Western Golf Association’s new initiative to provide great opportunities for young caddies

Caddy Academy/ Womens Invitational at Glen View GC on Thursday July 27, 2017 (©Charles Cherney Photography)

Caddying has always been an integral part of the game, and the Western Golf Association has put heavy emphasis on the looper over the years and continue to do so very well. To continue to caddie movement, the WGA has created the “Carry the Game” initiative along with numerous other organizations including The First Tee and United States Golf Association (USGA).

Clearly, “Carry the Game” is a witty and fitting name to help signify the caddie. The goal of the initiative is to help young people learn life lessons through caddying while also help build a love for the sport as players.

One of the other important goals is to bring diversity to the sport via caddying. Golf is a sport for everyone, and caddying brings amazing lessons.

It’s a way to help increase the number of young caddies and to help continue the long and rich tradition of caddying. It essentially will work similarly to the First Tee which helps young people gain life skills through playing golf, only “Carry the Game” aims towards caddying, which the WGA has become legendary for.

The World Golf Foundation, one of the participating organizations, is excited about the opportunity to continue to grow the wondrous world of caddying.

“Over the past few years, numerous leading golf organizations have discussed the importance of creating a governing body for youth caddying, and we’re excited to see that the WGA is spearheading this important initiative,” said Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation. “The WGA is a recognized leader in youth caddying, and we’re all looking forward to working together to help bring this effort to life.”

Carry the Game will be a great opportunity for anyone who has an interest in being a caddie and learning what goes into being a looper. The program will feature caddie training, best practices in managing programs and a caddie club locator among other benefits.

The cool thing about this program is that it helps continue to the long tradition of one of the best jobs in golf, being a caddie. The WGA has done a swell job at help more young people and golf fans appreciate the role that a caddie plays.

I always personally think it’s so cool how crafty caddies are with their thinking on the course. They are the ones who give you the best opportunity to hit that clean shot. I consider myself a fan of caddying.

The way they read different designs and study yardage books like scholars is truly remarkable. Carry the Game helps is a cool way for youngsters to learn more about golf, and what goes into caddying.

Who knows, we may see the next Jim “Bones” MacKay, Mike “Fluff” Cowan or Willie Peterson in the future. The art of caddying will remain strong for years to come, thanks to Carry the Game, the canvas of the painting will continue to grow.

If you want more info on the “Carry the Game” initiative, then visit wgaesf.org.

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