EA’s Tigerless Video Game to be at PGA Merchandise Show

Yes, this was in the trailer! AWESOME!

Yes, this was in the trailer! AWESOME!


EA Sports PGA Tour, formerly known as Tiger Woods PGA Tour, will be on hand at the always very popular PGA Merchandise Show. They will have both a long drive contest and a closest to the pin contest so this will get golf gaming fans a chance to experience what the new game will bring.


This comes as a sigh of relief to many of us who are gaming nerds as EA Sports hasn’t released any info at all since they released the trailer for the game way back in June. Now, the gates seem to slowly be opening into what this game will bring.


As you may know, the trailer consists of what appears to be a gorgeous virtual version of the legendary Pete Dye designed TPC Sawgrass course with Ian Poulter taking a swing.




Poulter finds himself teeing off in the middle of a war zone on a beautiful island. He then proceeds to hit a tee shot over a moving battleship that crashes onto the island as Poulter’s ball lands in the hole for an ace.


Now, that same trailer has taken heat from traditionalists for basically not being boring. I think it’s freakin’ cool that they’re doing this and adding a variety to the game but traditionalists simply want golf games to be yawn fests which is why they haven’t sold in recent years.


The old games were awesome and were they reason why they were popular. In later years, EA took out some of the wonderful things that made the older games so perfect.


They took out celebrations, epic camera angles when you hit a great shot, power boosts off the tee, and of course, David Feherty and Gary McCord who were hilarious in those games (Feherty is in the current games but isn’t as funny). Now they seem like they’re going back to their roots and that’s fantastic to see.


My attitude is, if you want something more like realistic golf, then play The Golf Club as I mentioned before. That’s what I’m going to do is play The Golf Club when I want something more realistic and play EA PGA Tour when I want something totally extreme.


Plus, there’s going to be real PGA Tour courses in the game anyway so it’s not like there’s going to be all crazy fantasy courses. Haters gonna hate though.


So, let’s keep an eye out for anymore information on this game. If the cover athlete is announced for the game, you bet I’ll be wiring about it!


The PGA Merchandise Show is from January 21st to the 23rd.


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New Golf Video Game Which Doesn’t Include Tiger Woods or Other Pros, Receives Impressive Hype Score

Actual screenshot from HB Studios' The Golf Club video game which will release for the PS4, Xbox One and PC in the spring.

Actual screenshot from HB Studios’ The Golf Club video game.

The Golf Club, the new video game from Canadian game developer HB Studios has already received and impressive score although it hasn’t been released yet and no, Tiger Woods isn’t in the game nor is any other PGA or LPGA Tour golfer but that doesn’t stop golf game fans from giving it a terrific hype score of 9 out of 10. Yup, that’s right, a near perfect score. Although the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series has had an impressive run of scores at 9 out of 10 over the past few years but what makes this score particularly remarkable is for one, it doesn’t bear Tiger Woods’ name on it, secondly, it’s being developed by a company that isn’t EA or 2K Sports but HB Studios and from what I heard, there are only 10 to 15 people working on this game and they already managed to create the holy grail of golf video game features in a course designer feature where players can create any course to their heart’s desire whether it’s Augusta National, Cypress Point or Pine Valley, gamers everywhere can create any course they want, including their home course (Randall Oaks Golf Club in the Chi, what up!). The amazing thing is, it took HB only a month to put this game changing feature in there according to their developer diary.

I mentioned in a recent article about the game that with a huge feature like that and smooth gameplay, The Golf Club in my eyes, will be a Sports Game of the Year nominee. Probably won’t win considering the fact that it would be going up against the likes of NBA 2K and Fifa but a nomination at least by one or two publications would be a major accomplishment. The only thing that may be a little weird for virtual golfers who tee it up in this game is that there is no broadcast presentation. The focus of the game is supposed to basically be in the shoes a golfer who’s playing a round with his or buddies. Just a typical round of golf…only with super mega awesome epic core creating abilities! Regardless of not having a broadcast presentation, the game still looks spectacular. Probably the best thing about The Golf Club and I mentioned this before, is the fact that HB Studios will do continuous updates on the game instead of having yearly releases and this is something that many sports fans have asked for is to have updates on games and just have bi annual releases instead of yearly ones due to some of the many bugs some sports games carry especially Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, although it’s a fun game, it’s filled with bugs and was only updated once.

