Golf Course Offers Unlimited Rounds for $89 Per Year

Wait wh- wh- whaaa?!! Unlimited golf for a year for only $89?
Yup, it’s real! The Meadows Golf Club in Massachusetts is offering Unlimited golf for $89.

It’s a 9-hole design and is going to be renovated after it was damaged by Hurricane Irene. Below is the newspaper ad courtesy of Golf News Net.


However, you actually pay a total of $198 up front two years ahead of time. Basically, for that price, you get two years of unlimited golf.

As for the 9-holes, I personally love it. I think there should be more 9-hole courses in the world. Want to grow the game? Design more 9-hole courses. They’re quick and fun to play.

Good job The Meadows GC!

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Credit: Golf News Net

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