Tiger Woods Has Bulging Disk, Could This be The End of an Era?


For the second time in his career, Tiger Woods has a bluging disk according to legendary golf writer Jeff Rude of GolfWeek. Fortunately for Woods, he will not need surgery and the Masters is not out of the question according to someone with knowledge of the injury. Woods had already withdrew from the Arnold Palmer invitational after suffering back spasms. Now he has a bulging disk once again. The last time he had a bulging disk, popular golf reporter Win Mcmurry accidentally said “bulging d*ck” instead of “bulging disk” which led to many people saying things like “Ohh, she wants the D!” while some were impressed that she kept going but she is one of the best so it wasn’t a surprise that she handled it like a pro.

Although Rude says that someone with knowledge of the injury had said that it could have been worse, it still adds to the numerous injuries he’s had. Rude also mentions that Woods had said that the knee which had been surgically repaired four times s much different from the back issues. He mentions that Woods said that he feels the back pain during the swing and the knee pain after the swing.

With his knee still bothering him and now back problems although he doesn’t need surgery, it makes you kind of wonder, are we close to the end of an era? His ultra glory days have been gone but he did win five tournaments last year. Is the success of the second half of his career coming to end as well? He’ll win tournaments before 50 but will we see him win multiple tournaments in a year again? Only time will tell but if you’re having knee problems and back problems at the young age of 38 then that’s usually not a good sign. His youth is what’s going to help him at best. Despite his golf injuries, he’s a healthy young dude but withdrawing from two tournaments in the young PGA Tour season when you’re the best golfer in the world is not a good thing for several reasons.

Will he even be able to play the Masters this year? This is the one thing that many people have been wondering and has been a hot topic of choice. The Masters will be fantastic with or without Woods with so much young talent and returning veterans on the course but The Masters is where Woods name stands out the most. It was where he won his very first major back in 1997, he hit one of the best shots in golf history there in 2005. The Masters is where he left the biggest impact. Let’s hope that he recovers from the bulging disk but it’s pretty clear to say that we’ve probably seen the last of a great era in the sport of golf.

Good thing for Tiger fans is, he’ll be on the PGA Tour for at least another 12 to 13 years before joining the Champions Tour and he’ll still have a huge impact on the sport even if he never wins another tournament which is highly unlikely. The great thing for the sport is that there is so much young talent coming up and great golfers coming out of top college golf programs like Alabama, California, Illinois, and Oklahoma State. Plus, remember, the Tour still has Rory Mcilroy. Although he’s had some problems as of late, he’s still very young so he has time to turn it around. Let’s see what happens with Tiger and the other players as Masters week is nearly in our reach.

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Burglar Tries to Use a Golf Cart as his Getaway Vehicle, Bad Idea

Well then, this is an example of golf stupidity. On Wednesday in Australia, a 20-year old man was charged with aggravated burglary and stealing a motor vehicle. What does this have to do with golf you ask? Well, he busted into a storage shed at the Royal Fremantle Golf Club and stole one of the golf carts planning to make his escape. He was doing good for a while avoiding the 5-0 and thought he was on his way to freedom. Well boy was this idiot wrong because he ended up crashing into a bunker where eventually the dude was tracked down by a police dog and arrested according to Golf Digest. Let this be a lesson peeps. If you’re going to try to do something stupid, don’t take a vehicle that at best goes 35 mph or better yet don’t be an idiot at all unless you’re just an idiot to begin with but that’s all on you homie. Speaking of golf carts, I think you’ll all love the next story.

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PHOTOS: What do you think of these pictures of Amanda Dufner and Michelle Wie?

What’s up GP readers? It’s time to play “WHICH GOLF CHICK LOOKS BETTER?”! OK, no it’s not but Golf Digest posted a couple of pics of the popular wife of PGA Tour star Jason Dufner (Or the Almighty Duff!) and the always popular Michelle Wie. The picture below is of Michelle rocking the Nike swag wearing the snapback and the tank top and what appears to be cheetah pants as well. Girl, check you out! Ballin out and everything! Keep that swag up, I can dig that! Ladies, DON’T BE AFRAID TO ROCK SNAPBACKS!

