PHOTO: J.B. Holmes receives hilarious Christmas gift

J.B. Holmes had quite a comeback season in 2015 and was the king of power in golf before Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson took over.

With him coming back to form, winning once and contending in other tournaments, you’d think Holmes would receive some cool Christmas gifts for what he achieved. Well, he got a great gift (Or well, at least for us who like a good laugh) as his sister presented him with a shirt that says “World’s Okayest Golfer”.

Holmes was one of the popular players on Tour a few years back, wowing golf fans everywhere with his long drives. Now, a rejuvenate Holmes looks to fit right in with the new generation of golf and he did so somewhat quietly in 2015 and looks to continue his success in 2016.

Maybe he should wear the shirt to fool others into thinking that he’s just an “okay” golfer. Then show them all up in the end.

The golf hustle.

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WATCH: Ian Poulter crashes into tree while skiing

Here’s a Christmas gift for you. Ian Poulter was on a ski trip in Park City, Utah and equipped a GoPro camera to film his skiing experience in the first person.

Unfortunately for Poulter, he ended up crashing into a tree but it all ended in laughs as he was OK. Although it gets plenty cold in England, where Poulter is from, skiing isn’t a very popular activity.

GoPro even had a little fun with the clip.

Maybe tree hugging while tackling the Utah mountians wasn’t such a bad thing. If he made it around the tree and gained more speed, who knows what would’ve happened.

But, hopefully this clip made your Christmas Eve a little brighter in laughter (Especially if you’re a golf fan). Merry Christmas!

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WATCH: Jordan Spieth drills putt with a lightsaber

There’s no doubt about it: @jordanspieth was golf’s Luke Skywalker in 2015. Check this out if you don’t believe us. #StarWars

A video posted by SkratchTV (@skratchtv) on

With the latest Star Wars hitting movie screens, this clip only made sense as it shows the already two-time major champion Jordan Spieth nailing a putt with a lightsaber.

The way Spieth played in 2015, it only makes sense to dub him a Jedi Knight. Despite one of golf’s deepest fields, he prevailed and it won’t be no surprise to see him wielding lightsabers again in 2016.

Awesome job by Skratch TV with the clip.

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REVIEW: Clothing by Ahead will make you get to the course in style



You may be familiar with the brand, Ahead as this is the brand you see a lot at golf tournaments, specifically, events such as the BMW Championship.


Their company is loaded with numerous styles of shirts, jackets, hats, shorts, etc. They also have golf accessories and small golf packages that make for nice Holiday gifts.


I had the opportunity to take a look at four specific pieces of clothing that may be beneficial for your next golf outing. These items include, the Payne Stewart hat, the Ahead fedora, Chatham Fleece jacket and the Montery Stripe Polo.




The fedora – Nothing combines an old school look with modern style as much as a fedora. This timeless classic features a straw material giving it a unique look that also will do a great job of keeping the sun out of your face.


The hat feels plenty comfortable and does a nice job of not making your head feel suffocated like with some hats. The fedora is also light weight which adds to the comfort and will work nicely on those hot sunny days thanks to the long, round brim of the hat.


Sorry for the horrible photography skills!

Sorry for the horrible photography skills!


The Payne Stewart – The Payne Stewart hat was made famous by none other than Stewart himself as he would go on to win three major championships wearing this cap. The first you’ll notice right away is immense comfort.


The fedora has it’s own kind of comfort but the Payne Stewart feels soft, so wearing it is a pleasure, especially when you need it most (Bad hair day perhaps?). The hat feels great whether you’re wearing it backwards or frontwards and goes well with numerous styles of clothing.


One of the best things about the Payne Stewart is that it can be worn during any season. During the summer, it can be worn to protect from the sun while in the winter, it can be worn like a knit, keeping your head worm.


Payne Stewart helped bring classic golf attire back to fruition and the hat will represent this quite well.





Montery Stripe Polo – One of Ahead’s newer shirts, the Montery Stripe Polo features a beautiful silky feeling and has a multi-shaded stripe design on it, giving a unique look to the typical stripe polo. I’ve mentioned the word “comfort” a lot and I’ll say it yet again.


The Montery Stripe Polo is one of the softest, coolest and most comfortable golf polos around. The terrific material of the shirt has a lot to do with it and this short is great for a hot round of golf or if you’re in a hot building.


The professional design on the polo makes it great for any occasion, whether it’s a leisure activity or it’s a business meeting. Some polos may bother you around the neck with their collars but with the softness of the shirt and the collar, there’s no worries about any tightness.


20151220_185028 (2)

Chatham Fleece Jacket – The Chatham Fleece Jacket features a material soft enough to be a blanket for a good night sleep (If you’re into wearing jackets in bed), it’s that comfortable. It also has the warmth of a coat almost.


