REVIEW: Vice brings a fresh spin on golf balls

The package I received was the Vice Selected which gives you a sleeve of Drive, Tour, Pro and Pro Plus and is an outstanding price. Neon was separate in case you were wondering.


Vice Golf is a young brand based out in Germany. In its short time, it has already received awards for their golf balls.


So I had the opportunity to give these balls a try. One thing I’ve learned is that the best way to test a golf ball is by hitting some shots around the greens, so that’s what I did.


There are many great golf balls to choose from with Vice. These include Vice Drive, Vice Tour, Vice Neon and the award winning Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus.


I will say neither of these golf balls disappointed. Let me little evaluation of each ball.


Vice DriveOne thing I found out with Drive is that it’s very strong on medium ranged chip shots. One shot I hit went in the hole and another stopped right at the edge!


Also learned that it’s very solid out of taller grass as well and does a good job of stopping on a dime (Well, that’s impossible but close enough!). Drive was a nice ball to use.


Vice TourTour was a terrific short range ball. Time after time, it was landing near the hole, one time rolling in and this was on a slope that curved hard to the right. 


What makes this so important is that it’s so easy to hit a short chip too hard or even too soft. You got to have the right amount of power. 


Tour is your best friend in these situations. Tour is also a great flop shot ball having just the right amount of spin on the landing. 



Vice NeonNeon will definitely stand out amongst the crowd and may definitely win the Vice Golf swag contest with its green color. But Neon is more than just eye candy, it’s also a great golf ball. 


I hit some of my best shots with Neon. It’s has terrific spin, is great on chips and pitch and is a nice ball with the putter. 


I made at least two putts from 25+ feet out. This while on a slope that also broke well right. 


Just an impressive golf ball that’ll also turn heads at the course. 


Vice ProOne of the award winning balls, the Vice Pro lives up to its reputation. An all-around beast of a golf ball. 


You name it. Great spin, great on chips, pitches and flops and is great with the flat stick. Although I didn’t make any long putts with Pro like I did with Neon, I came very close on some long putts that were sloping from left to right. 


I definitely know why it’s an award winner now!


Vice Pro PlusSimilar to the Pro, Pro Plus is also a beast. An all-around machine of a golf ball. 


Pretty much everything I said about Pro, is the same for Pro Plus. Both of these golf balls are two of the best I’ve used in eight years of being a golf enthusiast (Yeah I know, that’s not that long but I’m a young dude, what can I say?!).


With the Pro Plus, I even made a couple of medium ranged putts that I’d normally miss. The ball is also amazing out of the tall grass, much like Drive but maybe even better! 


Without a doubt, Pro and Pro Plus are for sure “Pro” caliber golf balls. They are no joke (Besides the jokes being told when you smoke your buddies around the greens).


So Vice Golf have most certainly proven that they can produce high quality golf balls. I also love the style and approach they have to the game.


If you get yourself a box of their golf balls, you’ll see that it’s not your grandfather’s golf ball boxes. Usually, you may just ignore the boxes but the artistic style of them is unlike any others you’ll see.


Visit their website and you’ll see and feel the unique style that they’re trying to bring. It’s an extremely refreshing approach to golf which as we know can be real dull at times with so many purists not willing to think outside the box.


They also have some “swagtastic” hats available as well including some new, fresh colors such as Wine and Mint. Among others, they also have the unique Scotland hat which has a giant X on it, representing the Scottish flag.


Just an awesome brand with a fresh take on golf. If you’re a swag geek like me and also love golf, you have to check these guys out.


You can visit for more details on their golf balls and hats. Just a great new company that I think you’ll enjoy.


Welcome to the next generation of golf!


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REVIEW: Jumbo Max grips are large and amazing


I’m sure when you clicked on the article, you probably said “WOAH!”. Aren’t these seriously the coolest grips you’ve ever seen?


Thick and gorgeous, the JumboMax grips are more than just something to look at. You know how you squeeze a skinny grip and your hands start to ache after taking some swings?


Well, with the JumboMax Grips, you’ll never have to worry about aching ever again. They’re thick and soft, so you can squeeze the club better.


This helps you generate more power with your swings. You’ll certainly get more distance off the tee.


The grips are in the wrap style and are made out of rubber. The wrap style will help get your hands around the club in proper gripping position while the rubber feel will help make your hands stick to the club with no worry of slippage.


