WATCH: Girl busts her face swinging golf club at driving range

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Golf is hard as you may already know. One unfortunate chick felt the wrath of the sport first hand when trying to hit a golf ball at the range.

She takes her swing, and the ball bounces back and pops her in the face. Looks like she was fine after it occurred but certainly, moments like that have to be totally embarrassing.

To relate, I’ve almost done something similar some years ago, where I almost hit the board that separates the range mats. Luckily, I didn’t, but I was pretty close, and if it did, who knows what the consequence would’ve been.

She just had a little bad luck is all. Hopefully, it doesn’t stop from teeing it up again. Get it, girl!

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WATCH: This may be one of the most dangerous trick shots you’ll see

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Trick shots have continued to show the versatility of the sport of golf. However, this one is cringe-worthy, as a man had a very tight window of opportunity for this particular shot.


On this episode of wild trick shots, this one, in particular, was more of a regular shot than a trick shot but it was dangerous. The dude is trying to hit a golf ball from his crib to the outside, by trying to hit in between the wall and the sliding door which is cracked open.

That’s the thing; the sliding door is barely open, so he has to be deadeye accurate if he doesn’t want to break the window. Not to mention that he’s pretty close to the door, so if it does break, the debris can possibly hit him. Remember, we’re talking about a blast from a golf club to a golf ball, so that ball’s velocity will be very high right off the club face.

No doubt that there was a sigh of relief from the dude after the move was pulled off. However, I highly recommend that you don’t try this at your crib because, well, common sense.

Staying outside is your best bet if you’re doing trick shots. If you are attempting inside, then try a putting trick, or use a super soft, cushy ball that says “squeeze me” on it.

You’re welcome.

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REVIEW: OnCore Elixr Golf Balls are quickly becoming elite

Image courtesy of The Elixr golf balls made the prestigious Golf Digest Hot List.

We expect a lot of our golf balls whether it’s during a practice session or on the course, we always want to try and play our best even though we might suck. Having tried the OnCore Elixr golf balls, I can tell you that these are instantly one of the best all-around balls in the sport today.

What I mean is that it is solid in all areas of play, whether it be power, or around the greens. I was especially impressed with how the ball reacted on short game shots.

The unique weighting of the ball allows it to roll beautifully on the green after hitting a chip or pitch shot. Judge your power correctly and more than likely, you’ll leave yourself with a short putt.

The feel off the clubface is one of the most unique that you’ll feel. It’s not soft but not hard either, it feels very light off the clubface and that’s a good thing.

I say that because, sometimes we’ll over think a shot, and focus so heavily on squaring that clubface perfectly at impact. The unique feel of the Elixr may give you a little boost of confidence and comfort as the ball makes you not have to worry about it.

Your goal is to focus on the swing and let the ball go to work. That’s a reason why the Elixr is such a fun ball to use. It kind of changes the way you think about golf balls.

It’s an excellent ball for putting as well. The Elixr’s rolling doesn’t require you to put as much impact on the follow-through of your stroke.

The alignment tool on the ball is one of the very best out there. It’s big and bold and does a good job of helping you line up those tricky putts.

Although the ball is more noted for its power and touch around the greens, the feel off the putter face is phenomenal. As great as it is on chips and pitches, it’s just as great on the greens when putting.

Overall, the OnCore Elixr is one of the most versatile golf balls in the game today. It was a treat to test out and there’s no doubt that many other golfers will appreciate it, as it rises up the ranks of the elite.

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The Links at Terranea may be the Pebble Beach of par-3 golf courses


The third hole at The Links at Terranea. Image courtesy of


Par-3 courses are amazing, as they are a showcasing of the best holes in golf; par-3s. One course that is easily one of the world’s best short courses is The Links at Terranea.

Designed by Todd Eckenrode in 2009, this par-3 gem is epic with water surrounding the entire course. It features some great bunker placement, making for a fun test as the sound of the ocean echoes in the background.

Right off the bat, The Links at Terranea starts off with a 123 yarder with bunkers in multiple directions, including two to the left of the green and one on the right side, connected to the green. Luckily, the putting surface is one of the biggest on the course, so you’ll be rewarded for executing a well-hit tee shot.

From the first, you head to the shortest hole on the course, a fun 104 yarder with bunkers around the green, most notably, a small sand trap that sits right in front of the green. To put it simply, this hole is about power control. Hit it too far, and you’ll meet a sandy demise behind the green, hit it too short, and the offspring of the back bunkers will bite you.

It’s one of the most fun holes on the course, and its uniquely short length adds to the intrigue. Eckenrode gets in your head on the third hole, as you go from the shortest to the second longest hole on the course.