This next picture of Jason Dufner’s wife Amanda who all of the dudes drool over is rocking a pretty cool and unique “hippie style” outfit while even having my “dawg” (See, what I did there?) Prince Louie in her hands. So, it’s a nice blend of hippie chick and rich girl walking down the street with her nose in the air. Mrs. Dufner, you keep it real girl!

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WATCH: Did Jason Dufner hit the worst putt ever?

Well then….this is awkward. During a round at the Franklin Templeton Shootout, the guy who’s received a lot of attention this year, Jason Dufner is back in the spotlight again only this time it’s more embarrassing.As he was setting up for a putt, supposedly he accidentally hit it but wasn’t trying to or so it seems. If that was a full stroke then that would give you the red cheeks of embarrassment but since the almighty Duff’s the badass that he is, he just pretty much ignores it LIKE A BOSS! video courtesy of PGATour.com.

Weird right? You don’t see anything like that too often especially on the greens which is practically a rock solid surface while being in the in the fairway or rough, you may see more movement. So, is this the worst putt ever? You decide!

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Sam Snead’s items sell for over $500,000 at auction

Via the Examiner

Via the Examiner

Wow, it’s amazing how much of an impact the great Sam Snead still has on golf fans around of the world. During an auction in Dallas, some of “Slammin Sammy’s” most valuable possessions were sold at whopping prices which is a rarity for golf items according to the Examiner. It was reported that his 1949 Masters trophy was the highest selling item getting sold for $143,000 while his 1969 Ryder Cup came in a close second selling for $131,000. The intriguing thing about the 1949 Masters trophy is that it was the PGA Tour all-time wins leader’s first Masters victory. Other things that were sold at the auction were Sammy’s 1946 British Open medal and his 1949 PGA Championship Wanamaker trophy both selling at $101,575 each. There were also over 3,000 signed personal checks of the golf legend as well that sold for $34,058 and finally, his sand wedge that was used to beat the great Ben Hogan that famous 1954 Masters playoff which was sold for $26,290.

So it shows that the dude with arguably the greatest looking swing in golf history can compete with other big value items at auctions. It’s hard to see any sports memorabilia let alone golf memorabilia go up against expensive art pieces and antiques of sorts. I love Sam Snead although sadly I never got to see him play as I am way too young but I know all of the amazing things he’s done and I know he truly was one of the greats of the game. It’s great to see his items go for such demand as to me it’s like a sense of respect because they know how great he was and they know how valuable his trophies are. Simply amazing and let’s hope that the fine folks that won the bids on these items takes great care of them to honor one of the greatest athletes who ever lived.

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Adam Scott loses $2.5 million in sale

Uh oh, looks like the defending Masters champion has a small issue at hand. Apparently, his Jade tower ground floor apartment which he bought in 2004, has been sold but not for the price Adam was totally looking for. He bought the property for $4.4 million but was sold for $1.94 million instead according to the Daily Telegrapgh. Ouch! That must hurt, although, the way he’s playing, I’m sure he has plenty of stacks on deck. He’s Adam freaking Scott you know! Yeah, that guy’s kind of good, just saying. Just kind of has hall of fame caliber numbers, no big deal. The buyer is a former accountant named Bill Lewski who is the founder of Prime Retirement and Aged Care Property Trust and I guess he’s supposed to be a colorful character of sorts.

Maybe he’s Ben Crane and Nate Robinson in disguise? Probably the worst thing for Adam about this situation is that he wanted to sell the apartment for $4.9 million so that’s a double slap in the face because not only did he not sell it for $4.9 million bucks but he ended up selling it way under what it’s worth at $4.4 mill. That must suck. That’s like when you think you have something valuable hiding in your closet and you think it’s worth a lot of cheddar and you rush to the computer to pop it up on Ebay just to find out that it got sold for $10 instead of $100 leaving your jaw dropped on the floor and you cry enough tears to suck up Lake Michigan and fill it back up. Do NOT suck up Lake Michigan with your tears! Anyways, I’m sure he’s glad that he playing at such a high level because if he wasn’t then he might be screwed finance wise after that deal with the apartment.