Are your hands small like mine? No problem, because the JumboMax grips feature three different sizes, based on your glove size.

So, if you wear a small sized glove, then you could go with the small size for example. The other two sizes are medium and large so this helps give you a little variety to choose from.


Some of the big names that use JumboMax grips include Bryson DeChambeau, the NCAA champion who uses clubs with the same length and rocks the old school golf cap and Mike Dobyn who won the 2007 Re/MAX Long Drive Championship. Among others, NBA legend Rick Barry who is arguably the greatest free-throw shooter of all-time, also uses JumboMax grips.


JumboMax’s concept was simple, yet brilliant. Think about a tennis racket for example.


When you hold most rackets, they feel pretty good in your hands right? That’s because of how thick and soft they are and they help generate more powerful shots.


Also another good example is an aluminum baseball bat. The grips on some of them are also thicker, although not quite like a tennis racket but pretty similar.


Heck, even a table tennis racket has a thicker grip (Love me some table tennis! Used to play a little in high school)! So, “why not golf” they thought?


And I think it was a brilliant idea. You’re taking a lot of swings out there on the golf course and the driving range so why should your hands ache or have blisters?


Another thing that makes the JumboMax grips so cool is that you probably don’t even need a glove to use them! I’m someone who loves to wear a glove when taking swings but since these grips are so soft and thick, a glove may not be necessary.


These grips also give you the chance to use the famous ten-finger/baseball grip. Since the grips are so thick, why not wrap all your fingers around it and take a whack?


JumboMax also has a couple of stylish putter grips you can get as well. These are are also fairly thick and feel solid.


Overall, the JumboMax grips are game changers. It may take a short time to get used to them since you’ve been using skinny grips for so long.


But, once you do get used to them, you’d be surprise at how much extra power you can generate. Just squeeze and let it rip (Did that sound wrong?)!

I’d recommend finding a place that may let you test them before you buy as it is a transition.

To me personally, these are one of the best grips I’ve ever felt. If you get a chance to test them, then I think you’ll really enjoy these.


Bye bye blisters!


You can check out their grips at where they have starter kits.

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REVIEW: PointFive Golf Balls are great for short golf courses

Golf, as we know, takes a lot of time to play. Most 18 hole rounds go for around five hours and can cost quite a bit of money, depending on the course.

Executive golf courses are smaller tracks that take less time to play. And the Point Five golf ball is a great ball to use for courses like these as well as par-3 courses.

What’s the Point Five ball you ask? It’s a hybrid golf ball which goes mid-distance during flight but still gives you the same feel as a regular golf ball.

What makes this cool is that these golf balls allow you to use any club in the bag on shorter courses, rather than just being stuck using certain clubs.

Since the ball doesn’t go as far, you could pull out a driver on a short hole if you wanted to. You can also shot shape with your wedges if you please.

The Point Five golf balls are awesome.They feel almost like real golf balls and when you hit them, they feel great off the club face.

If you have a itch to tee it up and hit driver but don’t want to play a full size course, then take these beauties and find an executive course near you. A great place to look for these kind of courses are at

These golf balls help you enjoy the full sport of golf without having to deal with the hassle and fatigue of playing full 18 hole courses. So if you were to play a small par-3 course and you wanted to club up, well now you can.

And again, you won’t be disappointed with feel. These are the closest thing to a traditional golf ball and I think you’ll enjoy the feedback.

A three pack comes in a cool triangular package and will tell you what distances certain clubs will hit with these balls. There’s also a helpful sheet that also tells you this information when you order them.

The Point Five golf balls really give you a chance to test your skills, with all clubs in the bag, on some of the most beautiful executive courses around. The beauty of playing with these balls on executive courses is that it’s cheaper, it saves water and again, you get chance to work your clubs like a magician as you normally would on a typical 18 holer (Or at least I think. Are you foot wedging?).

You can check out the Point Five golf balls at their website at and learn the joys of playing short golf courses and playing with these gorgeous golf balls.

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REVIEW: Golf Pride’s CP2 grips are tackiest ones yet

Golf Pride is one of the most powerful brands in the sport of golf. How does a brand get so critcally acclaimed?

By releasing some of the most high quality grips out there. Golf Pride’s CP2 Performance Grips are no different.

These grips are wonderful and they go great with all of the clubs in the bag. The first thing you’ll notice about the CP2’s is their style.

