Adam Scott will miss 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio

Adam Scott, who won the Masters in 2013 and is a probable future Hall of Famer, has decided to skip the 2016 Summer Olympics at Rio De Jinero. This is the first time golf has been in the Olympics since 1904 when the games were held in St. Louis.

Here’s an official statement from Scott on the matter:

“My decision has been taken as a result of an extremely busy playing schedule around the time of the Olympics and other commitments, both personal and professional,” said Scott

“I have informed the Australian team captain and relevant authorities, who are understanding of my position and I wish the Australian Olympic team the very best of luck in Rio.”

Marc Leishman would be the “next man up” as the lead player for team Australia. Problem is, with some of the problems that Rio has, and with Lieshman’s wife, Audrey not feeling good, Lieshman is scared of the possibilities of illness.

Lieshman may not go to Rio either. We shall see.

Scott has 29 worldwide victories including 13 on the PGA Tour and 10 on the European Tour. He has already won two tournaments this year.

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You may be surprised who Jordan Spieth’s idol was, and no, it’s not Tiger Woods

Before the start of the WGC Dell Match Play, Jordan Spieth announced who his idol was growing up, and it wasn’t Tiger Woods like probably most players his age admired.

Instead, it was Adam Scott, who is on his way to possibly one of his best seasons ever. Spieth said he loves the 2012 Masters champion’s swing which he has become famous for as well as his putting ability.

Surely Scott, who never seems to age, may feel old after Spieth comment. Of course, it’s also flattering for the Aussie who’s really close to making his way into the Hall of Fame with 13 PGA Tour wins and a Masters title to his credit.

Can’t go wrong with that choice Mr. Spieth.

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Source: Swing By Swing 

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Tiger Woods to Miss Second U.S. Open in Six Years, What’s The Future of Golf?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods will miss his second U.S. Open in six years according to Yahoo Sports. Woods has been battling injuries and the chance of winning a few more major titles are all but out the window with the only hope of at least winning another one in the closest distance than winning the multiple. The U.S. Open will be at the legendary Pinehurst No.2 course where the World Golf Hall of Fame once stood. This was not as much of a shock as the Masters withdrawal since he’s always been a lock to play in the Masters. He’s missed U.S. Opens before plus he was still unsure when he would get back out there to play so this really isn’t a surprise.

”Unfortunately, I won’t be there because I’m not yet physically able to play competitive golf,” Woods said. ”I’d like to convey my regrets to the USGA leadership, the volunteers and the fans that I won’t be at Pinehurst. The U.S. Open is very important to me, and I know it’s going to be a great week.” Woods said according to Yahoo Sports.

Woods has won the U.S. Open three times and missed the British Open and PGA Championship in 2008 while missing the U.S. Open and British Open in 2011. Ironically, his last major victory came at the U.S. Open in 2008 which was one for the ages as Rocco Mediate gave Tiger the biggest test of his life.

It’s unfortunate to see any player get injured like that but there’s a lot of people pressing the Mayday button on golf because the sport’s biggest star isn’t around. We have to realize that the game isn’t about just one player. Yes, I’m sure everyone has a favorite player but if you appreciate great golf from the talent we have today, you wouldn’t think about it and just wish Tiger a speedy recovery and continue to follow the sport anyway and not abandon ship. To me, if you only follow golf because of one guy then you’re not a golf fan. Some say the game will die without Tiger. Yeah, sure it will. That’s why the sport’s been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years with tournament play starting in the late 1800’s.

Golf is going to be fine with or without Tiger. We’ve seen a timeline of terrific golfers from Bobby Jones to Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus to Tiger and Phil Mickelson now so what makes us think that we won’t see another great player emerge? Right now, the biggest stars in golf right now might have to be Rory Mcilroy and Bubba Watson with guys like Jimmy Walker and the young talents of Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed on the rise not to mention Adam Scott and Henrik Stenson have been playing some of their best golf in their careers. I also feel that the LPGA Tour is getting better and better and college golf is making a push thanks to Golf Channel’s Men’s Championship coverage (Alabama defeated Oklahoma State for back-to-back titles) so golf is going to fine, I just think people got so spoiled from Tiger and Phil that we overlook some of the other great talent that is out there. The ratings? The only people who weren’t watching were casual fans because there is absolutely no way a real golf fan would miss the Masters or the U.S. Opener the Ryder Cup because of no Tiger or Phil.