Not to mention, these updates that HB Studios is talking about are not just going to be run of the mill updates from what I’ve heard. These updates could include new on course visuals, new tools for the course creator or even new game modes (Wouldn’t that be something?). I was so impressed with what I’ve seen so far from the game, that I have The Golf Club logo featured as the cover photo on the GP Golf Report Facebook page as some of you might have seen already. There’s no specifics on a release date yet but we do know that it’s during the spring so it very well could be an April or May release. There’s also a nice interview Operation Sports did The Golf Club’s Executive Producer, Peter Garcian. How good could this game be? Or will it fall? It’s all in HB’s hands after EA’s golf series took the year off, they just have to deliver a great golf experience for all. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below! Would love to hear from you!

WARNING: Course creator may make you feel like a God amongst men so please use with CAUTION! Colin, out!

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Tiger Woods Won’t Even be in EA Game, Viewing Other Avenues

An awesome compilation picture of some of Woods' best games. Thanks to the Bunker Mentality blog for this sweet pic!

An awesome compilation picture of some of Woods’ best games. Thanks to the Bunker Mentality blog for this sweet pic!

The ending relationship between EA Sports and Tiger Woods is getting “spicy” now. Now it appears that Tiger won’t even be in the game at all which is both a surprise and not a surprise because I think if you take his name off the cover and he “ended” the relationship then in the gaming world that usually means that the player won’t be in there at all. So to me it doesn’t come as much as surprise to me but to others it might. You see, when a player has an agreement with a gaming company and that agreement ends then the player shouldn’t be in the game at all. That’s kind of how it’s always been but according to Tiger’s agent Mark Steinberg says that they’re looking at other companies to get Tiger in a video game according to Eye on Golf. The most interesting thing about this is what Steinberg said when he said they’re looking at other companies because what other companies would Tiger and crew be willing to work with? Would they be willing to work with a small time developer? If so then who would it be?

Major options include juggernauts like 2K Sports, Konami who has experience with sports games creating Pro Evolution Soccer or full on electronic companies like Microsoft and Sony who have made sports games before such as the “Links” series by Microsoft and the “MLB The Show” series by Sony but then that would mean that the game would exclusively be for the PS4 or exclusively for the Xbox One that could rub golf gamers the wrong way. You would want to join a company that will sell your product on both consoles and something that will make everyone happy. The obvious guess would e that Tiger joins 2K Sports who arguably have the highest rated sports series of all-time with the NBA 2K series which seems to get better and better each year. I’d have to agree if Tiger decides to join 2K because this is a great opportunity for the company and they would be pretty silly to turn down an offer plus this will give fans who have been praying for a 2K golf game the opportunity to play their dream game in real life. This would be both an obvious and excellent choice as I must say that 2K has put together some amazing gameplay over the years.

The game’s are always so realistic and all the motions are so real and were beyond their years and now they’re taking it to the next level. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, a golf game would be absolutely perfect for 2K Sports and what better name to have on there than Tiger Woods? This would be a historic step for a gaming company that blossomed with practically one game left in their arsenal that literally beats out the competition each year (NBA 2K). This was the same company that EA Sports nearly bought for a little over a billion dollars but with the power of NBA 2K the company remains independent and that’s incredible how they carried that one game to glory since the loss of its many other great games like College Hoops 2K and the heavily popular NFL 2K series. Golf gamers have been hoping for a 2K golf game since the departure of the for mentioned “Links” series which last released a game back in 2004.

2K's last golf game from 2004. Links 2004. Could this be a reviving of the series if Tiger jumps on board?

2K’s last golf game from 2004. Links 2004. Could this be a reviving of the series if Tiger jumps on board?

