Jordan Spieth drills 91-foot putt at Sony Open for longest putt of career

Jordan Spieth is already one of the greatest putters of all-time, and he proved it once again in Hawaii at the Sony Open. In the video clip shared by the PGA Tour on Twitter, the putt looks ridiculously long, and it was, at 91-feet.

Most golfers would settle with a good lag putt. However, for a deadeye putter like Spieth, it can seem like a tap-in putt.

Although the three-time major champion has developed into a solid all-around player, two of his deadliest skills have been his putting and his scrambling (recovery). These are the reasons why has won so much already in his career, and as we know, putting gives you wins.

Putting is the reason why Ben Crenshaw, perhaps the greatest putter in golf history, won two Masters tournaments. It’s also the reason why Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods won at the insane rates they won.

Yeah, I think it’s time for us to pull out our putters and start practicing, after seeing Spieth’s super long putt. Ready your blades (putters) and head out to the battlefield (putting green)!

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Hideki Matsuyama’s famous swing is in a video game


Hideki Matsuyama has the most unique swing in all of golf. On the top of his backswing, there is a slight pause before follows through and in a way, it looks kinda robotic.


With 14 professional wins worldwide, and reaching as high as second in the World Golf Rankings, perhaps he is a cyborg of some kind. Now, in Everybody’s Golf, a popular video game out on the PlayStation 4, you too can swing like Hideki.


When creating a player, and progressing through the game, you can unlock new swing animations for your golfer. One of them is the famous swing of Matsuyama.


It may not be the perfect replica, but you clearly can tell that that’s what the swing animation is inspired by. Not to mention, Clap Hanz, the company that developed the game, is based in Japan, so there may be some love shown to their superstar countryman.


You may not have the resume that Matsuyama has, but you can kinda have it in the game with that swing. That accounts for something……right?


Anyway, before I close out, I just want to wish you a Happy New Year and wish you good health and blessings going into 2018. Thank you so much for reading the GP Golf Report!


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WATCH: This drone footage of Pine Valley will blow you away

Embed from Getty Images

Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey has long been regarded as the greatest golf course in the world. Designed by George Crump in the early 1900’s, it would be his only course design as he died in 1918.

Being a hotelier, he sold his business in order to have money for the project. This is how passionate Crump was about Pine Valley. Sadly, not having a business, and putting a ton of money into the course left him practically broke practically made him broke, and because of this, legend has it that he took his own life.

Although the course is Crump’s design, many legendary architects helped with the design, including Hugh Wilson, the always interesting Perry Maxwell, and A.W. Tillinghast, perhaps the most decorated golf course designer of all-time.

As we approach the end of 2017, Golf Digest dished out a rare holiday treat for golf fans everywhere. This tasty treat is some amazing, in-depth drone footage of Pine Valley, hole-by-hole.

If you ever wondered what famous holes like the 5th, 10 or 14th look like, then this is your chance to check it out with crisp, clear visuals. Very rarely, does Pine Valley allow anyone to get an in-depth look at like this.

The best shot you have of getting close and personal is by either getting invited by a member to play or if you attend the Crump Cup were PV opens their doors to the public once a year. And what I mean by “once a year”, is a one day per year. Although the Crump Cup goes on for four days like most tournaments, it is only open to the public on the final day of the tournament on Sunday.

Other than that, this amazing video by Golf Digest is a great way to get a nice look at it, no matter where you are in the world. Now, Golf Digest newly named Royal County Down as their new number one ranked course in the world, and I personally can’t disagree with that at all, as RCD is simply a spectacular course both architecturally and aesthetically and one of my favorites.

For many years though, and into today, Pine Valley is still widely regarded as the best course on the planet. Essentially, it’s the Michael Jordan of golf courses.

Golf Magazine still ranks it as its top course in the world, where it has been for over 25 years now. Sure, it may not “seem” to have the majestic beauty of courses like Augusta National, Pebble Beach or Northwood, but it’s still a breathtaking course.

It’s naturalistic charm, being in the heart of the forest, may make anyone step back and take a deep breath. The aforementioned 14th hole alone is one of the top ten most beautiful holes in the world undoubtedly.

In short, with its incredible design, natural beauty, and wondrous mystique, Pine Valley continues to prove why it just may be the holy grail of golf courses. Golf Digest just opened the pearly gates into golf heaven with this video.

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WATCH: Golfer goes for his first eagle, gets ruined by friend


The nerve of some people! A golfer was going for his first eagle putt until his friend decided to kick the ball out of the way as the ball was about to roll into the cup.


Honestly, I think this video was totally a set up, but it’s still pretty funny to look it. It’s also slightly cringe-worthy. It’s exciting to get a par for most golfers, but with this dude going for eagle, it had to be exciting.


But again, since this was likely a set up, they probably reset, and homeboy probably drilled the eagle putt anyway (there are no marshals around, so he easily could reset the putt position). This was for an eagle putt, so I can only imagine if it was a potential hole-in-one.


Imagine, you strike your tee shot beautifully and you see the ball head straight for the flagstick. You watch, as the ball rolls towards the hole, just for some random jerk face to kick your ball out of the way….and then he mocks you with a silly dance.


Ohh, what savagery that would be. Anyway, next time you’re on the course, and you’re about to hit a big putt, watch yourself and check your surroundings before swinging.

You just never know who might be lurking around the corner to…..make things bad.


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WATCH: Jeff Overton drills 94-foot putt at Indiana basketball game


This is pretty cool. Jeff Overton, who’s an Indiana University alumni, took the challenge of trying to sink a 94-foot putt at the Assembly Hall during an IU basketball game.


He drilled the putt, and he won a fan a trip to Myrtle Beach, one of the world’s most iconic golf destinations. We’ve seen pros putt on basketball courts before but it never gets old.


