Bubba Watson Wins 2014 Masters For His Second Green Jacket


Bubba Watson won his second Masters in three years by defeating Jordan Spieth by two strokes. It was an amazing battle between Bubba Watson and Jordan Spieth through the first 12 holes but Bubba Watson with his incredible power off the tee on the 13th hole led him to a birdie while Jordan had to save par. That’s when the momentum went Bubba’s way. Jonas Blixt and Matt Kuchar put up an impressive fight to try to catch the two red-hot golfers but it the end, it was Bubba Watson winning his second Masters in just three years. Bubba had an unbelievable 10 one putts and that really helped him prevail as he had so so day on the putting greens on Saturday.

Bubba is now tied with Arnold Palmer for least attempts at The Masters to win his second time at six appearances and two wins. Despite Jordan’s red-hot start and despite Jonas and Matt’s impressive outings, Bubba who was hanging in there with Jordan who had a two shot lead at the time and eventually caught up to him with some key second shots and putts. Bubba was also very impressive off the tee hitting several fairways and Jordan was hitting incredible recovery shot after incredible recovery shot. Probably one of the best displays of escape in Masters history by the 20-year-old.

So, Bubba Watson wins his second green jacket in three years and that’s simply incredible. Who would have thought Bubba would come in and win another green jacket? It’s amazing what Bubba can do in this sport. No fear, takes gambles, and executes them very well. With his second Masters win, Bubba becomes only the 17th player in golf history to win The Masters twice.

So, what a battle between Bubba Watson and Jordan Spieth, a battle for the ages. What an effort by Jordan. Absolutely phenomenal playing. There’s no doubt he’ll win majors with that incredible skill. Some of the recovery shots were mind-boggling and he was dead on off the tee. So, a great effort by Jordan Spieth, Matt Kuchar, and Jonas Blixt and it was Bubba who came out on top.

Bubba Watson is your 2014 Masters champion!

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Will This be One of the Greatest Masters Finishes of All-Time?

Kuchy Kuchy Koo!

Kuchy Kuchy Koo!

This year’s Masters has been nothing short of amazing. I don;t think I’ve ever seen a Masters with so many different things to talk about. Some of the best players in the world such as Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson and Jason Dufner all missed the cut and Rory Mcilroy barely made it himself. You got two guys in their 50’s playing terrific golf in Freddie Couples and Miguel Angel Jimenez. You had the defending champion Adam Scott who had the lead one point in time and the 2012 champion Bubba Watson now shares the lead with a 20-year-old in Jordan spieth who’s trying to become the youngest Masters champion in history.

Now, if that all doesn’t excite you then I don’t know what will. For anyone saying that The Masters suck this year because Tiger isn’t playing is out of their minds. This Masters leaderboard is so tight that it’s anyone’s tournament as to where the last couple of years were more predictable yet were still exciting. What if Tiger sucked? Would it still be exciting then? I don’t think so. If you’re someone who thinks that if Tiger or Phil playing on Sunday will make The Masters more fun, then they better be playing their best golf because otherwise it’s boring to watch them play.

What we’ve seen were some amazing shots and rapid changes on the leaderboard in these first three days. There were so many near hole outs, it was ridiculous and Matt Kuchar hit a very impressive pitch shot on the 15th hole AKA “Firethorn”. There were some incredible tee shots from Bubba Watson despite having a slow day. Almost every tee shot he hit nailed the fairway and went a really long way. Heck, despite having the worst round of the day, Bubba still remains the co-leader along with Jordan.

It’s ANYBODY’s golf tournament as the leaderboard is tighter than that shirt you’re probably wearing right now. However, if I had to pick one person to win and rock the Green Jacket this year, I’d give it to Matt Kuchar. Because Matt is getting it together and is started to understand the course more and more. What makes Matt extremely dangerous is his ability to recover from bunkers and bad second shots as we saw on the 15th on Saturday as he nailed that awesome pitch shot. It’s still anybody’s Green Jacket but I think Kuch has the slight advantage over everyone at this point. He doesn’t destroy you with power off the tee or laser like accuracy, he gets you in many other ways and it’s why he’s one of the best players in the world.

So, get ready for one of the best finishes in Masters history my friends!

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Phil Mickelson Misses Cut at Masters for First Time Since 1997

The Masters - Round One

For only the second time in his storied career, Phil Mickelson has missed the cut at The Masters. He finished the second round 5 over par for the round. He’s been one of the best players in Masters history winning the tournament three times while making the cut an impressive 17 times. He won it the tournament in 2004, 2006 and 2010 when he hit one of the greatest shots in golf history on the famous 13th hole at Amen Corner. So what does this mean for Phil? It’s the one major he’s had a tremendous amount of success at and he misses the cut. He even hit a bunker from another bunker twice on hole 12. It seems like a lot of players are having a hard time at The Masters this year however as there are only a little over 10 players under par.

