WATCH: You won’t believe the improvement in Charles Barkley’s golf swing


When we think of one of the wildest golf swings on earth, one of the first names we think of is NBA legend, Charles Barkley. This time though, it’s a slightly different ball game, as he has an improved swing with a unique technique.


Charles Barkley was one of the most dominant players in NBA history, known for his rebounding and scoring. However, the sport of golf hasn’t been kind to Sir Charles, as he had one of the craziest swings in the game’s history.


Now, going with a unique cross-handed swing, it’s much smoother, and without the infamous pause on his downswing. Barkley’s old swing was so famous, there’s a clip on YouTube that has reached over 900,000 views. It was a swing that shocked many golf and sports fans.

Although his new swing might look odd, due to it being cross-handed, it still looks good enough to get the job done. As the great Arnold Palmer once said, “swing your swing”.


There is no proper way to swing a club. It’s whatever you feel most comfortable with, and Barkley has found it. Way to go, Chuck.


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WATCH: Charles Barkley Nails Tee Shot With One Hand

Ohhhh Charles! Weather you love him or hate him, Charles Barkley is one of the coolest guys out there and he’s always around on the golf course somewhere. His swing is considered by most as the worst swing ever. However, Sir Charles thought it would be neat to a tee shot one-handed and actually, his one-handed shot looks a lot better than his regular swing! Go ahead and take a look!

Hey man, that’s impressive. I’ve attempted the one-handed swing and it’s quite tricky because although golf clubs are particularly light, they feel much more heavier and harder to control with one hand then two. So, I applaud Charles for that effort! You the man Mr. Barkley! You the man!

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