WATCH: Tour pro hits bank shot off of TV camera, hits the green

This is the type of thing you’d normally see in the wonderful sport of streetgolf. But, even on the PGA Tour, we may see shots that are totally out of the ordinary and this one is a keeper.

Ryan Brehm hit his shot from the fairway, and it ended up bouncing right off the camera that was filming him. The ball then bounces on the green, although it left him with a tricky putt.

Regardless, that’s still really impressive, to be able to hit with such precision. And then, being able to nail the green.

Although it was by accident, it was still amazing. Good job Ryan!

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WATCH: Jason Kokrak crazy golf shot from stands

We have seen a couple of shots that were hit from the stands before, but not like this. Jason Kokrak was high above on the second deck of the bleachers at the Well Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow when he hit a rediculous recovery shot that had his ball land on the green.

Here’s another view that give you a great idea of how crazy this shot was.

It’s amazing how anybody could even hit a shot into the stands let alone hit out of it, from that angle. I think you and I could hit into these random locations with our eyes closed, but we may have many issues getting out.

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