REVIEW: Golf clubs in a backpack by DV8 Sports


Summary: You know I’m going to be biased and say that golf is the greatest sport in the world. However, one of the big things that’s holding golfers back is the convenience of the game.


That’s where DV8 Sports steps in, the company that created a set of golf clubs in a lightweight backpack. Yup, that’s right, golf that you can bring with you anywhere.


It all started at an airport when DV8’s boss (Now Chief Technical Officer) Pat Brady noticed an argument at an airport taxi. The argument was between men about their golf club sets being too big to fit in the trunk.


This would have to result in one of the men not bringing their sets. This is when Brady asked himself “How can a set of golf clubs be more compact?”


That’s when the DV8 clubs were born. A KickStarter campaign was started in 2014 and the sets quickly surpassed its goal $50,000, reaching $85,000 in funds.


It took the company five years to complete the clubs after countless hours of testing. According to Brady, it was easy to make the clubs compact but the trick was to make sure the clubs performed at a high level.


Well, after numerous tests, a chart showed that the DV8 clubs hit farther then most name brand sets. The driver in particular was five yards longer.


Thoughts: The bag is beautiful and features strong straps to stay on your back as you go through your golf adventures on and off the course. The bag even features a slot for an iPad or Android tablet so you can record your own swing (You would need the DV8 tripod in order to do so unless you have a tall chair to stand the bag on perhaps) among other things.


The bag also features a small compartment on the bottom where you could you could place your golf balls, tees, etc. And of course the bag features a spot on the side to hold your water bottles.


What makes the clubs so compact  is that each set includes one shaft and up to 14 club heads. What you do is attach the grip to the shaft and then choose which club (head) you want to use for a particular shot.


Once the shaft and grip are connected, it takes three seconds at best to put the club head on. This is where the technology of the DV8 golf clubs shine, as they use a coupler feature to make it easy to snap the club head onto the club.


The clubs swing very nicely. It’s as if you’re swinging traditional clubs, you couldn’t tell that it was assembled…..out of a backpack.


I was really impressed with how well they hit. Hitting pitch shots with the wedge was extremely smooth and a lot of fun and I was able to take hard, full swings without the fear of anything breaking.


I was able to take the wedge and stick in my regular backpack with no problem. It was amazing getting the chance to walk up to the local golf course, knowing that you had a club in your bag, without carrying a full set of clubs.


The shafts are graphite which are great for extra power in your shots. You can also select the shaft size that is best fitting for your height thanks to the club fitting chart that DV8 has on their website when choosing your set.


Another nice benefit is that despite the clubs’ design, you can still change grips at anytime. It’s also easy to clean the clubs as you could remove the head to clean it and it’s nice since the shaft doesn’t get in the way.


The set is also good if you have a small car, ride a motorcycle or rely on public transportation to get around. You can easily take the clubs with you or if you’re like me, you might just grab one or two clubs and put them in your regular backpack or suitcase.



  • The clubs are very easy to carry around and solves one of golf’s big question marks and turn it into a an exlamation point and that is, finally making golf more convenient.
  • They hit terrifcly. You’d easily think you’re hitting one of the name brand clubs.
  • Quick to assemble. Takes no more than three seconds.
  • Excellent for the traveling golfer who enjoys playing different courses.
  • If you go on an airplane, the clubs can come on the flight with you without having to be put below the plane with the suitcases.
  • Great if you have a small vehicle or rely on public transportation. Also great if you play off-course golf.



There are no cons with the DV8 golf clubs. The only thing that may be a con to some is that, since you’re using once shaft, you will have to use a regulation, round grip when you putt.

Unless you decide to put a putter grip on your shaft which is fine as well. Or, you can get a second shaft, just for your putter but the shaft is fairly expensive.



Overall, there are no flaws to the DV8 Sports golf clubs as they play as good as any name brand clubs out there. A set can be a little pricey (Cheapest set starting at $499) but if you want a wonderful combination of golf clubs with high quality and the freedom to take your clubs anywhere without hassle or stress, then these are great weapons of choice on the course.

The DV8 clubs are truly a revolution in golf and was something that was really needed to help make golfers’ lives so much easier and to make it simpler to get out on the range or course often. If you’re someone who enjoys traveling to play different golf courses, the DV8 clubs allow you to use your own set of clubs without having to rent some.

Finally, the DV8 sports golf clubs are an absolute game changer for the golf world. Making the game more convenient could potentially bring more folks into golf, especially the kids and I think DV8 nailed an ace with this one.

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