Could this finally be the moment many golf gaming fans have been waiting for? Is EA going to regret the move or will they stride nonetheless? Stay tuned on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z: Golf Game Edition! All kidding aside, this is very exciting and will get conversations going in a hurry. 2K, wherever you are, here’s your chance, take advantage of it. It would be a huge head scratcher if it never happened unless A) Tiger never makes a choice or B) There may have been an agreement issue or something like that. Other than that the door is wide open for them because they are the only other major sports game company out there and after the critically acclaimed success of the NBA 2K series, why wouldn’t he want to jump on board the 2K cruise line? Only time will tell however but this means there could be a huge change in golf gaming with EA not having Tiger in the game anymore, HB Studios putting out a golf game for the PS4 and Xbox One, and now who else could get in on the action? 2K? Sony? Microsoft? Very exciting stuff to look forward to and what better way to have awesome golf gaming news to talk about then around the holiday season? So, who do YOU think will Tiger sign with, if anybody? Also, if tiger were to sign with another company, what main feature would you want to see in the game? Let me know in the comments below!

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No Tiger Woods 15, HB Studios to Work on Golf Game

Could these guys be the Golf Video Game Saviors for 2014?

Could these guys be the Golf Video Game Saviors for 2014?

Well, it’s pretty much confirmed that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 is not going to happen in the March of 2014 and current game (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14) seems like it won’t get a patch anytime soon to cure some of the glitches within the game. So does this mean that this will be the end for the beloved golf video game franchise? Read on to find out more friends. The game has been very popular amongst golf fans pretty much since 1998 and has seen many unique features such as The Masters and the Ryder Cup. However, the sales of the game have ranged up and down with Tiger Woods 2004 being arguably the best of the series and one of the higher rated sports games of all time. One thing I hear from many people is that the game has been getting worse and worse year after year and like I’ve probably mentioned before, the game used to be more “fun-filled with game modes, features, mini games and a great soundtrack while also featuring very unique and beautiful fantasy courses along with the terrific real life courses. I still enjoy the game without a doubt and Tiger 14 is a very fun game, probably the best since Tiger 10. The lack of the “fun” factor though has really weakened the game from what it was. Some people can’t stand the fantasy courses which is absolutely silly to me because it’s ruining the extra fun in the game. Some people act as if the fantasy courses mess up the experience or that maybe it will screw up the chances of getting their favorite real course in the game and this is my assumption. I don’t think having fantasy courses would affect the list of real courses so I don’t understand the hate.

Don't Worry Tiger Woods PGA Tour Fans, the Franchise Will be Back for the 2015 Season (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16).

Don’t Worry Tiger Woods PGA Tour Fans, the Franchise Will be Back for the 2015 Season (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16).

Anyway, I think Tiger Woods 14 did a great job with the features they have and taking advantage of the “Battle of the Eras” and featuring great legends like Arnold Palmer and Lee Trevino and they also did a spectacular job with re-creating the 1934 version of Augusta National but there’s just too many bugs in the game. So, for those of you wondering what’s going to happen with the legendary sports video game, you have nothing to fear because Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16 WILL in fact happen unless otherwise. EA Sports is simply taking a year off so they can adjust to the technology of the PS4 and Xbox One and that’s a very smart move for them as now they have time to make a terrific golfing game. Plus, imagine how beautiful it will look on the PS4 and Xbox One? The detail in each swing, the movement of the blades of the grass, the realism, the realistic look of the golfer after he hits a bad shot (Picture it in slow motion)? Sounds awesome to me. And I’m sure the environments on the course and the weather conditions will be breathtaking. So Tiger Woods 15 is going to happen but you guys are probably wondering, who the freaking frack is HB Studios? HB Studios is the same company that has worked with EA Sports on several games including NBA Live and FIFA, but they’re working on a golf game for 2014 and if there’s no EA Sports golf game for 2014 then…who’s HB Studios going to be working with? And this is why this is exciting news because we may see a golf game with a totally different angle and that’s something great to talk about. Because if they work with a company like 2K Sports and if they use the same engine as the legendary NBA 2K franchise then my goodness it would be a very good golf game and the one thing I absolutely love about 2K is that they really know how to catch detail so the graphics in the game would be phenomenal.

