New Golf Video Game Which Doesn’t Include Tiger Woods or Other Pros, Receives Impressive Hype Score

Actual screenshot from HB Studios' The Golf Club video game which will release for the PS4, Xbox One and PC in the spring.

Actual screenshot from HB Studios’ The Golf Club video game.

The Golf Club, the new video game from Canadian game developer HB Studios has already received and impressive score although it hasn’t been released yet and no, Tiger Woods isn’t in the game nor is any other PGA or LPGA Tour golfer but that doesn’t stop golf game fans from giving it a terrific hype score of 9 out of 10. Yup, that’s right, a near perfect score. Although the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series has had an impressive run of scores at 9 out of 10 over the past few years but what makes this score particularly remarkable is for one, it doesn’t bear Tiger Woods’ name on it, secondly, it’s being developed by a company that isn’t EA or 2K Sports but HB Studios and from what I heard, there are only 10 to 15 people working on this game and they already managed to create the holy grail of golf video game features in a course designer feature where players can create any course to their heart’s desire whether it’s Augusta National, Cypress Point or Pine Valley, gamers everywhere can create any course they want, including their home course (Randall Oaks Golf Club in the Chi, what up!). The amazing thing is, it took HB only a month to put this game changing feature in there according to their developer diary.

I mentioned in a recent article about the game that with a huge feature like that and smooth gameplay, The Golf Club in my eyes, will be a Sports Game of the Year nominee. Probably won’t win considering the fact that it would be going up against the likes of NBA 2K and Fifa but a nomination at least by one or two publications would be a major accomplishment. The only thing that may be a little weird for virtual golfers who tee it up in this game is that there is no broadcast presentation. The focus of the game is supposed to basically be in the shoes a golfer who’s playing a round with his or buddies. Just a typical round of golf…only with super mega awesome epic core creating abilities! Regardless of not having a broadcast presentation, the game still looks spectacular. Probably the best thing about The Golf Club and I mentioned this before, is the fact that HB Studios will do continuous updates on the game instead of having yearly releases and this is something that many sports fans have asked for is to have updates on games and just have bi annual releases instead of yearly ones due to some of the many bugs some sports games carry especially Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, although it’s a fun game, it’s filled with bugs and was only updated once.

Not to mention, these updates that HB Studios is talking about are not just going to be run of the mill updates from what I’ve heard. These updates could include new on course visuals, new tools for the course creator or even new game modes (Wouldn’t that be something?). I was so impressed with what I’ve seen so far from the game, that I have The Golf Club logo featured as the cover photo on the GP Golf Report Facebook page as some of you might have seen already. There’s no specifics on a release date yet but we do know that it’s during the spring so it very well could be an April or May release. There’s also a nice interview Operation Sports did The Golf Club’s Executive Producer, Peter Garcian. How good could this game be? Or will it fall? It’s all in HB’s hands after EA’s golf series took the year off, they just have to deliver a great golf experience for all. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below! Would love to hear from you!

WARNING: Course creator may make you feel like a God amongst men so please use with CAUTION! Colin, out!

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No Tiger Woods Video Game? No Problem as HB Studios Announces “The Golf Club” and it Looks Like an Early Sports Game of the Year Candidate

Yes, this is an actual screenshot from the game. Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

Yes, this is an actual screenshot from the game. Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

Remember the article I wrote a while back regarding EA Sports parting ways with Tiger Woods while mentioning a new golf game that was supposed to be on the way? Well, virtual golfers can rejoice as the new game is officially a reality now after long weeks of questions, rumors and hype within the golf video game community. HB Studios officially announced their new golf game called “The Golf Club” which will be released this spring so it’s right around the corner. The game is going to be available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC and having a golf game on the PC is HUGE as many PC golfers have been begging for a new title for them to hit the links on their laptops and desktops. This is also an excellent move for HB Studios to have a PC version of the game as it will be easily accessible for gamers who don’t have PS4’s and Xbox One’s since they’ve all been selling out like crazy (Or at least the PS4’s have). The game will have some solid features including one feature that will define sports gaming. A golf course creator. You can create an unlimited amount of courses in the game for you and your friends to play.