The third hole, known as “Captain’s Bluff” is arguably the most beautiful hole on the course (although it’s insanely hard not to pick all holes as “most beautiful”), with a breathtaking view of the ocean behind the green. Although there are ocean views on nearly every hole, the third may be the closest to the edge of the cliff.

As mentioned, it’s a long hole at 172 yards so be ready to pull out your long iron to tackle this boss battle (like in video games) combo of beauty and beast. Although there is a big bunker to the left, your biggest threat are the two traps that await to the right of the green so the key is to keep your shot left.

Similar to the first hole, the golf gods will bless you for your solid tee shot, as the green is fairly big in size. Sink your putt, and we move on to the fourth hole bunkers surround the green.

However, overhitting your tee shot wouldn’t be such a bad thing, as you’d end up in the rough rather than a pesky bunker. The putting surface seems friendly too, so if you can nail it, you’ll have a g0od shot at birdie, otherwise, get ready to build some sand castles.

The fifth may be the most exciting hole on the course, being slightly elevated on the tee and aiming downwards to the green. It’s also the second shortest hole on the course at 115 yards.

With not much hazardous trouble to worry about, this hole is all about picking the right club. Similar to the legendary seventh hole at Pebble Beach, it’s important that you don’t find your ball ballooning in the breeze. The only difference is that the seventh at Pebble is much more elevated than five at Terranea.

Have fun with this hole, as you enjoy yet another great ocean view.

The sixth hole features some bunkering but they aren’t in play as much as you think. Once you hit the green, however, it’s about reading the slopes well, as this may be the trickiest green on the course.

Two putting is not a bad thing here, and if you’re a good lag putter, then more power to you. The sixth is all about putting on your best Ben Crenshaw, Brad Faxon or Jordan Spieth shades when putting on the green.

Just like the sixth, the seventh is about testing your putting skills. A well placed tee shot is essential as well due to the sloping of the green, however, just reaching the green is fine. If your putting is hot, then this could be a solid birdie opportunity.

You complete your round with two terrific finishing holes, starting with the eighth, the longest one shotter on the course at 173 yards. Depending on wind direction, you may need to club up. If you aim towards the right side of the green, you may have a good look at birdie, however, you’d have to carry the bunker that blocks that side.

Aiming left may be the safest option off the tee, but if you miss, a bunker will have a grave ready for your ball. If you feel you can carry the bunker on the right, however, then go for it.


The dramatic ninth hole at The Links. Image courtesy of

We hit the road on the dramatic ninth hole known as “Whale Road” which features both tree and ocean views alike, making for a great, naturistic finish. The design is pretty straightforward with a couple of bunkers to the left and right of the green. The key here is to be accurate, and although that sounds like a cliche, it’s essential on this hole.

In short, the ninth is will test your accuracy as good as any hole on any par-3 course in the world. This, while challenging you with the beauty that stares you in the face.

Hit it straight, get your birdie or par, and you’ll complete a round on one of the greatest par-3 courses in the world. If you’re a fan of short golf courses such as myself, The Links at Terranea is simply a gem on the west coast.

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Courses: Mackenzie putting course, a unique design

Image courtesy of


Golf is the best sport in the world (in case you didn’t know that by now) but sometimes it can very time consuming, especially in today’s fast-paced world. That’s where putting courses come in, and the new MacKenzie Course at Haggin Oaks is quickly becoming one of the world’s best.

Much like par-3 courses, putting courses are a great way to enjoy the sport we love in less the time and at half the price. The MacKenzie Course was designed by David Schy and has a unique characteristic compared to other putting tracks.

Among these is the fact that there are bunkers on each hole. Yup, that’s right, so if you thought you were safe from the sand of death because you’re putting, then think again.

Mishit your “tee putts” and the offspring of the big bunkers will gobble up your ball so take care. Most putting courses rely on the slopes as hazards which is why they’re so cool, but the MacKenzie course’s bunkers help keep it totally unique.

It replicates a full golf course with fairways, water hazards the aforementioned bunkers and of course, the green. Some of the sand traps are well placed, forcing you to maneuver your way around each hole as you attempt to turn your putter into a magic wand.

A couple of holes force you go between two bunkers. So, in this case, you will have to be deadeye accurate.

A putting design like the MacKenzie is fantastic for the game. They show off the sport’s versatility and compliment driving ranges and par-3 courses beautifully.

These three elements (par-3 course, driving range, putting course) all complete the trifecta of convenient and affordable golf. Can’t forget about the full-blown nine-holers either.

The MacKenzie course will stand as one of the world’s best putting tracks. There are already quite a few at world famous golf courses (St. Andrews, Bandon Dunes, and Pinehurst among others).

There’s also a terrific course at the USGA Museum where you can use a hickory putter to tackle the putting design. You can add the MacKenzie course to join all of these great little wonders.

