NCAA Golf Championship: A unique experience that’s great for golf


Last week was a fun week for golf, as some of the best schools in the nation duked it out for a chance at capturing the NCAA Golf Championships.


I had the chance to go check out the men’s final between the Oklahoma Sooners and defending champion Oregon Ducks. Early on, it was a great back and forth dance of fate between the two legendary colleges.


What made both of these teams so extraordinary, is the situations they were both in. Oklahoma had one of the youngest teams in the country trying to win their first golf title since 1989. On the other side, the Oregon Ducks were in what was supposed been a “rebuilding year” after their magical run last year that ended with a title at their home course.


Then, here they are, yet again, trying to win another title, this time, at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove, IL. So both teams had interesting backgrounds behind them.


As the back and forth duel continued on, it was Oklahoma who would grab the first point. They never looked back after that, and would go on to grab their first NCAA golf title since 1989.


The cool thing about college sports is the spirit that’s involved with it. After capturing the title, Oklahoma fans everywhere can be found saying “Boomer Sooner!” all over social media. It’s the one thing you don’t see often in golf, besides at the Ryder Cup where American and European fans spray the golf course with their team colors.


Because of the team spirit that’s involved, college golf is great for fans, and for the sport in general. Almost anyone and everyone loves their alma maters, and would root for their team any chance they can get.


Then there’s the fans who grew liking a college team and represent their team. I’m one of those fans, growing up being a DePaul and Northwestern fan.


The school I went to didn’t have sports, but our radio station covers the UIC Flames, so I also have adopted them as well, thanks to my alma maters coverage of the squad. Not too long ago, they added a women’s golf team, so I was certainly excited about that.


But the joys that college golf provides is unmatched in the sport. Nobody gets more emotionally attached to their team like their high schools and colleges, especially college.


One of the things that also stood out was the cool polos the players were wearing. They each were multicolored with their school color and either white or gray. Then, one of the dopest things I noticed was the jersey numbers that were on the sleeves on the polos, giving the players the since that they are truly apart of something, that they have their uniform that makes them stand out.


Vanderbilt and USC, who were within the final group of teams, also had the multicolored polos with the numbers on the sleeves. Some schools have yet to adopt this, such as Illinois, which made it to the final four, ultimately losing to the eventual champion, Oklahoma.


Rich Harvest Farms proved to be good host course for the title. The home of the Northern Illinois Huskies had a beautiful blend of tree lined and open land holes.


One hole in particular was stunning, featuring some seclusion with all of the trees surrounding it. There was even a tree in the fiariway, so even if you thought you were safe, you may not be if you get caught right behind it.


Overall, the NCAA Men’s Golf Championship was a great experience and will continue to grow as a main event in the world of golf. The team atmosphere combined with young, hungry talent and a ton of school spirit from fans and great drama, makes this a must watch event for golf fans every year.


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WATCH: College golf coach gets denied on kiss cam

During a San Antonio Spurs game, University of Texas at San Antonio assistant golf coach Kyle Collins was on a date with his girlfriend when they both made it on to the “kiss cam”.


Well, things didn’t go too well as the kiss couldn’t be pulled off. Collins’ gave her  a quick smooch on the cheek and that was it.


The Spurs hilariously put captions on the clip on Twitter. Collins himself got a good kick out of it all.

Although they’ve been together for a year, which is great, one thing’s for sure, she definitely may have some stage fright. Wonder if any of his players saw the game and said “Hey, that’s coach Collins getting denied!”.

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WATCH: College Player Holes Out to Get into National Title

This is as dramatic a finish you’ll ever see in a golf tournament. In a sudden death playoff in the NCAA Men’s Golf Regional Qualifier, Tolver Dozier of Troy University hit one of the most incredible shots considering the circumstances.

In the playoff at The Course at Yale, Tolver hit a beautiful eagle from 138 yards out that sealed the deal and got him into the individual National title. He defeated Addison Coll of Ohio State. Best believe he was stunned.

Check out the amazing shot below!

That was a heck of a shot, whoever came up with the idea to film it was brilliant!