The best thing about this feature obviously is the fact that you can create any course in the world from Augusta National to Pine Valley, the tools are all there for you and thanks to the PC’s incredible technology, creation gurus and “mod masters” (modification masters) can really make a course like Augusta look exactly like Augusta which is one reason why I’m really excited for the PC release. This feature is the heart and soul of the game so far along with no loading times. That’s right, no waiting for long load times between holes. As soon as you complete a hole, you move on to the next hole right away. There are only “minimal load times” on certain parts of the game according to HB. The graphics and gameplay look absolutely phenomenal and the swing animations are spot on.

Probably the most amazing thing is that the game is still finishing up development and looks great even right now so imagine how it’ll look when the finished product is complete? From what I’ve seen in the video, there’s no type of broadcast presentation (Not yet anyway) but you can hear what I assume is your caddy talking in the background. Probably the best thing about this game is that it will evolve over time meaning that they’re probably won’t be a sequel to the game but continuous updates over time adding new features, courses, (Yes, there are pre-made courses also but they are fiction courses), etc. This is a huge thing for sports gaming because many people have always wondered why developers never keep one game and just continue to update it over time for at least a couple of years and then release a new title.

Well, this looks like it will actually happen for the first time in sports video game history for a major developer thanks to The Golf Club. The developers are even taking ideas from fans in the forums so they can try the best in their ability to implement the community’s ideas into the game and that is just absolutely outstanding. The reason why HB can do this is because they’re their own company. They aren’t developing a game for another company like EA or 2K so they have all the freedom in the world to do whatever they want with this game and it’s really exciting to see that they treat the community like family because that’s what golf and video games do is bring people together and HB is doing an excellent job of showing this. You feel welcomed when you’re on the forums with the other golf gaming fans as HB developers take the time out to answer your questions.

Unfortunately, for PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect users, the game will not be compatible with these devices. However, they did say that they will eventually try to get them in but right now they’re just getting the base of the game in. It’s good that they’ll get the Move and Kinect in eventually because golf games are arguably the best sports games when it comes to the Move and Kinect and adds a more immerse experience. There will also be online rounds where you can play with TONS of other players and there will also be tours as well but no word on a career mode yet but again, the base of the game is going to be releasing which already looks good so once they implement all of the updates and features over time, this game will no doubt be a monster in sports gaming. No word on the release of a demo just yet but stay tuned and keep it locked here as I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as they announce it. So, overall, this game looks spectacular and in my eyes is an early Sports Game of the Year candidate if it lives up to the hype.

You can visit the official website here and you can check out the video below but be careful not to drop your jaw on the floor! Probably the funniest thing about the video is that the last thing they show is a guy missing a putt. Most sports game trailers show something epic like an insane slam dunk or a game winning touchdown, home run or a massive drive off the tee so I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit at the end!

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What if golf video games had great story modes? All would be great with the world

A screenshot of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

A screenshot of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

Ah yes, video games. The true definition of an escape from reality and into worlds full of fun. A quest that leads to accomplishments that make you feel completely epic and powerful. It’s a true way to also put our creative minds into work to show how artsy society can really be. Video Games are no doubt one of the greatest creations known to man. We’ve also seen many great sports games created as well and golf has definitely had its share of the video game glory as well which leads me to the beginning of this topic. What if golf games had great story modes to them? Over the years we’ve seen outstanding games with incredible stories and some of those games being sports games.

Fight Night Champion seemed to have an interesting story to it and so far what I’ve heard from the PS4 version of NBA 2K14 is that there’s a pretty good story mode in there as well. This brings hope for golf games in the future to follow the same paths. We’ve seen in previous versions of the popular Tiger Woods PGA Tour series that there were mini story modes and an example of that is in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 which had a neat time travel feature as you went through time to take down golf legends and fantasy characters until you reached the current generation where you take on Tiger Woods in the final battle. Yes, there was time travel in Tiger Woods 14 but Tiger Woods 06 had a tiny bit of story mode flavor to it as to where Tiger Woods 14 was challenges at best although I enjoyed the feature.

If only golf games had deeper story modes with more cutscenes and cinema style visuals to go along with great gameplay then I think you’ll have one of the greatest sports games ever made. Now, I know people are going to be like “Dude, how are you going to make a sport like golf in a video game with a great story mode? It’s GOLF!”. Well, it would take a few years of development but there are many ways you can do this. One of the ideas I had was to have a golf game where you’re an amateur golfer in the current generation and you just won a major amateur golf tournament. The beginning of the game allows you to run around freely in an open world environment in the current generation as you are in a town that’s famous for its golf therefore it’s full of golf related activities. As you walk around you can either talk to people who will give you golf challenges or give you a heads up on upcoming tournaments for you to enter.