I’ll be honest, when Anthony Kim was a rising star, I was a HUGE fan. Now he’s been nowhere to be seen for a while with his last big performance being at the British Open in 2011 where he finished tied for 5th. I still love following golf despite his absence because I appreciate ever player that tees it up in the greatest sport in the world and I hope people realize that. Golf is going to be fine and the fact that we still have Tiger and Phil for a while is a plus but we need to understand the sport is in good hands for the future. The only thing I hope is that the game gets more diverse because it would be so cool to see a lot of different cultures come together to celebrate this fantastic game. Yes, there are a diverse amount of fans and journalists but not much with the players so that would be amazing to see because that means the sport will get stronger and stronger and THAT’S what we want to see. Keep your heads up golf fans, this sport is going to be A-OK and even better than that.

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Will This be One of the Greatest Masters Finishes of All-Time?

Kuchy Kuchy Koo!

Kuchy Kuchy Koo!

This year’s Masters has been nothing short of amazing. I don;t think I’ve ever seen a Masters with so many different things to talk about. Some of the best players in the world such as Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson and Jason Dufner all missed the cut and Rory Mcilroy barely made it himself. You got two guys in their 50’s playing terrific golf in Freddie Couples and Miguel Angel Jimenez. You had the defending champion Adam Scott who had the lead one point in time and the 2012 champion Bubba Watson now shares the lead with a 20-year-old in Jordan spieth who’s trying to become the youngest Masters champion in history.

Now, if that all doesn’t excite you then I don’t know what will. For anyone saying that The Masters suck this year because Tiger isn’t playing is out of their minds. This Masters leaderboard is so tight that it’s anyone’s tournament as to where the last couple of years were more predictable yet were still exciting. What if Tiger sucked? Would it still be exciting then? I don’t think so. If you’re someone who thinks that if Tiger or Phil playing on Sunday will make The Masters more fun, then they better be playing their best golf because otherwise it’s boring to watch them play.

What we’ve seen were some amazing shots and rapid changes on the leaderboard in these first three days. There were so many near hole outs, it was ridiculous and Matt Kuchar hit a very impressive pitch shot on the 15th hole AKA “Firethorn”. There were some incredible tee shots from Bubba Watson despite having a slow day. Almost every tee shot he hit nailed the fairway and went a really long way. Heck, despite having the worst round of the day, Bubba still remains the co-leader along with Jordan.

It’s ANYBODY’s golf tournament as the leaderboard is tighter than that shirt you’re probably wearing right now. However, if I had to pick one person to win and rock the Green Jacket this year, I’d give it to Matt Kuchar. Because Matt is getting it together and is started to understand the course more and more. What makes Matt extremely dangerous is his ability to recover from bunkers and bad second shots as we saw on the 15th on Saturday as he nailed that awesome pitch shot. It’s still anybody’s Green Jacket but I think Kuch has the slight advantage over everyone at this point. He doesn’t destroy you with power off the tee or laser like accuracy, he gets you in many other ways and it’s why he’s one of the best players in the world.

So, get ready for one of the best finishes in Masters history my friends!

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Verne Lundquist on if Today’s Golfers are as Good as Tiger’s Field at his Peak: “Oh my gosh, yes!”

Verne at a PGA Championship Ceremony

Verne at a PGA Championship Ceremony

Legendary and well-respected broadcaster Verne Lundquist was on the Boers and Bernstein show on WSCR 670 The Score in Chicago on Monday April 7th and he talked to Dan (Bernstein) and Terry (Boers) about his legendary career as well as the college basketball season and The Masters. When asked if he thinks that today’s field of golfers are as good as Tiger’s field at his peak, Verne responded with “Oh my gosh, yes!”. Verne has done Masters broadcasts for 30 years so that’s a strong statement for someone who’s seen Tiger, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Billy Casper and others play in golf’s extremely rich history.

“These guys don’t fear Tiger”, Verne said.

That’s one statement almost everyone’s said and I agree with everything he said. I definitely think this is one of the toughest fields of golf we’ve seen in a long time. There’s a lot more rockstar’s in the field now than before. Back in Tiger’s peak, who was really popular besides Phil? Now, we have guys like Bubba Watson, Rory Mcilroy, Matt Kuchar, Jordan Speith and other great players who are very popular. Heck, even Adam Scott, who’s been on Tour for years now is playing the best golf of his life.