The popular, wrap style with beautiful black and blue as well as black and red designs. The wrap is always great because it’s set up so well for the curling of your fingers as you grip, getting your hands into a “strapped and ready to go” mode.

The best thing about the CP2’s are how tacky they are. I have never felt a more tackier grip as these things tick to your hands like glue!

You know how sometimes you grip a club, and you hold it so tight because you think it’ll slip out your hands? Well, with the CP2’s you don’t have to worry about that.

You can just get your hands into a comfortable position and that’s the thing that makes these grips so powerful. They also have a thick, softer feel so even if you did squeeze the grip a little harder, it shouldn’t phase you too much.

It feels great on both hands and connects with the glove on your hand beautifully without feeling like you’re not in complete control. Thanks to the softer feel of the CP2’s, you’ll be able to hit more powerful shots off the tee as well as hit more relaxed shots from the fairway with the irons.

Overall, Golf Pride has done it again with the CP2’s and the soft feel really helps boost confidence without the fear of aching hands or the club slipping out your hands.

You can learn more about Golf Pride’s CP2 grips at

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REVIEW: The Golf Club Collector’s Edition

The Golf Club is a video game created by Canadian based developer HB Studios and has been out for almost a year now. You might have heard me talk about The Golf Club before and the story of this game is pretty darn amazing.

HB Studious has worked with gaming juggernaut EA Sports on numerous games in the past such as the legendary Madden NFL and Tiger Woods PGA Tour series’. HB was supposed to be helping EA to create the latest Tiger Woods game but after the release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 which included the original 1934 design of Augusta National in its “Historic Edition”, EA Sports decided to take a year off to start fresh from scratch.

With this hiatus, this gave HB Studios (At the time, only a team of around 10 developers. Not sure if this increased or not) a chance to shine by putting out their own golf game. And they did.

I remember always emailing them long before the game released asking how the progress was going because as a video game geek, I was freakin’ jubilant on this refreshing new golf experience. Finally, they announced a beta in the February of 2014 and I was lucky enough to be part of it.

What was so cool about the game was the course creator which was simply just….the “Course Creator” (Now, the Greg Norman Course Designer) which allowed you create any course you like. It was like literally being an “armchair architect” unless of course you’re playing on a couch or bed then you’d be a couch architect or bed architect.

Instead of sitting and dreaming of a layout you want to create, The Golf Club gives you the chance to really design it.

Ever since that beta, The Golf Club has really blossomed and exploded onto the sports gaming scene. At first there weren’t even 100 created courses and now there are well over 40,000 (Including a couple of them that I made that sucked).

What’s cool is that not all of the courses are typical 18 hole courses. Some are mini golf courses, some are 9-holers, some are par 3 courses and some are just flat-out out of control insane, nuts and fun at the same time.

I had a chance to play the Collector’s Edition on the PS4 which includes the Tropical theme in the Greg Norman Course Designer, dynamic weather and a season mode for your competitive juices. I actually pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition which gave you a golf towel with the logo on it if you reserved it at GameStop.

The game plays very smooth and looks beautiful on the PS4 thanks to the console’s strong technology. The swing is the smoothest I’ve ever seen in a golf game to date and specifically, the flop shot is the most dead on swing in the game in my opinion.

Thanks to the nine different themes in the Greg “GET OFF MY LAWN!” Norman Course Designer, you can build beautiful courses in a short amount of time. The themes include, the Autumn, Links, Alpine, Delta, Tropical, Harvest, Countryside, Boreal and rural themes and HB Studios will continue to add more down the road.

You can create any course you can possibly imagine. I just finished designing a par-3 course on an isolated island called “New Genesis Golf Links” (When you play the game, just search “New Genesis”. The island is based on Ellidaey Island in Iceland)

There are some spectacular replicas of real world courses in the game, created by the community. Some of those replicas include Augusta (Magnolia National in the game), Pine Valley, Whistling Straits, Royal Troon, and HB Studios themselves re-created the Pebble Beach design (Titled Stone Reach Golf Links in the game).

Some replicas even have different versions of it like Magnolia National (Thursday) and Magnolia National (Sunday) so you get to play a unique challenge each time. There are also many great fantasy courses that could well be real courses because how good they are.

The Collector’s Edition also features a “Season Mode” to keep your competitive juices flowing. You start off playing in the “Beginner Season” and eventually work your way up to the “Pro Season”.

