WATCH: Commercial welcomes Olympic golf back in hilarious fashion

This definitely made me chuckle. Michelob Ultra put together a commercial showcasing Scott Langley’s infamous putt that took what seemed to be a lifetime before the the ball dropped.

While his putt was happening, the wonderful sound of a soccer broadcaster was heard in the background in place of golf’s announcers. And how sweet the sound was.

Combining two great sports together like that is awesome. Soccer and golf actually do have a connection now, with the introduction of footgolf to the world, where the goal is to kick a soccer ball into an enlarged hole.

So, the two reunited again in this wonderful commercial. Welcome back golf.

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Rory McIlroy will not participate in the Olympics



Four-time major champion Rory McIlroy is just another star athlete who has decided not to participate in the Olympics. Like others, the reason for him not going to Rio is because of the Zika virus which has been a major issue.

Vijay Singh, Marc Lieshman and Adam Scott among others also dropped out. McIlroy is definitely the biggest blow so far.

“My health and my family’s health comes before everything else.” said McIlroy. “Even though the risk of infection from the Zika virus is considered low, it is a risk nonetheless and a risk I am unwilling to take,”

It has been over 100 years since golf has been in the Olympics. Now, with its return to the Games, it looks like it will be missing some key players for the event.

That said, golf isn’t the only sport where players are dropping like flies. NBA superstar LeBron James is the latest to say that he will likely miss the Olympics.

Despite the missing players in this year’s Olympics, it’s great to know that golf is back. It’s just horrible timing with the Zika virus and those dropping out are ultimately making the right decision.

Here’s hoping the Olympic Games in Japan in 2020 will be much better.

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You won’t believe who Rory McIlroy’s sponsor will be for the Olympics, it’s not Nike


Rory McIlroy has been a Nike golfer for a few years now, but for the Olympics, it’ll be a new brand, and one you probably wouldn’t expect. New Balance will represent McIlroy at the Olympics.

Why the change, you ask? Well, Olympic Council of Ireland president Pat Hickey went to the UK Nike headquarters and told them that they may have McIlroy committed to the team.

Nike just dismissed it, that’s when McIlroy agreed to represent New Balance for the Games. According to Hickey, Nike was very upset when they found out that they missed on a chance to represent McIlroy at arguably the biggest stage in sports.

Not to mention, it’s golf’s first time in the Olympic Games in over 100 years, so more eyes may be glued to the old/new Olympic sport. As for New Balance, it’s a golden opportunity to help put the brand back on the map and to expand the popularity of their golf shoes.

So, let this be a lessen kids. If there’s a good opportunity in front of you, put your ego aside and jump on it.

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Finchem Says Progress on Troubled 2016 Olympic Golf Course is “Reasonably Good”

The Beautiful location of the 2016 Olympic golf course that will feature many sand bunkers. The course is  designer is American course architect Gil Hanse. Thanks to for the awesome pic!

The Beautiful location of the 2016 Olympic golf course that will feature many sand bunkers. The course is designer is American course architect Gil Hanse. Thanks to for the awesome pic!

With golf being in the Olympics in 2016, the conversations have been strong among golf fans and the excitement continues to grow. However, the controversial golf course that’s being constructed on an environmental reservation in Rio De Janeiro has been part of the discussion as well and PGA Tour commissioner Tim Fichem spoke out about the course saying that the progress of it is “reasonably good” according to Yahoo! Sports. The Venue Reserva de Marapendi course was even being held up for months due to legal wrangling over land ownership but I guess if it’s going “reasonably good” then it must keep being built plus you would hate to stop construction of the course if you already started. “I was told yesterday that the irrigation system for the golf course had been boarded on a ship in Los Angeles that was headed for the Panama Canal,” Finchem said according to Yahoo! Sports. “So, hooray, we will now have some water on the property.

“Actually the progress is reasonably good. We think the timeline is in order. We were really concerned there, as you know, for a good period of time.” Reports also say that he’s going down there in the spring to view the course so we’ll see how he reacts. Maybe the course designers are lying just to tell him that “Yup! All is good sir!”. Time is ticking as well for the construction of the course as originally, the course was supposed to be completed in 2014 to give the designers two extra years to fix any minor issues they may see but the course will most likely be finished in 2015 due to the delay of construction. So, what will we see from this course? What will the final design be? Is it in a dangerous location? Only time will tell but let’s hope everything goes well and that we’ll be able to see some great golf in the 2016 Olympic games. Let me know in the comments what you think about the course, its location, or anything you want!

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Here’s a Look at the Potential Golf Teams for the 2016 Olympics, Some Picks may be Surprising, Who’s on Team USA?

Beautiful Rio De Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympic games which will feature golf for the first time in....FOREVER!

Beautiful Rio De Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympic games which will feature golf for the first time in….FOREVER!

With the 2016 Olympic games featuring golf for the first time in over 100 years, I thought it was only fitting to take a look at what the teams would look like if the events began as of Saturday. There are some interesting players on the rosters, no doubt about it. There may also be some picks that you may be surprised about as well. Having golf in the Olympics again is going to be so fun and will be a big breath of fresh air in the games. This gives players the chance of accomplishing something that they thought would never have a chance to capture and that is a gold medal. Golf in the Olympics is also a very shiny, bright red cherry on top of the cake that includes the Ryder Cup. So, which players would be on the U.S. squad? On that note, here’s the rosters for each country for both men and women courtesy of the fine people at


So, there you have it. What do you think? I know it’s really early but with so many talents today, it would really be interesting seeing them play in the Olympics if it started today. Hey you never know, maybe these rosters will be nearly accurate come the time of the Olympics. One thing’s for sure and that if these were the rosters then it would be a pretty hot Olympics. I however won’t be surprised if the roster is even hotter and stronger come 2016 with so many tremendous young talents coming out of high school and college now. So, who do you think should have or shouldn’t have been featured on these rosters? Let me know in the comments!

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