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My name is Colin Mieczkowski and it’s my absolute pleasure to welcome you to The GP Golf Report. At the GP Golf Report, I post about almost anything in the world of golf, but mostly the novelty kind of stories. This include any amazing video footage from around golf social media, funny photos, golf product reviews, and so much more.

As for me personally, I studied broadcast journalism and online media at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting (now, the Illinois Media School) and like most, I like to wear my alma-mater on my sleeve sometimes. I also attended the College of DuPage for a brief time to continue to my education in the field of media and also am prideful of COD.

Since school, I have been fortunate enough to cover the U.S. Open, NCAA Golf Championships, and LPGA Tour International Crown among golf tournaments.

Other than golf, I really enjoy playing video games. It’s something that I have done for a long time and being somebody who is generation-y, my passion continues to grow for it, just like with golf. This means you can most definitely expect stories about golf video games, including reviews!

My favorite games of all-time are two that I’ve played more recently: Journey and Bloodborne. Both games do an excellent job of telling a story without actually telling it. It’s much like golf because sometimes, a course can tell you its tale without it actually being told.

Other passions include other sports and I love my Chicago teams. I’m also a big fan of the Ryder Cup, and love rooting for team USA when they tee it up against Europe every two years. With golf in the Olympics now, there’s another reason to cheer for ol’ red, white and blue!

So once again, welcome to the GP Golf Report and I hope you enjoy your stay!

– Colin Mieczkowski
– Editor-in-chief

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Colin, isn't it funny how things appear to us when we are thinking of them? I was just thinking that I could take up golf again, and seeing as how I live in the golf capital of the SW... Thanks for showing up and reminding me!

Colin Mieczkowski
Colin Mieczkowski

Karen, glad I could remind you! Golf is a great sport to get back into because it's a great sport for the mind! :)

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