You play on HB’s designed courses and earn trophies for your wins. You can view the trophy case to view your hardware.

From the season mode screen, you can also do things like check stats, edit your golfer, etc.

The devs have been outstanding with answering people’s questions and have deserve a medal for their efforts. And no, I’m not being a “Kiss A$$”. I’m just telling you what I’ve seen from these guys and it’s been simply remarkable so if you have questions about the game, I recommend contacting those guys or going on the forum and asking where they reply most of the time.

The Collector’s Edition also features a terrific eBook that comes with the game (You get a code to download the eBook in the box). The short book is titled “Insights from Links to St. Andrews” which gives some cool insights into the history of St. Andrews Golf Links and features some great hole-by-hole analysis of the ancient course.

A fantastic book for armchair architects, aspiring course designers, golfers and golf fans alike.

Overall, with the continuous updates of the game and the deep Greg Norman Course Designer and the rich list of created courses, The Golf Club Collector’s Edition has some solid replay value and the courses keep coming. Just saw an unbelievable course that was shared on the forum for the game. Might have to tee it up on that track yo!

I usually don’t do scores but I will this time since it’s a video game.

Due to replay value thanks to the thousands upon thousands of courses created via the Greg Norman Course Designer, I’m giving this game a 9 out of 10.

You can find out more info about The Golf Club at

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REVIEW: Kick X Golf Ball Company Creates Beautiful Driver

Remember the Kick X golf balls? I’m sure you’ve seen them on TV many, many times thanks to the Golf Channel.

Kick X created some terrific golf balls with a unique alignment tool to help you sink more putts. They also have soft touch around the greens among other things.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. The same guys who made those awesome golf balls have also just created some golf clubs to go along with their signature balls.

Specifically, I want to talk about one of the most important clubs in the bag and that would be the driver. Kick X’s driver however is different from traditional drivers.

It’s incredibly, a combination of a driver, fairway wood and hybrid. They call it the Blast DriveWay and it’s a Fairway-Driver Hybrid (Say that three times fast) and I’ll tell you right off the bat (Or in this case, right off the club face) that it’s a really good club.

First thing you’ll notice right away when you look at the club is the super awesome, amazingly cool head cover. It’s a boxing glove, which pretty much tells you that the driver really packs a “punch” and features the cool Kick X logo on it.

The next thing you’ll notice is that the club head is gorgeous. It features an orange, white and black that could definitely turn some heads on the golf course.

Probably the biggest thing you’ll notice with the head is that it’s much smaller than most drivers. This is really cool as it’s small enough to where you can hit shots off of the fairway so if you ever wanted to use your driver as a fairway wood, then here’s your chance.

Despite the smaller clubhead, this beauty still goes a long way. Another cool thing about the smaller clubhead is that it makes it easier to make better contact.

Sometimes, if play with a driver with a larger clubhead, you can sometimes chunk it due to the thick size. Since this head is smaller, you have a better chance of avoiding the ground with the bottom of the head.

The bottom of the head on the Blast DriveWay is more of a cavity kind of bottom. This can really help you make smoother swings.

One of the cool features of the Blast DriveWay is the clubface. With the Kick X golf balls, the signature feature of them were the alignment lines that featured two lines side by side with a small line in between. This can lead to more “deadeye” putts if you read the green correctly.

With the Blast DriveWay clubface, it features the signature “X” in the middle of it with black and orange lines side by side. What’s nice about this is that it makes extremely easy to tell where your sweet spot is, obviously being the “X” (X marks the spot right? YAR!).

The shaft is a beautiful orange and while color and is made by Grafalloy. As we know, Grafalloy is widely regarded as one of the best shaft companies in golf known for there stability which leads to more powerful swings.

The grip is awesome. It’s your popular velvet style but has a softer feel than most and compliments the rest of the club nicely.

Overall, the Blast DriveWay ia great driver and was a bold move for a company that started with only golf balls. They decided to use their minds which helped create their wonderful golf balls to create a beast of a driver.

It has the power of a driver, accuracy of a fairway wood or hybrid.

You can check out the features of the club at

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Review: Golf Pride Pulls Out Unique Style With MCC Plus 4s

MCC Plus 4

Golf Pride has become a powerhouse in the golf equipment industry. For many years, their grips have been the highest rated on the PGA Tour.

They’ve become one of the most iconic names in the history of golf when it comes to equipment. Now, they’ve come back once again with the fire.

