Bubba Watson hits wild recovery shot at Career Builder Challenge

Bubba Watson has been known throughout his career for his immense power, mood swings and bold recovery shots which helped him win the Masters twice (not the mood swings). He showed off his recovery ability once again at the Career Builder Challenge, as he had one of the blindest shots you’ll ever see.

Watson executed the shot beautifully, as the ball nearly dropped into the cup. It’s hard to know if he is a Hall of Famer or not (although he has the two Green Jackets, he has less than 10 PGA Tour wins), but one thing is for sure, he will definitely go down in history for his power and wild scrambling ability.

Perhaps there should be a “blind shot challenge” on social media. The goal would be for golfers to show off their best blind shots whether it’s a tee shot, rough shot, etc.

It probably wouldn’t catch on since it’s just coming from me, but hey, it would be fun, wouldn’t it? Get your hashtags ready (and your clubs)!

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WATCH: You won’t believe what Bubba Watson’s new toy is

Bubba Watson continues to show why he’s one of golf’s all-time personalities. He’s an emotional roller coaster and does some unbelievable stuff off the course.

Here, we see him and the crew over at Oakley, creating and flying jetpacks. Yes, JETPACKS.

They decided to put these beauties together and fly around the golf course. It certainly makes for some awesome birdseye views.

Now, when will Oakley start selling these to the public? You and I need to beat traffic!

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LOOK: The Old White TPC is covered in water

Two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson lives on the property of the legendary Greenbrier golf course so he gets to see it a ton. Unfortunately, Greenbrier doesn’t look as beautiful as it normally does to to heavy rain that caused flooding of the course.

The Greenbrier Classic is scheduled for July 7th through the 10th. However, it looks like it could really take some time to clear the course up.

The Greenbrier is not only home to the famed Old White TPC, but is also home to the oldest course in America, Oakhurst Links. Let’s hope that things get cleared and hope everyone is safe and away from danger.

Here’s another eerie, yet beautiful photo of the scene, taken by Watson.

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Bubba Watson rocks high top shoes at Oakmont


Golf has certainly come a long way from the “boring” and “not cool” days and it shows with all of the unique personalities on the PGA Tour, as well as a strong following on social media.

The same goes for style too, as we’ve seen golfers wear snapbacks and high top shoes. Well, the high tops are back once again.

After Keegan Bradley and Rickie Fowler rocked their swagtastic kicks (Bradley even wore kicks with Michael Jordan’s second number, 45 on it) , two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson decided to do the same. His G/Fore Crusaders are custom and Watson even put a little touch on the design of the golf sneaker.

Well, if Oakmont ends up killing Watson this week, he can at least say brought a little swagger for the occasion.

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Source: Golf Digest 

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LOOK: Bubba Watson has his own emojis

Social media has had many fun and interesting ways to express yourself and one of those things has been emojis. Well, Bubba Watson, who has a whopping 1.53 million followers on Twitter announced his own emojis that you can purchase.

It’s only fitting as Watson is known as one of golf’s biggest characters. Here are all of the “Bubbamojis” you can get.

You can purchase these for $1.99. The crying and angry Bubbamojis are totally fitting by the way.

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Source: GolfDigest.com 

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WATCH: Bubba Watson recreates “Augusta Hook” at Riviera

Remember Bubba Watson’s famous shot at the 2012 Masters, where he hooked his shot from behind the trees on the 10th hole at Augusta to win his first Green Jacket? Well, he did it again, this time, at Riviera.

During the second round of the Northern Trust Open, Watson hit a shot that curved way right and landed right on the green, leaving him a with a fairly short putt. Watson hit a shot for the ages at the Masters a few years ago.

Difference here is that there are less trees at Riviera than at Augusta National. Watson is looking for his ninth PGA Tour victory for his career.

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Source: SwingBySwing.com 

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Bubba Watson lists Tiger Woods’ old house for $5.6 million


Bubba Watson bought the infamous “Scandal House” that Tiger Woods owned when the news broke of his sex scandal back in 2009 but now has listed it for sale.


Woods sold the house to Watson in 2013 and he did major remodeling to the home which includes a private boat dock among other things. The house also features seven bedrooms, a theater, wet bar, two-story patio and a guest house so the place is loaded.


But wait, there’s more. If you’re a golf nut, the property is right across from the Isleworth Golf & Country Club practice facilities. These include both golf and tennis spots to perfect your game.


So, if you love golf, an infamous location and if Wu Tang Clan’s C.R.E.A.M (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) is a favorite on your music playlist then this just may be the crib for you. And no, the Dukes of Hazard car is likely not included.


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Source: GolfDigest.com

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WATCH: Bubba hits insane drive on Whistling Straits’ 6th hole

He wasn’t going to win the PGA Championship but he still made sure to entertain and impress. Bubba Watson, on the sixth hole at Whistling Straits on Sunday, hit a “Bubba Long” drive that landed near the hole on the par-4.

Then of course he sank the eagle putt.

It’s crazy some of the shots he hits. Seems like he does it every week!

He also went on to argue about ants with a rules offical:


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ICYMI: Ewart-Shadoff, Watson sink incredible sideways putts

OK there some things in professional golf that just show how incredible some of these players are. Jodi Ewart-Shadoff nails an unbelievable sideways putt and gets nothing but cup at the Women’s PGA Championship.

She wasn’t going to win the tournament but with a putt like that, she needs the “Deadeye” award!

Here’s the video of her amazing putt:

You thought I was done there huh? Ha! Well, you were wrong as Bubba Watson also hit an incredible sideways putt during a practice round at Chambers Bay. This just really shows you what the players will face out there!

It’s just crazy how these could read these greens like that! I can’t even read the slope of my bedroom floor like that (OK, that would be a problem)!

It’s just simply amazing what these players can do with the flatstick and it just shows how important putting is!

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Sources: Golf News Net, Skratch TV

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Read what this golf course’s sprinkler marker says

Golf is full of some wonderful, wonderful people. Some of the friendliest people in the world are golf enthusiasts.

However, golf can also be one of the cockiest sports as well. You know there’s always that guy who thinks he can make every par-5 in two.

Well, this golf course in Illinois decided to poke fun at those so called “Golf course tough guys”. On one of the holes of the course, there’s a sprinkler marker that’s 300 yards away from the flag.

That marker says “Only Bubba” referring to two-time Masters champion and one of the most powerful golfers on Tour, Bubba Watson. So basically, what the course is telling you is that “You’re an idiot if you’re going for it! Play smart!”.

Here’s the image of the marker courtesy of a Reddit user:

Now I’m sure this little marker will start to get as much attention and as many pictures as the Swilcan Bridge at St. Andrews or the floating “Suggestion Box” at Crooked Stick (OK, not quite but you know what I mean!). Man, I love Illinois and the courses we offer!

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Source: Golf News Net

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