Phil Mickelson criticizes former captains, then apologizes



Phil Mickelson had already made some pot stirring comments during the last Ryder Cup at Glenneagles which turned out to be a mess for the U.S. team anyway. Now, Mickelson criticized former captain, Hal Sutton, talking about how he set the pairing of Mickelson and Tiger Woods to “fail” and also criticized 2014 captain Tom Watson…again.


Here’s the comment about Watson:

“I think that when you look back on what the difference is, when players are put in a position to succeed, oftentimes, more often than not, they tend to succeed and when they are put in positions to fail, most of the time they tend to fail,” Mickelson said according to Golf Digest

“This is a year where we feel as though Captain Love has been putting us in a position to succeed. He’s taken input from all parties. He’s making decisions that have allowed us to prepare our best and play our best, and I believe that we will play our best.”

Now here’s the comments on Hal Sutton about the pairing between Mickelson and Woods:

“We were told two days before that we were playing together,” . Mickelson said “And that gave us no time to work together and prepare.”

Mickelson mostly criticized what the alternate shot pairing because they had to share a ball that he wasn’t comfortable with. It caused him to take a lot of practice time out in order to learn the new ball. Ultimately, the team of Woods and Mickelson failed.

“And in the history of my career, I have never ball-tested two days prior to a major. I’ve never done it. It doesn’t allow me to play my best.” Mickelson said. “That’s an example of starting with the captain, that put us in a position to fail, and we failed monumentally, absolutely,”.

But he apologized for his remarks on Wednesday night:


“I was totally in the wrong,” Mickelson said according to Golf Digest. “I never should have brought that up. I used an extreme example the way decisions can affect play, and I never should have done that because it affected Hal.”


Sutton responded to the controversial comment:


“I mean, my God, somebody’s got to be the fall guy,” Sutton said.

Despite Mickelson’s apology to Sutton, there wasn’t one given to Watson, who he also criticized for the second time. However, as mentioned, that whole situation in 2014 was a disaster anyway.

The Sutton comments were fairly surprising. However, hopefully for the U.S., this is the last bit of controversy we’ll see.

We don’t want a repeat of 2014. I suppose, if team USA comes out victorious, then it probably won’t even matter.

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Arnold Palmer: Some thoughts on his passing

What you are about to read is a portion of my story on Arnold Palmer’s passing via a piece I wrote on Pro Golf Now. 

Arnold Palmer famously known as “The King” has passed away at the age of 87 according to Golf Digest. He was known as one of golf’s first true superstars and was instrumental in the growth of golf on TV.

He was also known for his unique swing and as one of the earliest golfers who effectively incorporated power into their swing. Palmer’s creativity was also pure, as, if it was windy, he’d hit the ball at a lower trajectory in order to beat the air.

Thanks to his wit and stellar all-around play, Palmer would go on to win seven major championships. One of those victories included an unforgettable 1960 U.S. Open victory over a very young Jack Nicklaus.

Thanks to his wit and stellar all-around play, Palmer would go on to win seven major championships. One of those victories included an unforgettable 1960 U.S. Open victory over a very young Jack Nicklaus.

He also had an immense swagger about him, that most kids today wouldn’t think people would have back then. From the polos he wore, to his hairstyle and to his distinctive play, it was hard not to spot Palmer on the course and he was easy to root for.

But, his impact on the game goes beyond the golf course, as he made major contributions to the business world as well. He was the creator of Golf Channel which has reached televisions all around the world and helped give a platform to some of golf’s best media personalities.

His golf course design was also superb. He designed over 200 courses during his career as an architect and has owned the famed Bay Hill Club and Lodge which hosts the Arnold Palmer Invitational each year.

Furthermore, he owned Latrobe Country Club in his hometown of Latrobe, PA. His father was a club professional and greenskeeper there, and helped fuel Palmer’s passion for the sport of golf….Read more at Pro Golf Now


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Report: Tiger Woods to return to golf next month

Tiger Woods plans to return to professional golf very soon. How will he do in yet another return to the game? 

Tiger Woods has announced on his website that he plans to return to the Safeway Open on Oct. 13-16. This marks the fourth time Woods has returned from being absent from golf, due to injury.

He also “hopes” to play in the Turkish Open which is from Nov. 3-6. Finally, he’ll try to play in his own tournament, the Hero World Challenge which is from Dec. 1-4.

The Tiger Woods Invitational which is a one day tournament, is another event he is considering. That tournament is from Oct. 10-11.

If Woods returns at these tournaments, how will he fare? He’ll likely struggle early on, especially with the depth of the PGA Tour nowadays.

