WATCH: Trailer to EA Sports’ Tigerless Golf Game Looks Out of This World

Oh….My….GOLF! EA Sports released a trailer at popular gaming convention, E3 for their next golf game which will not include Tiger Woods and it looks PHENOMENAL! The graphics for “EA Sports PGA Tour” look amazing and the fantasy course will blow you away. I’m a sports video game junkie. Other than golf and journalism, it’s sports video games for me and let me tell you that this trailer is the best looking golf trailer I’ve ever seen. It’s too early to tell but it looks great so far. Most people dislike fantasy courses but you will NOT be disappointed after checking out this E3 trailer. With Ian Poulter, who took a picture a while back in studio while working with EA and now he’s the star of EA Sports PGA Tour’s first trailer, this could definitely be your cover athlete for the game but it’s definitely too early to tell. View this short video with your own risk….

With The Golf Club coming out soon, EA making a return, and still with the possibility of 2K Sports releasing a golf game, it’s going to be very interesting in the golf video game world. Get excited virtual golfers! You’ll have a lot of couch golf to play this and next year! Oh and I absolutely love that “Golf without limits” saying. It tells you that you can play golf anywhere, anytime and it’s TRUE! That’s why it’s the greatest sport in the world.

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