Arnold Palmer: Some thoughts on his passing

What you are about to read is a portion of my story on Arnold Palmer’s passing via a piece I wrote on Pro Golf Now. 

Arnold Palmer famously known as “The King” has passed away at the age of 87 according to Golf Digest. He was known as one of golf’s first true superstars and was instrumental in the growth of golf on TV.

He was also known for his unique swing and as one of the earliest golfers who effectively incorporated power into their swing. Palmer’s creativity was also pure, as, if it was windy, he’d hit the ball at a lower trajectory in order to beat the air.

Thanks to his wit and stellar all-around play, Palmer would go on to win seven major championships. One of those victories included an unforgettable 1960 U.S. Open victory over a very young Jack Nicklaus.

Thanks to his wit and stellar all-around play, Palmer would go on to win seven major championships. One of those victories included an unforgettable 1960 U.S. Open victory over a very young Jack Nicklaus.

He also had an immense swagger about him, that most kids today wouldn’t think people would have back then. From the polos he wore, to his hairstyle and to his distinctive play, it was hard not to spot Palmer on the course and he was easy to root for.

But, his impact on the game goes beyond the golf course, as he made major contributions to the business world as well. He was the creator of Golf Channel which has reached televisions all around the world and helped give a platform to some of golf’s best media personalities.

His golf course design was also superb. He designed over 200 courses during his career as an architect and has owned the famed Bay Hill Club and Lodge which hosts the Arnold Palmer Invitational each year.

Furthermore, he owned Latrobe Country Club in his hometown of Latrobe, PA. His father was a club professional and greenskeeper there, and helped fuel Palmer’s passion for the sport of golf….Read more at Pro Golf Now


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Arnold Palmer will not hit honorary tee shot at Masters

One the the Masters’ greatest new traditions is having the “Big 3” of Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Arnold Palmer hit ceremonial tee shots at Augusta National. Unfortunately, Palmer won’t be able to take part in the First Tee Shot this year according to Tim Rosaforte of Golf World.

Palmer, Niclaus and Player have hit the tee shot at Augusta since 2007. Although Palmer can’t take part, the three of them will still be present at the Augusta’s first hole to officially begin the Masters Tournament.

Rosaforte spoke with Palmer in his office when he received the news about the seven-time major champions’ absence of the tee shot. Palmer told Rosaforte that he had spoke with Augusta National chairman Billy Payne about the news.

“It makes no difference whether he hits a drive. He is a true legend in golf and will be welcomed as usual on the first tee with the other Masters honorary starters. It will be a great day.” Payne said according to Rosaforte.

Palmer, 86 has been battling shoulder pain according to Golf Digest which likely explains his non-participation. However, he said that he is “content” to watch the ceremonial first tee shot according to News Max.

Palmer is a four-time Masters champion and is one of sports’ most prolific entrepreneurs. He’s the host of the Arnold Palmer Invitational which begins this week at Bay Hill Golf Club and this photo was tweeted by Doug Ferguson of the Associated Press, showing Palmer in a golf cart with clubs in the back.

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Sources: Golf Digest, News Max

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WATCH: Dunkin Donuts Commercial for Arnold Palmer Coolatta

Oh..oh my gosh! Is it real?! Yes, yes it is. Dunkin’ Donuts is selling ARNOLD PALMER COOLATTAS! Quickly, we must run to our nearest Dunkin to get it and indulge in drinking excellence! Anybody that knows me knows that I love the Arnold Palmer iced teas. The man has been an innovative machine during and after his playing days and this right here is just brilliant. Check out the commercial.

Come on y’all! Let’s go, on me! Get our drank on!

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Palmer, Nicklaus, Player Tee it Up Again to Open The Masters

OK, I know I might be a tad bit late for this but this is just so awesome. Every year, the likes of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player all tee it up to open one of the greatest sporting events in the world at The Masters. These gifs show off the still amazing swings of these great legends and their dedication to an amazing golf course. Please be careful and don’t get blinded by all of the greatness!


King Arnie

Jack "The Golden Bear"

Jack “The Golden Bear”

"The Black Knight" Gary Player

“The Black Knight” Gary Player

Pretty cool huh? What was one of the really awesome things about these gifs is that you can see a nice yellow sunrise in the background shining on these legends almost looking like a sunset. It’s shining as if to say that these guys are the greatest to play the game, the legends and pioneers of The Masters. Legends of The Masters such as Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Lee Elder, Billy Casper and of course the “masterful” creator of The Masters, Bobby Jones all left their marks on Augusta National and The Masters tournament and Palmer, Nicklaus and Player became kings there. Now go wash your eyes out and clean out all of that greatness! Rub the greatness on your arm or something as a souvenir.

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T-Dub 14 should be Happy Fun Times!!


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is coming out next month and it looks to be one of the best game releases of the year with legends beinng featured in the game such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer (Cover Boy) and my main man Bobby Jones.

I look forwad to seeing how the swing mechanics are as well because they are suppose to have the ACTUAL swings of the players including the legends and I’m looking forward that because the last couple of years, every single player including my created golfer (me!) had the same exact swing and that is totally unrealistic.

Another I noticed was a full putting stroke even when I’m like, an inch away from the hole! What kind of bleeping bleepingness is that?! Those putts should be TAP INS not full putting strokes. I miss how players had the ability to chose from a variety of swings including my favorite, the John Daly “Grip it & Rip It” swing.

Having Jim Furyk’s swing in the game would be fun considering it looks so off balance and I think it would look hilarious.

Nothing against Jimmy Furyk but I’m just saying so please don’t destroy my soul and throw it in a hole Furyk fans! There’s going to be 24 swing types in the game letting gamers choose from a wider variety than in previous versions and no I’m not talking about YOU TW 12 and 13! You guys were jerks in that category!

Tiger Woods 14 looks to be really deep this year because not only are there legends and different swing types but there are more choices for times of day including night golf! How cool is that? Playing Augusta at night would be a blast in the game I think because some things looks real pretty with the night sky’s moon beaming down on the course.

I caught a peak of what TPC Sawgrass looks like at night and I gotta say I was impressed on how it looked! There’s going to be a illuminated golf balls as well when you’re playing at night so it looks more fun. Everybody likes glowing balls that fly in the sky right? I think yes! Oh yea, how can I go about talking any video game without mentioning onnline play? The online mode of TW 14 features a match where you can play against 24 other players on te sam course! That’s right, you heard me (Or well.., read me..). Two,four.

So that’s more players for you to give a whooping! I really look forward to that because it gives the game that “party like” atmosphere. Don’t worry, you won’t have to watch all 24 players. You just watch where they’re shots land by seeing the lines of the shots. Easy! So you can go as slow or as fast as you want (Well, there is a time limit but you know what I mean).

With the combination of legends, night golf and sweet online play, this year’s Tiger Woods game should be the best of the series. Looking forward to when it drops on March 26th. Hopefully we can start hearing about the demo soon! Till next time, peace, adios, sianara!

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