Tiger Woods gets upset with fan after he yelled during his putting stroke


Tiger Woods made his return to PGA Tour action and would finish the Farmers Insurance Open at -5 on Sunday. However, there was a cringe-worthy moment, where a fan yelled “get in the hole” before Woods hit a putt.


As you would expect Woods was visibly upset, and fans reacted with a bunch of jeers towards the fan. Look, I’m all for making golf fun, and I’ll all for cheery fans, but cheer after the dude makes his putt (which obviously he didn’t).


We automatically think that, if a sport doesn’t have loud, cheering fans at all times then it’s viewed as boring, so those people may justify what the fan did. However, when there are great shots hit, and amazing putts drilled, golf fans can be among the best cheers in sports, especially with the new age of golf fandom nearly upon us.


The quiet moments when a player is about to hit a putt is one of the most heart-thumping moments in sports, more so when it’s on Sunday in a major. Let’s keep it that way as the silence seems to stop time as the predator (the golfer) gets ready to attack its prey (the hole).


Then, when the putt drops, cheer your head off. This may seem boring to some, but the silent moments make golf stand out.


That said, I’m all for anything else, as I feel that there are numerous ways to make golf cooler. The European Tour has already created a ton of amazing new events that millennials such as myself would enjoy and the PGA Tour has continued to make the sport next generation friendly and I love it.


I’d say, having more par-3 competitions, allowing music on the golf course during recreational rounds (within limits, as you want to make sure that everything is fair for those who don’t want music on the course), and some fresh new on-course swagger are among the many things we can see in golf.


We are already seeing the swagger thing, as golfers are rocking Jordans and wearing cool hats and such. Letting PGA Tour and LPGA Tour pros have their own first tee walk-up music would be cool as well, even if it’s just a small thing.


In short, there are a ton of great things that can be done to make the sport more generation-y friendly. One thing that should remain, are those heart-pounding moments of silence. Even if this was taken away down the road, I’ll always love golf, as I am not a conservative, but that said, there’s nothing in sports quite like those moments.



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Colin GP Mieczkowski

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