WATCH: PGA Tour player hits golf balls while in traffic

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So, what do you do when there’s a ton of traffic (If you live in Chicago then you would know!) on the roads? Hit golf balls of course! That’s exactly what soon to be PGA Tour rookie John Peterson did while in traffic on the I-20 in Texas. I’ll let the videos speak for themselves, oh and did I mention it was at least 21 degrees outside? No? Well, I just did, here’s the videos courtesy of Golf Digest!

I bet the people in the cars were probably like “What in the world does he think he’s doing?!” “Wh- why is he pulling out that golf club!?!?” “What do you think you’re going to do with that?!”. All kidding aside, I think I already like this young rookie who has a very good-looking golf swing. I appreciate the fact that he’ll hit shots no matter where he is. Back in my old neighborhood, I used to go out to the elementary school around the block in at least 20 to 30 degree weather to hit golf balls with my 7-iron and pitching wedge. I had to use yellow balls of course because there was ton of snow since you know, Chicago is known as like, Alaska’s sister or something.

It can be one of the coldest places on earth or it can be really hot, take your pick! Yes, I was wearing a puffy looking coat so it was harder to swing but I went at it anyway and it wasn’t really that bad. So that leaves me with this question for you guys. Have you ever hit golf balls in the snow? If so, tell me all about it, I’d love to hear it! I love getting the community involved so I really would enjoy hearing your thoughts! John, keep doing you buddy, looking forward to seeing you out on the course during the new PGA Tour season!

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Guys to Look Out for Going into Sunday at the U.S. Open

Phil Mickelson's smooth world famous swing

Phil Mickelson’s smooth world famous swing'll give us beautiful memories...

Merion…you’ll give us beautiful memories…

The U.S. Open is arguably the most difficult test in golf. It features normally some of the toughest host courses in history, including Bethpage Black, Pebble Beach and now Merion which features extremely narrow fairways and and deep bunkers while also being a shorter course making it more difficult for the power hitters and more of an advantage for the control players. Most people will say the power hitters have a better shot but I’m going to tell you they don’t. The course is too short for them and they tend to hit their shots hard so they may over hit their shots on most holes while the control may be dead on with their shots. But right now, it’s U.S. Open Sunday, one of the best days in all of golf and only two players are under at the par at the moment but will quickly change as soon as this piece goes up. Phil Mickelson, a control player with excellent power is a great choice for Sunday (Even though, he’s the leader obviously) because as mentioned above, he has that deadly combination of power and control, he’s also one of the greatest short game players in the history of the game, maybe only the great Lee Trevino was better. He’s a hall of famer for a reason and he looks to get his fifth major title and his 42nd win where he ranks ninth all-time in PGA Tour wins, it would also mark as his 50th worldwide win. The kicker is, he’s been runner up in the U.S. Open five times which is a record.

But I believe the terror is over for Phil and he will rise above the competition to pull it out because he’s the only true all-around player in the top five besides Justin Rose. Justin, by the way, is another player to look for as he tries to become hall of fame eligible by getting his 14th career PGA Tour victory which would put him just one win away from accomplishing that feat. Justin has been a preseason favorite to break out and have a dominate season and he quietly has been phenomenal despite not winning any tournaments this year but has a shot to take the U.S. Open crown this year if he can tackle a tough course in Merion and to knock off a dominate Phil.Also, be sure t look out for Luke Donald who is only one win away from being hall of fame eligible as oppose to J-Rose being two wins away. The UK and Chicago native has been playing his best golf the last couple of years and is still playing at a very high level this year. He’s incredible from the bunker and is one of the best putters and golf as well as being one of the most accurate players the game has ever seen. Merion is a control players dream and if there’s one control player that will take advantage and make a charge on Sunday, it’s Luke.

When he’s hot, he’s red hot and point on with his shots. Lastly keep an eye on Charl Schawrtzel who is terrific in majors with his best performances at the Masters however, he’s been fairly quiet at the U.S. Open but he’s always licking his chops in these majors. He’s quiet in other tournaments but in the majors, he comes out like a shadow in the night and he’s also a control player that has plenty of pop in his driver which makes him extremely dangerous. He’s had a very good season, having four top 10’s and only one missed cut. He’s also third in Scoring Average. If there’s one person that lives for the moment at the majors then it’s Charl. So those are some guys to look out for today. Should be a classic finish at the 113th U.S. Open Championship.

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