So this leaves a question. If Tiger was at the peak of his prime right around this era, would he win as many majors? Would he be the dominate figure that we all know today? Would there be as many Tiger Woods bandwagon jumpers today? What would it have been like? I know people who really love Tiger don’t want to hear this but it’s an interesting thing to think about. It’s very possible that he wouldn’t have won 14 majors in this era. Not with all of these talented young players and great veterans in the field. He would win majors, but not 14.

Verne also went on to say that there really isn’t a favorite for The Masters and that ANYBODY can win. That’s how strong the field’s been in the last few years and it really is amazing. It’s not like the past where you had a good feeling as to who was going to win but now the field is wide open. Some even say Bubba could win another one and it wouldn’t shock me with his power and incredible recovery ability giving him the nickname “Master of Escape”. Despite that, the field is still wide open and that’s why this year’s Masters is going to be a blast and that’s why it’s going to be a blast for years to come.

Welcome to The Masters my friends.

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Adam Scott loses $2.5 million in sale

Uh oh, looks like the defending Masters champion has a small issue at hand. Apparently, his Jade tower ground floor apartment which he bought in 2004, has been sold but not for the price Adam was totally looking for. He bought the property for $4.4 million but was sold for $1.94 million instead according to the Daily Telegrapgh. Ouch! That must hurt, although, the way he’s playing, I’m sure he has plenty of stacks on deck. He’s Adam freaking Scott you know! Yeah, that guy’s kind of good, just saying. Just kind of has hall of fame caliber numbers, no big deal. The buyer is a former accountant named Bill Lewski who is the founder of Prime Retirement and Aged Care Property Trust and I guess he’s supposed to be a colorful character of sorts.

Maybe he’s Ben Crane and Nate Robinson in disguise? Probably the worst thing for Adam about this situation is that he wanted to sell the apartment for $4.9 million so that’s a double slap in the face because not only did he not sell it for $4.9 million bucks but he ended up selling it way under what it’s worth at $4.4 mill. That must suck. That’s like when you think you have something valuable hiding in your closet and you think it’s worth a lot of cheddar and you rush to the computer to pop it up on Ebay just to find out that it got sold for $10 instead of $100 leaving your jaw dropped on the floor and you cry enough tears to suck up Lake Michigan and fill it back up. Do NOT suck up Lake Michigan with your tears! Anyways, I’m sure he’s glad that he playing at such a high level because if he wasn’t then he might be screwed finance wise after that deal with the apartment.

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Famed Former Caddy of Tiger Woods, Williams Looks to Hang Up the Bib After Next Season, Does it Really Matter?

Williams (Left) along with Adam Scott.

Williams (Left) along with Adam Scott.

Well, it’s been the week of the caddies. First, we saw Henrik Stenson’s caddy Gareth Lord cruising down the street in his Ferrari he bought from Henrik’s winnings and now another caddie made the news and a fairly known caddy at that. Popular caddie Steve Williams who has carried the bags and helped set up the shots of Greg Norman, Raymond Floyd, most notably Tiger Woods and now future hall of famer Adam Scott looks to cut down his schedule as it looks like he’ll retire after next season according to the Associated Press. He has been known for his years with Tiger Woods and has been widely considered one of the better caddies in the game. No doubt though that Woods is the one who made him the most popular and reeled him in the most dough. Williams looks to do one full season in 2014 and looks to cut down his schedule with Adam Scott in 2015. Williams looks to move on to something else that’s close to his heart and that is racing which he’s known for over in New Zealand, yes, he drives race cars.

“I’ve always been passionate about my racing, and to be fair, I’ve probably only got four or five years left at the top level,” Williams said according to the AP. Williams is also known for running his mouth a bit too as he had said a racial slur about Tiger Woods and also mentioned his win with Adam Scott at the Bridgestone Invitational back in 2011 as somewhat as an insult to Woods because he was mad about Woods’ off course doings. See, that’s why I roll my eyes when Tiger never speaks up on racial slurs. People get comfortable because they know he won’t say anything so they think it’s OK but that’s a story for another day. There was also a controversy where Williams ran his flap about Phil Mickelson too saying that he “hated him” claiming Mickelson never showed him “respect”. Williams also caddied for five-time British Open winner Peter Thomson as a 13-year-old at the New Zealand Open and says that he’s very pleased with his success as a caddy.