You can also be able to go to local shops where you can purchase gear that can improve your golfer’s attributes. The more challenges you complete, the more the story starts to unfold. You’re also with a struggling family as well which adds to the emotion of the game and the connection with your character. As you progress to the first few challenges in the current generation, there would be a cutscene where you just won another tournament and you head to your locker in excitement as you start to realize the reality that you getting closer to possibly becoming a professional and that all of your struggles are over. Then you notice a glow in your locker as you’re changing back to your casual clothes (This is where things get weird but hey I’m writing this so you know things will get weird). Of course, the curious soul that you are, you stick your hand into the glow and as you do you get sucked into a portal which leads you way back to golf’s roots back in the 1400’s.

St. Andrews would make for a great main golf course in the game

St. Andrews would make for a great main golf course in the game with all of its rich royalties

As you awake, you have no idea what just happened until you realize you’re not in the current generation anymore and that you remember touching that glow in your locker. Although you’re worried about the situation, you’re also in awe and amazement of all of the beautiful castles and the view of the ocean’s horizon in the distance as well as the beautiful women and well dressed gentlemen. As you’re trying to figure out what’s going on and as you’re exploring the land, you notice that there are people playing a new game called “kolf” (Golf’s original name) as you quickly realized that they’re playing golf. Although you’re very stressed and desperate about the situation, you continue to watch the “kolfer’s” play. This is where you begin to explore your new open world in the 1400’s which is also filled with activities with the hit new game of “kolf”.

You can speak with others who will give you challenges although you’re still shell-shocked over what’s going on so your speech is a bit shaky in nervousness. As you’re going about challenges (Which can vary as putting, chipping, long drive or full tournament challenges), you’ll get to a cutscene where you spot a beautiful young woman who apparently is a princess or has royal ties of some sort. You want to speak to her but you’re not sure what to say because you don’t want to sound rude in any way. You notice that she is attending a kolf tournament which leads you to participate in your first kolf tournament as you want her to possibly notice you out on the course. However, you are still not familiar with the clubs so you try to work on your game as you’re freely roaming the gorgeous royal open world.

The cool feature of the game would be that you can choose to either practice on a course or you can use the streets as your playground as you start to improve your game with the old school clubs. There’s a guardian angel throughout some of the cutsenes that tell you that you must complete certain tasks in order to get back to the current generation. One of the cool features would be the deep customization of your character as you can choose anything whether it’s clothing, height, weight, ethnics, or even his voice (Which would contribute to the long development time considering the fact you’ll have different voice actors saying lines during cut scenes and when talking to civilians.). Another cool thing would obviously be the open world environments which would take golf gaming to new heights.

The 1400’s world would be larger considering the fact that most of the game would take place there. I think the game would have a nice twist of fantasy, love and a story a young golfer trying to make his way back home. The message of the game I think would tell you that your golfer can play the best golf of his life no matter what generation he’s in which proves his greatness in the sport. I know, I know, people are going to be like “Oh that’s way too weird” but people love that fantasy type of stuff because the traditional way won’t really go anywhere. I mean yes, we still love the traditional golf game if it’s made very well but I think it would be very refreshing to have at least one golf game with a great story line and solid gameplay.

This would also introduce the sport to many gamers who don’t follow golf. Yes, it would take time to make a game like this and yes it would cost a lot of money but it doesn’t have to have everything that I mentioned. I’m just a young kid from Chicago with a dream and an idea is all. Would be a gaming classic? Yes or no, it can go either way but I believe if the time of development is proper and if they season it with the right spices then it’s very possible that you have a masterpiece of a game both for golfers and sports fans alike. It’s the creativity and imagination in video games that make them great and can turn a sport that some may call “boring” (Ha, you’re funny) into something very enjoyable. So please feel free to share any ideas you may have on a golf game with a great story, I’d love to hear them! Who knows, maybe some developer will notice your ideas! Just a fun topic to throw out there!

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Has EA Sports Found Their New Tiger Woods?

Here's a picture of the tweet courtesy of a fan on the EA Sports forums, sadly I wasn't able to get the actual tweet but I knew it WAS there and now it's not.