When asked if he would watch the rest of the tournament this weekend he said: “Probably, yeah. It’s an exciting tournament, I probably will. It (would) kind of be my punishment.” Mickelson said according to Bob Harig of ESPN.com.

Throughout his career, some of his most decorated victories and shots came at The Masters so missing the cut is like missing a Masters icon. In honesty though, this makes The Masters very interesting this weekend as Jordan Speith (Age 20) tries to become the youngest Masters champion in history while Fred Couple tries to become the oldest at 54. Also, Bubba Watson who’s been making a mockery of Augusta National with his tremendous play looks to win his second Masters in just three years. John senden has been playing great as well and defending champion Adam Scott is in contention to try to win back-to-back Green Jackets while Rory Mcilroy BARELY made the cut and is still alive for the weekend. This in my opinion will be one of the best Masters finishes in history. So many players have a shot to win this and it’s all going down this weekend.

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Phil Mickelson Hits a Shot From One Bunker to the Other Twice


During the second round of The Masters, Phil Mickelson, who has had a miserable tournament thus far and is in danger of missing the cut for the first time in 17 years. The golfing legend did something on the 12 hole which is Augusta National’s most famous hole that isn’t something Phil normally does.

He hit his tee shot in the bunker and he hit that bunker shot and that shot went into the other bunker. Can you guess what’s next? Yup, he hit from that bunker into the other bunker again.

Here’s the link to the video courtesy of Masters.com: http://www.masters.com/en_US/news/sharing/media/R2_1810_12.html

I understand hole 12 is one of the toughest holes in golf with that those winds that are there at Amen Corner but my goodness that’s a tough break for one of the greatest golfers we’ve seen. We’ll see if he makes the cut or not but it’s not looking good.

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Bubba Watson Sinks Incredible Putt at The Masters, Can he Keep the Flame Burning?

In a State that’s usually hot, Bubba Watson’s been making it rain from everywhere. He’s been hitting great shots, nailing putts and things are starting to look like 2012 again for Bubba who won the Green Jacket that year. He sank an amazing putt that had a massive curve to it and it ended up rolling into the cup. He was nearly right off the fringe on a green that had a ton of slope to it. Please enjoy this awesome gif courtesy of SB Nation!


For the heck of it, let’s view this next gif and see how happy Bubba is about his performance! How does it feel Mr.Watson?


What’s that? Tasty irons you say? Well that’s as happy as can be!

So is Bubba going to keep that fire going? At The Masters, ANYTHING is possible!

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Palmer, Nicklaus, Player Tee it Up Again to Open The Masters

OK, I know I might be a tad bit late for this but this is just so awesome. Every year, the likes of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player all tee it up to open one of the greatest sporting events in the world at The Masters. These gifs show off the still amazing swings of these great legends and their dedication to an amazing golf course. Please be careful and don’t get blinded by all of the greatness!


King Arnie

Jack "The Golden Bear"

Jack “The Golden Bear”

"The Black Knight" Gary Player

“The Black Knight” Gary Player

Pretty cool huh? What was one of the really awesome things about these gifs is that you can see a nice yellow sunrise in the background shining on these legends almost looking like a sunset. It’s shining as if to say that these guys are the greatest to play the game, the legends and pioneers of The Masters. Legends of The Masters such as Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Lee Elder, Billy Casper and of course the “masterful” creator of The Masters, Bobby Jones all left their marks on Augusta National and The Masters tournament and Palmer, Nicklaus and Player became kings there. Now go wash your eyes out and clean out all of that greatness! Rub the greatness on your arm or something as a souvenir.

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PHOTO: Caroline Wozniacki Rocks Matching Hair and Shoes While Caddying for Rory Mcilroy

The Masters is here and the Par-3 contest has completed. Many golfers were out playing with their wives and girlfriends as well as bringing their children out for a fun day at Augusta. Rory Mcilroy of course brought girlfriend and tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki as his caddy and she quite the matching look. She was rocking what looks to be redish-pinkish shoes while also doing the same with her hair and you know what, it looks pretty good on her.


As always, leave your thoughts in the comments!

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8 Reasons Why Augusta National is the Greatest Venue in All of Sports

A painting of the gorgeous and iconic 12th hole at Augusta National Golf Club

A painting of the gorgeous and iconic 12th hole at Augusta National Golf Club

With The Masters this week, its time for golf’s greatest tradition. What makes The Masters so amazing is the golf course and that course is none other than the world-famous Augusta National Golf Club. The place is unlike any other place in sports and in my opinion, it’s the greatest venue in all of sports and here are some reasons why.