The Individual National Championship as well as the Men’s Team National Championship will be at the Jack Nickluas/Tony Jacklin designed Concession Golf Club on May 29 to June 3rd.

The Women’s National Championships will also be Concession and I’m pulling like crazy for the Northwestern Lady Wildcats in this one (Never went there, just a big fan)!

College Golf has really made a push and is quickly becoming one of the most exciting forms of the sport anywhere!

More info on Championships on the Concession website:

Source: Golf News Net

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WATCH: SDSU Women’s Golf Perform Unreal Trick Shots

Hey there! Were you looking for something to drop your jaw to the floor? Cool! Well, here’s something that should do that for you.

The 24th ranked San Diego State University Aztecs’ Women’s Golf squad got together and proved why they’re a top 25 team. How so? By performing one of the greatest trick shot videos in golf!

Check it out. You tell me if it’s great:

What’s so impressive is that it’s multiple players taking part in this. Most videos show two players at best (Looking at you Bryan Brothers) but with so many players in one video, you’d think something would go wrong but that’s not the case with these ladies!

Golf is getting cooler and cooler each day and I love it. If you’re a traditionalist and you despise things like this, then I have two word for you:


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WATCH: Alabama Wins National Championship on Spectacular Putt

See, this is why I love college golf. The drama on each hole and team aspect of the sport. Alabama defeated Oklahoma State on Wednesday for its second straight NCAA Men’s Golf title after beating Illinois last year. The last time a team won back-to-back titles was the dangerous Augusta State Jaguars (Now the Georgia Regents Jaguars) who defeated Oklahoma State in 2010 and Georgia in 2011. This putt by Trey Mullinax of Alabama sealed the deal and it was an amazing one that was just off the green. Here’s the video courtesy of’s College Central.

Golf Channel did a great job with the coverage and this really helps grow the sport and shows how much fun college golf is to watch and Alabama is already on their way to becoming a college golf dynasty with three straight title appearances and two wins defeating a dangerous Illinois squad and beating an experienced Oklahoma State team. Can’t wait for next year’s NCAA Men’s Golf Championship! College golf is on the rise, there’s no doubt about it.

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Latest College Golf Rankings are HERE, Some Surprises, Some Not

Alabama, who's known widely for their very dominate football program, are quietly the most dominant team in college golf and are the defending champions knocking off the Illinois Fighting Illini who in their own right are very good with a legendary coach. Will the Illini seek revenge or is Bama too good?

Alabama, who’s known widely for their very dominate football program, are quietly the most dominate team in college golf and are the defending champions knocking off the Illinois Fighting Illini who in their own right are very good with a legendary coach. Will the Illini seek revenge or is Bama too good?

College golf is one of the most under rated sports especially since you have college football, basketball and now baseball is getting popular. Yes, all three of those sports are awesome but college golf is unique since it has that team golf atmosphere and I’m a sucker for good team golf action. Sure it doesn’t get big galleries or anything but it’s still fun to watch and to watch the future of the PGA Tour is sweet. Put it simply, college golf rules. Golfweek magazine is the best when it comes to covering high school and college golf and they do an excellent job of it. They updated the latest top 50 teams in the college rankings and some teams may surprise and some may not.

The big surprise is that the no.1 ranked team from last year (Cal Golden Bears) aren’t even in the top 50 and they had a great young team. I actually had a chance to interview the coach of Cal (Steve Desimone) last season and he was a great man and is a legendary coach with over 30 years coaching experience and he’s passionate about the college game. I also have to point out that I’m very pleased to see my beloved Northwestern Wildcats and Alabama Crimson Tide in the top 50. Anyways, enough of my blabbering, I’ll let the rankings talk to you so without further ado, here are the current top 50 college golf teams in the nation courtesy of the fine peeps at GolfWeek:


So, there you have it ladies and gentlemen! Did your favorite school make it? Which team has the best chance of getting future PGA Tour superstars? Do you think Alabama and Illinois will be back in the championship again? Let me know in the comments section! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the GP Golf Report and follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

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