Here’s a picture of the tweet courtesy of a fan on the EA Sports forums, sadly I wasn’t able to get the actual tweet but I knew it WAS there and now it’s not.

As we all know, Tiger Woods is no longer the cover boy for the EA Sports’ golfing franchise and left many of us asking the question, what’s next? Well, I did some digging around and it looks like Ian Poulter is a possible candidate as the new poster child of the legendary golf video game. There was a tweet all the way back from August that Poulter sent that went as follows: “Doing a little work for @EAsportsgolf this morning.” Although the tweet is old, I haven’t seen any other articles written about it and it could possibly hint that Ian could be the next cover boy for the game unless it’s just regular work. But if it was just regular work then why are they working so closely with him two years prior to the new game? That could be a sign because I’d think they’d be working with the cover athletes the most since they’re the stars of the game.

If this is true then I think Ian’s a solid choice since he’s a great competitor and he’s fantastic with the Ryder Cup which is arguably the biggest golf tournament in the world. Yes, not everyone likes Poulter but his competitiveness is fitting with the game and may possibly mean an inclusion of the European Tour as well as Poulter has those connections. So, is Ian Poulter going take the throne from the almighty Tiger Woods? What features would the new game have? I think it would be pretty cool seeing the home courses of some of the top players featured in the game or seeing Pine Valley and Cypress Point in there for the first time. Or neither, just have a course creator and that’ll be the icing on the cake alone! So, what do you think of the possibility of Ian Poulter being the new cover boy for the popular golf video game? As always, let me know in the comments section!

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Tiger Woods, Lee Trevino, Included in List of Top 50 Golf Video Games of All-Time

A fan favorite classic for golf fans featuring golf hall of famer and control master Lee Trevino....and no you can't fight in the game!

A fan favorite classic for golf fans featuring golf hall of famer and control master Lee Trevino….and no you can’t fight in the game!

With golf video games making a dramatic turn with Tiger Woods and EA Sports ending their relationship, HB Studios planning on releasing a golf game on the PS4 and the possible chance of 2K Sports creating a golf game, I thought it was only fitting to give you a link to a list of the top 50 golf video games of all-time. Rather new or old, these games will remain in the hearts of virtual golfers for some time to come and with many exciting changes going on in the virtual links world including the start of the PS4 and Xbox One generation, we hope to have more great golf experiences down the road. So, without further ado, here are the top 50 golf video games of all-time:


As you just saw, the list included some of the best selling golf games and the ones that were the most popular. Although, the majority of the games were of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series, there were only a couple of them that stood out to golf fans. What other game will come out and make this list? Only time will tell but I feel very confident about where golf video games are going and I might be in the minority but I have a feeling we’ll see more golf games releasing especially with the PS4 and Xbox One coming out within the next couple of weeks. So, what’s your thoughts on the list? Do you agree with it? Disagree with it? Please let me know in the comments section if you like or dislike the list and please feel free to give your top 5 golf games of all-time. or 10. or 20. OK fine, 30….OK! FINE! 50! Thanks a bunch to for the list!

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A GP Review of GTA 5’s Version of the Links

The cover art of what many already consider, one of the greatest games of all-time.

The cover art of what many already consider, one of the greatest games of all-time.

Grand Theft Auto 5 came out a little over a month ago now and the game has received very high praise as expected. It is one of the highest selling games of all time and features a very large are to explore. The one feature however that was a major hit with fans is the golf game that is featured in the game making it the first time in Grand Theft Auto history that a player can tee it up for a full round of golf. Right off the bat, I must say, it is very well done and is kind of addicting. The course looks beautiful over looking the L.A. resembling Los Santos, the graphics are phenomenal, the swng animations are nearly spot on and you can drive a golf cart to your next shot which is awesome. Yes, you can choose to cause rampage on the course but you will be kicked out right away if you do so. There are three main characters in the game and you can choose to call one of them to play a round of golf as two players. You can also complete mini missions where random people may need your help while driving around and there’s one guy who can be chosen as a golfing partner once you helped him escape the depths of his angry wife after she finds out that he’s cheating on her. He tells you to drop him off at the golf course and that’s how he becomes a golf pal. Between the three main protagonists, Michael, Franklin and Trevor, I use Franklin the most because he’s the most cool, calm and collected of the three anti-heroes. Plus, he also brings back memories of the legendary Carl “CJ” Johnson from GTA San Andreas who was voted by the Guinness Book of World Records as the 22nd greatest video game character of all-time.

