ICYMI: Chicago Golf Course Allowed Strip Club Outing

OK, I’m not sure if I should be horrified or just laughing my butt off. White Pines Golf Course here in the Chicago area decided it was cool to have a bunch of strippers at one of the more public golf courses around.


It just so happens that kids play there and there is a playground that’s right next door. Are the strippers going on the swings after taking some swings on the course half-naked?


Whatever the case is, this is a random and hilarious story. Why they decided to have the strip club on a golf course of all places makes this funny.


Judging by the pictures, it seems that the strippers and the men who were in their carts, were using the carts as their own little champagne room. As pointed out by Golf Digest, the reporter who kept zooming in on the images is just classic.


Here’s the video below:

I can see an outing like this done at a private country club but not at  a public course…..that’s right next to a playground. Yes, eventually children will have to understand how life works sometimes but if anything, the kids might have learned a little too early, depending on how many were at the course or playground that day.


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Review: SuperSpeed Clubs Improve Swing Speed Dramatically

These are the weights of the clubs. Look kinda like pool sticks don't they?

These are the weights of the clubs. Look kinda like pool sticks don’t they?


Although the days are freezing cold (-1 degrees here in Chicago as a matter of fact), that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about golf! I had a chance to try out the amazing new golf training aid/golf fitness product, the SuperSpeed golf clubs by Catalyst Golf.


They golf clubs with small weights in place of where a typical driver head would be. Each set comes with three clubs.


Each club has its own weight to it and goes by color to identify which is lightest and which is heaviest. Each club’s weight at the end of the club is different sized based on the club you choose.


The green club is the lightest and is recommended as the first club you swing before moving on. 


– The blue club is medium weight and is the second club you swing after you finished taking at least five to ten swings with the green, light weighted club. 


Finally, you pick up the red club which is the heaviest and take five to ten swings with it.


The key thing is to make sure you swing the clubs as hard as you can. This helps you apply this amount of speed when you pick up a driver.


The grips on the clubs are terrific and that’s extremely important for these clubs let alone any club. Since you’re swinging these bad boys so hard, it’s crucial to have a great grip and these grips do not disappoint and get the job done.


Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your clubs doesn’t hit the ground during your swing. This may damage the small weight that’s on the club so make sure you swing at a more level posture.


After swinging these a few times and picking up my driver afterwards, I definitely felt a difference in my swing. I felt like I was hitting the ball harder, and the swing just felt faster.


I think these clubs are excellent for building some flexibility in your swing as well. They help make your swings longer which will help you bomb it off the tee at the course and range.


These clubs are also excellent golf fitness aids as you can use them for great golf stretching exercises. Plus, swinging them as hard as you can several times is a workout in itself and you’ll be feeling great afterwards while burning your share of calories.


Overall, the SuperSpeed golf clubs are just plain awesome and are great to have in your bag. They’re perfect for golf fitness, practice, and warming up before you tee it up on that nasty par-5 starting hole.


You know? The one that gives you option the either suffer the consequences if you choose to lay up and reward you if you decide to go for it? Yeah, that one!


You can check out the SuperSpeed golf clubs at their website by visiting SuperSpeedGolf.com


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BMW Championship Delayed, Will Extend Monday

Rickie Fowler Walking on a Rain Soaked Conway Farms Course During Sunday's Round. Sweet Umbrella by the Way!

Rickie Fowler Walking on a Rain Soaked Conway Farms Course During Sunday’s Round. Sweet Umbrella by the Way!

Rain was the Star Today During the BMW Championship but Looks to Lose its MVP Trophy Tomorrow as we Hope  Sunshine Steals the Award.

Rain was the Star Today During the BMW Championship but Looks to Lose its MVP Trophy Tomorrow as we Hope Sunshine Steals the Award.

Well folks, it looks like the BMW Championship has been delayed again as the play looks to continue Monday as the play during the final round stopped at 2:28 CST and looks to start fresh with some great golf and hopefully some great weather in Lake Forest. We’ll see if Jim Furyk will still have the fire from when he shot an incredible second round 59, making him only the sixth player to do so. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was still on fire like “boomshakalaka” going into Monday and now it seems more questionable why he was left off the President’s Cup squad because the team could sure use his streaky and accurate playing. Like I’ve said in the previous article, you also have to watch out for Zach Johnson who is as or even more accurate than Jim is but doesn’t quite have the streaky ability that Jim has.

If anyone could knock Furyk off his game then that would be a shocker because the way he is playing right now makes him very tough to beat and he’s been hot throughout the entire playoffs hitting beautiful iron shots and making great putts and is also taking advantage of his wedge shots from all over the golf course. It’s still anyone’s tournament to win and that’s why this is very exciting but Jim Furyk is going to be a monster to deal with when it comes down to it unless you see some clutch play form someone like Steve Stricker who is capable of getting hot himself. So it should be a really fun Monday at the BMW Championship and it should be an exciting Chi-Town finish.

