Lydia Ko shuts down her Twitter account for reason we all can relate to

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Lydia Ko has put together a dominant career which includes two majors before even turning 20. But now, the LPGA star decided to leave the world of Twitter, but for a funny reason, and one we can all relate to.

She simply didn’t have enough space on her phone to keep it. Plus, she mentioned that she enjoys Instagram much better, and she wanted to make sure she had enough storage on the phone to have the picture share social media platform on it.

This is something that a lot of us everyday users deal with. The wondrous world of phone storage, so it’s pretty funny that a superstar golfer like Lydia is dealing with the same thing.

Sure, with all of the money she’s earned in her career, she could easily get a phone with more space on it, but then this story wouldn’t exist. And what’s the fun in that?

Do your thing, homegirl.

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Justin Thomas hilariously calls out his ball at Genesis Open



Justin Thomas is not only one of the top three best golfers on the planet right now, but he is also one of the sport’s great characters. At the Genesis Open at Riviera Country Club, Thomas hit his tee shot on the sixth hole and quietly told his ball “talk dirty to me” in reference to the hit song by Jason Derulo.

As he sang the tune to his ball mid-flight, it talked dirty to him indeed, with a nasty shot that would end up just a few feet from the cup. In short, JT did JT things, and it’s always fun to see and as expected, the broadcasters aren’t quite on the hip train yet so they were at a loss with Thomas’ reference.

No doubt that there were also some “Shook Ones” (Mobb Deep reference) in the crowd after the amazing shot. Keep it funky JT, and keep on hitting great shots. It’s entertaining you know!

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Billy Hurley rips Jordan Spieth in hysterical ad campaign

Billy Hurley III just created one of the funniest ad campaigns you’ll see. The 2016 Quicken Loans National champion and former Navy Lieutenant ripped Jordan Spieth in a playful manner with a video that is almost two and a half minutes long.

The reason for the video? Well, he and Spieth are in a little duel into who will be chair of the PGA Tour’s Player Advisory Council. So Hurley created the “Golden Man” campaign in response to Spieth being known as the “Golden Boy” of golf.

The video has a little fun with Hurley Navy background and his skills at driving a destroyer among other things, making fun of many things related to Spieth. One of my favorite parts was when the video shows Spieth holding the Claret Jug when he won the 2017 Open Championship, and calling him a “thief” for “stealing” from one of America’s closeest allies.

If you watch the video in its entirety, I guarantee that you will get a good laugh out of it. He also rocks some Navy Midshippen gear in the clip which is fresh as well.

Hurley, like Spieth, is one of the most likable guys in golf today and he’s a very solid golfer. He also was on the 2005 Walker Cup winning American team which won it right here in Chicago at the legendary Chicago Golf Club (yes, I had to throw that in there).

He undoubtly won some more fans after such a funny and well produced video.

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Bill Haas involved in fatal car crash near Riviera Country Club

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On Tuesday, Bill Haas was involved in a horrific car accident, where the driver of the vehicle tragically died according to Golf Digest. Haas is expected to make a full recovery soon, but the loss of the driver who was a family friend of his has to be soul crushing.

Mark Gibello, the diver of the Ferrari that he and Haas were in, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. He was 71-years-old.

The other vehicle that was involved, was driven by a 50-year-old woman who is currently anonymous. There was also another vehicle involved which was driven by actor Luke Wilson. Wilson, like Haas, sustained no major injuries.

Due to being shaken up by the accident, Haas, a six-time PGA Tour champion will withdraw from the Genesis Open at Riviera. Haas’ manager, Allen Hobbs released a statement regarding the accident.

Image courtesy of Golf Digest

“Last night in Pacific Palisades, California, Bill Haas was involved in a serious car accident in which the driver—a member of the family with whom Haas and his family were staying for the Genesis Open—was killed. Hobbs said according to Golf Digest. “While Bill escaped serious injuries and has been released from the hospital, he is understandably shaken up and—more importantly—his deepest condolences go out to the host family during this tragic and difficult time.“

Just a terrible time for everyone involved. Let this remind you to hold on to your loved ones tightly. Wishing those who were affected the best, going forward.