A screenshot of GTA Online's version of golf.

A screenshot of GTA Online’s version of golf.

Each player has there own “Special Abilities” but these don’t apply to the golf course. As I’m playing a round, I noticed that there some similar features to the Tiger Woods series such as using the analog stick to swing and using spin on the ball while it’s in mid-air. Everything about the game is smooth such as the swing and how the course plays. My only main issues with the game is that the ball flies as if it’s a crumbled and balled up piece of paper. It doesn’t seem like the ball has weight to it. Another thing that’s a bummer is that there is only one golf course and it’s only nine holes while there are seven tennis courts for golf fans who may be into tennis as well. It’s still awesome though because Rockstar Games didn’t have to put golf in there at all but they took the effort to do it and it’s great for many golf fans out there who are gamers. Players can also play golf online with friends with the new “GTA Online” feature which gives players the ability to create their own character and freely roam around Los Santos and join races, play tennis or of course play golf. I must say, it’s a lot pf fun playing golf online as it’s a great way to level up your character while meeting some new people to play with (Note: Playing tons of golf will increase your player’s stamina and strength since you are taking part in an athletic activity).


My latest score. Hey at least I'm under par right?

My latest score. Hey at least I’m under par right?

Another awesome thing about golfing online is that it doesn’t matter what time of day it is in the city to play so if it’s night in the city, when you play, it will be day time again as to where to story mode, you have to come back to the course at a certain time to play. The only main flaw with the online mode is that you can’t drive golf carts like in the story mode but I’m sure that would cause all kinds of havoc as players will probably hold up your game by driving around the course like a maniac and screaming “Woo Hoo!” through their mics and headsets or they might set you up by getting you on the course to play but then they try to beat you down with the golf club so they can take your money. It’s still a tons of fun online to play as your own created character plus, it doesn’t cost you any in-game money to play like in the story mode. So, GTA 5’s golf experience is definitely a fun one and is a great holdover until HB Studios releases their new golf game for the PS4 and Xbox One or until 2K Sports possibly comes out of no where to make a golf game. Overall, I give Grand Theft Auto 5’s golf experience a 8 out of 10 and the great swing animations, course and multiplayer experience add to that. Subscribe to the GP Golf Report on the left side of your screen for more news and opinions on all things golf! Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio! Also, below, please enjoy gameplay footage of GTA 5’s golf courtesy of iMacGamers!

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No Tiger Woods 15, HB Studios to Work on Golf Game

Could these guys be the Golf Video Game Saviors for 2014?

Could these guys be the Golf Video Game Saviors for 2014?

Well, it’s pretty much confirmed that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 is not going to happen in the March of 2014 and current game (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14) seems like it won’t get a patch anytime soon to cure some of the glitches within the game. So does this mean that this will be the end for the beloved golf video game franchise? Read on to find out more friends. The game has been very popular amongst golf fans pretty much since 1998 and has seen many unique features such as The Masters and the Ryder Cup. However, the sales of the game have ranged up and down with Tiger Woods 2004 being arguably the best of the series and one of the higher rated sports games of all time. One thing I hear from many people is that the game has been getting worse and worse year after year and like I’ve probably mentioned before, the game used to be more “fun-filled with game modes, features, mini games and a great soundtrack while also featuring very unique and beautiful fantasy courses along with the terrific real life courses. I still enjoy the game without a doubt and Tiger 14 is a very fun game, probably the best since Tiger 10. The lack of the “fun” factor though has really weakened the game from what it was. Some people can’t stand the fantasy courses which is absolutely silly to me because it’s ruining the extra fun in the game. Some people act as if the fantasy courses mess up the experience or that maybe it will screw up the chances of getting their favorite real course in the game and this is my assumption. I don’t think having fantasy courses would affect the list of real courses so I don’t understand the hate.

Don't Worry Tiger Woods PGA Tour Fans, the Franchise Will be Back for the 2015 Season (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16).

Don’t Worry Tiger Woods PGA Tour Fans, the Franchise Will be Back for the 2015 Season (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16).