It was extremely cold outside here in Chicago the other day, wearing the Chatham Fleece Jacket was light but I stayed plenty warm. That is, for at least a certain amount of time but I was out there for a while and had no issues (If only I was wearing gloves though, ouch).


Even being out there swinging my 9-iron, it felt great and didn’t feel like it was in the way. This is a great jacket if you’re someone who plays golf in the streets or is a driving range warrior and the hood of the jacket keeps you warm as well as any other small jacket around.


Final Verdict – Overall, these pieces from Ahead are “Ahead” of the game and there’s something for every kind of golfer and for every season so there’s nothing stopping you from hitting the course. The gear is customizable as well as you can put a logo on the clothing item(s) you choose which helps make them more personal.


The level of comfort, especially on the Chatham Fleece and the Montery Stripe Polo is very solid and was quite impressed with the feel of them. So, to make a long story short, the golf clothing from Ahead is just flat out awesome.


You can check them out at


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VIDEO: Jason Day’s wife hospitalized after collision with LeBron James

During an NBA game between the Cleveland Caveliers and the Oklahoma City Thunder, PGA Championship winner Jason Day’s wife Ellie was hospitalized after LeBron James accidentally crashed into her.

Mrs. Day was carried off in a stretcher after the collision but appears to be OK according to James via Tom Withers. She gave birth to the couple’s second child just last month.

James wrote a ‘get well’ tweet for Mrs. Day.

A statement was also made my the Day family’s agent, Bud Martin of Wasserman Media courtesy of

The family lives near Jack Nicklaus’ Muirfield Village Golf Club and are regulars at Cavs games.

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WATCH: College golf coach gets denied on kiss cam

During a San Antonio Spurs game, University of Texas at San Antonio assistant golf coach Kyle Collins was on a date with his girlfriend when they both made it on to the “kiss cam”.


Well, things didn’t go too well as the kiss couldn’t be pulled off. Collins’ gave her  a quick smooch on the cheek and that was it.


The Spurs hilariously put captions on the clip on Twitter. Collins himself got a good kick out of it all.

Although they’ve been together for a year, which is great, one thing’s for sure, she definitely may have some stage fright. Wonder if any of his players saw the game and said “Hey, that’s coach Collins getting denied!”.

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Bubba Watson lists Tiger Woods’ old house for $5.6 million


Bubba Watson bought the infamous “Scandal House” that Tiger Woods owned when the news broke of his sex scandal back in 2009 but now has listed it for sale.


Woods sold the house to Watson in 2013 and he did major remodeling to the home which includes a private boat dock among other things. The house also features seven bedrooms, a theater, wet bar, two-story patio and a guest house so the place is loaded.


But wait, there’s more. If you’re a golf nut, the property is right across from the Isleworth Golf & Country Club practice facilities. These include both golf and tennis spots to perfect your game.


So, if you love golf, an infamous location and if Wu Tang Clan’s C.R.E.A.M (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) is a favorite on your music playlist then this just may be the crib for you. And no, the Dukes of Hazard car is likely not included.


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WATCH: Jordan Spieth’s Happy Gilmore Swing is Solid

Although Jordan Spieth isn’t known as the world’s most powerful driver, he attempted one of the most powerful swings and did well by trying the famous Happy Gilmore swing.

In a Pro-Am with Country music star Jake Owen, Spieth gave it a try and executed it nearly perfect. I’d love to see him attempt the swing of the LDA’s (Long Drivers of America) Connor Powers which is just insane and awesome.

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WATCH: Golf prank goes horribly wrong in hilarious fashion

This video is four years old but is visual gold.

Two kids decided to do what they thought would be an innocent prank but then turned into a complete disaster. They brought an RC car to a golf course where two gentlemen were playing and when the two men were approaching their golf balls on the green, the kids raced the RC car out there to push the balls out of the way.

The two men didn’t take kindly to that as one of them grabbed his putter and smashed the crap out of the car. That’s when the boys ran out there to confront the men after breaking their RC car and things started getting heated.

One of the men starting chasing the boys with his club and almost caught up to them. Although it all went wrong and nobody came out laughing, it’s hilarious for those of us watching it all unfold.

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PHOTO: Rory McIlroy takes silly photo of himself during rehab

Human version of the dreaded K-9 cone…. Only for sleeping though! Laser eye surgery went well yesterday 👀👍

A photo posted by Rory McIlroy (@rorymcilroy) on

Rory McIlroy underwent some laser eye surgery and shared on Instagram a picture with a funny caption on it. In some ways, he looks like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar only McIlroy’s lens’ are larger. He’s expected to return to action at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship next month. McIlroy isn’t the only one who had shared a post operation photo. Henrik Stenson also shared a photo with somewhat of a derpy (If you don’t know what that means, Google or Bing it) face that only Stenson can make.

I guess we’ll see if the hottest new trend will be “post surgical selfies” on Twitter. As long as it’s not your butt then we’re straight.

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