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Rory McIlroy puts together one of worst putting displays of his career

Rory McIlroy is usually a terrific putter, as it has helped him win numerous tournaments during his decorated career. However, the future Hall of Famer had some (really) tough luck around the green at the Monterey Peninsula Country Club during the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

On hole 5, McIlroy had an eagle opportunity that was insanely long, and as one might expect, it is difficult to drain putts like that, and he did miss. After that, it seemed like he had a pretty easy putt for birdie but would miss that one as well.

Eventually, it would take FIVE putts for McIlroy to get out of there, after it looked like he was at least was going to get a par. It definitely was one of the worst putting displays on McIlroy’s career, although it will be completely forgotten soon of course.

With Rory being the player that he is, there’s no doubt his putting will be fine. This was just one of those “owie” kind of moments.

Chicago native Kevin Streelman and NFL legend Larry Fitzgerald would win the Pro-Am, while Ted Potter Jr., who always seems to hang around leaderboards, finally got another PGA Tour win by winning the main event. Pebble Beach is always a treat, and it’ll fun to see how things fare next year.

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REVIEW: Square Strike Wedge is a short game magic wand

The short game is arguably the most important aspect of one’s golf game, and as we know, it can be tricky sometimes. The Square Strike wedge is a club that aims to make it easier to hit cleaner short game shots, and you may be familiar with the club, as it has been seen on Golf Channel among other places.

I had the chance to try out the club which was created out here in the Chicago area, to test and see how it really helps your short game. Immediately, the first thing I noticed was the weight of the club, as it does not have the feathery touch of a traditional wedge.

This is a good thing, as it will help you balance the power of your chips and pitches better. In short, you’ll very rarely over hit your shots, and this is a great way to test your feel around the greens.

Another thing you’ll notice is its unique grip which is skinny in size and has a white line going all the way down the middle of it. This grip design can help with proper hand placement on chip shots, and as we know, it’s easy to overlook how you hold the grip.

Then, we come to the most important, and most intriguing part of the Square Strike wedge; the club head. The club head is shaped like a blocky square, hence the name “Square Strike”. The head is beautiful, and much thicker than traditional wedges and features a lovely green color on the back of the head.

The one part that stands out on the Square Strike’s head is its “machete rail” design on the bottom of it. What this does is, help you swing smoother on impact on chips. This slick feature helps you cut through the blades of grass, and help you hit the ball squarely almost every time.

Having hit some balls with the Square Strike, I must say that I really enjoy it and love how smooth it feels on impact. You don’t even have to hit the ball as hard on chips, as you can essentially use a putting stroke to hit a good shot.

Although the main focus of emphasis for the Square Strike is the short game, it also is a nice club to use for full swings as well. It’s slightly heavy weight makes it a little tougher, but it’s a still a smooth swinging club. However, it is still best used for chipping and pitching.

Overall, the Square Strike wedge is a great weapon of choice in your bag of swords. It’s a fun club to use, it’s uniquely different, and it helps make your golf better, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

Hitting chips and pitches are fun anyway, as they are personally my favorite shots in golf. The Square Strike makes hitting them even more fun.

Chipping contest anyone?

You can learn more about the club at

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Matt Kuchar swears on live TV at Waste Management Phoenix Open

Matt Kuchar is the cleanest player in all of golf, in that, he never swears, especially on the golf course. At the Waste Mangement Phoenix Open, however, there was an exception, as an awful tee shot on the 17th led to a rare cuss word from Kuchar.

After the tee shot, Kuchar let out his signature “golly” but then went on to call himself a “d*ckhead”. To piece the puzzle together, it was “Golly Matt, what a d*ckhead!”.

Definitely a surprising and hilarious reaction from Kuchar. As always, he had a smile on his face despite his misfortunate.