Putting on such a hard slick surface has to be a challenge, but it makes all the more fun. But, Overton is a former Ryder Cupper for a reason, because he’s got the skills.


Although he has never won a PGA Tour tournament, for at least a two-year period, he was one of the better players on tour, with multiple top 10 finishes between 2010 and 2011. As mentioned, he made the Ryder Cup in 2010, becoming the only American to make the team without winning a PGA Tour title.


Rickie Fowler, who also was on the team at the time, didn’t win a tournament yet either until 2012 when he broke through at the Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow. Overton, like Fowler, became a fan favorite, and there’s no doubt that the Hoosier fans were excited to see him nail that miraculous putt.


Keep that putting stroke strong Jeff!


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WATCH: This dude’s putter swing is simply amazing

Putter stinger 😜🐝 I actually hit this putter so well 😂 #golf #golfswing #stinger #tiger #golfgods #golfstagram #trickshot #golfaddict @golf_gods

A post shared by Dave Benford (@dbenford_golf) on

Taking full swings with a putter has become a thing, and it continues. On Instagram, one dude took a swing on the range with his putter, and it was a wonderful “stinger” shot.

In case you don’t know what a stinger is, it’s when the ball has a low trajectory on impact, and then rises as its flight continues. Tiger Woods is masterful at doing this. It’s tough to perform a stinger with any club, let alone a putter.

It would be interesting to see if this guy could do it…..with a wood (gasp!). All messing around aside, this was pretty dope and skillful. Good for you dude.

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WATCH: Man gets attacked by turkey on golf course

If you golf during the week of Thanksgiving, do so at your own risk! 📽: @daaavidfried

A post shared by Golf Channel (@golfchannel) on

Fall is my favorite season of the year, as we get to enjoy crisp, cool weather, beautiful colorful leaves and, it’s a terrific time to play golf. Unfortunately for one man, his Fall golf dream was made a turndown danger road, when a turkey decided to attack him on the course. Did I mention this occurred close to Thanksgiving?

The dude is just trying to enjoy a round, and then the turkey sees to come out of nowhere to aggressively come towards him. The turkey wasn’t playing around either. The aggressiveness was real.

It wasn’t like an animal was casually chasing him around. This thing wanted to put its claw up this dude’s butt.

Just let this be known; no sport brings us closer to nature than golf, but when nature unleashes its wrath, be ready to run.

Or you can keep the turkey and make your pet, but you would need some A-1 training skills. Otherwise, be careful out there, but be sure to enjoy the wonderfulness that is Fall golf.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! What are your thankful for? Let me know in the comments section or let me know on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

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WATCH: Someone designed a golf course on Mars


Who says there isn’t life or golf for that matter on other planets besides our own? In The Golf Club 2, someone used the game’s golf course designer to create a track on Mars.


There’s no Mars theme in the design feature so how did this creativity unfold? Well, the creator took the steppe or desert theme (there are numerous themes in the game to fit your course’s atmosphere and ambiance), made the sky dark, but not too dark, and added little things like craters and such to give it an otherworldly feel.


It’s a lot of fun to play, and it takes fantasy golf to a whole new level. Playing the course, you instantly feel like you’re playing on Mars, minus the zero gravity.


The design of the nine holer features a few split fairway holes which are always popular. On one hole, you even have to hit over the two futuristic-looking clubhouses to reach the green. This is similar to the famed Road Hole 17th at St. Andrews.


Who says you can’t play the Road Hole on another planet?


If you have a copy of The Golf Club 2, then I highly recommend that you check out this course. It’s a fun twist on golf course design, using a powerful design feature.


I’m sure Pete Dye, who is famous for building courses in unorthodox places, would have loved to design a course on Mars if it was possible. Don’t worry Mr. Dye, you can still create a course on Pluto, Saturn or Jupitor…..if you know how to play video games anyway.


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WATCH: Alex Noren hits flagstick twice at Hero Challenge

Alex Noren is one of the top 15 golfers in the world. He showed that at the Hero Challenge, hitting the flagstick on two consecutive shots.

In case you don’t know what the Hero Challenge is, it’s a closest to the pin contest between some of the European Tour’s top players. It’s just another cool, innovative event that that Euro Tour has created to help make golf that much cooler.

On two of his 10 balls, Noren hit the flag back-to-back times. It’s just a prime example of how deadeye accurate these guys are, especially a player of Noren’s caliber.

Although he’s not a greens in regulation machine (105th on the European Tour this season), he can still be deadly with the irons. Noren would end up losing to young China star, Li Haotong in an instant classic of a duel.

Haotong was also obviously insanely accurate with the irons to grab the W. As for Noren, the back-to-back pin seekers make us all shake our head. Time for us to step up our pin seeking missile game!

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WATCH: This is one of the luckiest golf shots of all-time

The Nedbank Golf Challenge has given us a few memories this past weekend. This includes a duel between a mongoose and a snake, Charl Schwartzel hitting golf balls from his hotel room, and finally, one of the luckiest shots of all-time.

Nacho Elvira is a gentleman who hit this shot, and man, it’s a head tilter. The ball looks as if it’s heading towards the water but ends up ricocheting off the edge of the green, and bounces backward. The ball would end up on the green after it clearly looked like it was heading in the liquid of death.

Imagine hitting a shot, knowing that it’s bad, just for it to end up on the green anyway. I’m one of those folks who would rather hit some memorable shots and experience memorable holes than worry about my score.

In this instance, although Elvira didn’t win the tournament (one of the top golfers in the world, Brendan Grace won), he has a shot he can carry with him. It would be shocking if the European Tour doesn’t keep this for their yearly video archives.

If there’s a “Most Bizarre Shot of the Year Award”, this one would be an early front-runner. Well played Nacho!

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