Video: Bubba Watson Sinks Amazing Mini Golf Putt

Bubba Watson isn’t afraid to attempt interesting things when he’s not hitting an incredible recovery shot out of the rough (Or yelling at his caddie). The fourth ranked golfer in the world and 2-time Masters champion went to the putt putt course again to hit another amazing ace.


Check out this sweet putt from the “Master of Escape” as Jim Nantz calls him:



And this isn’t the first time he’s hit a crazy shot on a putt putt course, below is the first video he put out where he hit a shot backwards and nailed it!




The backwards one was still better for the most part but the latest one was pretty freakin’ impressive too! Hate the man or love the man, he definitely makes golf fun!

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Bubba Watson Sinks Incredible Putt at The Masters, Can he Keep the Flame Burning?

In a State that’s usually hot, Bubba Watson’s been making it rain from everywhere. He’s been hitting great shots, nailing putts and things are starting to look like 2012 again for Bubba who won the Green Jacket that year. He sank an amazing putt that had a massive curve to it and it ended up rolling into the cup. He was nearly right off the fringe on a green that had a ton of slope to it. Please enjoy this awesome gif courtesy of SB Nation!


For the heck of it, let’s view this next gif and see how happy Bubba is about his performance! How does it feel Mr.Watson?


What’s that? Tasty irons you say? Well that’s as happy as can be!

So is Bubba going to keep that fire going? At The Masters, ANYTHING is possible!

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WATCH: Rickie Fowler Performs a Sweet Backlfip Off of Bubba Watson’s Deck


The video speaks for itself but Rickie Fowler showcased that he can do more than hit golf balls. Apparently he can do all of kinds of flippity flippy flips. Or well at least one. A backflip off of 2012 Masters champion and a close friend of Rickie’s, Bubba Watson’s deck. Of course Bubba gave Rickie a “you’re welcome!” at the end. Enjoy the video courtesy of SB Nation!

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