Is HB Studios for Real Luigi?

Is HB Studios for Real Luigi?

From I heard, the game will be a PS4 and Xbox One title so it will definitely look pretty and the technology and style of the game could be ridiculous because golf is the perfect sport to feature in a video game with unbelievable detail and mechanics. The one feature that really caught my eye and will really make it one of the best sports games ever is the course creator that is said to be featured and that’s a feature that golf gaming fans everywhere have been drooling for a long time especially since the Links series. Imagine that, all of the deep customization that can be done to create stunning golf courses in next-gen gaming style and I am someone who loves golf course architecture so this is a great feature for fans of great course architecture and even aspiring ones. So who is HB Studios planning to run with this golf game? Will it be 2K? Are they possibly going to release it themselves? 2K is the only real candidate I can think of so it’s very possible. The rumors are that the game may be on store shelves in 9 o 10 months so mark your calendars with your pencils just in case you have to erase it but let’s hope not! So what’s this mystery golf game going to be like? What’s the name going to be? Who or what will be on the cover? Will it be PGA Tour licensed or no? Only time will tell but I love the suspense. This is a journalist’s dream. Get excited my fellow virtual golfers! Here’s HB Studios’ website: HB-Studios.com

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Will EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour be Back?

A Screenshot from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Featuring the Great Arnold Palmer.

A Screenshot from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Featuring the Great Arnold Palmer.

A Screenshot of One of the Popular Fantasy Golfers in the Legendary Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 game Taking a Swing at One of the Mini Games.

A Screenshot of One of the Popular Fantasy Golfers in the Legendary Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 Game Taking a Swing at One of the Mini Games.

Well, the rumors are out there saying that the Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game series by the ever popular EA Sports company may not be made next year. There have been 15 or 16 games in the series since Tiger Woods got his name on it and has seen major success since it’s launch. The only other game that was in competition with it was the Hot Shots Golf series and may be more popular but it’s not a golf simulator like the TW series. When you think about though, there hasn’t been any competition with the TW series besides the Links series which only lasted until 2004 and that game received very high praise from golf gamers. The game however has received it’s share of criticism in recent years with many fans saying that every game after the release of Tiger Woods 10 was not very good with some going as far as saying that the game was bad after the the release of Tiger Woods 2005 onward. I will say, the earlier versions of the game (03, 04, 05) had a better and fun environment with some fun mini games, fantasy courses, characters and awesome music and they were hard games to put down. I still enjoy the Tiger Woods series and I got it every year since 08. I didn’t play 03, 04 or 05 until I started playing 08 and onward because I was still new to the game at the time so I wanted to try previous versions and I was not disappointed. The game since those years have been fun but they took out key aspects like the great music, the addicting mini games and goofy broadcasting of David Feherty and Gary McCord although David is back in the game but he’s now with Jim Nantz who is a great broadcaster but it takes out some of the humor. Also, there were many great courses in the older games that never returned to the series like Couer D’Alene, Paradise Cove which was a very popular fantasy course and Kapalua Plantation course.

Tiger Woods Featured in the 2004 Version of His Own Game Playing on the Very Popular Emerald Dragon Fantasy Course.

Tiger Woods Featured in the 2004 Version of His Own Game Playing on the Very Popular Emerald Dragon Fantasy Course.