If you live in Sacramento, have your putter ready, and get ready to take on a putting course, in the shadow of Dr. Alister MacKenzie.

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WATCH: Justin Thomas hits massive 461-yard drive at CJ Cup

Does anything Justin Thomas does surprise you anymore? Well, the major champion just added another title to his resume after winning the CJ Cup @ Nine Bridges, but it was what he did on Saturday that raised some eyebrows.

On the par-5 12th at Nine Bridges Golf Club, Thomas blasted a drive 461 yards. However, the ball landed on the cart path which is why it went so far.

Nonetheless, his power helped the ball get that extra push, as the ball looked as if it were going to roll forever before finally stopping. Sure, the ball bounced off the cart path, but if it wasn’t hit as hard, it likely wouldn’t roll on the fairway the way it did.

Thomas once again proved why he’s arguably the best all-around player in the game right now. Despite his solid ball-striking and clutch putting, we can always recognize JT for his brute power, and it was on display once again as he captured yet another PGA Tour title.

Yeah, he’s pretty good, don’t you think?

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Courses: A look into The Glen Club, one of America’s best layouts

Image and any other image that follows is courtesy of


The state of Illinois is one of the greatest golfing destinations in the world. Sure, that might be me being slightly biased since I live here, but it’s true. A perfect blend of great private and public courses, Illinois isn’t short of greatness, and The Glen Club is an example of that greatness.

The Glen Club is a track in Glenview, Illinois and is always highly ranked as one of the best public courses in America. With an interesting layout designed by Tom Fazio, and glimpses of the Chicago skyline in the background, it makes for an epic round.

At over 7,000 yards, The Glen Club is a course that will test every club in the bag. What will strike you immediately about the design, is that there are enough bunkers to catch errant tee and approach shots but it’s not overdone.

This helps eliminate the intimidation factor while also presenting a fun challenge for club-wielding warriors. The routing is interesting as you start with a nice blend of holes. Your round starts with a par-5 followed by two par-4s, a par-3 and another par-5.

The par-3 fourth hole is the beginning of the one of the best collection of par-3s in the state of Illinois. One of the many pretty holes on the course, the fourth has medium sized green and two bunkers waiting to catch your tee shot if you arent’ careful. Enjoy the view as you place your ball on the elevated tee.

Snap a pic. One of the most picturesque holes on the course, the par-3 fourth.


The most fun courses present unique challenges and changes throughout a round. The Glen Club’s front nine does a great job of keeping things exciting.

Speaking of fun, the ninth, tenth and eleventh holes are about as good as you can get and it’s all about accuracy. The ninth hole is a par-3 with a large green to aim for but you have to watch out for the pesky bunker that’s relaxing in front of it.

The tenth is the shortest par-4 on the course at 333 yards from the back tees. Short par-4’s are among the most exciting holes in golf, as they make you think heavily about your tee shot.

Are you going to try and hit a mammoth tee shot that’ll leave you with a short iron to the green? Or will you go with a 3-wood off the tee and leave yourself with a mid-iron second shot? That’s the fun that short par-4s present at the tenth at The Glen Club is plenty fun, with a bunker hiding on the fairway and two small ones around the green.

Arguably the toughest hole on the course, the par-3 11th is an epic way to continue your back nine adventure. You are forced to hit over some water if you want a good crack at birdie.

However, you can aim for the short fairway, and pitch yourself onto the green as well, but you’d have to hope that the pitch ends up near the pin. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a bogey. But, aiming for the flag from the jump is much more rewarding if you execute well.


The beautiful but challenging par-3 11th


One of the most fascinating holes is the par-3 17th, which rounds out The Glen Club’s rich collection of short holes. The 17th is almost a clone of the 11th, so in a way, it’s like getting a second date with destiny.

It’s shorter than the 11th and also only has one bunker so it’s less intimidating. However, you have no room to the right off the tee, so you can’t play it safe so it’s “spray and pray” in hopes that your ball finds green and not blue.

The 18th hole, a par-5, is one of the best finishing holes in the state, and being designed by a legend like Fazio, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. The most exciting hole on the course, you’ll have an opportunity to flex your muscles off the tee, and if executed to perfection, you’ll have a shot to reach the green in two.

However, you’ll have to be cautious of the pond on the right and the bunkers that are near and around the green on the left. If you’re accurate, you’ll have an excellent chance at birdie, and you’ll finish your round at one of the country’s best public courses with a smile on your face.

So there you have it! A little look at The Glen Club, a Chicago golfing gem that continues to be appreciated by many golf enthusiasts who live here, and those who visit. The fact that’s a public track makes it that much sweeter of a golfing destination.

