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Hey guys, do you enjoy the GP Golf Report? Well now you can receive content through email! At times, I will post pieces through email as this is a quick way to write post and is a great way to write while on the go! You can expect the same content that you enjoy from the GP Golf Report with more great stories on the PGA Tour and anywhere else in the golf world. There’s a also a certain golf video game to look for as well ;). I hope you guys are looking forward to a terrific President’s Cup after we saw some spectacular golf at the Tour Championship. Who’s going to step up on both teams? It’s going to be very fun to see no doubt. I absolutely LOVE team events in golf because there is so much energy and excitement after every swing of the club and it’s so beautiful. I definitely love the Ryder Cup though because it’s like an Olympics for golf (Hey, mark your calender for 2016 though!) and I love it.

The way the teams show pride for their countries and all of the drama that’s in it is simply incredible and the President’s Cup is also a terrific event in golf. In other news, Tiger Woods won PGA Tour Player of the Year. I was’t surprised though because he’s Tiger Woods. It’s a reputation thing and that’s why he won. I honestly thought Phil Mickelson or Adam Scott should have won the award to me, a major and a win looks much prettier and shinier than just five wins. Not to mention both of them had seven top 10’s so I thought one of those guys were more deserving but hey, it is what it is I guess. Anyway, thanks for reading my post/email and if you like my work you can always press the “Follow” button on the left side of your screen and also, please share the site with your friends on Twitter and Facebook, I’d appreciate any support I can get because without you guys I am absolutely nothing, nada, zero! You can also click any of the social media icons on the left of your screen to follow me on Twitter, “Like” the GP Golf Report on Facebook and follow the GP Golf Report on Google Plus! Thanks guys, always appreciate the support! Keep it real GP Nation! From Chicago with love!

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