WATCH: European Tour golfer loses mind after hole-in-one

A hole-in-one is one of toughest and most exciting accomplishments in all of sports. But, for James Morrison of the European Tour, it was an even sweeter experience as he won a BMW in the process.

But what was as fun as the ace was Morrison’s celebration. The man lifted up his playing partner and carried him several feet as if he were a trophy.

Hilarious celebrations like these after an amazing shot is one reason why we love this game. Do your dance!

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Source: Swing By Swing

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WATCH: French artist performs trick shots around London

We’ve seen many great golf trick shot artists who have entertained people everywhere. However, Roman Bechu decided to take his skills to the streets of London as he performed numerous trick shots to dazzle folks walking by.

His goal was to meet up with European Tour pro Thorbjorn Olesen for a round of golf. So, what better way to do so than by earning style points in London with amazing trick shot skills?


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Source: CLICKON Golf 

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WATCH: This is one of the biggest golf fails ever

Whoops. Trick shot fail #trickshot #fail #golf

A video posted by Golf Punk (@golfpunkhq) on

Well this was a combination of hilarious, awkward, painful and just a plain epic fail. A guy decided to try his hand at one of the always challenging golf trick shots and this one involved switching clubs.

Well, when he switched clubs after using the wedge for bouncing the ball, the club ricochets off the ground bounces up and the guy accidentally hits his wedge. It snapped in two as it when flying into the water.

Ouch. No doubt that you or I would probably have the same result….or maybe even worse.

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Source: CLICKON Golf and Golf Punk

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You’ll be amazed when you see TopGolf in Las Vegas

Image courtesy of Golf Digest


TopGolf personally for me has been one of my favorite spots. Great place for golf, food, watching sports, music, you name it, just an amazing place and I’ve visited the WoodDale, IL location numerous times (Even in the winter).

So now, Las Vegas has opened their own TopGolf and it looks stunning. With the lights of the city combined with the lit up  range, you know you’ll be getting yourself into a festival of lights at TopGolf Las Vegas.

It’s the largest of all the TopGolf venues and features numerous TVs, a spot for concerts, a pool and a pro shop that features not only golf gear but bikinis and swim trunks as well. This TopGolf is located right in front of the famous MGM Grand so if you’re looking for an epic golf setting, then there you go.

here’s a nice Instagram video of the fun:

Topgolf Las Vegas is insane! It has 108 hitting bays, five bars, four floors, two swimming pools, a Callaway fitting center and more. Watch our Snapchat story (golfdigestmag) to check it all out! It opens to the public on May 19th 👊🏼

A video posted by Golf Digest (@golfdigest) on


And here’s a gorgeous picture of the hot new venue:

It’s officially open! Topgolf Las Vegas opened to the public today, and it’s the worlds most insane driving range (it has 108 hitting bays, five full-service bars, two swimming pools, a Callaway Golf fitting center and more) 😳. Click on the link in our bio for more photos!

A photo posted by Golf Digest (@golfdigest) on

So if you got plans for Vegas this Summer, then you’re just in time to visit this new golf treasure. Vegas is one of the best golf cities in the country and by adding this beautiful TopGolf location, they’ve boosted their reputation as a golf hotspot.

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Thanks to Golf Digest for sharing

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Muirfield will no longer host an Open Championship

Muirfield, the legendary golf course that has hosted numerous Open Championships, will not admit women as memebers of the club. Because of this, the R&A will no longer let Muirfield host golf oldest major.

“The R&A has considered today’s decision with respect to The Open Championship. The Open is one of the world’s great sporting events and going forward we will not stage the Championship at a venue that does not admit women as members,” R&A chief executive Martin Slumbers said in a statement.

Slumbers has also stated that if Muirfield were to change their policy, then they would reonsider having the course host the Open Championship once again. But, in the meantime, no Muirfield.

At least Royal Portrush is hosting The Open in 2019 right? That’s pretty dope.

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Source: Golf Digest

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WATCH: Tiger Woods hits three shots into the water

“Huh?” you might say, but it’s true, Tiger Woods hit three straight shots into the water….on a 100-yard hole.

During an event for Quicken Loans, Woods was at the legendary Congressional CC when he hit all three of his shots in the water. The hole was 102 yards in length and Woods still couldn’t tackle it.

Christine Brennan of USA Today was one of the brave souls to take in such a cringing moment and caught it on camera (Or at least one of the shots). There was some footage about a month ago, showcasing Woods hitting driver at a junior clinic.

