Johnny Miller says his wildest quote yet, and it’s an instant classic

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Johnny Miller is one of the most outspoken personalities in golf and he carries his expressiveness on his sleeve as a broadcaster for NBC. He had a great career on the PGA Tour, and he will gladly tell you that as his “confidence” is another thing he’s been known for.

He brought out his confident side once again with a what may be, the Millereist quote of all-time. Take a look, and get ready to laugh. Make sure you aren’t drinking coffee right now as I would hate you for you to spit it out laughing.

Here’s the quote:

“I was very little. When I graduated from ninth grade, I was 5-2, 105 pounds. I was a phenomenal putter. I’ll bet you when I was 12, I was in the top 10 in the world putting. I once had 16 putts for 18 holes [at San Francisco’s Lincoln Park]. On terrible greens, by the way.”

The funniest part of the whole thing is that the story that the quote was featured in, had nothing to do with Johnny Miller. The story was about Tiger Woods, written by legendary golf writer Jaime Diaz.

There isn’t anybody in golf quite like Johnny Miller and the two-time major champion and Hall of Famer isn’t afraid to tell you how great he was. As long as he knows that most golf fans will likely be rolling there eyes every time he boasts about himself.

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Tiger Woods gets upset with fan after he yelled during his putting stroke


Tiger Woods made his return to PGA Tour action and would finish the Farmers Insurance Open at -5 on Sunday. However, there was a cringe-worthy moment, where a fan yelled “get in the hole” before Woods hit a putt.


As you would expect Woods was visibly upset, and fans reacted with a bunch of jeers towards the fan. Look, I’m all for making golf fun, and I’ll all for cheery fans, but cheer after the dude makes his putt (which obviously he didn’t).


We automatically think that, if a sport doesn’t have loud, cheering fans at all times then it’s viewed as boring, so those people may justify what the fan did. However, when there are great shots hit, and amazing putts drilled, golf fans can be among the best cheers in sports, especially with the new age of golf fandom nearly upon us.


The quiet moments when a player is about to hit a putt is one of the most heart-thumping moments in sports, more so when it’s on Sunday in a major. Let’s keep it that way as the silence seems to stop time as the predator (the golfer) gets ready to attack its prey (the hole).


Then, when the putt drops, cheer your head off. This may seem boring to some, but the silent moments make golf stand out.


That said, I’m all for anything else, as I feel that there are numerous ways to make golf cooler. The European Tour has already created a ton of amazing new events that millennials such as myself would enjoy and the PGA Tour has continued to make the sport next generation friendly and I love it.


I’d say, having more par-3 competitions, allowing music on the golf course during recreational rounds (within limits, as you want to make sure that everything is fair for those who don’t want music on the course), and some fresh new on-course swagger are among the many things we can see in golf.


We are already seeing the swagger thing, as golfers are rocking Jordans and wearing cool hats and such. Letting PGA Tour and LPGA Tour pros have their own first tee walk-up music would be cool as well, even if it’s just a small thing.


In short, there are a ton of great things that can be done to make the sport more generation-y friendly. One thing that should remain, are those heart-pounding moments of silence. Even if this was taken away down the road, I’ll always love golf, as I am not a conservative, but that said, there’s nothing in sports quite like those moments.



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Tiger Woods almost gets hole in one in PGA Tour return at Torrey Pines

Tiger Woods is back once again, and he has been hitting some solid shots at the Torrey Pines for the Farmers Insurance Open. His best shot during the first round was a near ace on the 16th hole at Torrey.

He also hit some other great shots throughout the round. Nobody’s grasping for straws here, but to be able to nearly hole out after not playing PGA Tour golf in quite some time is not bad.

I don’t think he’s going to go out there and win tournaments, but I must say that this comeback is looking better so far. There’s still a lot of golf to go though so stay tuned.

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REVIEW: Sci-Core Golf Balls may be best practice balls out there

Sci-Core practice balls are soft but have true golf ball feel. Image courtesy of their website.

Golf is the most versatile sport in the world as there are numerous ways we can play and enjoy it. The Sci-Core practice golf balls by Swing Coach help open the door to a world of possibilities where you don’t have to limit yourself to just the driving range.

Immediately, what I liked about the Sci-Core balls is the beautiful orange color which makes it easy to identify your ball when practicing around. Plus, it is the color of my alma mater, the Illinois Media School (you knew that was coming if you follow me on Twitter).

After hitting some chips and pitches, I will say that it may be the best practice ball that I’ve used. The rubbery outside of the ball is smooth, and bounces off the club face beautifully.