Anyway, I think Tiger Woods 14 did a great job with the features they have and taking advantage of the “Battle of the Eras” and featuring great legends like Arnold Palmer and Lee Trevino and they also did a spectacular job with re-creating the 1934 version of Augusta National but there’s just too many bugs in the game. So, for those of you wondering what’s going to happen with the legendary sports video game, you have nothing to fear because Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16 WILL in fact happen unless otherwise. EA Sports is simply taking a year off so they can adjust to the technology of the PS4 and Xbox One and that’s a very smart move for them as now they have time to make a terrific golfing game. Plus, imagine how beautiful it will look on the PS4 and Xbox One? The detail in each swing, the movement of the blades of the grass, the realism, the realistic look of the golfer after he hits a bad shot (Picture it in slow motion)? Sounds awesome to me. And I’m sure the environments on the course and the weather conditions will be breathtaking. So Tiger Woods 15 is going to happen but you guys are probably wondering, who the freaking frack is HB Studios? HB Studios is the same company that has worked with EA Sports on several games including NBA Live and FIFA, but they’re working on a golf game for 2014 and if there’s no EA Sports golf game for 2014 then…who’s HB Studios going to be working with? And this is why this is exciting news because we may see a golf game with a totally different angle and that’s something great to talk about. Because if they work with a company like 2K Sports and if they use the same engine as the legendary NBA 2K franchise then my goodness it would be a very good golf game and the one thing I absolutely love about 2K is that they really know how to catch detail so the graphics in the game would be phenomenal.

Is HB Studios for Real Luigi?

Is HB Studios for Real Luigi?

From I heard, the game will be a PS4 and Xbox One title so it will definitely look pretty and the technology and style of the game could be ridiculous because golf is the perfect sport to feature in a video game with unbelievable detail and mechanics. The one feature that really caught my eye and will really make it one of the best sports games ever is the course creator that is said to be featured and that’s a feature that golf gaming fans everywhere have been drooling for a long time especially since the Links series. Imagine that, all of the deep customization that can be done to create stunning golf courses in next-gen gaming style and I am someone who loves golf course architecture so this is a great feature for fans of great course architecture and even aspiring ones. So who is HB Studios planning to run with this golf game? Will it be 2K? Are they possibly going to release it themselves? 2K is the only real candidate I can think of so it’s very possible. The rumors are that the game may be on store shelves in 9 o 10 months so mark your calendars with your pencils just in case you have to erase it but let’s hope not! So what’s this mystery golf game going to be like? What’s the name going to be? Who or what will be on the cover? Will it be PGA Tour licensed or no? Only time will tell but I love the suspense. This is a journalist’s dream. Get excited my fellow virtual golfers! Here’s HB Studios’ website:

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Will EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour be Back?

A Screenshot from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Featuring the Great Arnold Palmer.

A Screenshot from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Featuring the Great Arnold Palmer.

A Screenshot of One of the Popular Fantasy Golfers in the Legendary Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 game Taking a Swing at One of the Mini Games.

A Screenshot of One of the Popular Fantasy Golfers in the Legendary Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 Game Taking a Swing at One of the Mini Games.

Well, the rumors are out there saying that the Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game series by the ever popular EA Sports company may not be made next year. There have been 15 or 16 games in the series since Tiger Woods got his name on it and has seen major success since it’s launch. The only other game that was in competition with it was the Hot Shots Golf series and may be more popular but it’s not a golf simulator like the TW series. When you think about though, there hasn’t been any competition with the TW series besides the Links series which only lasted until 2004 and that game received very high praise from golf gamers. The game however has received it’s share of criticism in recent years with many fans saying that every game after the release of Tiger Woods 10 was not very good with some going as far as saying that the game was bad after the the release of Tiger Woods 2005 onward. I will say, the earlier versions of the game (03, 04, 05) had a better and fun environment with some fun mini games, fantasy courses, characters and awesome music and they were hard games to put down. I still enjoy the Tiger Woods series and I got it every year since 08. I didn’t play 03, 04 or 05 until I started playing 08 and onward because I was still new to the game at the time so I wanted to try previous versions and I was not disappointed. The game since those years have been fun but they took out key aspects like the great music, the addicting mini games and goofy broadcasting of David Feherty and Gary McCord although David is back in the game but he’s now with Jim Nantz who is a great broadcaster but it takes out some of the humor. Also, there were many great courses in the older games that never returned to the series like Couer D’Alene, Paradise Cove which was a very popular fantasy course and Kapalua Plantation course.

