ICYMI: Tiger Woods Sends Kind Letter to Bullied Teen

See, I told you this next article would be a more positive one! The other day, Tiger Woods sent a heartfelt letter to a boy who was getting bullied at school. The teen, who seems to have a stuttering problem is the reason the bullying occurred.

The boy, who’s name is Dillon was even attempting suicide which unfortunately a ton of kids have to deal with today. He’s about to jump out of the window of his room until thankfully his parents came in and saved him.

Sophie Gustafson who has made 8 Solheim Cup teams and is 6th all-time in Ladies European Tour history with 16 wins, also had a major stuttering problem and was somewhat of a mentor to Dillon through the tough times. She was very gracious for the letter from Tiger to dillon.

Golf writing legend Ron Sirak was the one who reached out to Tiger and it did the trick.

Woods himself had a stuttering problem growing up as he mentions this in the letter. He talked about how he learned how to get through it.

Here’s the warm, heartfelt letter from Tiger:

That’s just plain awesome. I’m sure there was a time where we were bullied once and can relate to what Dillon has to deal with. But, you have to keep your head up, be strong and tell all the bullies to get the heck outta of the way because you have goals and dreams you’re trying to reach.

Classy moves Sophie, Ron and Tiger!

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Source: TheGuardian.com

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