USGA Changes Rule That Attacked Tiger, Was Woods the Reason Why the Rule Was Changed?

Tiger Woods was penalized back in September during the BMW Championship in Chicago.

Tiger Woods was penalized back in September during the BMW Championship in Chicago.

The USGA and R&A announced today that the rule that penalizes players when ball movement can be detected only by enhanced technology according to the Global Post. This is the same rule that hit Tiger Woods in September during the BMW Championship in Chicago when the ball moved when he was moving debris out of the way. However, it was a PGA Tour videographer that spotted the movement of the ball and reported it to officials and that rule is now broken. Was Woods a key reason why the rule was taken out? What would have happened if it was a player that wasn’t that big of a name? Would the rule still be there? It’s very possible as the small name players never get much attention and not to mention that this isn’t any big name player we’re talking about. It’s Tiger Woods and he’s made a name for himself where everything will go his way. The rule however should have gotten attention anyway regardless of who it was but it is what it is and since it was Tiger, that’s the only reason why it’s getting the attention it’s getting and that’s why it was changed.

So what do you guys think of the rule change? Like it? Dislike it? Let me know in the comments section! Also, please subscribe if you enjoy the GP Golf Report and also follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

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PGA Tour 2013: And the Winner of the BMW Championship is…..

Nick Watney Hitting a Shot From the Fairway During Sunday's Round at the BMW Championship.

Nick Watney Hitting a Shot From the Fairway During Sunday’s Round at the BMW Championship.

Zach Johnson Holding the Trophy After a Fantastic Display of Golf on Sunday at the BMW Championship.

Zach Johnson Holding the Trophy After a Fantastic Display of Golf on Sunday at the BMW Championship.

Accurate golfers have been the hot players at this year’s BMW Championship as we’ve seen Jim Furyk, Steve Stricker and Zach Johnson dominate the field but only one can come out on top. Many, including myself thought Jim Furyk had a legitimate chance to pull it out but it was former Masters champion Zach Johnson who came out victorious. Zach showcased his amazing accuracy off the tee and in the fairway as he is known for and finished strong with a 16 under par win. Behind him, almost coming out of nowhere was Nick Watney who finished with an amazing 7 under score for the day. Nick, who’s one of the more powerful hitters off the tee showed a great display golf which could have easily been his victory. Watney is also one of the best on Tour when it comes to hitting the greens from the fairway as he is 13th on Tour in that category and he was certainly taking advantage. I think Zach just handled the pressure better which he can do at times and being a player as accurate as he is definitely helps a lot. Zach was on fire all day and finished with a terrific 65 on the day while Watney shot a phenomenal 64.

Johnson looks to have the edge going into the Tour Championship after his stellar performance and to knock off a streaking Jim Furyk. Watney will also hae some moment as he had the best round of the day despite coming up short of the victory and Watney may have slightly more tools in the bag as he too is fairly accuarte and he has a little more pop in his driver however one main advantage that Johnson has over Watney is his putting. Watney is not very good on the greens but his accuracy with his ions and wedges help him get close enough to the cup for an easy putt but if he has a long putt then it could be trouble for him. Johnson has a much better chance to make putts from 20 or more feet out and that’s a huge advantage to go along with his incredible accuracy. Jim Furyk ended up collapsing, finishing with round of 71 falling three shots back of Johnson. So, the Tour Championship should be fun as there should be a ton of blood (Or Coca Cola) thirsty players looking to reedeem themselves after having a shot at the BMW. You can view the full BMW Championship leaderboard by clicking here, courtesy of Fox Sports.

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BMW Championship Delayed, Will Extend Monday

Rickie Fowler Walking on a Rain Soaked Conway Farms Course During Sunday's Round. Sweet Umbrella by the Way!

Rickie Fowler Walking on a Rain Soaked Conway Farms Course During Sunday’s Round. Sweet Umbrella by the Way!

Rain was the Star Today During the BMW Championship but Looks to Lose its MVP Trophy Tomorrow as we Hope  Sunshine Steals the Award.

Rain was the Star Today During the BMW Championship but Looks to Lose its MVP Trophy Tomorrow as we Hope Sunshine Steals the Award.

Well folks, it looks like the BMW Championship has been delayed again as the play looks to continue Monday as the play during the final round stopped at 2:28 CST and looks to start fresh with some great golf and hopefully some great weather in Lake Forest. We’ll see if Jim Furyk will still have the fire from when he shot an incredible second round 59, making him only the sixth player to do so. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was still on fire like “boomshakalaka” going into Monday and now it seems more questionable why he was left off the President’s Cup squad because the team could sure use his streaky and accurate playing. Like I’ve said in the previous article, you also have to watch out for Zach Johnson who is as or even more accurate than Jim is but doesn’t quite have the streaky ability that Jim has.