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Why the LDA Should Get More Popularity

The Long Drivers of America Was Founded by the Great Art Sellinger Who is the Best Long Driver in History.

The Long Drivers of America Was Founded by the Great Art Sellinger Who is the Best Long Driver in History.

Jamie Sadlowski is Currently the Longest Hitter in the World. Despite His short Height of 5"7, it is Said That His Longest Drive   Was Around 480 Yards.

Jamie Sadlowski is Currently the Longest Hitter in the World. Despite His short Height of 5″7, it is Said That His Longest Drive Was Around 480 Yards.

Ahhh yes, long driving. Golf’s most showboated skill. It’s the one thing that we all love about this game is when we see guys bomb a beautiful 300 yard tee shot down the middle of the fairway. Some of the greatest players in history were hitting incredible tee shots such as Jack Nicklaus, John Daly, Sam Snead and Charlie Sifford who had a nice little blend of power and accuracy off the tee and today we have some of the best of the best like Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson, Robert Garrigus and Luke List. These are the guys that make golf more fun more than it already is to begin with and the driver is arguably the most celebrated club in all of golf. Not only is it fun to hit a long tee shot down the fairway and shout “Boomshakalaka!” but it’s also that first shot of a round of golf, that first shot on that legendary course you may be playing on, the first time you see the sun rise that day (Unless you play on a par 3 course in the evening like I do *Wink Wink*). A tee shot is one of the true symbols of the game and it’s what makes this game so beautiful, hearing the ping of the driver is like music and poetry in motion (Unless you hit the rough then it’s like a scratched record or a poem of random letters). This all leads to my topic.

The LDA otherwise known as the Long Drivers of America and I’m here to tell you why it deserves more popularity although it’s already featured on “The Four Letter Network” known as ESPN. First of all, the LDA Championship only airs on ESPN2 and Golf Channel once a year and that normally lands on Christmas day or around it which is cool because it gives the golf fans something fun to watch on the holiday. However, I think more LDA events should be aired because there are several to choose from like some of the junior and senior events and the Texas Shootout. One of the problems is that although there are a decent amount of events, there aren’t enough and they all are pretty much in places like Texas and Nevada. If LDA events can reach big cities like Chicago (My beautiful home) or New York, then I think the popularity will grow in a hurry and more networks will want to air the events and more writers will want to cover them, giving the LDA more exposure and I don’t think you can find a finer owner than Art Sellinger who is arguably the most legendary long driver of all-time. They already have great players including the short but powerful Jamie Sadlowski who has well over 8,000 followers on Twitter.

They just need to expand and reach some of the bigger cities and then they will be on their way because as we all know, these big time cities love their sports and long driving is certainly entertaining. Now, the field that the golfers play on is the length of at least five football fields but there are plenty of spots in places like Chicago or New York that have a ton of space. If not, then the cities can make fields exclusively for long drive events and I’m sure it won’t cost much either, kind of like when they made Celtic Manor exclusively for the 2010 Ryder Cup, yeah remember that (BOOM baby!)? So the same can apply here but obviously the cities would have to allow it which I’m sure they would if they could (Oooh, nice rhyme!). I hope Art Sellinger and the crew can extend the LDA because although they have been around for 18 years, I still think it would really be great for the game of golf and introduce golf audiences all over the world to something fresh, fun and unique. Oh and another cool thing is, they do a lot of the LDA events AT NIGHT under the lights. How cool is that? That would be perfect for a place like Chicago. You can find the LDA’s website here.

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A GP Golf Report Quickie: My Open Championship Pick

The Oldest trophy in Major Championship Golf

The Oldest trophy in Major Championship Golf

The Great Luke Donald. Chi-Town's Own

The Great Luke Donald. Chi-Town’s Own

The Open Championship is right in our sights and I hope everyone enjoys watching this great legendary event with friends and family. Meanwhile I’ll probably be following the action on the radio after they did such an excellent job with the Open coverage on the radio last year. I think it will be a tough field with a lot of great players that are hungry to hold the oldest major trophy in golf.

My pick is a guy who has been one of the best putters in the game and is arguably one of the most accurate players in golf history. Maybe other than Lee Westwood and Steve Stricker, nobody is as hungry for a major title than him. He is Chicago and England’s guy Luke Donald who has quietly been solid this year but is still looking for that first major.

He is a guy who will destroy you on the fairways and he is one of the all-time greatest when it comes to sand saves and that will be huge as the Open Championship courses tend to have some of the toughest bunkers in golf. So Luke Donald will win this year’s Open Championship and he will finally get his chance to place himself among the all-time greats in the game.

He’s already proven how good he is over the years and the defying moment of him hoisting the Claret Jug will build his confidence at a dangerous rate which could lead him to even more majors. He will be hall of fame eligible if he pulls off a victory at the Open OR at the PGA Championship.So remember that I said Luke Donald will take the Open crown this week but other than that, everyone enjoy Open Championship weekend!

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