PHOTO: Woman believes that this man is Tiger Woods

I might be a little late on this but this Instagram photo shows a woman with who she thinks is Tiger Woods.


And if you look at the comments of the picture, you can see her saying that she saw ID and that it was in fact Woods.

She might of met Jaguar Woods but that’s certainly not Tiger Woods.


I think it’s time for someone to show this woman some golf highlights and show her who the real Tiger Woods is. She’ll recognize his voice too, just wait until he hits an errant tee shot.


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PHOTOS: Abandoned WWII bunker turned into mini golf course


So, there’s a pub located in London that’s in an abandoned WWII bunker and features a putt-putt golf course.


The pub/bar called Swingers, has seen quite a bit of success since opening, with 90,000 visitors in a six month span.


The “Crazy Golf” course as they call it in the UK and other parts of the world, has always been a very popular activity for folks all around the world.


Olivia Prokopova of Czech is arguably the best Crazy Golf player in the world and the popularity of mini/crazy golf has rapidly grown more.


So, the idea of a course located at a pub inside a WWII bunker has proven to be a brilliant idea, especially with the solid attendance and a well designed track.



Swingers also features a clubhouse, four cocktail bars and a gin terrace among other things.




Sounds and looks like a great place to get your golf fix and get your grub on for the evening.


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LOOK: Golfer gets whole set of Ping irons for insane low price

A Reddit user purchased a set of Ping i10 irons at a Goodwill store for a crazy low price of $14. Yup, this was his lucky day.

Sure, there are ways to get low priced irons at places like a Goodwill (I remember getting a Nike wedge there one time) or flea markets usually have some nice sets as well. However, what makes this extra astonishing is that sets of Ping i10 irons go for well over $200 on eBay and this dude just got a set for $14!

His golf jackpot wasn’t quite over yet, as he also got some beautiful Taylormade woods to go along with his Ping irons. Here are some pictures of the golf gold mine:

It’s amazing what you can find at these kind of places. Luck is a wonderful thing isn’t it?

Let’s hope those clubs boost his game!

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PHOTOS: A train delays golf tournament

Choo choo! The birdie train has arrriived! Well, literally almost.


During a tournament in Minnesota, a train that was blocking certain pathways of the golf course came to a stop. It was then in the way and since they couldn’t get it running for a while, they decided to delay the tourney.


Doug Hoffman of the Minnesota Golf Association posted these tweets of the incident:

Then finally….



That’s pretty crazy. Reminds me of Royal Colombo Golf Club where there’s a train that goes by on the fairway!



Now THAT’s where REAL golf strategy comes in to play.


Lay up and wait for train to go by? Or hit tee shot over moving train?


Golf is awesome man.


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Source: Golf News Net 





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PICTURE: Golf Channel studio gets wrecked after storm

The PGA Championship at Whistling Straits got suspended on Friday after a “Whistling” storm went washing through the course. Play will continue on Saturday morning when the sheep come back out to play.


But Todd Lewis of Golf Channel tweeted this picture of the studio after the storm:

Thankfully, nobody was hurt. But doesn’t the picture have that look of an abandoned place?

Exactly what it looks like and with the famous Straits clubhouse in the background, makes it looks that much more eerie. At the same time, it looks like a really cool picture as well, kinda artistic in some ways (I know I’m weird like that).

Again, glad no one was hurt though.

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ICYMI:There’s a replica of St. Andrews in someone’s backyard

OK, not a full replica but an awesome replica of the famous 17th hole’s famous bunker (Tongue twister much?). And I know, the Open Championship is over and this was posted all over before the it even started but c’mon, this is such a timeless photo!

That’s just the awesome thing about golf course design. Golf courses are like art pieces and the entire world is the gallery holding all of these forms of art.

And each course has such a distinctive and memorable feature and usually it’s a bunker such as Oakmont’s “Church Pew” bunker, Royal St. George’s gigantic bunker and of course, the famous Road Hole bunker at St. Andrews. No two designs are alike my friends!

Someone is really taking their bunker game seriously! This is awesome! #StAndrews #TheOpen #RoadHoleBunkerInYourBackGarden

A photo posted by lukedonald (@lukedonald) on

Now, all that backyard needs is a green next to it so we can practice our recovery shots! We’ll be winning Opens at St. Andrews in nooo time….I think. Well, maybe our guy Lukie Donald will design a replica in his backyard too!

