WATCH: Brandel Chamblee rips USGA officials on live TV

The USGA made what may be one of the most controversial calls in U.S. Open history on Sunday by giving Dustin Johnson a one-stroke penalty after a ball moved just a wee-little bit on one of the holes at Oakmont. They gave him his penalty after the round was over.

Twitter ended up ripping the USGA to shreds as well. This included star players such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler.

So, one of golf’s most critical TV analysts, Brandel Chamblee took on two USGA officials, Jeff Hall and Thomas Pagel right on set. Here’s part of the exchange.

“I’ve played golf for 40 years. I have never nor have I ever seen anybody make a practice stroke that caused ball to move,” Chamblee said. “Have y’all ever seen anybody make a practice stroke . . . and a ball move? Ever heard of it?”

Then, here’s this part of the exchange.

“And let me just get this straight. Y’all, upon looking at the evidence, thought he was likely to have caused it to move?”

“More likely than not,” Pagel responded.

“I’m sorry,” Chamblee retorted. “What about what he did do you think caused the ball to move? And why do you come to that conclusion?”

Chamblee has said things in his interesting broadcasting career that many fans disagreed with. This, is one certainly that a lot of golf fans will give him a golf clap for.

If the USGA continues on the path they’re on, could golf’s toughest major become the worst? Let me know about it on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

Source: Golf Digest 

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Brandel Chamblee Rips Tiger Woods’ Swing Video

The other day, Tiger Woods posted a video on Twitter of his swing, and how it’s progressing.

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee stepped up to the tee and said that Woods’ swing looks like an “injured 40-year old that was put back together”.

In case you missed it, the clip Chamblee is talking about, is this one.

Despite his comments, Chamblee did go on to say that Woods has made many comebacks in the past and that it wouldn’t be a shock that he would return but when it would happen is a different story. To some, Chamblee’s comments may not come as a surprise as he is widely regarded as the “Tiger Hater” by many of Woods’ fans.

Well, other than some of the things that have happened so quickly in the last few days, is anyone ready for the Masters?

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Rory McIlroy owns Brandel Chamblee after weightlifting comments

Golf Channel broadcaster Brandel Chamblee made some comments about Rory McIlroy’s workout habits and the four-time major champion didn’t hesitate to strike back.

First, the comments from Chamblee:

On his way to the Northern Trust Open at legendary Riviera Country Club, McIlroy made his comeback:

And then there was the final blow:

Well played, @rorymcilroy. Well played. 🏋🏻💪🏻

A video posted by Golf Channel (@golfchannel) on

Chamblee, who is one of Golf Channel’s most popular analysts, has been known to draw controversy, mostly with negative reaction from fans. In this incident, from a superstar golfer.

Golf Channel ended up being a good sport about the whole thing with a “Well played Rory” caption on the above Instagram clip.

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Geoff Ogilvy calls out Tiger and Brandel, the truth has been spoken my friends

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Remember that feud between Tiger Woods and golf writer Brandel Chamblee? Well, one guy who I sometimes take time to enjoy reading his column is current PGA Tour star and major champion Geoff Ogilvy who is also a great writer and he stood up and wrote about his thoughts on the situation.

“The idea that someone in the media should somehow not be able to call it the way he or she sees it … doesn’t sit well with me,” said Ogilvy according to Emily Kay of SB Nation who I also enjoy reading.

“Because we are pampered in so many areas of our lives, we perhaps have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the media,” he said.

He also mentioned that Tiger should give good answers to questions and that broadcast and print journalists need to stop acting like “cheerleaders” for players and pretty much be realistic about their thoughts. What Geoff said was freaking awesome. I couldn’t agree more with him. Because that’s why some of these players like Tiger are so spoiled because he’s so used to getting the royal treatment when he knows full well that life isn’t always Disney World. See, now Tiger wants to complain about everything a writer says that doesn’t sound right to him. The same goes in other sports as well. I mean when Tiger’s agent were threatening lawsuits and everything, that’s going way too far. I was always taught growing up to not listen to what others tell me and that’s what he needs to learn and he’s like 16, 17 years older than me.

Instead of crying like a baby and sucking on a bottle of milk, ignore what people are saying and do what you do because as journalists, it’s our JOB to give our honest opinions whether the player likes it or not and Tiger would have learned that a very long time ago if all the journalists didn’t spoil him all of those years. Yes, he’s had an unbelievable career but even when he sucked for a while writers and broadcasters were still riding the Tiger express. And now that leaves us with this. A spoiled Tiger Woods that’ll whine about every little negative thing a writer says. Well, guess what? Writers do this for a LIVING. They get PAID for this stuff and people read the stuff that may be controversial.It’s how they get food on the table. Sure, Tiger heads may dislike anything negative said about him, but they read it right? It catches their attention right?

So obviously it works! So, basically Geoff slapped both media members and Tiger in the face a bit and I love it because he is spot on with what he’s saying and I so glad he wrote the piece for Golf Digest. I’m definitely not a cheerleader or at least I try not to be. I try to be as honest as I can on things! Because I know you guys are real people so I want to have real conversations, not make something sound like it’s not me. So, to summarize: Media members need to stop spoiling Tiger and Tiger needs to stop crying is one way to put it how Geoff said it. Way to go homie! Nice way to shut that situation DOWN! I can imagine a Marv Albert call on it….”OH! Geoff Ogilvy! With the throw down on both Chamblee and Woods! Someone call a DOCTOR!”. Throw Gus Johnson and Michael Collins in there and you’ll have an amazing broadcast! It should be very interesting to see what Tiger or Brandel say if they run into Geoff anytime soon.

So, as always let me know what you guys think! Do you disagree with him or are you all for what he said? You can read more of what he said here.

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