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LOOK: This may be the most beautiful golf hole in the world

This image and all other images that follow are courtesy of


What makes golf so awesome is where it takes us. It takes us to places we’d otherwise wouldn’t even dream of. I’d like to present to you, the “Cliffhanger” sixth hole at Greywolf Golf Course in Canada, the most beautiful hole in the world.


There’s a ton of gorgeous holes in golf from the 12th at Augusta and the seventh at Pebble, to the ninth at Turnberry and the 14th at Pine Valley, there is an insane level of gorgeous in this sport. But, the par-3 sixth at Greywolf designed by Doug Carrick may take the cake as the most magical place to hit a tee shot.


It’s unique in that, you must carry your shot over the forest to land on the green. This is while the tee box and green are perched high above giving you incredible views of the mountains and forest.




This hole incorporates the wilderness into your game so much, that it feels like you’re either, playing a round of golf in a dream, or you’re on a golfing adventure of a lifetime. This may sound like I’m going over the top, but in terms of pure beauty, it’s hard to top this hole.


On top of that, it’s an excellent, dramatic hole design. You feel like you’re about to duel with the designer, Carrick who easily created one of the greatest par-3’s in the world.


It’s more than just a hole that’s easy on the eyes, it’s a design that requires the right strategy. Not only do you have to carry the small portion of the forest, but you have to make sure the ball doesn’t balloon over the medium-sized green. Oh, and there are two sneaky bunkers chilling out in front the green so take care.


All in all, golf course design is a form of art, which is why it’s so easy for us to cling to it. The Greywolf Golf Club is one of the most breathtaking and well-designed courses in the world, and it may just feature the world’s most beautiful golf hole at number six. Oh, one last thing; Greywolf is a public golf course, so anyone can tackle this amazing track and its awesome par-3 sixth.


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WATCH: Tiger Woods swings driver, shows progress

The Tiger Woods recovery watch is in “full swing” and he is showing it with another clip of him working on his game. This time, he pulled out the big stick, hitting driver in what looks like a promising start to a return.

The interesting thing is that it seems like his backswing is a little bit shorter than usual. Maybe it’s just me since we haven’t seen Woods play in a while, let alone see him hit driver.

This video is his most important yet, and that’s because the driver is arguably the toughest club to hit in the bag. On top of that, power is arguably his best skill. So for him to be out there hitting the big stick is a good look for Tiger fans.

If he keeps doing what he’s doing then it wouldn’t shock me if he was ready to go by the time The Masters starts in April. It’s clear that he can swing, but can he hit putts?

I’m sure this is something he will show in another video. Since he’s had a slew of clips, there’s no doubt one for putting may be next.

It is putting that is the game changer in golf. Being able to hit big putts late in rounds is huge, and Woods is one of cluthest putters of all-time.

Obviously, putting is extremely unpredictable, because each course presents different challenges on the greens. That’s just the beauty of golf course design.

Overall though, it’s been interesting seeing Woods’ Twitter clips, as it’s giving us a quick look at how he’s progressing. As the PGA Tour season starts to heat up again in January, it’ll be interesting to see where he’s at. Who knows, maybe a surprise return is in the works.

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Horse Course at The Prairie Club is one of golf’s best short tracks

Image courtesy of

The Prairie Club has become one of the very best public golf courses in the country. Located in Nebraska, it has joined legendary courses such as Sand Hills and Wild Horse as tops in the state.

One of coolest things about TPC is that it features an awesome short course called “The Horse Course”. The 10-hole par-3 track was designed by Gil Hanse and Geoff Shackelford and has been an instant hit since it opened.

The fascinating thing about the course is that there are no tee boxes. This is because you can play the game of “H-O-R-S-E” hence the name of the course. Without any tee boxes, you and a friend can flip a coin, play rock, paper, scissors, etc to decide where to tee off.

This implements fun into golf in a whole new way. Not only that, being a par-3 course, you get to experience an exciting layout that affordable and less time-consuming.

Even if you’re playing solo, having no tee boxes gives you the chance to tackle each hole from numerous spots. It’s golf without limits so you can tee it up from anywhere and aim for any hole.



The contouring of the greens are outstanding and the bunkers beautifully placed. On top of that, the course can be enjoyed while taking in the lovely classic Nebraska scenery.

What makes The Horse Course a game changer in golf is that it takes the simple principles that make a sport like basketball so beloved, and they are implemented in the course. Basketball and soccer are so wildly popular because they are extremely accessible and affordable to play.

The Horse Course scratches off all of the boxes like most par-3 courses, except you can get ridiculously creative with how you play. It’s a testament to golf’s incredible versatility, and Hanse and Shackelford nailed it with this design.

The Horse Course is not only one of the best short courses in the United States, but one of the best in the world. It’s a course that can have a lasting impact on the sport forever. Grab your irons and wedges, it’s time to play.

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