again and I must say, I’m not a big comic book guy but I absolutely love these pants! I’d probably rock them to wear something different and unique out there. Way to go JD!

He made his debut wearing these sweet pants during the Alfred Dunhill Championship and I have to say that the folks over at Loudmouth did a great job with those pants. If only there was a way to get a customized pair. That would be awesome, I’d spray GP Golf Report and Prince Colin all over those bad boys! So, what do you guys think of his new pants? Too colorful? Too cool? Or just too lame? As always you can let me know in the comments section and again thank you so much guys for helping the site reach over 1,000,000 hits!

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