Now, it looks like it’s back to the old drawing board. Golf Channel had footage of all three shots if you dare watch.

There’s no doubt that the 10th hole at Congressional got a little chuckle out of that whole thing.

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Source: Golf Digest

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WATCH: First ace on 17th at TPC Sawgrass in 14 years

The 17th at TPC Sawgrass is one of, if not, the most famous hole in golf and for good reason. It’s beautiful, an island green, designed by Pete and Alice Dye and more notably, it’s hard.

Maybe not quite Dark Souls (Video game) hard, but difficult enough and it has a huge reputation for it. Will Wilcox, one of the young PGA Tour pros who has quietly gotten more familiar with fans, did what most people dream of.

Hitting an ace on this tricky one-shotter. It was a historic shot and Wilcox’ celebration was equally as memeorable as he realized what he just did.

The timing couldn’t of been any better as Wilcox, who was struggling to make the cut, needed a couple of birdies to make it. Well, the ace did him well as he did indeed make the cut.

It was the first ace at the famed 17th hole since Miguel Angel Jimenez did it back in 2002. Jimenez is one of the most prolific hole-out artists in golf history and is one of the all-time leaders in aces.

Willcox certainly won’t win the Players Championship, but he can say that he got an ace on one of golf’s most iconic holes. And there’s footage and his golf ball that will last in Sawgrass lore.

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The European Tour will have a £10,000 putting contest

Driving for show is a always a blast but putting for dough is even better for golfers on any of the pro tours. Now, the art of putting will now be on display as the European Tour plans to have a made-for-TV putting contest where the prize will be £10,000.

The contest will team up tour pros along with celebrities for a chance at the prize. Think of it as the Pebble Beach Pro-Am of putting.

Audience participation will also be key for the event. Here’s the release from the European Tour on the event:

The ISPS HANDA Pressure Putt Showdown will feature star players and celebrities battling it out on the putting green for a £10,000 prize which will be donated to charity, with music and audience participation adding to the atmosphere.
The unique format is designed to bring a whole new level of fan interaction and entertainment to European Tour events, as part of Chief Executive Keith Pelley’s strategy to raise the profile of the tour by engaging fans and players alike with exciting new ideas.
The inaugural Showdown, at the European Tour’s headquarters in Surrey, will put eight teams of two – one European Tour star and one celebrity partner – in the spotlight and will begin with each team putting from a distance of three feet.
If both players miss, they will be eliminated before the successful teams move a foot further away from the hole and the battle resumes. As the background music adds to the pressure and excitement, the successful teams will continue to move further away from the hole until a winner is declared.
Chief Executive of the European Tour Pelley said: “This is one of the many innovations we have been working on to widen the appeal of our game to greater audiences and to showcase the immense talent and personality of our stars.”

Among other initiatives, the European Tour will also have a nine-hole tournament for amateurs that will debut during the Open Championship at Royal Troon. The USGA has something similar with their annual Play 9 Day which now is the ninth of every month.

Putting contests and nine hole tournaments? I love it.

People love putting and love quick and adrenaline pumped play (nine hole play). This should all be fun.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio! Best believe I’ll be covering the putting contest one day!

Source: Swing By Swing 

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WATCH: Jason Kokrak crazy golf shot from stands

We have seen a couple of shots that were hit from the stands before, but not like this. Jason Kokrak was high above on the second deck of the bleachers at the Well Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow when he hit a rediculous recovery shot that had his ball land on the green.

Here’s another view that give you a great idea of how crazy this shot was.

It’s amazing how anybody could even hit a shot into the stands let alone hit out of it, from that angle. I think you and I could hit into these random locations with our eyes closed, but we may have many issues getting out.

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WATCH: You won’t believe this tough trick shot

Over the shoulder chip and run, literally. #ifg #rep #indofreestylegolf #gottagolf #indonesia #jakarta #golftricks #teamswish @gotta_golf

A video posted by [2 syll. an-drey, and-r-ey] (@_andreyo) on

How many times have my headlines said “You won’t believe” in it? Well, here’s another one of those moments, as a golfer hit a behind the back, over the shoulder shot that made its way into the cup.

Utilizing Instagram’s amazing slow-motion feature, you can watch the shot in all its glory. We see trick shots in many other sports, but non like in golf and this is just another great example of it.

Never sleep on chip shots. There’s style points there too.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio! Does having the ball bounce out of the hole count as a trick shot?

Source: Swing By Swing

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