Nascar driver has the greatest golf backyard ever

Kevin Harvick is a star on the racetrack for Nascar but apparently is a star when it comes to backyards too, as this replica of Augusta National’s 12 hole is stunning.

Harvick, who played Augusta a few years back, said that “there’s nothing like this place” and it’s really hard to disagree with him there.

We already saw when someone had a replica of St. Andrews’ legendary “Road Hole” in their backyard, so the Augusta 12th replica is just the icing on the cake for amazing golf yards. And the trees neatly tucked behind the green remind of the towering trees at the 12th.

Picture perfect as they say.

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PHOTOS: Jordan Spieth’s new $7.1 million mansion is crazy


Jordan Spieth has obviously made a ton of money this year after a historical PGA Tour season where he won five tournaments including the Masters and U.S. Open.


He capped that off by winning the first tournament of the season at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. Now, all of the winning has paid off as he now owns one of coolest homes in sports.


Spieth purchased the home off of six time PGA Tour champion and fan favorite Hunter Mahan and offers features that will make you jealous. One of those features is a 12-car garage with half a basketball court bellow it.


The house is 16,665 and includes a guest house, infinity pool and a man cave with a ping pong table and golf simulator. ย There’s also a full kitchen with a fire pit and the house includes five bedrooms and six bathrooms.


Here are other pictures of the rest of the house if you can handle it.


Yup, that’s what you call living the life. Jordan “Get Money” Spieth in the building.

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PHOTOS: Michelle Wie gets lessons from Tiger Woods

I guess the “Swoosh Squad” sticks together, as Nike representative Michelle Wie received some chipping lessons from Tiger Woods.


If anything, this shows that Woods is figuring out new ways to stay around golf while he’s recovering. Coaching the 2014 U.S. Women’s Open champion was definitely in the plans as Wie happily showed off a couple of pictures of the session.

Casual chipping lesson from the @tigerwoods this morning ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™Š

A photo posted by Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) on

Pretty cool hearing @tigerwoods talk about his golf game at his @twfoundation clinic today. Definitely learned some stuff! Thanks for letting me hit golf balls for you #nikefam

A photo posted by Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) on

Who knows what Woods’ future looks like but hey, if Wie starts winning again, Maybe Woods has a future in coaching. Look out Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter and Dave Pelz.

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PHOTO: J.B. Holmes receives hilarious Christmas gift

J.B. Holmes had quite a comeback season in 2015 and was the king of power in golf before Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson took over.

With him coming back to form, winning once and contending in other tournaments, you’d think Holmes would receive some cool Christmas gifts for what he achieved. Well, he got a great gift (Or well, at least for us who like a good laugh) as his sister presented him with a shirt that says “World’s Okayest Golfer”.

Holmes was one of the popular players on Tour a few years back, wowing golf fans everywhere with his long drives. Now, a rejuvenate Holmes looks to fit right in with the new generation of golf and he did so somewhat quietly in 2015 and looks to continue his success in 2016.

Maybe he should wear the shirt to fool others into thinking that he’s just an “okay” golfer. Then show them all up in the end.

The golf hustle.

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PHOTO: Rory McIlroy takes silly photo of himself during rehab

Human version of the dreaded K-9 cone…. Only for sleeping though! Laser eye surgery went well yesterday ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘

A photo posted by Rory McIlroy (@rorymcilroy) on

Rory McIlroy underwent some laser eye surgery and shared on Instagram a picture with a funny caption on it. In some ways, he looks like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar only McIlroy’s lens’ are larger. He’s expected to return to action at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship next month. McIlroy isn’t the only one who had shared a post operation photo. Henrik Stenson also shared a photo with somewhat of a derpy (If you don’t know what that means, Google or Bing it) face that only Stenson can make.

I guess we’ll see if the hottest new trend will be “post surgical selfies” on Twitter. As long as it’s not your butt then we’re straight.

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PHOTO: Woman believes that this man is Tiger Woods

I might be a little late on this but this Instagram photo shows a woman with who she thinks is Tiger Woods.


And if you look at the comments of the picture, you can see her saying that she saw ID and that it was in fact Woods.

She might of met Jaguar Woods but that’s certainly not Tiger Woods.


I think it’s time for someone to show this woman some golf highlights and show her who the real Tiger Woods is. She’ll recognize his voice too, just wait until he hits an errant tee shot.


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PHOTOS: Abandoned WWII bunker turned into mini golf course


So, there’s a pub located in London that’s in an abandoned WWII bunker and features a putt-putt golf course.


The pub/bar called Swingers, has seen quite a bit of success since opening, with 90,000 visitors in a six month span.


The “Crazy Golf” course as they call it in the UK and other parts of the world, has always been a very popular activity for folks all around the world.


Olivia Prokopova of Czech is arguably the best Crazy Golf player in the world and the popularity of mini/crazy golf has rapidly grown more.


So, the idea of a course located at a pub inside a WWII bunker has proven to be a brilliant idea, especially with the solid attendance and a well designed track.



Swingers also features a clubhouse, four cocktail bars and a gin terrace among other things.




Sounds and looks like a great place to get your golf fix and get your grub on for the evening.


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LOOK: Golfer gets whole set of Ping irons for insane low price

A Reddit user purchased a set of Ping i10 irons at a Goodwill store for a crazy low price of $14. Yup, this was his lucky day.

Sure, there are ways to get low priced irons at places like a Goodwill (I remember getting a Nike wedge there one time) or flea markets usually have some nice sets as well. However, what makes this extra astonishing is that sets of Ping i10 irons go for well over $200 on eBay and this dude just got a set for $14!

His golf jackpot wasn’t quite over yet, as he also got some beautiful Taylormade woods to go along with his Ping irons. Here are some pictures of the golf gold mine:

It’s amazing what you can find at these kind of places. Luck is a wonderful thing isn’t it?

Let’s hope those clubs boost his game!

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PHOTOS: A train delays golf tournament

Choo choo! The birdie train has arrriived! Well, literally almost.


During a tournament in Minnesota, a train that was blocking certain pathways of the golf course came to a stop. It was then in the way and since they couldn’t get it running for a while, they decided to delay the tourney.


Doug Hoffman of the Minnesota Golf Association posted these tweets of the incident:

Then finally….



That’s pretty crazy. Reminds me of Royal Colombo Golf Club where there’s a train that goes by on the fairway!



Now THAT’s where REAL golf strategy comes in to play.


Lay up and wait for train to go by? Or hit tee shot over moving train?


Golf is awesome man.


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PICTURE: Golf Channel studio gets wrecked after storm

The PGA Championship at Whistling Straits got suspended on Friday after a “Whistling” storm went washing through the course. Play will continue on Saturday morning when the sheep come back out to play.


But Todd Lewis of Golf Channel tweeted this picture of the studio after the storm:

Thankfully, nobody was hurt. But doesn’t the picture have that look of an abandoned place?

Exactly what it looks like and with the famous Straits clubhouse in the background, makes it looks that much more eerie. At the same time, it looks like a really cool picture as well, kinda artistic in some ways (I know I’m weird like that).

Again, glad no one was hurt though.

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