He also noted that he wants to try to build a relationship again with Woods. “I think Tiger and I need to sit down and have a conversation,” Williams said Saturday according again to the AP. Williams has had a very solid career as a caddy with over 140 wins including over 10 majors. He hopes to continue to race at a high level in his homeland of New Zealand even at the age of 50 which is why he continues to workout daily. So what do you guys think about the controversial caddy leaving the game after a couple of years? Sad? Good riddance? Honestly, I don’t really care. The dude was kind of a jerk so it’s whatever for me. Let me know what YOU guys think in the comments section!

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2013 PGA Tour: More President’s Cup Chatter

The President's Cup is back again and it should be another fun tournament.

The President’s Cup is back again and it should be another fun tournament.

Hello guys, I’m back FINALLY after my short absence. I was working on changing the GP Golf Report from to and it took me awhile to put it all together (And I still have some things I need to do!) but man, was it worth it. There’s much more freedom to using a blog and it is so sweet, I kind of feel like a little kid in a candy store because it’s filled with so many different options for website customization and I love it so far. Using this new blog also can help grow the GP Nation as there are more ways than ever to reach out to the world and I’m going to make sure to deliver the best content possible in the golf journalism world. Anyway, enough about me, let’s get into some more President’s Cup talk shall we? It’s coming around the corner and team USA looks to dominate yet again.


Although beautiful and breathtaking, Muirfield will be a challenge for these players so please be careful when smelling the environment kids.

Although beautiful and breathtaking, Muirfield will be a challenge for these players so please be careful when smelling the environment kids.

I know I’ve probably already mentioned some things in my previous post but I don’t see why team USA could come out on top again. There are so many weapons on team USA that the International team wouldn’t be ready for. Yes, the International squad has a few dangerous weapons like Adam Scott and Jason Day but the rest of the roster is pretty much full of President’s Cup rookies. Having veterans is key when in a team event like the President’s Cup or Ryder Cup and although being a veteran doesn’t necessarily mean your team s going to win, but it just has an experienced presence out there for a lot of the rookies and that’s a great reason to pick team USA. I think the International squad will be exciting to watch with a bunch of new players on the team alongside a hall of famer in Ernie Els and a future hall of famer in Adam Scott. So, it should be a good one! Looking forward to it and I know you guys are too. Keep it real all, from Chicago with love. Also, if you enjoyed this post and if you like the website, then please subscribe and you’ll be receiving every new post I write!

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The GP Links of the Week

Like the logo?  :)

Like the logo? 🙂

Links! Gotta Love Them! And the Other Links too (Golf Course) ;)

Links! Gotta Love Them! And the Other Links too (Golf Course) 😉

Hey all, hope you’re having a great week and are excited for the weekend! There’s some great golf going on at the Tour Championship with scores continuing to rise from different players and I’ll be sure to write a post about that before the day is done but right now i wanted to start something new and fresh. I’d like to welcom you to the “GP Links of the Week” where I throw links of stories I liked from different websites and blogs into the post for you to check out! This is a great way for you guys to get quick links to other great stories in the world of golf from some of the best sites in the world! I know today’s Friday but I probably won’t be doing these on Fridays but instead might do them on Mondays as Monday is the start of the new week and gets me the chance to read great stories over the weekend especially if there’s a golf victory on Sundays so Monday would be the perfect day to post links of stories about the winner of a tournament. So, without further ado, here’s today’s GP Links of the week!

The Daily Golf Stop

The Daily Golf Stop is a great new blog where people can get their fix and discuss great topics going on in the world of golf. This post was in discussion of the 9/11 attacks and how golf can get involved in a good way and it also features a phenomenal picture that you MUST see. This blogger is very talented and his writing is top notch. Definitely somebody to look out for on your radar.

The Sand Trap Golf Blog

The Sand Trap is full of great stories and is one of the most sought after golf blogs in the world. It also features a terrific community with a very busy forum and is truly one of the coolest sites I’ve seen, they’re fantastic and worth the look. Michael Hepp wrote this masterpiece of a post. has been one of, if not the hottest website for golf news for some years now and feature some incredible writers and as we know, GC is a part of NBC and NBC Sports’ website has some very talented writers. This particular post was written by one of the best golf writers in the business and possibly one of the greatest of all time, and a man I had the pleasure of interviewing, Mr. Jason Sobel who is very popular with golf fans.