Woods last competed at the Wyndham Championship in 2015 and finished T-10. However, in 2015, he also missed the cut in three out of the four major championships.

That’s kind of where it matters the most. However, if Woods does return soon, it’ll certainly be interesting to see how he does, even if it is for a third or fourth time.

How will he putt? That’s going to be the biggest question going into his return.

He’s one of the greatest putters of all-time and that has always been his strongest suit. It’s also the reason why he has won so many major championships.

Another thing is his clutch ability. Can he close a tournament that he is leading?

A combination of this, and his putting is what’s ultimately going to decide where Woods is at with his game. It will also help if he can hit some fairways.

However, with how good his putting can be, he’s capable of avoiding bad scores. Right now however, he’s just going to be another golfer on tour, as the competition is extremely fierce now, and he still needs to work his swing out.

Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting for the golf world to see the return of Woods, yet again.

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Source: Golf Digest 

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LOOK: Michigan golf course gets destroyed by tornado



It’s one of the unfortunate things of nature. Tornadoes, earthquakes, flooding, etc.


These are some of the many things that can occur outdoors. Sadly, that’s what happened to one Michigan golf course.

When the storm finally cleared, the course was left, ruined with tress toppled over and debris all over the fairways.

Ironwood Golf Course is a place that has been ran for years, with the trees standing for what seems like a lifetime. As they fell, it was a reality of how awful the damage was.

The good news is that nobody was hurt and the buildings are in tact. However, the course will be close indefinitely.

It stinks when a great golf course gets destroyed. But, hopefully Ironwood will see golfers teeing off again soon.

Source: Swing By Swing



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Man gets stabbed on golf course for slow play

In golf, one of the major topics of interest has been slow play. Well, one golfer took this way too seriously as he stabbed a man for this exact reason.


A 61-year old man, Lee Johnson, was playing a round with his wife when they both were behind a slow playing group. As they were trying to play through, the group in front of them made sure that didn’t happen.


The couple tried playing through again, but was once again denied by the group ahead. That’s when things got out of hand, and Johnson pulled out a knife and stabbed one of the men in the other group.


Johnson was arrested, and was diagnosed with an unfortunate case of “stupid”. My advice? Play a par-3 course, you will never have to worry about slow play because it’s only a few shots each hole.


But, then again, you’re not dumb enough to stab somebody on a golf course. Are you?


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Source: Golf Digest 

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ICYMI: Justin Rose gets hole in one at Olympics

Just a couple of days ago, Justin Rose hit the first ace in Olympic golf history. Now, he has a chance to get a medal in the games as well, making this even more remarkable.

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the video of Rose’s ace.

Certainly something he, and golf fans will never forget.

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WATCH: Jim Furyk shoots lowest score in PGA Tour history

Jim Furyk accomplished one of those most remarkable feats in golf, maybe even in sports as a whole. He shot a 58 during the Sunday round of the Travelers Championship.

Ironically, it was the second time that a player achieved the low number. Stephan Jaeger did this during in a Tour event a couple of weeks ago.

What makes Furyk’s 58 so crazy is that, he also shot a 59 during his career. He is one of only six players to shoot a 59 and now, he’s the only player in PGA Tour history to shoot a 58.

He shoots such a low score without being a long hitter off the tee. I can see #FurykGolf happening on Twitter now as many people will start to play like him in order to achieve greatness.

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Nike to discontinue manufacturing of clubs, still will sell apparel

Nike has announced that they will no longer manufacture golf clubs due to poor sales. They will focus solely on selling apparel and footwear from now on.

“We’re committed to being the undisputed leader in golf footwear and apparel,” Nike president Trevor Edwards said according to Golf Digest . With brands like Taylormade and Callaway on top of the golf world, Nike’s sales in 2013 and 2014 were around $800 million.

Nike has only manufactured clubs since 2002 and has usually been outdueled by aforementioned brands such as Taylormade and Callaway. Even during the “Tiger effect”, the driver, arguably the most popular club in the bag, was where Taylormade has been king.

Many Nike PGA Tour pros will continue to use the clubs for now, and will continue to wear the apparel as Nike looks to build a strong reboot of their apparel. Nike Brand has always seemed to put heavy emphasis on clothing anyway, as no other sports really use Nike equipment.

For example, the NBA uses a Spalding basketball and always has and the MLB players tend to use Louisville Slugger bats and Rawlings gloves. In the NFL, the helmets are from Riddell, and the ball is from Wilson.

The jerseys are from Nike, but that’s apparel. Basically, let’s all just settle down here as Nike mostly is an apparel company anyway.

If anything, this move could help them open more doors of innovation in the golf apparel industry. It does make you wonder what clubs the players will use now, and that is a big question.

