Review: Classic Golf Omaha Brings Hickory Golf Back to Life

The Store Front of Classic Golf in Omaha and its Signature Truck.

The Store Front of Classic Golf in Omaha and its Signature Truck.



Hickory Golf has started to make its way back onto the scene and into the 21st century. The sport of yesteryear has played a major role in the growth of golf today.


Well, Classic Golf, a shop in Omaha sells some of the most unique, original and beautiful hickories and persimmons you’ll ever see. I was fortunate enough to check out a few of their classic hickory irons.


I always understand the importance of a great grip and these hickories have some of the most unique grips around. They feel great too might I add.


They much longer grips then you’d see on today’s clubs and makes the club look a lot shorter than it is. It’s a unique leather grip that reminds us exactly what the legends used back in the day.


It’s a very skinny grip too because it’s “shaft tight” or like a girl who wears tight pants, “skin tight”. This gives you the unique opportunity to improve the way you grip a golf club.


I say this because I believe working with a skinny, tight grip can improve the way you grip today’s slightly wider grips. These grips are excellent too, feels really good in the hands.


This also gives the chance to either take a swing with the popular Vardon style of grip or take a shot with the grip the legends used for years with this clubs, the ten finger baseball grip. Yup, the same way you’d probably grip any other stick.


That’s one of the fun things if you’re a typical Vardon gripper. You can try something different which was a primary for these clubs.


Now let’s get to the shafts, where the roots of these clubs come to life. One thing I heard, is that hitting a hickory is one of the best feelings in the world.


Well, they were right. And the shafts are beautiful.


All you feel is nothing but pure wood after you hit a solid shot and slide the club down your hand. It’s such an awesome feeling and the sound is great when the ball comes off the hickory’s sweet medal club face.


The clubs are fragile however but to me, this adds to the strategic style that the hickory game brings. You know the ball won’t go as far and you know you can’t swing as fast as you normally would (No 100+ mph swings for you Mr/Ms!) so it makes you think more on each shot.


It adds to what makes the sport of golf so beautiful. The strategic aspect is a work of art in motion.


Now, if you hit some softer golf balls then you might be able to swing the club a little harder. But with hickories, it’s best to focus more on pure control and accuracy rather than power and speed.


That’s what these clubs are perfect for is the control players out there. The ones who want to make to smart play and lay up in the fairway and shoot for the flag stick on the approach shot.


These beauties will make you view a golf course differently. They’ll make you a better golfer in my opinion because we always focus so much on “going for it” instead of making the proper strategic play to outsmart the layout and/or your opponent.


Sure, it may not be as “cool” or “heroic” as shooting for the green on a short par-4 but sometimes, laying up and making the smart play tells yourself that you still have a working brain. That’s what these clubs make you do.


Speaking of golf course strategy with the hickories, the guys at Classic Golf will also be building a golf course that’s designed specifically for hickories. The proposed golf course based in Omaha will feature a shop with all old school golf gear as well as other neat things such as a caddy¬†program.


It will be an 18 hole design and should really apply the strategic elements that make hickory golf so wonderful. I had a chance to view the drawn out layout of the course and it looks spectacular.


So I highly recommend that you visit and shoot them an email or give them a call if you want some classic hickories for either play or display. If you live in Omaha then you can just stop on in and once the course is completed, you can test your hickory skills and strategic abilities on the awesome new layout.


You’re going to definitely travel back in time with these clubs so you can really see how golf’s roots came about! Throw on some knickers, heighten your socks and get ready to tee off!


Next thing ya know, you’ll be looking like my man, Chicago golf legend, Chick Evans!




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