There are so many things that have changed since then making it a bit more boring but I will say that Tiger Woods 14 is a great game, the best one arguably since 2010 which was also a fantastic game but TW 14 has its share of bugs however. Tiger Woods 11 was popular with the fans mostly because of the True Aim feature which gave the gamers a true golf experience and really led you to strategize your way around the golf course and that was a sweet feature but that game was one of the lowest if not the lowest selling game in the franchise’s history likely due to Tiger Woods’ off course issues but for the people who did play it like myself, I though it was solid especially having the Ryder Cup and the beautiful Celtic Manor course in their for the first time (Celtic Manor was built exclusively for the Ryder Cup that year by the way). Although I have enjoyed the recent games, I still think it could be like the earlier versions because it made golf look really appealing to non fans. And people wonder why a lot of sports fans think golf is boring. With the recent versions people will think that, I didn’t see nothing wrong with the fun and goofy way the game was played back then. You still had your golf fix but it had a bit of flare and vibe to it and was a deep game full of features. So that leaves us with the questions, will we see the release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15? Will it be on the PS4 or Xbox One or maybe even the sleek Ouya system? Or will we be stuck without a golf game for the following spring? Will another developer step up and create a great golf game? Who knows but this is why it is an exciting topic too because it really gets your minds wondering what will happen.

It’s like reading a great book and closing it for the night after you read the latest chapter. What’s next? Or will things be like how they were in the previous chapter? Only time will tell but it will be really exciting to see what happens especially since we got the brand new game systems on their way and with the Ouya already being released back in June on the day of my birthday (The 25th). Trust me, mark your calenders for any month between November and January because it is around that time where things start leaking out with the announcement of the Tiger Woods game usually around December, maybe January. You would thin k this would be bad news of the likely hold off of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 but it’s really exciting for those of us who have curiosity in what will happen. Plus, this gives the opportunity for other game companies to put out a great game with a true golfing experience because let’s be honest, it sucks when there’ only one simulation golf game on the market. So, all of the game companies, it’s time to release from your shells and create a golf game and NO you do NOT need the PGA Tour license to make a heck of a game because I feel that if the Tiger series does return, then there should be some fun competition too. So we will see what happens if Tiger Woods PGA Tour will be ready for next year or not or if they do come back, will they have new friends to play with? Stay tuned.

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How 2K Can Make the Greatest Golf Game of All-Time

2K Sports' World Famous Logo

2K Sports’ World Famous Logo

The EA Sports World Famous Logo

The EA Sports World Famous Logo

2K Sports has created terrific sports games such the legendary NBA 2K games and the popular NFL 2K which are no longer around and now, their latest project is WWE 2K14, will release in October and seems like it will be fantastic with the physics that 2K uses on their games. The “Links” golf series was a product of Take Two Interactive and was a very popular game but was overshadowed by the success of EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour Series which has become a major mainstream success, not only in America but in the world. If 2K can make a golf game then it can really battle with the Tiger Woods series because, think about the endless possibilities of features 2K can have as well as throwing that incredible world famous 2K physics and mechanics into the game. 2K can easily define the beauty of golf through a video game made by them. One of the things I hear a lot is that they don’t have the PGA or PGA Tour license (PGA and PGA Tour are two separate things for those of you that are new to the game of golf) because EA has it and now EA has Augusta National in the game (Tiger 14 is a great game). Really though, 2K does NOT need the PGA or PGA Tour license to make a high quality golf game. If the game doesn’t have any bugs and it the gameplay mechanics are beautiful which 2K is terrific at doing then it will be a great game. Besides, there are SO many other legendary courses that aren’t licensed with the PGA Tour like Carnoustie in Scotland, Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton, Illinois and Pine Valley Golf Club. Speaking of Pine Valley, that reminds me, EA doesn’t have a license with Pine Valley GC which means 2K can try and take advantage of having the former NO.1 ranked course (Now, 2nd behind Augusta) in the world in the game.

A Screenshot from Links 204, the Latest and Last Version of the Game.

A Screenshot from Links 2004, the Latest and Last Version of the Game.