1: The Atmosphere – What makes Augusta so amazing is the looks of it. So many people dream of going to The Masters to experience Augusta and all of it’s beauty. Jay Coffin of Golf Channel once told during an interview on my radio show that it’s like going to Disney World. He’s right but it might even be better. The flowers and tall trees make our jaws drop as if we’re in some kind of fantasy dream. Augusta National used to be home to a nursery which why there were so many beautiful flowers and the flowery tradition still goes strong today. Even the road that goes up to the clubhouse is a treat as Magnolia Lane as been an Augusta National icon for decades and was created many years before the course was built when it was still a nursery.

2: The Rich History – Although Augusta National came on the golf scene a little later than legendary courses like Pebble Beach and Pine Valley, the history still runs so deep as if it’s been around before those courses with Augusta being built 21 years after Pine Valley (Established in 1913) and 15 years after Pebble (Established in 1919). What’s help made the history so rich is how the course stood out from the others and how it hosted what now is one of the biggest sporting events in the world which is The Masters. The legendary Green Jacket ceremony as well as all of the great players that have played and won there also contributes to this history. Bobby Jones and Dr. Allister McKenzie stepped on the former nursery and decided to make a golf course, the rest is history.

3: The Location – Georgia is one of the most legendary states in the country with a rich history. It was only fitting to have a course with beautiful tall trees and flowers in a location with usually warm weather. Having the course and the tournament in Augusta, Georgia has really helped put the historic town on the map.

4: The Weather – I know it’s Georgia but all states have their bad days with weather. For some reason, when The Masters comes around, the weather is always perfect or nearly perfect. Even when it’s a cloudy day, the course looks gorgeous. It seems like it has some kind of magic to it with the way the weather is at Augusta National. It’s always a perfect day at The Masters.

5: The Crowd – I believe that the crowd at The Masters is one of the most under rated crowds in sports. Every incredible play and every dramatic putt will get that crowd roaring like dinosaurs. If you’re on hole 9 and someone hits an amazing shot on 10, then you better believe you’ll hear them roar in the distance and on Sunday, it’s one of the loudest venues in all of sports.

6: Amen Corner – Amen Corner is arguably the best group of holes in golf. It features the 11th, 12th, and 13th holes. The name “Amen Corner” was created by legendary golf writer Herbert Warren Wind and has since become famous all around the world. These three magnificent holes have drawn as much and maybe even more attention then the course itself and has inspired many with their artistic beauty and continue to amaze us. Back in the 1934, holes 11, 12 and 13 were holes 2, 3 and 4.

7: Hole 12 or “Golden Bell” – Hole 12 as I mentioned is part of Amen Corner but it’s probably by far the most famous hole on the course. It’s also widely regarded as the best par-3 hole in the world with some considering TPC Sawgrass’ world famous 17th hole or Pine Valley’s 3rd hole as the best. Although the holes mentioned are gorgeous and challenging, the look and challenge of the 12th at Augusta is unreal. The way the tall beautiful trees and flowers are tucked in the corner with Hogan’s Bridge and Rae’s Creek showing themselves in the image as well. It’s the only famous hole where hitting a shot in the bunker is OK because otherwise it’s going in Rae’s Creek. Just an unbelievable hole.

8: The Masters – Well, this one is as obvious as a pool full of water. The Masters has matched perfectly with Augusta National to create one of the finest sporting events in the world. All the great fans, players, caddies, employees, writers and broadcasters that left their marks on the hollowed grounds during The Masters and has been a dream for a lot of people for years to attend the tournament. The Green Jacket ceremony i one of the best traditions in sports and despite some people saying that the jackets look ugly, I think they look freakin’ great. The Masters has brought people from all over the world to experience this haven on earth of a golf course with its sights, great competition, the great southern style food, the historic clubhouse and now the new practice facility (Built in 2010) is a beautiful addition to this masterpiece of a course. There is absolutely nothing at Augusta National that isn’t iconic and this year’s Masters should be a blast. 11-time National Sportswriter of the Year Rick Reilly named The Masters in 2009 as the best sporting event to attend live.

“Hello friends, and welcome to The Masters.” – Jim Nantz

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Verne Lundquist on if Today’s Golfers are as Good as Tiger’s Field at his Peak: “Oh my gosh, yes!”