Tiger Woods Featured in the 2004 Version of His Own Game Playing on the Very Popular Emerald Dragon Fantasy Course.

Tiger Woods Featured in the 2004 Version of His Own Game Playing on the Very Popular Emerald Dragon Fantasy Course.

There are so many things that have changed since then making it a bit more boring but I will say that Tiger Woods 14 is a great game, the best one arguably since 2010 which was also a fantastic game but TW 14 has its share of bugs however. Tiger Woods 11 was popular with the fans mostly because of the True Aim feature which gave the gamers a true golf experience and really led you to strategize your way around the golf course and that was a sweet feature but that game was one of the lowest if not the lowest selling game in the franchise’s history likely due to Tiger Woods’ off course issues but for the people who did play it like myself, I though it was solid especially having the Ryder Cup and the beautiful Celtic Manor course in their for the first time (Celtic Manor was built exclusively for the Ryder Cup that year by the way). Although I have enjoyed the recent games, I still think it could be like the earlier versions because it made golf look really appealing to non fans. And people wonder why a lot of sports fans think golf is boring. With the recent versions people will think that, I didn’t see nothing wrong with the fun and goofy way the game was played back then. You still had your golf fix but it had a bit of flare and vibe to it and was a deep game full of features. So that leaves us with the questions, will we see the release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15? Will it be on the PS4 or Xbox One or maybe even the sleek Ouya system? Or will we be stuck without a golf game for the following spring? Will another developer step up and create a great golf game? Who knows but this is why it is an exciting topic too because it really gets your minds wondering what will happen.

It’s like reading a great book and closing it for the night after you read the latest chapter. What’s next? Or will things be like how they were in the previous chapter? Only time will tell but it will be really exciting to see what happens especially since we got the brand new game systems on their way and with the Ouya already being released back in June on the day of my birthday (The 25th). Trust me, mark your calenders for any month between November and January because it is around that time where things start leaking out with the announcement of the Tiger Woods game usually around December, maybe January. You would thin k this would be bad news of the likely hold off of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 but it’s really exciting for those of us who have curiosity in what will happen. Plus, this gives the opportunity for other game companies to put out a great game with a true golfing experience because let’s be honest, it sucks when there’ only one simulation golf game on the market. So, all of the game companies, it’s time to release from your shells and create a golf game and NO you do NOT need the PGA Tour license to make a heck of a game because I feel that if the Tiger series does return, then there should be some fun competition too. So we will see what happens if Tiger Woods PGA Tour will be ready for next year or not or if they do come back, will they have new friends to play with? Stay tuned.

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How 2K Can Make the Greatest Golf Game of All-Time

2K Sports' World Famous Logo

2K Sports’ World Famous Logo

The EA Sports World Famous Logo

The EA Sports World Famous Logo

2K Sports has created terrific sports games such the legendary NBA 2K games and the popular NFL 2K which are no longer around and now, their latest project is WWE 2K14, will release in October and seems like it will be fantastic with the physics that 2K uses on their games. The “Links” golf series was a product of Take Two Interactive and was a very popular game but was overshadowed by the success of EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour Series which has become a major mainstream success, not only in America but in the world. If 2K can make a golf game then it can really battle with the Tiger Woods series because, think about the endless possibilities of features 2K can have as well as throwing that incredible world famous 2K physics and mechanics into the game. 2K can easily define the beauty of golf through a video game made by them. One of the things I hear a lot is that they don’t have the PGA or PGA Tour license (PGA and PGA Tour are two separate things for those of you that are new to the game of golf) because EA has it and now EA has Augusta National in the game (Tiger 14 is a great game). Really though, 2K does NOT need the PGA or PGA Tour license to make a high quality golf game. If the game doesn’t have any bugs and it the gameplay mechanics are beautiful which 2K is terrific at doing then it will be a great game. Besides, there are SO many other legendary courses that aren’t licensed with the PGA Tour like Carnoustie in Scotland, Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton, Illinois and Pine Valley Golf Club. Speaking of Pine Valley, that reminds me, EA doesn’t have a license with Pine Valley GC which means 2K can try and take advantage of having the former NO.1 ranked course (Now, 2nd behind Augusta) in the world in the game.

A Screenshot from Links 204, the Latest and Last Version of the Game.

A Screenshot from Links 2004, the Latest and Last Version of the Game.