SB Nation is one of the most popular websites in the world and features many great bloggers talking about many hot topics in the world of sports and this post was written by Emily Kay who is the lead golf writer on SB Nation and is truly one of best around, her work is a must read.

And rounding out this week’s GP Links of the Week is a website that ends with the word “week”. GolfWeek has a phenomenal magazine that is so rich and deep with information that you can sink your eyes into. They feature PGA Tour, LPGA, College, Amatuer golf news andn much more, it’s insane how much info is in it and if you love college and amatuer golf then this website is the site for you. This post was in regards to Des Moines, Iowa hosting the Solheim Cup and the potential of them hosting it again. The ppst was written by the very lovely and talented Beth Ann Baldrey and is a must read if you love the LPGA Tour.

Special Mention:
Great site if you’re an all around sports fan and Jason Sheckman does an excellent job with it!

Well, that does it for the first ever GP Links of the Week! Feel free to shoot me an email at and leave your thoughts in the comments below! Keep it real GP Nation, from Chicago with love.

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Henrik Leads Tour Championship After Round One

Henrik Stenson Starting off Strong After a 4- Finish After the First Round. Can he Keep it Going?

Henrik Stenson Starting off Strong After a 4- Finish After the First Round. Can he Keep it Going?

Me After I Correctly Predicted that Steve Stricker Would Start off Hot at the Tour Championship...Thanks Crash Bandicoot!

Me After I Correctly Predicted that Steve Stricker Would Start off Hot at the Tour Championship…Thanks Crash Bandicoot!

After round one, the “Underwear Bandit” strikes again! Henrik Stenson is your leader after finishing with a solid -6 performance after striking the ball very well and making putts when it mattered. MVP candidate Adam Scott is right on his trail however after he had a terrific round where he led the field in average driving distance and was still as accurate as he had been when he at the Masters. Surely we should expect a great tournament from Adam and he knows how to stay in contention throughput an entire tournament and he’s proven that all year long. Every tournament you looked on a leaderboard, you saw Adam Scott on there. He’s capable of hitting powerful and accurate shots. But Henrik Stenson was the star of the day after hitting four shots within five feet displaying incredible ball striking Henrik Stenson has always had and really showed it today after the first round of the Tour Championship. His ball striking was so good that he didn’t really have to worry about his putting and that’s how you win tournaments. If you could set yourself up in a great position for an easy putt then the chances of you winning the tournament are very high unless you one of those players who have trouble with short putts which happen all the time. My pick Steve Stricker is in third as he went -4.

1,000+ Hits Strong! Keep it Going Guys! Keep Sharing and Viewing, it Really Does Help! :)

1,000+ Hits Strong! Keep it Going Guys! Keep Sharing and Viewing, it Really Does Help! 🙂

See? What did I say? I was saying that Steve will come out the gate flying and start off with a bang like “Boomshakalaka” because after he collapsed at the BMW Championship, he doesn’t want nothing else better than to win golf’s Super Bowl. I’ll be sure to have another piece on the tournament tomorrow so keep it locked right here on the GP Golf Report for more analysis and news. Share this article with your friends and let them know who’s leading this tournament! Here’s the full leaderboard: TC Leaderboard. Also, real quick, I’d like to proudly announce that the GP Golf Report has reached over 1,000 hits! Thank you so much guys for reading the site and I hope you guys continue to come back! I’ve been working hard to keep everything up to date and to write as often as I can, without you guys, I’m nothing but a blogger with hopeless dreams. You guys make me and I hope you guys join me a lot more as we discuss this great sport we call golf and to bring a different look to the game and to bring quality writing to you. Expect more audio content in the near future as I will try to get my radio show back up and running soon and hopefully I’ll have more video content up sometime as well. Thank you so much guys and please, keep sharing articles and sharing the site in general with your friends or your family or you fans because that’s really important and it really means a lot that you guys would take the time out to read my work so on behalf of the GP Golf Report, I say thank you and I really mean that. Let’s see about getting 1,000 hits per week shall we? Keep it real GP Nation!

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