WATCH: Phil Mickelson hits crazy shot from unusual place

Phil Mickelson is at it again, but this time, he busted out of jail. Well, not literally but he hit a shot from under a fence at Torrey Pines.

Although Mickelson ended up with a double bogey, it’s still one of the more bizarre shots you’ll see all year. And that’s why it’s article worthy.

Plus, it’s Phil Mickelson. Dude’s a crazy person who hits crazy shots all the time.

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Paul Azinger replaces Greg Norman as Fox golf analyst


Shortly after Fox Sports fires Greg Norman as its lead golf analyst, they hired 2008 Ryder Cup winning captain Paul Azinger to their team.


Azinger, who has also won 12 PGA Tour tournaments including the 1993 PGA Championship was an analyst working alongside six-time major champion, Nick Faldo for ABC before he landed a gig with ESPN, where he has been until now. With ESPN, Azinger was teamed up with Mike Tirico during the Masters broadcasts for the Thursday and Friday rounds among other things.


Mark Loomis, producer at Fox, was working with ABC back in 2004 and hired Azinger to be an analyst along with Faldo and Tirico before ABC lost they’re rights to the PGA Tour. So now, with Loomis’ connection with Azinger, made it an easy hire in the end for Fox.


Here’s a statement from Fox Sports on the hire:

“Paul is a respected and trusted voice in the golf community, and he has the credibility of being a major champion with a strong track record of experience in the broadcast booth,” said Fox Sports’ executive producer John Entz. “He has been one of golf’s most candid and thoughtful analysts and we are excited to add him to our team.”


Azinger will be broadcasting the U.S. Open, U.S. Senior Open, U.S. Amateur and U.S. Women’s Open along with Joe Buck during the 2016 season.


“I am honored to partner with FOX Sports and the USGA to provide analysis for the compelling slate of USGA Championships,” Azinger said. “It will especially be an honor to call our nations national championship, the U.S. Open, beginning in June at storied Oakmont Country Club.”


2016 will be Azinger’s 11th year broadcasting golf tournaments.


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WATCH: Padraig Harrington performs tick shot by accident

Padraig Harrington was at one point, the most dangerous golfer on the planet, winning three majors in two years (Open Championship in 2007 and 2008 & PGA Championship in 2008) but while practicing at his home, he apparently became a trick shot artist.

Harrington was hitting drives into a cloth, hanging in his house when he hit a shot hit the wall, bounced up and hit the light, then came right back to him. He then proceeded to catch the ball and re-tee it, oh and it was completely done by accident.

Yup, pretty insane, but when you’ve won 30 professional tournaments and three majors and perhaps a key into the Hall of Fame, anything’s possible I suppose.

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WATCH: Jason Dufner’s remarkable tournament saving shot

Wow, Jason Dufner. Incredible.

A video posted by PGA TOUR (@pgatour) on

Jason Dufner’s last individual win was when he won the PGA Championship in 2013 at Oak Hill. This year, he won the CareerBuilder Challlenge but couldn’t have won it without one of the craziest shots of the year.

He was on the rocks (Yes, the ROCKS) on the famed 17th hole at PGA West and hit a beautiful recovery shot that nearly landed in the hole. Chesson Hadley was in the same situation and ended up with a double bogey.

In Duf’s case, it was as if he practiced the shot his whole life. In the playoff, he defeated David Lingmerth to win his first title in three years.

He then took to Twitter to once again, burn the same fan that poked fun at him last month for not winning recently.

To put it simply, don’t mess with Jason Dufner. The former Auburn Tiger will hunt you down like a real tiger.

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REVIEW: EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour


It has been two years since the release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 and with a new name and next generation consoles, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour by EA Sports is ready to step up to the tee.


The game features 12 real-world courses including TPC Sawgrass, St. Andrews Links, Whistling Straits, TPC Boston, Bay Hill, Royal Troon, Chambers Bay, Wolf Creek, East Lake, TPC Scottsdale, Quail Hollow and PGA West.


The game also features unique fantasy courses including Paracel Storm, a course based off of the map from Battlefield 4 as well as Coyote Falls which is located in the Grand Canyon.


In total, the game has 17  courses.