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Jordan Spieth seen playing soccer at St. Andrews


NO Jordan! Soccer bad! Stop doing bad things!

No, no, I’m not saying soccer (football) is bad. I’m a casual soccer (football) fan myself and appreciate the sport.

However, Jordan Spieth was seen at St. Andrews kicking a soccer ball, just about two weeks after current world number one (Geez, how long will that title last with Jordan hanging around?) Rory McIlroy busted his ankle after playing soccer with his friends. Rory will miss this week’s British Open because of it and will not have a shot at defending his title this year.

Some say it’s kinda a friendly shot at Rory while it really could just be that Jordan likes kicking some balls (Haaaa….). And heck, who doesn’t?

Kicking a soccer ball is a lot of fun and now you got Footgolf which has exploded globally. Maybe Jordan was prepping for the Open with some Footgolf practice?

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Source: Golf News Net

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PHOTOS: Jordan finally releases golf shoes, look ice cold

So this is a total drool moment for people like me who always wanted to rock Jordan gear on the course. After the big release of Jordan brand’s Space Jam based sneakers, the guys in Oregon are at it again, this time, FINALLY releasing a Jordan golf shoe that is long overdue.

There’s no release date yet but rumor has it that we can expect these ice cold kicks later this month.

Jordan golf shoes are usually really tough to come by and if you do, they might be a high price. I remember seeing a pair of sick Jordan golf shoes that were going for well over $1,000.

Some say that His Airness likes to keep his golf kicks secretive and only hands them out to close friends. Sometimes, you get lucky and find them online on places like eBay but again, for a high price.

Now, we don’t have to wonder anymore about how to get Jordan golf shoes because this dream looks to be a reality. All you need is an entire Jordan golf line of clothing such as shirts, jackets, hats, etc.

Here’s a tweet below showcasing the ferocious kicks:

The PGA Tour’s golf gear guru J-Wall (Johnathon Wall of thinks their hot too:

“Oh my” indeed Mr. Wall.

Now, Michael had made a decision to design his own golf course for his own use because of the “slow play” that was going on at the legendary PGA National. So, what would be flamin’ hot is some Jordan golf shoes with the design of PGA National’s famed “Bear Trap” (Holes 16, 17, and 18) or with the design of one of the holes of his proposed course.

I’d rock those for sure, as long as it’s not overdone!

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Pictures: Jimmy Walker gets adorable notes from 5th graders

Jimmy Walker received a couple of really cute notes from some kids who caddied for him on the 17th hole during the AT&T Byron Nelson. Kids from the Momentus Institute in Texas were given the chance to caddie for Jimmy and they had some advice for the five time PGA Tour champion.

The notes also include the time when Jimmy saved one of them from a ball headed towards their way!

Here are the cute notes courtesy of Jimmy’s wife Erin:

Super Jimbo? Ninja Jimbo? Yeah, I like that. Jimmy the Ninja! Nice save Mr. Walker!

Let’s see how Jimmy the Ninja fares at the upcoming U.S. Open at Chambers Bay!

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Read what this golf course’s sprinkler marker says

Golf is full of some wonderful, wonderful people. Some of the friendliest people in the world are golf enthusiasts.

However, golf can also be one of the cockiest sports as well. You know there’s always that guy who thinks he can make every par-5 in two.

Well, this golf course in Illinois decided to poke fun at those so called “Golf course tough guys”. On one of the holes of the course, there’s a sprinkler marker that’s 300 yards away from the flag.

That marker says “Only Bubba” referring to two-time Masters champion and one of the most powerful golfers on Tour, Bubba Watson. So basically, what the course is telling you is that “You’re an idiot if you’re going for it! Play smart!”.

Here’s the image of the marker courtesy of a Reddit user:

Now I’m sure this little marker will start to get as much attention and as many pictures as the Swilcan Bridge at St. Andrews or the floating “Suggestion Box” at Crooked Stick (OK, not quite but you know what I mean!). Man, I love Illinois and the courses we offer!

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Source: Golf News Net

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