Elkington Makes Gay Joke About Sam on Twitter, PGA Tour Deletes Tweet, Makes Statement

Photo courtesy of TMZ.

Photo courtesy of TMZ.

Jeez, this dude just doesn’t stop does he? Guess who sent another inappropriate tweet again? Non other than the insane in the membrane loon himself, Steve Elkington who on Tuesday sent a tweet making a joke about ESPN’s coverage of University of Missouri defensive end and soon to be NFL draft pick Michael Sam who openly came out gay a couple of weeks ago. Elkington, of course deleted the tweet. You can read the tweet below.


Yahoo Sports’ Shane Bacon of the Devil Ball Golf blog spoke to Elkington about why he deleted the tweet. It was none other than the PGA Tour itself.

Elkington sent a tweet back to Shane Bacon saying how he’s rooting for Sam.

However, he sent another tweet that rubbed some of his followers the wrong way.

Bacon spoke to the PGA Tour about the situation and he tweeted out their official statement. Here’s the full statement from the PGA Tour on Elkington’s tweet – “Under our regulations, conduct unbecoming a professional includes public commentary that is clearly inappropriate or offensive. With respect to this matter, and consistent with our longstanding policy, we do not comment on player disciplinary matters.”

So now, Elkington’s taking heat from fans and now the PGA Tour on the situation. I’m personally very happy for Michael Sam and I hopes he gets drafted and enjoys a successful career in the NFL. In Elkington’s case, he’s just another dude in the line of big mouth golfers such as Sergio Garcia, Ian Poulter and Rory Sabattini with Elkington probably being the biggest tool of all because only he isn’t afraid to say something very controversial, no matter how much heat he takes. Get your head out of your butt homie! You do realize that you have over 60,000 Twitter followers that read your stuff right?

Credit: Yahoo Sports, CBS Sports

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Funny Photo: Is This Caddy Staring at Holly Sonders’ Butt While She Lines Up Her Putt?

What’s good y’all? I hope you enjoyed my awesome rhyme in the headline! I couldn’t help but grab this picture of Golf Channel broadcasting superstar Holly Sonders at the Humana Challenge as it looks like her caddy is staring at the one place where i think most dudes would stare…well…her booty. She was lining up her putt when this occurred and as we know, Holly was a pretty good golfer and still is solid. Now, I;m pretty sure he’s probably just looking at her slope on the green and helping her prepare for putt, but it just looks funny from the camera angle as it literally almost looks like he’s staring at the golf journalist’s booty butt. I also can’t help but laugh at his facial expression, quite funny considering what the picture looks like. Again, it’s more than likely he was just doing his job but it just looks like he’s like “Oh, DAT BOOTY!”. Holly, you’re very talented and I really respect your work but I thought this was too funny. Think they’ll get a little kick out of this?


My reaction to the photo, courtesy of Spongebob.


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PHOTO: Anna Rawson Rocks Sweet Blue Sweater in This Picture

Dat chipping form!

Dat chipping form!

You guys love them, you guys wanted them and well you got more of them. Here’s another picture of one of golf’s talented and beautiful women as today we take a look at recent picture taken of the spectacular Anna Rawson. Anna is known as one of golf’s true beauties and she’s made 14 cuts throughout her career with one top 10. The Australian can not only swing a golf club and she’s not just modeling “just because”. She’s a professional model and a very good one at that. Come on, you didn’t think she was naked did you?! So, on that note, I’m just going to shut up and let you guys stare at this well taken picture and save it into your files or whatever it is that you do. Anna, thanks for being awesome! Hopefully this will make your Monday less gloomy all!


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You’re Not Going to Believe What Tiger Woods Told Billy Horschel at the Driving Range


This is going to go down as one of the best “LMAO” moments in sports this year. A few days ago, it was reported by my main man Adam Fonseca (@chicagoduffer) that Tiger Woods said something odd for someone who acts the way he does. Billy Horschel did an interview with my other main man Jason Sobel (Who I had the privilege of speaking with some months ago during an interview) about his “buddy ol pal” relationship with Tiger Woods. Billy has played some great golf and in this video below, he is showing off his workout routine which includes 42-inch box jumps.

However, let’s just say Mr. Woods had a laugh with him at the driving range.

