Ben Curtis calling quits in professional golf after 15 plus years

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Ben Curtis famously won The Open Championship in 2003 shocking the sports world and he would go on to enjoy a solid career with four PGA Tour titles to his credit. Now, the longtime pro is calling it quits, stating that all of the travel and time spent away from family made him feel sick according to Golf World.

Curtis may be stepping away from playing professionally, but he’s not away from the game completely. He will be a teaching pro at the Country Club of Hudson in his home state of Ohio.

He will be starting the Ben Curtis Academy there, where the goal is to teach young golfers how to improve their game. Not only this, Curtis will talk to young players about playing golf at certain levels including pro, if the youngster dreams of going pro one day.

With his experience on tour, he’s a solid dude to teach younger players how to handle the lifestyle of college golf and tour life. Four PGA Tour wins and a major championship gives you that extra experience in the life of a professional golfer.

Certainly, he’s earned plenty of money to the point where he can just chill out (made more than $13 million in his career). However, Curtis’ passion for the game is still there and he still wants to work, and teaching is a great opportunity for him.

This gives him the opportunity to stay at home with his family and still work in the sport he loves. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a family, you may embrace the lifestyle more, however, when you have kids, your world changes forever and it definitely seems like it has been bothering Curtis.

All is well in the end, however, as he can still enjoy the game he loves while still being around his loved ones more often. It wouldn’t surprise me, however, if he does consider playing on tour again. One thing’s for certain, he forever has access to The Open Championship since he won it.

Once you win the Claret Jug, you can play in the tournament every year for the rest of your life. Yeah, I think that’s one tournament Curtis will continue to participate in.

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