The brand new MCC Plus 4’s just might be their best grips yet. There’s a couple of cool features that makes gripping a club so much less stressful on the hands.

One of the things that you’ll notice right away away is how much thicker these grips are. What makes this so great is that it’ll make things more comfortable for your hands and in return will help you take more powerful swings.

Aching hands can be stressful on the whole body so if the grips aren’t comfortable, your swing will become less powerful. The MCC Plus 4 grips make sure you don’t have to worry about this.

They feel terrific and much different from other Golf Pride grips that I used in the past. What helps this even more is the style of them.

The rubber of the grips are unique and helps make them feel much more softer than most grips. One of the signature features of the MCC Plus 4s is the larger lower hand.

The lower hand on a lot of grips tend to be too skinny. The MCC Plus 4s are much bigger which works excellently with short game play.

In most cases, when you’re pitching, chipping or taking a flop shot, choking a little on your club can help you hit more accurate shots. Since the MCC Plus 4s are large enough to get your hands in a relaxed position to hit that perfect short shot.

The top of the grip also feels a little bit larger which is great for that extra comfort. This helps when you want to hit that powerful drive or hit that accurate iron shot from the fairway.

A style feature of the grips are Golf Pride’s signature multicolored look. This should be very familiar to fans of Golf Pride.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the MCC Plus 4s and I personally think it was a smart move on their part to make the grips thicker. A thicker grip really helps take the aching out of your hands to help you play your best.

If you don’t feel ready to get a set, I’d recommend going to a local golf store and getting a “feel” for the grips yourself. Or you can start off with an individual grip first.

This is what I do. I also make sure I’m putting that one grip on my favorite club and you should too (In my case, it’s the pitching wedge. We learn something new everyday don’t we?).

Check out the grips at

Do you have the grips? Leave your comments below and let me know your best round with them!

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Review: The Wichita Kid (A Caddie’s Story)


With the Masters just wrapping up and The Players Championship coming up at TPC Sawgrass, how do pros get around tough course layouts like Augusta and Sawgrass? The caddies of course!


I had the opportunity to read a terrific book written by Rob Fisher called “The Wichita Kid: A Caddie’s Story” which follows the story of young Kevin Campbell. In the book, Kevin is faced with many negative things at a young age that most of us likely experienced during high school years.


In this case however, Kevin is no older than 12 years old. He learns the ropes of being a caddy but he sees that caddying isn’t all that it seems.


Our friend Kevin is quite a personality. He’s a very nervous young man and is very paranoid but who wouldn’t be at that age?


He hails from Wichita, Kansas and is spending the Summer in Cleveland, Ohio where he starts doing his caddying.


Some of the things Kevin deals will make you laugh, make you feel sad, make you feel happy and many other things. It’s a roller coaster of emotions for the young caddy and this book takes you on this amazing, mental journey.


It’s really a great book and the author, Rob does a great job of mixing different feelings and emotions and putting them into one book. It seems like the vibe of the book changed every chapter.


The book has a ton of funny moments too which makes it a very fun read. It also makes you appreciate caddying a lot more, even if you were already appreciative of it.


I think this a great book for middle schoolers and high schoolers to learn how to cope with the anxieties that life can bring, especially for young people.


Back when I was in school, I use to be nervous almost everyday when I woke up for school because I never knew what to expect. I was fine when I got settled in, it was just when arriving to school and I’m sure some of you might have had the same thing.


This book can be great for kids who want to cope with the outside world, whether at school or work, in this case, Kevin is at work. Which is why it’s a great book for kids in school because in the book, the golf course is the classroom and the other caddies are students.


You can really learn from a book like this and have fun reading it. It’s a pretty addictive read because of the twist and turns and unexpectedness of it.


So if you’re in middle school or high school and love golf, this is the perfect book for you. A fun book for adults too who enjoy humor and golf.


I usually don’t do scores but I’ll do it this time. I happily give this book the “perfect score” of 5 out of 5 stars.


You can get the book on Amazon!


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LoudMouth Releases Putter Grips With Magnetic Ball Markers

Pure Awesomeness

Pure Awesomeness

LoudMouth putter grips? WHAA?! Yup, the same company that created the wacky, fun, colorful pants, shorts, hoodies, etc is back and better than ever. This time, with one of the most unique putter grips to date.