That will bring fun competition to the video game world and will give golf fans the chance to choose between EA, the game with Augusta, or 2K, the game with Pine Valley. That would be a very fun thing to go by for customers and would make a great advertisement. As for players, almost nobody uses players in the Tiger Woods game because everyone wants to use their created golfer. The only exception is this year’s game which features some of the greatest legends in golf history such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Seve Ballesterios. The legends they didn’t include were Gene Sarazen, Walter Hagen, and Byron Nelson. Those are legends that can easily be featured in 2K’s golf game and those, alone are some very good players and some other players that can be featured are Payne Stewart, Nick Faldo and Harry Vardon. That’s six already, just add Old and Young Tom Morris and possibly Chi Chi Rodriguez (Not a major winner but he has hall of fame numbers, mostly coming from the Champions Tour however) and you have nine popular legends right there, can’t keep Billy Casper out either. The mechanics of a 2K golf game would be incredible so I don’t understand why they can’t make a golf game or could have just continued the “Links” series under their license. In all honesty, it’s boring to see no competition out on the market when it comes to golf video games and a much as I enjoy the Tiger Woods series, I am a huge fan of 2K Sports and they do such a great job with the NBA 2K series that I feel it’s time for them to make a game that will truly put the realism of their games to the test because no sport shows the combination of art, beauty and drama like this game we all love called golf. The courses, and designs would fit perfectly with 2K sports’ style and vibe.

The soundtrack could be a variety as there’s no specific music for golf, like there is for football (Hip Hop & Rock), baseball (Mostly Rock but a little Hip Hop), basketball (Mostly Hip Hop but a little bit of Rock) or hockey ( All Rock but maybe a tad bit of Hip Hop every once in awhile). Golf has different styles and 2K is known for creating amazing soundtracks so the possibilities are endless when it comes to music in 2K’s golf game. The game could bring back the “Links” name and call it “Links 2K14 (Or 15)” as well making sound unique instead of just “Golf 2K14” but then again they can take a certain player and name it “John Daly’s Golf 2K14” as an example (Got to love JD) but the reason why the “PGA Tour” isn’t featured in the title because as I mentioned earlier, the PGA Tour license is in the Tiger Woods game. I hope 2K would really take this idea into consideration because it gets tiring seeing no other authentic golfing games out there on the market and I feel 2K would be the best fit for having golf on their repertoire of games because they’re lacking games right now after getting rid of the NHL 2K series, College Hoops Series and the NFL 2K series. So now, I think it’s time for a savior 2K because the MLB 2K games are getting blown away by MLB the Show series so I think a 2K golf game could actually be competitive out there and would make a lot of golf fans happy.

2K can make this happen and I think now’s the time especially when we are in a unique time in the sport as more players are winning majors and a more diverse group of players are coming out of college. Dear 2K Sports, the time is NOW. Make the greatest golf game to hit the market, AT LEAST propose the idea. There’s no better time than now to make a great golf game with deep fresh features and fresh new legends and courses while also having a deep customization feature. A course creator idea would also be amazing. If a course creator is made then the sales will sky rocket because that is a highly demanded feature in golf video games. Golf gamers everywhere are counting on you 2K. Your friend, Colin.

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MLB The Show 13 White Sox Predictions


As a diehard Chicago White Sox fan, I know what it’s like to feel victory (You know who you are 2005) and heartache (Thanks, 2012). But, in the minse of it all, I still love to play a game of baseball in the MLB The Show series.

The first game released in 2006 and the White Sox were considered the defending World Series champions in the game because they were the world champs in 2005 beating the Houston Astros 4 games to none which included a dramatic home run by Scott Podsednik which is considered to be one of the greatest postseason home runs in baseball history.

Pods ended the regular season with zero homers which is one of the reasons that the game 2 home run was so dramatic not to mention he hit the home run off of Brad Lidge in his prime. The Sox were 4th place in MLB 06 The Show behind the Oakland A’s (3rd), Boston Red Sox (2nd) and New York Yankees (1st). In MLB 13 The Show I think the Sox will be ranked 14th in the game considering how well they played last season despite choking down the stretch to the Detroit Tigers.

They have one of the best pitching staffs in the American League which will give them a high pitching rank.

I believe their pitching rank will be 3rd, especially when John Danks comes back. Combine John Danks, Jake Peavy and Chris Sale and you got yourself one of the tougher pitching staffs in baseball as well as a solid bullpen. As for their defense, I think they will be ranked 13th in that category as their outfield play has improved and they still have one of the best 2nd baseman, shortstop combinations in all of baseball with Gordon Beckham and Alexei Ramirez.