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John Daly promotes ad on Twitter with funny coupon code name


John Daly posted on Twitter one of the funnier promotion codes around for golf company Polara Golf. Now, I’m not sure if it was John’s idea or Polara Golf’s but either way it’s still pretty funny. The only thing I’ll probably say is that the code is obviously Christmas related and that it has to do with the dude in the red coat and the beard known as Mr. Santa Clause. I’ll shut up and let the code in the tweet speak for itself.

What makes this code funny is because obviously it says “JD is Santa” and because it makes him sound like a God, almost as if he’s saying “JD is God”. I couldn’t but crack a library like giggle after reading it. Sure, it’s not hilarious by any means but it’s enough to crack a little smile for the holidays. Nice job JD!

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Tiger Woods on breaking Arnold Palmer’s Masters record: “I’m not going to play that long”, is Woods not passionate anymore?

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In 2004, golf legend, fan favorite and golf’s “cool guy” Arnold Palmer extended the record for most consecutive Masters tournaments being played in. He made it to his 50th straight Masters tournament that year and couple of years prior, broke the record that was previously held by another golf legend in two-time major winner Doug Ford. Tiger Woods, who is a four-time Masters champion and is probably known best for his performances at the Masters than any other tournament has said that he doesn’t want to play in 51 consecutive Masters.

“I’m not going to beat Arnold’s record. I’m not playing that long, that’s for sure.” Woods said according to Golf.com

“For me, I always want to win so if I can’t win, why tee it up? That’s just my own personal belief. And I know what it takes to prepare to win and what it takes to go out there and get the job done, and there’s going to become a point in time where I just can’t do it anymore. We all as athletes face that moment. I’m a ways from that moment in my sport, but when that day happens, I’ll make a decision and that’s it.” Woods said again according to Golf.com.

I agree with him on part of that. Of course winning is the most important thing in golf and that’s the goal especially in a prestigious tournament such as the Masters. However, why would he not go for it considering the shape he’s in? Also, sometimes winning doesn’t matter if you don’t have the passion for the sport you’re playing. I mean, if he was truly passionate you’d think he’d try to make it to every Masters possible until his body gives in obviously. Yes, he has the passion of winning and that’s great but you want to play because you love playing the game too. That’s what life’s all about and I think King Arnold Palmer was a perfect example of that. So, this leaves the one question. Is Tiger Woods truly passionate about the sport that’s given one of the most successful careers we’ve ever seen in any type of job in the world?

I may be going too far but you’d think you’d love the game enough to try to make it to as many Masters tournaments as possible am I wrong? And the shape that Woods is in, he should be able to make it to plenty of Masters tournaments. It would be awhile yet before he ties or breaks that record but if the passion is there then it can happen. I’m not saying he should set it up as a goal but I would think automatically he would keep going to the Masters every year unless he has an injury that affects his career. What do you guys think? I’m kind of on a balance beam right now. You guys think he’s truly passionate or did he just reveal something that tells us that he’s not? Let me know in the comments section as always!

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WATCH: Will Ferrell plays some golf on a simulator as, well you know

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Well I’m sure the Ron Burgundy stuff is getting tiring but I’d figure I’d join the party because I like Will Ferrell not only because he’s a good actor but he’s a huge sports fan and seems like a nice guy. Will has been ALL OVER THE PLACE promoting his new movie, “Anchorman 2” and he’s been doing his share of sports related things lately because as I said, the man’s a big sports fan and is a very good announcer (Heard him do PA announcing for the Bulls, excellent voice. Shut up, of course he was funny!). On Thursday, Will, I mean, Ron Burgundy was featured on the Dan Patrick show and he was doing, yup you guessed it, swinging a golf club on a simulator and he has a solid swing. Check out the video below! Also, I just LOVE that Southern Illinois Salukis rug in Dan Patrick’s man cave! Thanks to Golf Digest for the vid!

So Will Ferrell fans who like golf, did you enjoy this video? Like his swing? I thought it was solid from the looks of it anyway. Let me know in the comments if you think you can take him down in a simulated version of golf! You know you want to!

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