If anyone could knock Furyk off his game then that would be a shocker because the way he is playing right now makes him very tough to beat and he’s been hot throughout the entire playoffs hitting beautiful iron shots and making great putts and is also taking advantage of his wedge shots from all over the golf course. It’s still anyone’s tournament to win and that’s why this is very exciting but Jim Furyk is going to be a monster to deal with when it comes down to it unless you see some clutch play form someone like Steve Stricker who is capable of getting hot himself. So it should be a really fun Monday at the BMW Championship and it should be an exciting Chi-Town finish.

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A GP Golf Report Quickie: My Open Championship Pick

The Oldest trophy in Major Championship Golf

The Oldest trophy in Major Championship Golf

The Great Luke Donald. Chi-Town's Own

The Great Luke Donald. Chi-Town’s Own

The Open Championship is right in our sights and I hope everyone enjoys watching this great legendary event with friends and family. Meanwhile I’ll probably be following the action on the radio after they did such an excellent job with the Open coverage on the radio last year. I think it will be a tough field with a lot of great players that are hungry to hold the oldest major trophy in golf.

My pick is a guy who has been one of the best putters in the game and is arguably one of the most accurate players in golf history. Maybe other than Lee Westwood and Steve Stricker, nobody is as hungry for a major title than him. He is Chicago and England’s guy Luke Donald who has quietly been solid this year but is still looking for that first major.

He is a guy who will destroy you on the fairways and he is one of the all-time greatest when it comes to sand saves and that will be huge as the Open Championship courses tend to have some of the toughest bunkers in golf. So Luke Donald will win this year’s Open Championship and he will finally get his chance to place himself among the all-time greats in the game.

He’s already proven how good he is over the years and the defying moment of him hoisting the Claret Jug will build his confidence at a dangerous rate which could lead him to even more majors. He will be hall of fame eligible if he pulls off a victory at the Open OR at the PGA Championship.So remember that I said Luke Donald will take the Open crown this week but other than that, everyone enjoy Open Championship weekend!

Feel free to contact me at or follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio

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MLB The Show 13 White Sox Predictions


As a diehard Chicago White Sox fan, I know what it’s like to feel victory (You know who you are 2005) and heartache (Thanks, 2012). But, in the minse of it all, I still love to play a game of baseball in the MLB The Show series.

The first game released in 2006 and the White Sox were considered the defending World Series champions in the game because they were the world champs in 2005 beating the Houston Astros 4 games to none which included a dramatic home run by Scott Podsednik which is considered to be one of the greatest postseason home runs in baseball history.

Pods ended the regular season with zero homers which is one of the reasons that the game 2 home run was so dramatic not to mention he hit the home run off of Brad Lidge in his prime. The Sox were 4th place in MLB 06 The Show behind the Oakland A’s (3rd), Boston Red Sox (2nd) and New York Yankees (1st). In MLB 13 The Show I think the Sox will be ranked 14th in the game considering how well they played last season despite choking down the stretch to the Detroit Tigers.

They have one of the best pitching staffs in the American League which will give them a high pitching rank.

I believe their pitching rank will be 3rd, especially when John Danks comes back. Combine John Danks, Jake Peavy and Chris Sale and you got yourself one of the tougher pitching staffs in baseball as well as a solid bullpen. As for their defense, I think they will be ranked 13th in that category as their outfield play has improved and they still have one of the best 2nd baseman, shortstop combinations in all of baseball with Gordon Beckham and Alexei Ramirez.

So they will overall be a solid defensive team in MLB 13.

Hitting is the one rank that had me asking questions. The Sox hitting has been up and down.

There was some bright spots and dark spots. Paul Konerko was on fire and out of his mind at the same time earlier in the year nearly getting up to a 400. Average getting on base all the time and was an early MVP canidate. He started to fall a bit during the 2nd half of the season.

Adam Dunn had one of the best seasons of his career belting 41 home runs and playing solid defense when replacing Paulie at 1st base. Alex Rios had a cereer year as well showing why he is considered a 5-tool player in baseball. Kevin Youkillis was also a good player last year when he came over to the White Sox from the Red Sox but obviously he’s o longer a White Sox as he is now a Yankee but with the addition of Jeff Keppinger, they get a player that rarely strikes out and hits for good average. He also provides more speed then what Youk had.

The only flaw for Keppinger is ability to it for power but if he can get on base then that’s what’s important.

I think the Sox will have a hitting rank of 18th especially with A.J. leaving the team. Now, I will give my predicition for the top 5 players on the White Sox roster in MLB 13 The Show.


White Sox Roster with overall rating:

1. Chris Sale

Overall: 96

Fielding: 87


2. Alex Rios

Overall: 90

Right Power: 82

Left Power: 85

Fielding: 95


3. Paul Konerko

Overall: 88

Right Power: 88

Left Power: 91

Fielding: 98


4. Jake Peavy

Overall: 86

Fielding: 95

5. Dayan Viciedo

Overall: 82

Right Power: 84

Left Power: 97

Fielding: 74 



So there you have it! Those are my rating predictions for the White Sox in MLB 13 The Show. I hope you guys are just as excited as I am for this game’s release!

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