Jason Dufner wears one of the coolest golf hats of all-time

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Jason Dufner has enjoyed some solid success on the PGA Tour, winning five times including a major. Only five more wins, and we’re talking about a potential Hall of Fame career.

We can also safely say that his swag game is on point as well. Well, he rocked what may be one the greatest golf hat of all-time, with a mini portrait of Hip-Hop legend, the Notorious B.I.G. (also known simply as Biggie Smalls, known for big hits like “Juicy” among others) featured on it.


If you can’t really see the image, here’s another version of it:


As mentioned on Golf Digest’s “The Loop“, it’s too bad that he wore it in January, when people are still drunk on football. It’s not a knock one of my favorite golf tournaments of the year at one of my favorite courses in the world by the way.

Once golf season starts to heat up, perhaps Duf will rock the hat once again. It’s only right for the 2013 PGA Champion, as there aren’t many guys as cool as this man. Plus, golf needs swagger like this anyway.

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Tiger Woods to return to PGA Tour at Farmer’s Insurance Open


After his highly anticipated return at the Hero World Challenge, Tiger Woods has made an announcement via Twitter that he will next be playing in the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines and the Genesis Open at Riviera Country Club.


Ironically, Torrey Pines was where Woods won his last major championship in 2008. As for the Genesis Open at Riviera, Woods is the host of the tournament, like he was at the Hero World Challenge.

A California native, the 14-time major champion looks forward to playing in these west coast tournament.


“I’m very excited to be back at Riviera,” Woods said via GenesisOpen.com. “I haven’t played at Riviera in a tournament in a very long time. To be able to play in an event that I used to come to as an amateur, as a junior and now as the tournament host, that is on one of the most historic sites in all of golf, it’s a dream come true.”

Woods, who has continued to deal with injury issues since he won five times and the Player of the Year in 2012, is in a questionable spot now. Once again, only time will tell if he’ll win again or not.

Here’s hoping, for his own sake, that he can stay healthy and out on the golf course. He’s in his early 40’s which is still very young for a professional golfer.

That’s all you can ask for at this point is to stay healthy. The competition will continue to be fierce for Woods though, with so many young players and rekindled stars like Justin Rose.

With the merge of the young and the experienced ones, I really think this is going to be an insane 2018 season of golf. Kick back, relax, and let’s see where this goes!

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Sean Foley joins Golf Channel as lead instructor, replaces Michael Breed

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Sean Foley has been famously known as Tiger Woods’ former coach, as well as being a young, hip dude in the golf industry. Foley, 43 will now share he teaching abilities with millions of TV viewers, as he will now be the host of Playing Lessons on NBC/Golf Channel.

He will also be contributing to the channel’s popular Golf Central to give instructional thoughts about different players and to the audience. This also includes contributions during the always enjoyable “Live From” roundtable discussion shows during major championships, The Players Championship, as well as the Ryder and President’s Cups.


“Sean is a dynamic personality who has a keen intellect and curiosity about the science behind the golf swing.” Molly Solomon, executive vice president, content for Golf Channel said in a statement. “But what makes Sean so unique is his ability to translate his swing philosophy from golf’s elite to amateur golfers looking to improve their games and simply become more consistent,”


As expected, Foley himself seems excited as well.


“I’m grateful for the opportunity to partner with Golf Channel in re-launching Playing Lessons, as well as sharing my observations and analysis throughout the year during the most exciting moments in golf,” said Foley via the statement released by the network.  “I’m also looking forward to discussing my perspectives and teachings with millions of Golf Channel viewers and having in-depth conversations with some of the top personalities in the game.”


The 43-year-old Foley has worked with Woods, Justin Rose, Lee Westwood and Hunter Mahan. Most recently, he has worked with Danny Willett and Si Woo Kim among others.


With Foley in as a lead instructor for Golf Channel, this means that Michael Breed is out at the network after being the longtime host of the Golf Fix. However, the always fun top-ranked instructor will enjoy an expanded gig with Sirius/XM Radio, dishing out golf tips to many listeners.


Breed signed a multi-year deal with the radio network to host his “New Breed of Golf” show, after parting ways with Golf Channel according to All Access. He will also be teaming with Golf Digest to provide exclusive content on a “new platform” as he referenced on his Facebook Live video. He also mentioned that the departure from Golf Channel was on friendly terms, and all he wanted to do was to spend more time with his family.


The Facebook Live video is very interesting, so I’d highly recommend that you check out if you’re a fan of Breed.


The big moves don’t end there, as Golf Channel also added legendary writers Jaime Diaz and Tim Rosaforte to their digital team for providing online coverage. They too will continue to contribute to Golf Channel shows, bringing their written wisdom to our television screens.