That will bring fun competition to the video game world and will give golf fans the chance to choose between EA, the game with Augusta, or 2K, the game with Pine Valley. That would be a very fun thing to go by for customers and would make a great advertisement. As for players, almost nobody uses players in the Tiger Woods game because everyone wants to use their created golfer. The only exception is this year’s game which features some of the greatest legends in golf history such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Seve Ballesterios. The legends they didn’t include were Gene Sarazen, Walter Hagen, and Byron Nelson. Those are legends that can easily be featured in 2K’s golf game and those, alone are some very good players and some other players that can be featured are Payne Stewart, Nick Faldo and Harry Vardon. That’s six already, just add Old and Young Tom Morris and possibly Chi Chi Rodriguez (Not a major winner but he has hall of fame numbers, mostly coming from the Champions Tour however) and you have nine popular legends right there, can’t keep Billy Casper out either. The mechanics of a 2K golf game would be incredible so I don’t understand why they can’t make a golf game or could have just continued the “Links” series under their license. In all honesty, it’s boring to see no competition out on the market when it comes to golf video games and a much as I enjoy the Tiger Woods series, I am a huge fan of 2K Sports and they do such a great job with the NBA 2K series that I feel it’s time for them to make a game that will truly put the realism of their games to the test because no sport shows the combination of art, beauty and drama like this game we all love called golf. The courses, and designs would fit perfectly with 2K sports’ style and vibe.

The soundtrack could be a variety as there’s no specific music for golf, like there is for football (Hip Hop & Rock), baseball (Mostly Rock but a little Hip Hop), basketball (Mostly Hip Hop but a little bit of Rock) or hockey ( All Rock but maybe a tad bit of Hip Hop every once in awhile). Golf has different styles and 2K is known for creating amazing soundtracks so the possibilities are endless when it comes to music in 2K’s golf game. The game could bring back the “Links” name and call it “Links 2K14 (Or 15)” as well making sound unique instead of just “Golf 2K14” but then again they can take a certain player and name it “John Daly’s Golf 2K14” as an example (Got to love JD) but the reason why the “PGA Tour” isn’t featured in the title because as I mentioned earlier, the PGA Tour license is in the Tiger Woods game. I hope 2K would really take this idea into consideration because it gets tiring seeing no other authentic golfing games out there on the market and I feel 2K would be the best fit for having golf on their repertoire of games because they’re lacking games right now after getting rid of the NHL 2K series, College Hoops Series and the NFL 2K series. So now, I think it’s time for a savior 2K because the MLB 2K games are getting blown away by MLB the Show series so I think a 2K golf game could actually be competitive out there and would make a lot of golf fans happy.

2K can make this happen and I think now’s the time especially when we are in a unique time in the sport as more players are winning majors and a more diverse group of players are coming out of college. Dear 2K Sports, the time is NOW. Make the greatest golf game to hit the market, AT LEAST propose the idea. There’s no better time than now to make a great golf game with deep fresh features and fresh new legends and courses while also having a deep customization feature. A course creator idea would also be amazing. If a course creator is made then the sales will sky rocket because that is a highly demanded feature in golf video games. Golf gamers everywhere are counting on you 2K. Your friend, Colin.

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The PS4 is in the hoouussee!!


The PS4 is coming out around the holiday season and it should be exciting!

I surprised how soon it was announced but it’s cool too! Orgionally it was suppose to be out in 2015 but now we have a reason to speed up to the holiday season again.

Oh by the way, did I mention that this is my 10th post? HOORAY!! Ok, back to PS4 goodness! they never released photos of the actual system not that I know of anyway, but the controller has a photo and it looks AMAZING (Pictured above) in my personal opinion.

it has a touch pad AND buttons. Buttons and pads! the perfect combination….well maybe. But the gripping of the controller looks TIGHT and looks like it will be smooth to play with.

A lot of new games will come exclusively for the PS4 like the game I’m looking forward to which is Watch Dogs, a game that is in an open world environment and takes place in the city I love which is Chicago.

The graphics?….Oh the graphics look like as if you or me are in the game. So look for more news on the PS4 and I will be sure to write another post on this historic gaming revolution.

Doesn’t that controller make you wanna drool in gaming goodness? You know it waters your mouth! That controller is so awesome that I would put it on a chain to put around my neck! True story!!

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