Golf Channel’s Rich Lerner and Frank Nobilo replace the broadcast team of Jim Nantz and David Feherty from the last few editions of the game.


The game starts with a prologue that puts you in the shoes of four-time major champion and the game’s namesake, Rory McIlroy.


You start by hearing Golf Channel broadcaster Rich Lerner introduce you to the game and take you through some tutorials showcasing the new gameplay options. These options include the ability to play either in Arcade, 3-Click or Tour modes.


Arcade is the easiest setting which features a blue aiming arc to help you hit shots as well as the ability to use power boost to overpower drives and put spin on the ball while it’s in flight.


3-Click is a classic gameplay style that has been seen in previous versions of EA Sports golf games where tap the X (For PlayStation 4) or the A (For Xbox One) three times until the sweet spot is hit on a meter.


Tour mode is the most difficult option where there is no blue aiming arc, no power boost, no spin control and you can’t zoom in to your target, relying only on a hole map to navigate a hole.


After the tutorials, the prologue continues and you are put into a scenario where you play as McIlroy in the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay Golf Course against two-time major winner, Martin Kaymer.


McIlroy speaks to the gamer as you go through each on-course scenario, giving you advice and talking to you about the pressure and emotion of playing in a major championship. After the prologue, the entire game is now available for the gamer to play.


You have six game modes to choose from. These include Play Now, Pro Career, Night Club Challenge, Online Tournaments, Head 2 Head and the ability to play the Prologue again.


Pro Career gives you the chance to create a golfer and build his or her legacy on the PGA Tour, starting with the Tour Finals at TPC Sawgrass.


Once you earn your PGA Tour card, you will start your first season by playing in the BioWare Classic which is played on the Wetlands, a fictional course created by EA Sports.


You will be able to compete in three of the four major championships in Pro Career. These being, the U.S. Open, Open Championship and PGA Championship.


Due to an expired license, The Masters has been taken out of the game along with Augusta National Golf Club. In its place is the EA Sports Spring Invitational which has been in the franchise’s past releases prior to the deal with Augusta National.


Wolf Creek Golf Club in Mesquite, Nevada is the host course of the Spring Invitational. EA has mentioned via social media that Augusta National and The Masters could make a return so it’s possible that the contract could be renewed.


The Night Club Challenge is a mode where you play various mini-games in a night time style setting across three courses. These courses being Wolf Creek, Paracel Storm and Coyote Falls.


You use a variety of boosts to help you get around obstacles which may include taking control of the ball mid-flight or putting a rocket boost on it. You can unlock clothing for your created golfer as well as fantasy golfers.


Online only allows you to play simultaneously as to where in previous versions, you were able to use turn-based play. Ranked matches only allow you to play nine holes while unranked matches allow you to choose a full 18 hole round.


In ranked matches, your record shows based on where you placed. For example, if you beat the other three players in your foursome, your record would be 3-0-0 but if you finished in second, your record would then be 2-1-0.


The online is quite limited, taking out game modes like Match Play, Alternate Shot, Skins and even the 3-hole mini game.


The simultaneous play is the only way to play online. Difference is, you can see your playing partners wherever they are.


Online Tournaments give you two choices: Amateur Open and Pro Open. The courses are picked at random and you play to try to get the lowest score and get to the top of the leaderboard.


There’s tournaments for the three styles of play, Arcade, 3-Click and Tour.



  • The gameplay may be the best in the series. Having the gameplay styles to fit any type of virtual golfer plays a huge role in that.
  • The graphics are beautiful and the realism of the golf courses really pop out at you, especially in the evening setting.
  • The broadcasting feels more natural and sounds more like a conversation than in previous versions of the game. They do a great job of describing each hole on a course, like you’d see on TV or hear on the radio.


  • There isn’t much content in the game despite the great gameplay. The game modes are low and Pro Career gets repetitive fast and is not rewarding after winning tournaments.
  • Online integration is limited and features no team based modes
  • The broadcasting gets really repetitive as well. You’ll likely hear the same things many times and adding new courses seems to be the only way to hear fresh commentary.


With a variety of gameplay styles to fit the needs of the gamer and with breathtaking graphics to go with it, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour is the best playing game of the series.