Verne at a PGA Championship Ceremony

Verne at a PGA Championship Ceremony

Legendary and well-respected broadcaster Verne Lundquist was on the Boers and Bernstein show on WSCR 670 The Score in Chicago on Monday April 7th and he talked to Dan (Bernstein) and Terry (Boers) about his legendary career as well as the college basketball season and The Masters. When asked if he thinks that today’s field of golfers are as good as Tiger’s field at his peak, Verne responded with “Oh my gosh, yes!”. Verne has done Masters broadcasts for 30 years so that’s a strong statement for someone who’s seen Tiger, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Billy Casper and others play in golf’s extremely rich history.

“These guys don’t fear Tiger”, Verne said.

That’s one statement almost everyone’s said and I agree with everything he said. I definitely think this is one of the toughest fields of golf we’ve seen in a long time. There’s a lot more rockstar’s in the field now than before. Back in Tiger’s peak, who was really popular besides Phil? Now, we have guys like Bubba Watson, Rory Mcilroy, Matt Kuchar, Jordan Speith and other great players who are very popular. Heck, even Adam Scott, who’s been on Tour for years now is playing the best golf of his life.

So this leaves a question. If Tiger was at the peak of his prime right around this era, would he win as many majors? Would he be the dominate figure that we all know today? Would there be as many Tiger Woods bandwagon jumpers today? What would it have been like? I know people who really love Tiger don’t want to hear this but it’s an interesting thing to think about. It’s very possible that he wouldn’t have won 14 majors in this era. Not with all of these talented young players and great veterans in the field. He would win majors, but not 14.

Verne also went on to say that there really isn’t a favorite for The Masters and that ANYBODY can win. That’s how strong the field’s been in the last few years and it really is amazing. It’s not like the past where you had a good feeling as to who was going to win but now the field is wide open. Some even say Bubba could win another one and it wouldn’t shock me with his power and incredible recovery ability giving him the nickname “Master of Escape”. Despite that, the field is still wide open and that’s why this year’s Masters is going to be a blast and that’s why it’s going to be a blast for years to come.

Welcome to The Masters my friends.

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Tiger Woods to Miss Masters for the First Time, Still Believes He Can Break Records


Is it too late to cancel Masters picks? Tiger Woods will miss the Masters for the first time in his unbelievable career and the Masters has been a landmark tournament for Woods as it was where he won his first major back in 1997. According to Yahoo Sports, Tiger underwent a microdiscectomy for a pinched nerve on Monday. Woods said that the microdiscectomy was successful but will take a few weeks to fully recover making a Masters appearance out of the question.

“After attempting to get ready for the Masters, and failing to make the necessary progress, I decided, in consultation with my doctors, to have this procedure done,” Woods said according to Yahoo Sports.

“It also looks like I’ll be forced to miss several upcoming tournaments to focus on my rehabilitation and getting healthy … this is frustrating, but it’s something my doctors advised me to do for my immediate and long-term health.”

it seems like we’ve seen players drop like flies lately. First, Tiger, then Jason Day, then Bubba Watson and then Phil. What’s going on this year? Will anyone else withdraw from the Masters? He’s had some of his best finishes at the Masters and Augusta is one of his favorite courses in the world (Well, who wouldn’t think that?) so this is quite a blow for the sport and for Tiger. However, there’s a lot of positives as well. Although, you hope that the man is okay, this gives us a chance to view the Masters and a whole other level, introducing us to possible surprises and the spotlight won’t be all over Tiger. Again, I hope he gets well but at the same time this gives other players a chance to shine on arguably golf’s biggest stage with only the Ryder Cup possibly being more prestigious. I think it makes things more interesting now. Below is another quote from Tiger that may shock you.

“There are a couple [of] records by two outstanding individuals and players that I hope one day to break. As I’ve said many times, Sam and Jack reached their milestones over an entire career. I plan to have a lot of years left in mine.” Woods said according to Yahoo Sports.

Obviously he’s talking about Sam Snead’s all-time career wins mark and Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major championships.

He’ll surpass Slammin Sammy Snead’s record easily but I feel at this point that there’s almost no way he’ll break Jack’s record. he needs four majors to tie and five to break it. It’s anything but impossible at this point. I mean, people are wondering if he’ll ever win another major period so how would he get five? I feel that he’ll at least have a shot at winning another major before his career’s over but not five. When you can’t play in a tournament that you’ve played in every year, you know that’s not a good sign. He’ll win tournaments, absolutely will maybe even a major but I can’t see him breaking that record. Tiger’s last major title was at the 2008 U.S. Open at another course he loves dearly in Torrey Pines where he and Rocco Mediate put on a show for the ages and is widely regarded as one of the greatest performances in golf history the way they were battling.

Phil Mickelson might not make the Masters either however according to Yahoo Sports. What the heck is going on out there?! Tiger, Phil, who’s next?!

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