He also is still trying to grab his first major championship. As we know, he came extremely close in last year’s Open Championship where he had a classic duel with eventual winner, Jordan Spieth at Royal Birkdale.

If he can revive that magic, then he’ll have a great shot this year. He was in contention all week at TPC Scottsdale so that certainly has to give me a boost of confidence going forward.

Can’t wait for more “gosh darn it” and “golly” from Kuchar throughout the season.

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Matt Kuchar comes ridiculously close to ace on TPC Scottsdale’s 16th hole


Matt Kuchar is always a favorite with the fans, and he didn’t disappoint on Super Bowl Sunday at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. On the famed stadium 16th hole, “Kuch” came unbelievably close to an ace, which would have sent the crowd into a frenzy.

As the ball landed and rolled on the green, you thought it was going in, until it stopped just short. I’m sure every fan watching nearly fell to the floor as that thing felt short, as it would’ve been the first ace on 16 since Francesco Molinari got one in 2015. Molinari, as we know, is one of the more accurate golfers on the PGA Tour for years.


But, Kuch came as close as anyone to adding to the ace total at 16. He already grabbed one on the 16th at The Masters in 2017, so he would’ve gotten two in a two-year stretch, on two iconic holes.

The borderline Hall of Famer has never been flashy but always manages to thrill in some shape or form. This, all while having a smile on his face, and as you can expect, he had a playful reaction to the near ace.


Well played Kuch. Maybe next year, we’ll see someone break the three-year drought.


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Ian Poulter hits shank into the stands on TPC Scottsdale’s 16th hole

Ian Poulter is a golfer that usually likes to make noise. Well, this time around, he felt the wrath of the crowd at the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale, known as the “Coliseum” after an awful shank on Friday.

The shank was so bad, that the ball flew into the stands as if it were a home run. Poulter is normally a decent iron player, but the stadium swallowed him up.

As you can imagine, there is probably no place more embarrassing to shank at than at the 16th at Scottsdale. With a ton of eyes looking down on you from above, it’s definitely cringe-worthy stuff at golf’s loudest hole.

For the heck of it though, one thing I would love to do is just hit some tee shots into the stands (when they’re empty), and pretend I hit a grand slam. All I would need is the radio broadcaster of my favorite baseball team (White Sox) to the play by play call of my shots.

All messing around aside, it would definitely be amazing to hit a tee shot at 16 and visualize what it looks like on Saturdays and Sundays under the hot Arizona sun. I could also get away with shanks, on a regular, non-tournament day because nobody will be watching me, so there’s that.

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J.B. Holmes gets hammered on social media for slow play

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J.B. Holmes was in contention on Sunday at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines and on the 18th hole. As we know, Holmes would take a good four or five minutes to hit his second shot. Since then, he has gotten criticized by other players for his slow play, especially on Twitter where a couple of big names showed their disdain.


Luke Donald, a five-time PGA Tour, and seven-time European Tour champion wasn’t done yet.

Even 13-time PGA Tour winner and former Open champion Mark Calcavecchia joined the hunt, on Twitter.



Finally, writer Ryan Lavner had this to say.


Slow play has been an issue in golf for quite some time, and in a sport that’s already fairly slow, it’s bad to see this continue. Four minutes may not seem like a long time, but if you’re a fellow player or a fan watching on TV or listening on the radio, it’s an eternity.


The worst part of it all is that Holmes would end up laying up anyway. J.B. seems like a swell guy, but to take that much time just to lay up is quite cringe-worthy.


Hopefully, slow play will end soon because one way to keep audiences interested is by speeding the game up. Plus, if a player plays faster, he or she will show respect to other players on the course.


In 2014, Rickie Fowler played quickly during the final hole so that Rory McIlroy could finish his round at the PGA Championship at Valhalla. McIlroy would win the tournament for his fourth major title. It’s stuff like that that you tip your cap to.


Let’s hope that the slow play ends soon, so players, fans and media alike can all enjoy this great sport a little more. Happy golfing!


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