“I’m out there warming up and Tiger is on the range, and he comes over and he’s got this big, goofy-ass grin on his face,” Horschel told Jason Sobel of GolfChannel.com. “I said, ‘What are you effing smiling at? What do you got that effing grin for?’ He’s like, ‘It’s true.’ I said, ‘What’s true?’ He said, ‘White men can’t jump.'”

*Long applause from an imaginary crowd*

Good job Tiger! Honestly, I would never have thought Tiger would say something like this! Quickly! Everyone must run into town and tell all the land! today is a glorious day my friends! We shall dine like Gods! Oh, and white men can jump but it’s rare, most white dudes are terrific shooters in basketball. It’s like football, you don’t see too many white mobile QB’s out there. DON’T WORRY, don’t feel offended, it’s all part of the joke my friends (I’m half white and black mind you) but I had to write this because Tiger seems like the very last person on earth to say that.

Probably the funniest thing about this was that I was thinking to myself “Sooo, what did he do? Tell Billy that white men can’t jump and just walk away?”. Totally funny. Way to go Tiger, way to go! Oh and I LOVE Billy’s response to the grin. Shows the kind of humor Billy has. Love a story like this. Shows that these guys have some great humor out on the course. Somebody start the slow clap!


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WATCH: From Bama to Maui: Jason and Amanda Dufner go on an Adventure in Maui

From Alabama to Maui, the now very popular couple of Jason and Amanda Dufner (Thanks in big part to a very solid 2012 and a 2013 that included a PGA Championship title) decided to get away from the cold and the hustle and bustle of Tour life to focus on a relaxing hike which featured beautiful sites and species of animals. Of course, the almighty Duf was rocking a Cleveland Indians hat (Go WHITE SOX!) along with a t-shirt and shorts while Amanda o course was going to wear something to make herself look extra good for all men to fantasize about. Below is the video of their journey. Thanks to GolfChannel.com for the vid! I’m out!

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Tiger Woods Makes Over $1 Billion Over His Career, Why it Will Go Down as One of the All-Time Great Milestones

Tiger Woods

Man, can you say “Dolla Dolla Bill Y’allll”? Tiger Woods sure can after he earned well over $1 billion over his long 18 year career according to Golf Digest and Yahoo Sports. The world’s no.1 golfer made a whopping $83 million in 2013 after he had a five win season which led to several Player of the Year awards with Adam Scott being the only other player winning a Player of the Year award. Woods was followed by Phil Mickelson ($52 million in 2013), Arnold Palmer ($40 million), Jack Nicklaus ($26 million), Henrik Stenson ($19 million) and Rory Mcilroy ($18 million despite his 2013 struggles). This is really quite the accomplishment considering how young he still is. He’s only 38 and has made more money than many athletes and celebrities make in a lifetime. He also now has the highest net worth for any current or retired athlete making him the richest athlete of all-time surpassing Arnold Palmer whose net worth is over $600 million. Now, check this out, according to Yahoo Sports, wait, hold on, you ready for this? 88 percent of Tiger’s $1.3 billion came off of endorsements.

Although we all knew that he was getting more paper from ads and endorsements than his play, I don’t think we knew it was a whole 88 percent of the earnings. After being off his game the last few previous years and he’s still trying to get back to form, it’s still good being Tiger Woods today. He’s a $1.3 billion man, he has a new girl, he’s the no.1 player in the world again and now, he’s only two years away from being eligible for the hall of fame which he’ll obviously get in as soon as he hits 40. Now, here’s why I think this will go down as one of the greatest milestones in sports history (Note: This is coming from a non Tiger Woods fan). Like I’ve mentioned above, he’s the richest athlete of all-time and by far the youngest to reach such a mark. Also, golf’s a money sport, a lot of things are based around cash flow, heck money’s even a stat in this sport and Woods is definitely taking advantage of that stat both on and off the course.

So, due to the significance of money in golf, Woods is doing the sport proud although the majority of his cash is coming off of endorsements. He’s still made plenty of money on Tour and the $83 million he made this year is no exception despite not winning a major like many had expected. Let’s if having all of this extra money will get to his head this season. I know, I know, he’s been loaded with riches for a long time but not THIS rich so we’ll see how it all goes for Mr. Woods. What would y’all do with all of that money? I’d hope you’d give a lot of that money to charities and children in need!