But with such a low amount of game modes, player customization options, a weak career mode and  limited online options, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour just missed its tee time.

Final Score: 6/10

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WATCH: Jordan Spieth’s errant tee shot saved by fan’s butt

Yeah, so this happened. During the second round of the Abu Dhabi Championship, world number one golfer Jordan Spieth hit an errant tee shot that hit a spectator.

Now, this is a common oocurance in professional golf, however, what made this sigificant were two things.

1. The ball hit the spectator in the tail feather (Butt).

2. The fan’s backside saved Spieth’s ball from landing in the water.

Not only that, the broadcasters, Dougie Donnelly and Ken Brown were having a good ol’ time after the event happened. This makes the video that much more hilarious.

Spieth must be a wizard if the ball hit one of the only fans in that location on the course, and saved him from complete disaster in the instance of the ball landing in the water. Guess he’s not the best golfer in the world for nothing.

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PHOTOS: Jordan Spieth’s new $7.1 million mansion is crazy


Jordan Spieth has obviously made a ton of money this year after a historical PGA Tour season where he won five tournaments including the Masters and U.S. Open.


He capped that off by winning the first tournament of the season at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. Now, all of the winning has paid off as he now owns one of coolest homes in sports.


Spieth purchased the home off of six time PGA Tour champion and fan favorite Hunter Mahan and offers features that will make you jealous. One of those features is a 12-car garage with half a basketball court bellow it.


The house is 16,665 and includes a guest house, infinity pool and a man cave with a ping pong table and golf simulator.  There’s also a full kitchen with a fire pit and the house includes five bedrooms and six bathrooms.


Here are other pictures of the rest of the house if you can handle it.


Yup, that’s what you call living the life. Jordan “Get Money” Spieth in the building.

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Source: Back 9 Network



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There’s a video game called “100ft Robot Golf” and it looks awesome

No, I kid you not, there really is a video game called 100ft Robot Golf coming out a little later this year and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

The game features oversized robots playing golf in cities, mountains and even outer space. The game will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and will be compatible with the PlayStation’s new VR (Virtual Reality) headset.

Dan Teasdale is the mind behind No Goblin, the game developer that helped create the hit game “Roundabout”. He and his crew enjoy golf games and wanted to create something that was different and fun for everyone to play.

Thinking outside the box, or outside the hole rather. Here’s a short Q&A Dan kindly did with me on the new golf game.

Are you guys golf fans or just wanted to create something cool?

We definitely wanted to make something cool, but we also love playing golf games like Hot Shots and PowerStar Golf. 100ft Robot Golf is us wondering what we could do if we took the mechanics and rules of golf and removed any restrictions – whether it’s telling a story in a sports game, destroying anything in your way, or playing on your TV or in Virtual Reality, 100ft Robot Golf delivers.

Also, what are some of the courses (Or towns/locations rather) we can expect? Courses are always huge in golf games.

Since the robots in 100ft Robot Golf are huge, we had to pick huge locations for them to play in. Some of the great places you can play include entire cities, up the side of a volcano, and even in space on the moon!

Is almost everything in the game destructible?

Anything above robot ankle height is completely destructible. It’s really great for the cases where you screw up a shot and park your ball behind a skyscraper. Instead of having to work your way around it, just swing your golf club at the building and knock it out of the way – or into the path of one of your golfing buddies.

What kind of online modes will there be?

You’ll be able to play either locally or online with up to four people, but the coolest part of that is that we’re also going to let you create your own rulesets. You can play only short or long holes, turn water hazards into water opportunities, or even make huge changes like whether the game is real time or not!

If you’re more of a purist, this ruleset system allow you to turn on turn-based play and stroke scoring. At that point, you’re basically playing a traditional round of golf – provided you ignore the huge robot that you’re playing as.

Will the game support Remote Play for the PlayStation Vita? Many others (Myself included) would love to play this on the go.

Absolutely! We love the PS Vita (we’re currently finishing up a version of our previous game Roundabout for the handheld), and we’ll definitely be making sure there’s a great control scheme when you’re playing Remote Play on Vita.