So they will overall be a solid defensive team in MLB 13.

Hitting is the one rank that had me asking questions. The Sox hitting has been up and down.

There was some bright spots and dark spots. Paul Konerko was on fire and out of his mind at the same time earlier in the year nearly getting up to a 400. Average getting on base all the time and was an early MVP canidate. He started to fall a bit during the 2nd half of the season.

Adam Dunn had one of the best seasons of his career belting 41 home runs and playing solid defense when replacing Paulie at 1st base. Alex Rios had a cereer year as well showing why he is considered a 5-tool player in baseball. Kevin Youkillis was also a good player last year when he came over to the White Sox from the Red Sox but obviously he’s o longer a White Sox as he is now a Yankee but with the addition of Jeff Keppinger, they get a player that rarely strikes out and hits for good average. He also provides more speed then what Youk had.

The only flaw for Keppinger is ability to it for power but if he can get on base then that’s what’s important.

I think the Sox will have a hitting rank of 18th especially with A.J. leaving the team. Now, I will give my predicition for the top 5 players on the White Sox roster in MLB 13 The Show.


White Sox Roster with overall rating:

1. Chris Sale

Overall: 96

Fielding: 87


2. Alex Rios

Overall: 90

Right Power: 82

Left Power: 85

Fielding: 95


3. Paul Konerko

Overall: 88

Right Power: 88

Left Power: 91

Fielding: 98


4. Jake Peavy

Overall: 86

Fielding: 95

5. Dayan Viciedo

Overall: 82

Right Power: 84

Left Power: 97

Fielding: 74 



So there you have it! Those are my rating predictions for the White Sox in MLB 13 The Show. I hope you guys are just as excited as I am for this game’s release!

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T-Dub 14 should be Happy Fun Times!!


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is coming out next month and it looks to be one of the best game releases of the year with legends beinng featured in the game such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer (Cover Boy) and my main man Bobby Jones.

I look forwad to seeing how the swing mechanics are as well because they are suppose to have the ACTUAL swings of the players including the legends and I’m looking forward that because the last couple of years, every single player including my created golfer (me!) had the same exact swing and that is totally unrealistic.

Another I noticed was a full putting stroke even when I’m like, an inch away from the hole! What kind of bleeping bleepingness is that?! Those putts should be TAP INS not full putting strokes. I miss how players had the ability to chose from a variety of swings including my favorite, the John Daly “Grip it & Rip It” swing.

Having Jim Furyk’s swing in the game would be fun considering it looks so off balance and I think it would look hilarious.

Nothing against Jimmy Furyk but I’m just saying so please don’t destroy my soul and throw it in a hole Furyk fans! There’s going to be 24 swing types in the game letting gamers choose from a wider variety than in previous versions and no I’m not talking about YOU TW 12 and 13! You guys were jerks in that category!

Tiger Woods 14 looks to be really deep this year because not only are there legends and different swing types but there are more choices for times of day including night golf! How cool is that? Playing Augusta at night would be a blast in the game I think because some things looks real pretty with the night sky’s moon beaming down on the course.

I caught a peak of what TPC Sawgrass looks like at night and I gotta say I was impressed on how it looked! There’s going to be a illuminated golf balls as well when you’re playing at night so it looks more fun. Everybody likes glowing balls that fly in the sky right? I think yes! Oh yea, how can I go about talking any video game without mentioning onnline play? The online mode of TW 14 features a match where you can play against 24 other players on te sam course! That’s right, you heard me (Or well.., read me..). Two,four.

So that’s more players for you to give a whooping! I really look forward to that because it gives the game that “party like” atmosphere. Don’t worry, you won’t have to watch all 24 players. You just watch where they’re shots land by seeing the lines of the shots. Easy! So you can go as slow or as fast as you want (Well, there is a time limit but you know what I mean).

With the combination of legends, night golf and sweet online play, this year’s Tiger Woods game should be the best of the series. Looking forward to when it drops on March 26th. Hopefully we can start hearing about the demo soon! Till next time, peace, adios, sianara!

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