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PHOTO: Dustin Johnson’s Girl, Paulina Looks Like She’s Not Wearing a Bra in This Pic

As we all know, Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky are going to be getting married sometime soon and as usual she was in support of her man as she attended the Tournament of Champions at the gorgeous Kapalua Plantation Course. However, it looks like she’s not rocking a bra under all of the tight clothing and it’s surely an attraction for men despite the fact that she has a man in DJ already but hey, us dudes are quite the creatures aren’t we? She even says that she doesn’t think about what she posts on social media and of course not because the pictures she’s posted pretty much boosted her modeling career.

“I don’t take the time to think, ‘OK, should I post the photo that has my boobs in it or the one where I’m in a turtleneck?’” Paulina said according to the Kansas City Star.

So, on that note, here’s the picture ladies and gentlemen. I’m out!

What do you think?

What do you think?

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Ian Poulter and Steve Elkington Have a War of Words on Twitter

You want more nasty arguments? Well you got them! Ian Poulter and Steve Elkington had a bit of words towards each other on Twitter and it makes you wonder since both of these guys are quite expressive, who started it? Well, none other than Steve Elkington and it shouldn’t be a surprise. Sure, Poulter has his moments but Elkington is more of a tool in my personal opinion and has been known to say some crazy crap on Twitter and some tweets could just be either about football or he’s chatting with fellow PGA Tour pro Pat Perez. A fan had asked Elkington about Ian Poulter and Elkington responded of course and of course Poulter shot back which also isn’t surprise because as we know, Poulter isn’t afraid to give his opinion HOWEVER, he doesn’t seem quite like a tool like Elkington is. As I’ve written a bit earlier, Elkington went on Twitter and made fun of a helicopter crash that occurred in Scotland about a month ago and now he’s already back for more. The moment you’ve been waiting for. The tweets. Enjoy!

Even a fan stepped in and supported Poulter in the feud.

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Credit: Kyle Porter, CBS Sports

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WATCH: Lady Lays the Smackdown on a Thief with a Golf Club, Saves Husband

Lili Wang saved her husband Jack from a knife wielding thief by hitting him a golf club and threatening with a screwdriver via the Herald Sun

Lili Wang saved her husband Jack from a knife wielding thief by hitting him a golf club and threatening with a screwdriver via the Herald Sun

Lili Wang who works at a milk bar (Convenient store pretty much) started beating the crap out of an armed robber who threatened her husband Jack with a knife. The weapon of choice? None other than the trusty golf club, perfect for your round a golf and also makes for a great tool to knock someone’s block off! This unique weapon is safe, legal and will make that jerk pay! Only at a local store NEAR YOU! Anyways, the video below will explain everything so please enjoy this great ass whooping and it’s great that nobody got hurt…well except for the stupid robber who thought he was so tough, well guess again you piece of crap! Grand Theft Golf anyone?

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WATCH: Michelle Wie Can Hit a Golf Ball Left Handed Better Than Any of Us Could With Our Dominant Hand

Well then, this is quite impressive. Michelle Wie posted an Instagram video of her using a left-handed club to take a shot. Although there are switch hitters in baseball (Guys who hit both left and right), you definitely don’t see anybody hitting a golf club from both sides because for one, that would mean you’d have to have two separate set of clubs (Sets for each side) and two, you’d have to make sure you have the proper technique and grip on the left side as to where baseball’s switch hitters, all they have to do is use the same batting stance. In golf, there’s so many things you have to make sure of and you also have to learn the famous Harry Vardon grip on the other side as well which is no easy task (Tried it and it feels so weird. WEIRD DUDE!). Now, we’ve seen golfer hit a shot left-handed before but only because they’re ball was stuck right next to a tree to the point where they couldn’t hit from the right side but it didn’t look nowhere near as pretty as Michelle’s swing and it’s impressive to see. See, putting left-handed shouldn’t be a big deal (Just hit it baby!) but a full swing is tough especially if you’re trying to get some distance on the ball. Way to go Michelle! Keep doing you girl and get some wins too!

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