Some players will certainly change to Taylormade while others may change to the new, popular PxG clubs. Will Rory McIlroy continue to wear Nike clothing?

He was going to represent popular shoe company New Balance if he went to the Olympics (which he’s not) so that may be an interesting thought as well. However, there’s no doubt that Nike will continue to pay McIlroy more money.

Tony Finau, one of golf’s new stars and long hitters says he was “shocked” about the move according to Golf Digest, but he also understands that it’s a business.

“I totally understand it from their perspective,” Finau said according to Golf Digest. “They’re killing it in apparel. They’re killing it in footwear. It’s just business.”

Indeed they are, which is why Nike Golf will still be in good shape. They just weren’t meant for golf equipment like some of the other brands like Titlest, Callaway and Taylormade, who pretty much thrive on the success of their equipment.

In short, keep calm, and golf on.

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Jimmy Walker has officially proven that he’s one of golf’s best


Jimmy Walker turned professional in golf in 2001. For years, he was a name nobody knew on the PGA Tour, and has been constantly confused with the legendary actor of the same name.

And then, in 2014, it was quite a turn of events for Walker, who had a terrific season. He racked up three wins right away and he wasn’t done yet.

He also had three top 10 finishes at the majors in 2014 at the Masters, U.S. Open and PGA Championship. His 26th place finish at The Open was also nothing to sleep on.

In 2015, Walker added two more wins to his resume. He also had two runner-up finishes as well, meaning he was close to an impressive seven wins in two seasons.

Despite the success, people were still unsure who he was. Certainly he slowly started to build a fanbase after playing so well but, some believed his wins occurred too early in the season.

But now, with a good performance at the Ryder Cup in 2014, and a PGA Championship win to his credit, he has officially joined the PGA Tour’s elite. Even if it was ever so quietly, like a ninja in the night.

But, the man who wears all black isn’t throwing stars and slinging nun chucks. He uses a sword, and that sword is his deadly putter.

Despite ranking 55th in in the world in putting, Walker was 12th in 2014 and second in 2015. No doubt his putting slump may have had some people on edge during the tournament but, on the last couple of holes, Walker hit the putts he needed to.

However, he hit the shot of his life on the 10th at Baltusrol, where he holed out of a bunker for his birdie. No putter needed.

On 18, he decided to go for it in two and pulled out his 3-wood. He missed the green and ended up in the greenside rough.

Cool as ice, Walker hit a gorgeous flop shot that made the green with tiny bit of spin on it. All he needed was a par for the win.

He had a very long putt for his birdie chance, and this was the moment when his putter caught fire again just like in 2014 and 2015. He hit his lag putt close enough to where it left him with an easy par chance.

The long putt nearly dropped, but nonetheless, Walker knew that he was a sweet par away from his first major and to hold off defending champion Jason Day. The putt dropped, and Walker joined Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson as the only golfers in the last 20 years, to go wire-to-wire for a PGA Championship win.

He also became the fourth first time major winner this season. He joined Danny Willett (Masters), Dustin Johnson (U.S. Open) and Henrik Stenson (The Open), all of those players being in the top 15 in the World Golf Rankings.

And after 15 years of being a pro, Jimmy Walker was a major champion. A great way to cap off one of the hottest stretches of golf in a two-year span.

The man went from 13 years without a title, to instantly getting six wins, including a major. You can bet we’ll see Walker representing team USA in the Ryder Cup this Fall.

If he can help the U.S. squad win its first Ryder Cup in eight years, he will prove yet again why he’s one of the best golfers on the planet.

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Rory McIlroy will not participate in the Olympics



Four-time major champion Rory McIlroy is just another star athlete who has decided not to participate in the Olympics. Like others, the reason for him not going to Rio is because of the Zika virus which has been a major issue.

Vijay Singh, Marc Lieshman and Adam Scott among others also dropped out. McIlroy is definitely the biggest blow so far.

“My health and my family’s health comes before everything else.” said McIlroy. “Even though the risk of infection from the Zika virus is considered low, it is a risk nonetheless and a risk I am unwilling to take,”

It has been over 100 years since golf has been in the Olympics. Now, with its return to the Games, it looks like it will be missing some key players for the event.

That said, golf isn’t the only sport where players are dropping like flies. NBA superstar LeBron James is the latest to say that he will likely miss the Olympics.

Despite the missing players in this year’s Olympics, it’s great to know that golf is back. It’s just horrible timing with the Zika virus and those dropping out are ultimately making the right decision.

Here’s hoping the Olympic Games in Japan in 2020 will be much better.

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Source: CLICKONGolf 

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