– How deep will customization be in the game? 
We’re huge suckers for customization, so naturally we’re going to go overboard in 100ft Robot Golf. Things like clubs, balls, and hats are a given, but we also have some to be announced customization options that I’m real excited to share soon.
– Since the game will be compatible with the PlayStation VR, does this mean PS Move golf will make a triumphant return (I believe the VR will be Move compatible)? 
We won’t have Move support at launch, but man, I would love to add that in an update down the road if people like the game. Hopefully enough people like our crazy golf experience to allow us to keep adding stuff like new modes and Move support after launch!

Finally, when can we expect a release date?

100ft Robot Golf will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Playstation VR later this year! If you want to know more or find out when we announce a release date that’s a bit more precise, be sure to follow @100ftrobotgolf on Twitter.


So there you have it. Probably the most original golf game concept of all-time will be hitting your PS4 consoles (And Vita systems via Remote Play) soon.


The YouTube video has received over 60,000 views while the PlayStation uploaded version of the trailer received nearly 200,000 views.


And with it coming to the new PlayStation VR headset, the hype for the game has increasingly grown. When you type the number “1” on the YouTube search, first thing that comes up is 100ft Robot Golf which speaks volumes on the anticipation of the game.


And normally, a trailer will receive at least a few negative comments. This game received zero and were all mostly positive which is rare, especially on YouTube.


For the record, I love the idea. I’m always down for something that’ll give golf extra swagger because we too often get stuck on the “Country Club Snobiness” and don’t realize that golf is a game for everyone.


No Goblin totally get this with 100ft Robot Golf.


You can visit for more information.


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Greg Norman out as Fox Sports golf analyst


Just after the debut season of Fox Sports golf coverage, Greg Norman is out as lead analyst according to Links Magazine who broke the story via Twitter.


Norman teamed up with Joe Buck for the USGA’s biggest events, including the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay. The decision of hiring Norman came after NBC’s longtime coverage of the U.S. Open came to an end and Norman himself believed he was the right fit.


There were times in Norman’s stint where he seemed uncomfortable. It got to the point where Brad Faxon, one of golf’s all-time great putters and current Fox broadcaster, needed to join him in the booth to get a conversational flow going.


Fox says they are working quickly on hiring a new analyst. Paul Azinger, who does ESPN’s Masters coverage (Which is only Thursday and Friday), has been rumored as a candidate to replace Norman.


Mark Loomis, Fox Sports producer, can now re-tool the broadcast team with Norman gone. If a guy like Azinger is available, then it would be a winning situation for Loomis as Azinger can be one of golf’s most unique characters.


If it is Azinger, it wouldn’t be the first time a golf broadcaster worked for two networks at the same time. David Feherty was a golf analyst for CBS but did his “Feherty” TV show for NBC/Golf Channel.


In this case, Azinger would likely continue his Masters coverage with ESPN while being an analyst for Fox Sports’ USGA coverage. But, we’ll simply have to wait and see as this is only a rumor.


As for Norman, his net worth is around $300 million so losing the Fox gig certainly doesn’t hurt him. He’s a former world no.1 golfer, two-time Open Championship winner and was one of golf’s most powerful drivers in the 1980’s and 90’s.

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Sources: Golf World 

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Phil Mickelson gets hustled by a 17-year old for $5,000


Ryan Ruffels, a 17-year old Australian golfer who will make his PGA Tour debut at the Farmers Insurance Open, had one of the experiences of a lifetime by making a golf bet with Phil Mickelson.

Mickelson made a deal with Ruffels that, if he beat him, he’d pay him $5,000. But if Mickelson won, Ruffels would have to pay him $2,500 once he turned pro.

Ruffels ended up beating Mickelson in the end and got the $5,000 right out of the five-time major champion’s hand.

“I was a few down through nine but then I birdied six of my last seven to win by one shot and took his money, so that was pretty cool,” Ruffels said according to

Certainly can’t blame him when you’ve hustled one of the all-time greats and took some of his cash. No doubt that the experience will give him a little boost heading into the Farmers Insurance Open for his PGA Tour debut.


Be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio! No, I probably won’t golf hustle as I’d lost all my money and off-topic, yes I agree with Al Michaels that Larry Fitzgerald is insane (And a good golfer too).


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