Rory Mcilroy Says Breakup With Wozniacki a Big Part of His Success


In a previous article, I said that Rory breaking up with Caroline Wozniacki has helped him out. Sure enough, he came out and said it himself according to the Daily Mail in the UK.

‘I think what happened has been for the better in terms of my golf, Rory said.

‘I’ve put a bit more time into it and it has refocused me. I mean, what else do I have to do now?

See there. A relationship CAN get in the way of your career. Especially if your lover is almost as busy as you are. It’s a lot of thinking and then they were talking about marriage?

Heck yeah that was a distraction! Nothing wrong with love, but it just all depends on what kind of relationship you’re in *In Dr.Phil voice*.

If you’re in one at that young of an age and you guys are both very busy people then it kills you mentally because he/she is always on your mind. Talking about getting married certainly didn’t help either. Some may deny it because they may be in good working relationships.

However, it’s mighty funny how Rory was playing like Bubba Watson when he still had a clothing line at Steve & Barry’s (Oh, how I miss you!) and play like a golf great after.

Rory did say previously though that the relationship had nothing to do with his struggles.

You can see that video below.

It’s pretty obvious why he said that. He didn’t want to get in hot water with Caroline so it’s very understandable. You could say “Heck yeah, that girl got me going crazy! Hitting my balls all sideways and crap!”

but then the relationship would have been over right there and then. Then Caroline would call him and be like Hawk Harrelson: “Rory, this relationship is OVAAAA!”.

This lesson Rory learned just turned him back into the Rory we were hoping he would be and it’s great to see. Maybe Rory should have relationships with women and break up with them more often because he is on firrree! RORYSHAKALAKA!

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PHOTO: Caroline Wozniacki Rocks Matching Hair and Shoes While Caddying for Rory Mcilroy

The Masters is here and the Par-3 contest has completed. Many golfers were out playing with their wives and girlfriends as well as bringing their children out for a fun day at Augusta. Rory Mcilroy of course brought girlfriend and tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki as his caddy and she quite the matching look. She was rocking what looks to be redish-pinkish shoes while also doing the same with her hair and you know what, it looks pretty good on her.


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PHOTOS: Rory Mcilroy engages to tennis star Caroline Wozniacki

Well, we sure have been seeing a lot of engages and marriages lately! First, Paula Creamer (Noooo!!), then Natalie Gulbis and now the Rorster, Rory Mcilroy wanted to jump on board the engagement cruise line. Rory took to Twitter to announce his engagement with his soon to be wife tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki according to our sister site TMZ. Of course she said yes! He also mentioned on Twitter that he’s looking to have a great season in 2014. Rory had arguably his worst season as a pro in 2013 but he looks to look in rear view mirror and shake off the blah season and get back to the major winning threat that he was. It’ll be really fun to see how he fares in 2014 because he’s talented in every aspect of the game and if you got him, Adam Scott, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Jordan Speith, Jason Dufner, Steve Stricker and Henrik Stenson who was playing out of his mind in 2013, then you got one heck of a group there not to mention the many other great players. Should be exciting and congrats to Rory Caroline for their engagement! Wish nothing but the best going forward! Happy New Year y’all! Stay safe and keep it real!

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PHOTO: Rory Mcilroy and Caroline Wozniacki were at Beyonce concert

Well well, looks the young couple of Rory Mcilroy and tennis superstar Carolin Wozniacki were at a Beyonce concert recently and it seems like they had some fun. I’m not a big concert person but I’m sure it was nice seeing Jay-Z’s legendary hip hop diva girlfriend doing her thing especially since she’s known to be quite the talented dancer. Chris Brown is the only other person that some people think can dance as good as “Be”. Chris Brown sure wasn’t really dancing I’m sure when he put out that hot song “Look at me Now” which included Busta Rhymes and others (Busta went hard in that song) which was a more slow-paced song. I’m sure you’ll see the athletic couple go to more concerts like those as time goes on especially Rory who’s a big hip hop fan. Even my guy Jim Furyk’s a hip hop guy! Can you believe that?

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Report: Mcilroy and Wozniacki Seen Walking Down Fairway, Were They Ever Separated?

Rory Mcilroy and Caroline Wozniacki in Dubai walking the fairways during the DP World Tour Championship. Thanks to CNN for the pic!

Rory Mcilroy and Caroline Wozniacki in Dubai walking the fairways during the DP World Tour Championship. Thanks to CNN for the pic!

So, according to a report from CNN, superstar sports couple Rory Mcilroy and Caroline Wozniacki might just be back together. The two were seen walking down a fairway in Dubai during the DP World Tour Championship. It was also said that Woniacki, the world no.1 tennis star, followed Mcilroy the whole 18 holes. It was also reported by CNN that Rory said that “it was nice” when they walked the fairways during the round. So, does this mean they are back together? Were they ever really separated to begin with? There were many rumors that the couple had split but it looks like things are going smooth again. Not really surprising since, for one, them being separated were rumors and two, she’s a tennis superstar so why would you split up with that? I know Rory’s a superstar in his own right but she’s a world no.1 tennis player and that’s tough considering you’re playing a sport where women are very dominate. I honestly don’t think they split up. It probably seemed that way but it’s hard to have a relationship when you’re both young wealthy superstar athletes.

It seems that we also have been hearing a lot about the relationships of both Rory Mcilroy and Tiger Woods and it kind of leaves you with the fun question of whose relationship is stronger? Also, it kind of leaves to ask YOU, the fan, who would you rather go out with on a date? If you’re a dude, would you go with Caroline Wozniacki or Lindsey Vonn? If you’re a chick, would you rather go with Rory or Tiger? Or none of them at all? Just something to think about, you can respond to the question in the comments below. Always good to get the community involved! Anyway, this is an interesting story to keep up with especially since we are seeing sports relationship go up, down, sideways, horizontal, etc. Overall though, good for them, glad to see that they still have a good relationship, unless it’s just a friendship at this point. So, what do you guys think? Were they ever separated? Are they just friends now? Leave your comments below!

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