Tiger Woods is not going to the Hall of Fame this year

Tiger Woods, 40, was supposed to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year but it looks like that will be delayed, as the World Golf Hall of Fame changed its age requirement to 50.

So Woods, who has 79 career PGA Tour wins and 14 major championships has to wait another 10 years to get enshrined within the pearly gates of the WGHOF. The WGHOF is no stranger to criteria changes as they made a change two years ago that changed the win requirement to 15 wins and two majors (Or Players Championship) as opposed to the original rule where the player needed 10 wins.

Some of the big names Woods played with in his prime are already in the Hall of Fame, including Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh. Although Woods needs to wait until 2026, it certainly will be worth the wait, although he’s been Hall of Fame eligible for so long now, and with slow downfall, this year could have been the perfect time to place his plaque in St.Augustine, FL.

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Source: GolfDigest.com 

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You won’t believe what this golf fan created using Legos

Photo courtesy of the Augusta Chronicle

There are many iconic works of architecture at Augusta National, from Amen Corner, to Butler Cabin, there are many amazing landmarks but one man decided to create is own slice of Augusta.

Andy Duckett who is a fan of architecture and golf, re-created the legendary Masters leaderboard by using Legos. Yup, and Duckett’s 40 pound sculpture was so impressive, that it is now on display at Augusta.

Duckett is no stranger to Lego golf architecture brilliance as he also has re-created the famous Augusta National clubhouse as well. Take a look at this beauty.

Well played sir, very well played.

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Sources: Golf.com, Augusta Chronicle

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ICYMI: Minjee Lee hits second par-4 ace in LPGA history

During the LPGA Kia Classic, Minjee Lee hit the second ever hole-in-one on a par-4. The crazy thing is that the first ever par-4 ace came earlier this year when Ha Na Jang hit one during the Shop Rite Classic.

So, we look at the LPGA record books, we’ll remember that there were only two par-4 aces in the history of the tour. And both were in the same exact year.

Truly amazing.

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You may be surprised who Jordan Spieth’s idol was, and no, it’s not Tiger Woods

Before the start of the WGC Dell Match Play, Jordan Spieth announced who his idol was growing up, and it wasn’t Tiger Woods like probably most players his age admired.

Instead, it was Adam Scott, who is on his way to possibly one of his best seasons ever. Spieth said he loves the 2012 Masters champion’s swing which he has become famous for as well as his putting ability.

Surely Scott, who never seems to age, may feel old after Spieth comment. Of course, it’s also flattering for the Aussie who’s really close to making his way into the Hall of Fame with 13 PGA Tour wins and a Masters title to his credit.

Can’t go wrong with that choice Mr. Spieth.

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Source: Swing By Swing 

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Patrick Reed’s new belt buckle is crazy

We all remember Patrick Reed’s #RyderCup moment. Are you buying or selling his #DellMatchPlay belt buckle?

A photo posted by Golf Channel (@golfchannel) on

You may recall Patrick Reed’s infamous shushing of the European crowd during the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gelnneagles. Now, it has turned into somewhat of a signature moment for Reed, who now rocks a belt buckle commemorative of this moment.

Unfortuantely for Reed, he didn’t have much shushing on his mind, after losing to Dustin Johnson at the WGC Dell Match Play who then lost to Louis Oosthuizen. But Reed’s controversial Ryder Cup moment had officially put him on the map as one of golf’s tough guys and the belt buckle certainly reminds everyone of this.

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Source: Golf Digest

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Jason Dufner hilariously taunts Rickie Fowler during Match Play

When you hit your tee shot farther than one of golf’s biggest hitters, you can help but pose and that’s what Jason Dufner did after hitting his past Rickie Fowler at the WGC Dell Match Play.

Dufner did a short flex while walking to his ball, to taunt Folwer. Can’t blame him when when he outdrove Fowler, who ranks 29th in driving distance while Dufner himself, ranks 90th.

Dufner has always been one of those guys who plays it cool, has a swagger and is quietly hilarious. He’s also better at golf than you or me so he has that going for him too.

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Source: CLICKON Golf 

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WATCH: Jason Day hits ridiculous tee shot that landed on the green

During the WGC-Match Play at Austin Country Club, Jason Day hit a mammoth tee shot that was almost 400 yards and drove the green in one.

It’s not something we see all the time, but it’s only fitting that Day accomplished it this time around. Ranking in the top 10 in driving distance the last couple of years will certainly explain a lot.

He got the birdie to make the drive that much sweeter. Day won the Arnold Palmer Invitational last week at Bay Hill, so it’ll be interesting to see if he can keep it going.

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WATCH: This kid’s reaction to a chip-in is awesome

Why does this look so easy when he does it? #LittleGrinders ————————————– Send your #golf vids to golfgrinders.com #uskidsgolf #juniorgolf #ilovegolf #whyilovethisgame #nike #taylormade #instagood #instalike #instagram

A video posted by Golf (@golfgrinders) on

We all do a happy dance when we sink a long putt on the golf course or hit a deadeye accurate and long drive down the fiarway.

But for this young man, he hit a beautiful chip-in and started breaking it down. His dance skills are just as awesome as his golf game, and would probably have most people tripping who attempt these moves.

While this kid hits a wonderful chip-in, you and I would probably dance for a bogey. Enjoy your Wednesday.

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Source: Golf Digest

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WATCH: Lewis Hamilton’s insane tee shot from the top of a mountain

For someone that doesn’t play golf, I’m happy with this shot👍🏾 Don’t hate the player, hate the game! 😂

A video posted by Lewis Hamilton (@lewishamilton) on

Lewis Hamilton is arguably the most popular driver in F1 racing, but apparently the adrenaline of the track isn’t enough as Hamilton hit a golf shot from the top of a mountain.

in South Island, New Zealand, you’ll see some of the finest mountains around. Well, Hamilton decided to get creative and bring his inner street golfer out, by bombing it off the tee on a mountain’s peek.

So, just remember, if you can’t get the ball airborne much off the tee, just tee it up on a mountain. You’ll be alright.

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Source: GolfDigest.com 

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WATCH: This Jordan Spieth commercial is hilarious

Jordan Spieth is known as one of the nice guys in golf but he;s certainly hasn’t shied away from humor.

Spieth has become famous for his strong team effort with his caddie, Michael Greller and this commercial nails that friendship perfectly. Spieth is seen having a hard time choosing which utensil to use to eat a bowl of macaroni and cheese, but Greller is by his side, switching tools as if they were golf clubs.

At the end of the commercial, ESPN anchor Stan Varret is shown switching utensil like Spieth did before heading to his seat. Spieth is no stranger to funny commercials as he also did one with the PGA Tour a while which shows a man hanging out with him as if he were there (but he wasn’t).

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Source: Golf Digest

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