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Ladies of Golf: Some of LPGA Star Belen Mozo’s Sexiest Pics

Belen Mozo is a fan favorite on the LPGA Tour especially because of her looks. In these pictures from her Instagram, she shows off why she’s one of the eye-catching players in golf.

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PHOTOS: Paulina Gretzky Poses for the Latest Golf Digest With Tight Clothes

Everyone’s favorite golf girlfriend, hockey daughter, model girl lady person is back! This time, she made her way to the cover of Golf Digest and she took some pretty sweet pics. I guess she really does enjoy the game because she’s “competitive” (According to her) which I guess so if you’re the daughter of the greatest scorer in hockey history. She’s definitely been in competition with the other chicks posting selfies on Twitter! Anyway, here’s the pics courtesy of because I know how much y’all dig blondes!










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PHOTO: Natalie Gulbis Looks Buff, Shows Off Her Impressive Abs in a Bikini

Not only is Natalie Gulbis a great golfer, she’s also a very attractive woman and has had some of the best golf model shoots in the game. In this photo from, Natalie shows off her abs as she no doubt has the muscle going. She also is in another gorgeous location as it always seems she’s in and looking good being there. Here’s the pic below.

Courtesy of Golf Digest

Courtesy of Golf Digest

It seems that Nats is slowly becoming one of golf’s true sex symbols while playing solid golf and also doing great things off the course as well but there’s not too many golfers out there that aren’t afraid to show off their bodies and Nats is definitely not afraid to do so as she’s done it for years now and she’s definitely gotten stronger over the years too as we can see. Move aside Serena Williams! There’s a new buff chick in town!

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PHOTO: Natalie Gulbis Shows Off Her Talent, Booty and Surroundings in This Beautiful Instagram Picture

Natalie Gulbis is at it again as she hits Instagram to show off her paddle boarding skills while being surrounded by some gorgeous scenery. For those of you who want to stare at her butt, there’s that too. What raises my eyebrows is the fact that she’s balancing so well on that board (Unless she fell right after the picture was taken). Unless that board is very good at handling water, that has to be a tough thing to do. DAT BALANCE! So, what amazes you most about this picture? The surroundings? The way she’s handling the board? Or simply her booty? Either way, Nats is a pretty lucky chick to be in that gorgeous location. JEALOUS! Come on y’all, we’re all going together! Who’s with me?

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Funny Photo: Is This Caddy Staring at Holly Sonders’ Butt While She Lines Up Her Putt?

What’s good y’all? I hope you enjoyed my awesome rhyme in the headline! I couldn’t help but grab this picture of Golf Channel broadcasting superstar Holly Sonders at the Humana Challenge as it looks like her caddy is staring at the one place where i think most dudes would stare…well…her booty. She was lining up her putt when this occurred and as we know, Holly was a pretty good golfer and still is solid. Now, I;m pretty sure he’s probably just looking at her slope on the green and helping her prepare for putt, but it just looks funny from the camera angle as it literally almost looks like he’s staring at the golf journalist’s booty butt. I also can’t help but laugh at his facial expression, quite funny considering what the picture looks like. Again, it’s more than likely he was just doing his job but it just looks like he’s like “Oh, DAT BOOTY!”. Holly, you’re very talented and I really respect your work but I thought this was too funny. Think they’ll get a little kick out of this?


My reaction to the photo, courtesy of Spongebob.


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Golf Beauties: Anna Rawson Rocks a See Through Shirt in This Classic Picture

You guys all loved the last Anna Rawson picture which was the highest viewed article/photo ever on the GP Golf Report by a large margin. So now all get more Anna as we take a look at one of her most familiar photos as you can see that she’s wearing a see through shirt and apparently there’s nothing under the shirt if you take a good enough look. As we know, although she doesn’t have a win under her belt as a golfing professional, she’s still very talented and has a solid short game around the greens. As we also know, she’s a terrific model and she makes golf look very awesome. Anna, if you’re reading this, I got to say THANK YOU for making golf more awesome and thank YOU guys for making the GP Golf Report what’s its become so far! Shout out to Busted Coverage for the pic!


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PHOTO: Anna Rawson Rocks Sweet Blue Sweater in This Picture

Dat chipping form!

Dat chipping form!

You guys love them, you guys wanted them and well you got more of them. Here’s another picture of one of golf’s talented and beautiful women as today we take a look at recent picture taken of the spectacular Anna Rawson. Anna is known as one of golf’s true beauties and she’s made 14 cuts throughout her career with one top 10. The Australian can not only swing a golf club and she’s not just modeling “just because”. She’s a professional model and a very good one at that. Come on, you didn’t think she was naked did you?! So, on that note, I’m just going to shut up and let you guys stare at this well taken picture and save it into your files or whatever it is that you do. Anna, thanks for being awesome! Hopefully this will make your Monday less gloomy all!


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