They’re just as fun and colorful as the pants you love. They also include a feature never before seen on a putter grip but I’ll get to that in minute.

I decided to go with the Shagadelic color (Pictured) which has always been a personal favorite style of mine from LoudMouth for some time. I also decided to go with the jumbo size because I think it’s important to have some extra space for your hands while putting.

The first thing you obviously noticed is its wacky style which LoudMouth is famous for. Very beautiful and would stand out on any and every putter on any and every golf course.

The feel of the grip is spectacular. It’s very comfortable, stress free and has a nice scaly kinda feel. Almost like the snake skin feeling you find on some of the more expensive grips except it’s not.

The look and the colors of it just make it feel that much sweeter.

Now, to the coolest part of this unique flat stick grip. The grip comes with a custom ball marker.

Oh, no not just any ball marker though. This ball marker is magnetized on the top of your grip.

Yup, yup, that’s right. It sticks to the top of your grip, matching the same beautiful color of the grip itself.

It’s LoudMouth’s revolutionary TourMARK series of grips.

Yup, ball marker on top!

Yup, ball marker on top!

So, when you need to line your putt up and need to read the slope of the green, all you have to do is pull this beauty off the top and put it back on when you’re done.


So, long gone are the days where you have to dig through your pockets full of lint, coins, tees, dirty golf balls, etc just to pull out the ball marker.

Nope, all you have to do is pull the marker that firmly stuck on top of your beautiful grip.

And ball markers are more important than you think. As mentioned, you need one to be able to read the green design better or just to simply move your ball out of the way when others are putting.

Sure, you can read the green with the ball sitting there like I might do sometimes but the ball can block the starting point of the slope which is important to read in order to sink putts. And you want to sink putts right? I sure hope so!

So it’s nice to be able to just pull the ball marker right off of your putter instead digging through your bag or your pocket for it. Besides, if you’re playing with a partner, the last thing you want to do is start fishing out for a ball marker and wasting time.

I mean, what if you were playing with your grumpy face boss or you were on a date with a girl (Unless you’re a female then obviously you’d be with a man)? The boss will think you’re slacking like you do at work and the girl will be playing with another guy by the time you find your marker.

Sure, you can use a penny or a dime that’s “top of the line” but real ball markers are just sexier and the ones that are attached to these beautiful grips are just that.

Lost one of your markers? No problem, LoudMouth has recently started selling replacement markers so that way you don’t have to worry about getting a whole other grip so you can get the marker back.

LoudMouth never seisez to amaze with the ideas they come up with and to me personally, it’s terrific for the style of the sport of golf. This brilliant, yet simple idea is unlike anything in golf and the TourMARK grips leave their mark on the most important club in the bag.

Check out the grips at

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Review: SuperStroke Releases Grips for Irons, Driver, etc

Oooh, pretty colors!

Oooh, pretty colors!

You know SuperStroke. You know, the rapdily growing, crazy popular golf grip company known for it’s oversized putter grips? Well, the company made popular by Jordan Spieth and Jason Dufner has decided to create some grips that you can use for ALL of your clubs.

So now you’ll have one of their wonderful putter grips on your putter and some regular grips for your irons, driver, etc. The TX1 Premium Golf Club grips from Super Stroke are just as unique as their puffy, fluffy putter grips.

The first thing you’ll notice with the TX1 grips is the beauty of them. These are very colorful, bright, smack in your face grips that will stand out among other golf clubs at the course.

The bottom of the grip features the popular and always terrific rubber feel. Always a nice feature to help get your dominant in a comfortable position to execute the perfect shot.

Now the top of the grip is what makes the TX1 grips stand out from others. It’s the most colorful part of the grip and the material is unique.

The top part of the grip has somewhat of a soft cloth feeling or a soft carpet feel. This really helps get your hands in a comfortable state because it’s almost as if one of those furry kind of blankets are wrapped around it.

It really is a comfortable feeling and I don’t have to worry about how my hands feel. Instead, I can just focus on the shot I need to hit.

SuperStroke never seems to disappoint and they have risen to become one of the hottest golf companies around. But now, since they’ve spreaded they’re wings and decided to throw some regular grips into the mix, it just makes SuperStroke that much better.

The TX1’s are great grips that are really good for wedges I must say as well.\

Now, if only they made the TX1’s as fat and puffy as their putter grips! Hmmm….

You can get the TX1 grips at

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