It’s also a solid enough ball to where you can get some actual ball flight without having the fear of breaking something such as windows. You still want to be careful, but the soft rubber skin of the ball takes some of the worries out of your practice session, wherever you are.

One of things that I’ve written about in the past is Urban Golf or Street Golf which is the playing of the sport in the streets. The Sci-Core balls are excellent for this fun variation of the sport as well, and due to its unique orange colors, make it visible in any weather condiditon.

Not only are the balls great for irons and woods, but it is also fun on the greens as well. The balls roll nicely after striking with a putter, and it feels light off the face.

The lightness is helpful because it may help you improve your touch with the sniper stick (putter). You’ll know not to hit the ball as hard on putts, so when you go back to using your regular ball, then you’ll be able to judge the power of your putts better.

Overall, the Sci-Core golf balls are fantastic, and if you’re someone like me who enjoys practicing golf wherever possible, then these golf balls are among the best in the sport today.

You can visit for more info on the Sc-Core golf balls.

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Western Golf Association’s new initiative to provide great opportunities for young caddies

Caddy Academy/ Womens Invitational at Glen View GC on Thursday July 27, 2017 (©Charles Cherney Photography)

Caddying has always been an integral part of the game, and the Western Golf Association has put heavy emphasis on the looper over the years and continue to do so very well. To continue to caddie movement, the WGA has created the “Carry the Game” initiative along with numerous other organizations including The First Tee and United States Golf Association (USGA).

Clearly, “Carry the Game” is a witty and fitting name to help signify the caddie. The goal of the initiative is to help young people learn life lessons through caddying while also help build a love for the sport as players.

One of the other important goals is to bring diversity to the sport via caddying. Golf is a sport for everyone, and caddying brings amazing lessons.

It’s a way to help increase the number of young caddies and to help continue the long and rich tradition of caddying. It essentially will work similarly to the First Tee which helps young people gain life skills through playing golf, only “Carry the Game” aims towards caddying, which the WGA has become legendary for.

The World Golf Foundation, one of the participating organizations, is excited about the opportunity to continue to grow the wondrous world of caddying.

“Over the past few years, numerous leading golf organizations have discussed the importance of creating a governing body for youth caddying, and we’re excited to see that the WGA is spearheading this important initiative,” said Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation. “The WGA is a recognized leader in youth caddying, and we’re all looking forward to working together to help bring this effort to life.”

Carry the Game will be a great opportunity for anyone who has an interest in being a caddie and learning what goes into being a looper. The program will feature caddie training, best practices in managing programs and a caddie club locator among other benefits.

The cool thing about this program is that it helps continue to the long tradition of one of the best jobs in golf, being a caddie. The WGA has done a swell job at help more young people and golf fans appreciate the role that a caddie plays.

I always personally think it’s so cool how crafty caddies are with their thinking on the course. They are the ones who give you the best opportunity to hit that clean shot. I consider myself a fan of caddying.

The way they read different designs and study yardage books like scholars is truly remarkable. Carry the Game helps is a cool way for youngsters to learn more about golf, and what goes into caddying.

Who knows, we may see the next Jim “Bones” MacKay, Mike “Fluff” Cowan or Willie Peterson in the future. The art of caddying will remain strong for years to come, thanks to Carry the Game, the canvas of the painting will continue to grow.

If you want more info on the “Carry the Game” initiative, then visit

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Bubba Watson hits wild recovery shot at Career Builder Challenge

Bubba Watson has been known throughout his career for his immense power, mood swings and bold recovery shots which helped him win the Masters twice (not the mood swings). He showed off his recovery ability once again at the Career Builder Challenge, as he had one of the blindest shots you’ll ever see.

Watson executed the shot beautifully, as the ball nearly dropped into the cup. It’s hard to know if he is a Hall of Famer or not (although he has the two Green Jackets, he has less than 10 PGA Tour wins), but one thing is for sure, he will definitely go down in history for his power and wild scrambling ability.

Perhaps there should be a “blind shot challenge” on social media. The goal would be for golfers to show off their best blind shots whether it’s a tee shot, rough shot, etc.

It probably wouldn’t catch on since it’s just coming from me, but hey, it would be fun, wouldn’t it? Get your hashtags ready (and your clubs)!

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Ben Curtis calling quits in professional golf after 15 plus years

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Ben Curtis famously won The Open Championship in 2003 shocking the sports world and he would go on to enjoy a solid career with four PGA Tour titles to his credit. Now, the longtime pro is calling it quits, stating that all of the travel and time spent away from family made him feel sick according to Golf World.