Diaz and Rosaforte have been longtime writers for Golf Digest/Golf World, and now, have agreed to be on the Golf Channel team full-time to provide special content. So, overall, it was a win-win for everyone involved as NBC/GolfChannel made this overhaul with their team.


A smart move for all parties as well, as they all have started to go the digital route. This is especially smart for the writers, Diaz and Rosaforte.


In a world where old-school journalists are hesitant to step in the digital arena, Diaz and Rosaforte stepped to the plate and hit a home run apiece. Writing on the Golf Channel website? Contributing to the network on TV? Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty sweet gig for these gentlemen.


In the world of golf media, we can easily say that 2018 has already started off with a bang.


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Hideki Matsuyama’s famous swing is in a video game


Hideki Matsuyama has the most unique swing in all of golf. On the top of his backswing, there is a slight pause before follows through and in a way, it looks kinda robotic.


With 14 professional wins worldwide, and reaching as high as second in the World Golf Rankings, perhaps he is a cyborg of some kind. Now, in Everybody’s Golf, a popular video game out on the PlayStation 4, you too can swing like Hideki.


When creating a player, and progressing through the game, you can unlock new swing animations for your golfer. One of them is the famous swing of Matsuyama.


It may not be the perfect replica, but you clearly can tell that that’s what the swing animation is inspired by. Not to mention, Clap Hanz, the company that developed the game, is based in Japan, so there may be some love shown to their superstar countryman.


You may not have the resume that Matsuyama has, but you can kinda have it in the game with that swing. That accounts for something……right?


Anyway, before I close out, I just want to wish you a Happy New Year and wish you good health and blessings going into 2018. Thank you so much for reading the GP Golf Report!


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TPC Scottsdale’s iconic 16th hole now has its own logo design

The only hole in golf that is now a brand.

Yep, you read that headline right. The famous 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale, known for its stadium atmospheres and loud crowds now has its own logo design.

The logo shows what appears to be a stadium wrapping around the number 16. A fun, clever way to show off one of the most exciting holes in all of golf and it would be perfect to paste on fan gear.

No doubt that the thousands upon thousands (many whom are Arizona State students/fans) of people who attend the tournament, would love to get their hands on some merchandise if they could. It would almost be a like a student section of a college stadium, as many people wear matching colors, in this case, blue and white, the logo’s colors.

Overall, I love this idea because helps promote one of the coolest holes in the sport, and in a world where fans want to see more fast-paced action and loud crowds, the 16th hole is more important now than ever. It’s the official golf hole of the sports fan, and now, its value has a great chance to rise, thanks to this sweet logo.

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WATCH: This drone footage of Pine Valley will blow you away

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Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey has long been regarded as the greatest golf course in the world. Designed by George Crump in the early 1900’s, it would be his only course design as he died in 1918.

Being a hotelier, he sold his business in order to have money for the project. This is how passionate Crump was about Pine Valley. Sadly, not having a business, and putting a ton of money into the course left him practically broke practically made him broke, and because of this, legend has it that he took his own life.

Although the course is Crump’s design, many legendary architects helped with the design, including Hugh Wilson, the always interesting Perry Maxwell, and A.W. Tillinghast, perhaps the most decorated golf course designer of all-time.

As we approach the end of 2017, Golf Digest dished out a rare holiday treat for golf fans everywhere. This tasty treat is some amazing, in-depth drone footage of Pine Valley, hole-by-hole.

If you ever wondered what famous holes like the 5th, 10 or 14th look like, then this is your chance to check it out with crisp, clear visuals. Very rarely, does Pine Valley allow anyone to get an in-depth look at like this.

The best shot you have of getting close and personal is by either getting invited by a member to play or if you attend the Crump Cup were PV opens their doors to the public once a year. And what I mean by “once a year”, is a one day per year. Although the Crump Cup goes on for four days like most tournaments, it is only open to the public on the final day of the tournament on Sunday.

Other than that, this amazing video by Golf Digest is a great way to get a nice look at it, no matter where you are in the world. Now, Golf Digest newly named Royal County Down as their new number one ranked course in the world, and I personally can’t disagree with that at all, as RCD is simply a spectacular course both architecturally and aesthetically and one of my favorites.

For many years though, and into today, Pine Valley is still widely regarded as the best course on the planet. Essentially, it’s the Michael Jordan of golf courses.

Golf Magazine still ranks it as its top course in the world, where it has been for over 25 years now. Sure, it may not “seem” to have the majestic beauty of courses like Augusta National, Pebble Beach or Northwood, but it’s still a breathtaking course.

It’s naturalistic charm, being in the heart of the forest, may make anyone step back and take a deep breath. The aforementioned 14th hole alone is one of the top ten most beautiful holes in the world undoubtedly.