Curtis may be stepping away from playing professionally, but he’s not away from the game completely. He will be a teaching pro at the Country Club of Hudson in his home state of Ohio.

He will be starting the Ben Curtis Academy there, where the goal is to teach young golfers how to improve their game. Not only this, Curtis will talk to young players about playing golf at certain levels including pro, if the youngster dreams of going pro one day.

With his experience on tour, he’s a solid dude to teach younger players how to handle the lifestyle of college golf and tour life. Four PGA Tour wins and a major championship gives you that extra experience in the life of a professional golfer.

Certainly, he’s earned plenty of money to the point where he can just chill out (made more than $13 million in his career). However, Curtis’ passion for the game is still there and he still wants to work, and teaching is a great opportunity for him.

This gives him the opportunity to stay at home with his family and still work in the sport he loves. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a family, you may embrace the lifestyle more, however, when you have kids, your world changes forever and it definitely seems like it has been bothering Curtis.

All is well in the end, however, as he can still enjoy the game he loves while still being around his loved ones more often. It wouldn’t surprise me, however, if he does consider playing on tour again. One thing’s for certain, he forever has access to The Open Championship since he won it.

Once you win the Claret Jug, you can play in the tournament every year for the rest of your life. Yeah, I think that’s one tournament Curtis will continue to participate in.

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Python and alligator seen wrestling on golf course in Florida

It seems like we hear stories like this all the time, especially in Florida. A python and alligator were seen wrestling around on a golf course, and this isn’t the first time something like this has occurred. Most recently, a mongoose was dueling with a cobra-like snake in South Africa on the golf course.

From the look of the video, the python had the upper hand easily, as it wrapped itself around the gator.However, looking closer, you’ll see that the gator had the python’s head in its mouth.

Let this show that, just because the ol’ gator isn’t as flexible as the snake, doesn’t mean it can’t do work on you. Was probably dumb on the snake’s part to allow the gator to take a good bite out of his head.

To make things worse for the snake, pythons are not venomous, so it’s not like the thing could unleash some emergency venom on the gator or in its mouth. Nature duels are always fascinating although it can be certainly scary if dangerous animals are looking on the golf course you’re playing.

Also, let this be clear; don’t let Floridas beaches and palm trees fool you. There may be some danger lurking in the shadows of the swampy landscapes.

Isn’t also ironic that this occurred on the 10th hole? Now that’s quite a halfway house moment!

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Source: Swing By Swing

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Jordan Spieth drills 91-foot putt at Sony Open for longest putt of career

Jordan Spieth is already one of the greatest putters of all-time, and he proved it once again in Hawaii at the Sony Open. In the video clip shared by the PGA Tour on Twitter, the putt looks ridiculously long, and it was, at 91-feet.

Most golfers would settle with a good lag putt. However, for a deadeye putter like Spieth, it can seem like a tap-in putt.

Although the three-time major champion has developed into a solid all-around player, two of his deadliest skills have been his putting and his scrambling (recovery). These are the reasons why has won so much already in his career, and as we know, putting gives you wins.

Putting is the reason why Ben Crenshaw, perhaps the greatest putter in golf history, won two Masters tournaments. It’s also the reason why Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods won at the insane rates they won.

Yeah, I think it’s time for us to pull out our putters and start practicing, after seeing Spieth’s super long putt. Ready your blades (putters) and head out to the battlefield (putting green)!

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Young boy gets hole-in-one during first ever round of golf

Photo courtesy of

Get ready to shout “luckyyy!” after reading this. A seven-year-old boy named Freddy Sage got a hole-in-one in his very first round of golf.

Yup, you read that right. With literally no rounds of golf under his belt (keep in mind, he’s only seven), the young English kid got it done, and there’s no doubt that it’s a moment he’ll never forget if he chooses to continue to play the sport.

His instructor, Gary Parker witnessed to amazing achievement himself.

“It wasn’t just one of those flukey things,” Parker said via “He hit it straight off the tee and it was a proper golfing shot.”

Although Sage and his friends have been receiving lessons for 12 weeks, it was the first time they had a chance to experience the big course. Probably the most amazing thing is how early Sage captured the ace.

He got it on Knebworth Golf Club’s 6th hole, a 100-yard par-3. Can you say amazing? Um, yeah, I think so.

Congratulations to Freddy on a phenomenal acheivement so early in his golfing lifetime. Stuff like this puts a smile on our face and it’s just another reason why we love this sport!

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