In short, with its incredible design, natural beauty, and wondrous mystique, Pine Valley continues to prove why it just may be the holy grail of golf courses. Golf Digest just opened the pearly gates into golf heaven with this video.

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U2 to have mini-golf event for great cause, and you can join them

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U2 is one of the greatest musical bands of all-time with numerous hit songs, with “Beautiful Day” being one of their biggest among others. The Irish rock stars will be replacing their instruments with golf clubs, as they will be hosting a minigolf event, and you can play with the band if you’re a fan of U2 and golf.


Donating $10 at Omaze.com will give you a chance of winning. Best of all, the donations are for a good cause, as the money will go to life-saving medications to help HIV positive mothers and their children live healthy lives.


There’s also some humor for how this came to be. Well, when U2 came together as young kids, they made a pledge never to play golf because they “didn’t think it was rock n’ roll”. Basically, golf wasn’t a sport that they thought fit the genre’s culture and lifestyle.


For the first time in their lives, the legendary group will break that pledge, and pull out their putters, to help this amazing cause. Things like this just show you the power of the sport.


Golf can be used for so many positive things, and you don’t have to play a full 18 holes. You can simply play minigolf, and take in the pleasures of putting, while still doing the right thing.


Cool stuff. Well played gentlemen.


You can get more info on the raffle at Omaze.com.


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Tiger Woods’ Chicago golf course on hold but will likely still be completed

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Tiger Woods has been trying his hand at golf course design, and his latest project is a big one. Turning Chicago’s legendary Jackson Park Golf Course into a PGA Tour quality design.

The new public course will essentially coincide with the (Barack) Obama Presidential Center. However, the course is on hold as Tiger Woods, Mike Keiser and their group await the overall plan of Jackson Park, more specifically, the traffic and road plans as it relates to the Presidential Center according to a source.

However, the source also tells me that they are confident that the Chicago course will be completed, despite the slight halt. According to Chicago native Keiser, he said that being in a land where state officials make decisions has put things on hold.

“It’s in bureaucrat land or politician land. … Bureaucracy and red tape in Wisconsin is nonexistent. They say: Build all the golf you want; it’s great for tourism.” Keiser said according to Golf Digest.

Nonetheless, it still seems like the overall confidence is there. There’s just a minor hiccup in the timing.

From a personal standpoint, being a Chicago area native myself, it would be phenomenal to see a spot as legendary as Jackson Park become a PGA Tour stop. The design of the course may change, but the history of the grounds will remain.

To bring PGA Tour golf to the third biggest city in the nation is huge. Not to mention, having Tiger Woods as the designer makes it that much more appealing.

In Illinois, the John Deere Classic is the only regular PGA Tour stop. There may soon be two stops.

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LOOK: One of the best backyard golf holes you will ever see

Courtesy of Golf Digest

Backyard golf holes take your passion for the sport to a whole new level. You can practice anytime you want, plus, it might bring out the little golf course designer within you.

Well, there’s a gentleman in New York who may have one of the greatest backyard golf holes of all-time. Ironically, this man designs backyard golf holes for a living, so it’s only fitting that he has one in his own yard. His name is Michael Lehrer and he is the President of Home Green Advantage which helps build putting greens for homes and businesses.

Image courtesy of Golf Digest

One of the coolest aspects of Mr. Lehrer’s golf hole is that, there are numerous areas to tee off from. So, although it’s just one green, you can play it from different areas, essentially making it a new hole every time.

The setting is simply breathtaking, with the green tucked up against the wilderness, making it, an instant classic in the aesthetics category of backyard holes. Now, while you’re sitting there dreaming about your future golf hole, I will give you this information.

You can learn more about Mr. Michael Lehrer and his work as well as find out how you can get your own putting green for your yard at HomeGreenAdvantage.com. I will say right away that, some of the putting greens and holes that they designed are golfing sirens (in other words, they looks really cool).

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Private Lessons with Tiger Woods cost an insane amount of money

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Getting lessons from one of the greats comes at a very high price. A private lesson with Tiger Woods was auctioned off for $210,000 at a Hurricane Harvery fundraiser event.


Ironically, it took place at Bluejack National, Woods’ beautiful new golf course in Texas. The price of Woods’ lesson was a good thing, as it helped PGA Tour stars Chris Stroud and Billy Gates surpass their goal of $1 million.


Better yet, there was a tournament where golf legends such as Ben Crenshaw and Stacy Lewis took part in as well as current stars like Patrick Reed. Other celebrities present included T.J. Yates of the Houston Texans and NBA legend Clyde Drexler.

Thanks to the tournament and the auctioning of Tiger Woods’ lesson, the group was able to raise more than $1 million for the fundraiser. Golf, like many sports, can be used for some excellent causes, and this most definitely was one of them.




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