PHOTO: Little John Daly is coolest Halloween costume ever

On Halloween, most kids will dress up as their favorite super hero or perhaps a villain. Well, this kid decided to dress up as his favorite golfer which is none other than John Daly.

That’s right, this kid dressed up as John Daly and it’s about as spot on and adorable as you can get. Take a look at “Lil John” below!

Amazing! Even the hair is there! Driver in hand too, ready to smash a tee shot down the middle of the fairway.

Now, here’s another picture of a little Jordan Spieth and Michael Greller and although they both look awesome, it’s just hard to top the John Daly look.

Let this just show you, that golfers make for great costumes for your kids. Next thing you know, we’ll be looking at little Boo Weekly and Bubba Watson.

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WATCH: Golfer drills unbelievable putt at the PunchBowl

A golfer at Bandon Dunes Links’ PunchBowl putting course, made one of the most beautiful putts you’ll ever see.

The Tom Doak and Jim Urbina design features some of the wildest slopes around, and this putt was rolling like it was on a roller coaster before dropping into the cup. Check it out below and be amazed.


Wonder if ol’ Tom Doak will make some tweaks to the PunchBowl after that putt! is a course I’ve been wanting to play for quite some time, but no doubt that I wouldn’t hit a putt like that.

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WATCH: Sunshine Tour golfer takes shot to the groin

Man, I guess there’s not much sunshine on the Sunshine Tour after all. Jacques Kruyswijk was about to hit a shot from behind a tree during the Vodacom Origins of Golf but his shot ricochets off the tree and hits him right in the groin.

Looking at this video, it makes you feel the pain.

Gentlemen, turn your heads. Sunshine Tour pro Jacques Kruyswijk tried to play this shot from behind a tree and well… Video credit: @sunshinetour

A video posted by Golf Channel (@golfchannel) on

Ouch, well, Jacques did have five birdies and shot a 69 in that same round. I’d say that’s a better recovery than the shot he was trying to hit! Silly trees, golf balls are for greens!

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REVIEW: LoudMouth visors are as wacky, fun as their pants

LoudMouth Golf is famously known for their pants which offer unique designs that may blow the mind. LoudMouth also features many other great clothing items and accessories, one of these being their visors.

I had the chance of trying out the Boomerang design style visor which has somewhat of a cosmo kind of feel to it. The art is very beautiful like most of the clothing that LoudMouth offers and the Boomerang visor was no exception.

The comfortableness of the visor was great. Going out to the local course, I was hitting some shots in the short game area and the visor never interfered with my head, it was like wearing a feather while also blocking the sun with the thick bill.

Visors are a great way to rock a hat while letting your head breath. The LoudMouth visors let you do it with style that’ll turn heads at the course, range, etc.

They have a few other designs you can choose from as well. You can check them out at


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WATCH: Rickie Fowler drills 79-foot putt at TPC Summerlin

That’s right, Rickie Fowler nailed a 79-foot putt during the Shriners Hospital for Children Open at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas.

It looked like he dunked it and very well could’ve exploded past the hole if he missed. Take a look below.

Did you see that backswing? It almost looked like he was going for a full swing for a minute.

Rickie hopes to include himself as part of the new bg three on the PGA Tour of Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and Jason Day. If he hits shots like that, don’t be surprised to see him in some more winner’d circles this season.

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WATCH: College golfer hits tee shot off her teammate’s butt

Yup, a ball was teed up in a college golfer’s butt, and most of times with rookies or freshmen in a sport, they are forced to do something silly for the experienced.

Maria Rodriguez of the University of South Florida Women’s Golf squad is the one swinging while Freshman Maria Merchan is the driving range mat. Take a look at the clip below!

Things you can do with a big butt and a good golf swing 🍑⛳️ @nanimerchi

A video posted by @marirodriguez on

I will say that Maria’s swing was smooth as a knife through butter. Text book!

And to do hat without wrecking her teammate’s booty is what I always like to call deadeye accuracy!

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Source: Golf News Net 

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Tiger Woods may not be playing golf for a year




Tiger Woods will be out of golf for quite some time. According to, Woods has stated that he came back too soon during the 2014-15 season and requires back surgery once again.


He was at the Bridgestone America’s Golf Cup in Mexico and had to undergo surgery five weeks later. He made a comment about his status.


“Rehab will be soon, and it will be tedious and long,” Woods said according to “The last one, it took me awhile to get back. Some players on tour have done the same procedure and to be back pain-free it took them over a year.”


So it sounds like it could be some time. Maybe even a whole year.


It seems like we keep hearing this over and over again like a broken record. For Tiger Woods fans, the hope is that he’ll be refreshed and ready to go by the time he returns. even made the hypothesis that he may return by 2017. It’ll be very interesting to see how he competes against the young guns once he returns.


Golf has had one of the most historical seasons in a very long time. The game now has a “big four” of Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler, not to mention the slew of rookies who made their pressences felt such as Tony Finau, Justin Thomas and Rookie of the Year Daniel Berger.


So Woods would have more than just injuries to overcome. He’ll have to deal with the best competition he’s had in years as well.


He finished tied for 17th at the Masters in 2015 but missed the cut at the U.S. Open, Open Championship and PGA Championship. If Woods indeed decides hang it up until at least 2016, it would be his 20th season on the PGA Tour.


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WATCH: Lyle, Huh, hole out for eagle back-to-back

No, I’m not talking about the song by Drake, I’m talking about back-to-back eagles by both John Huh and Jarrod Lyle.

During the Open, these two did the unthinkable. Take a look.

Same group. Same result. 🎯🎯 Back-to-back eagle hole-outs from John Huh and Jarrod Lyle.

A video posted by PGA TOUR (@pgatour) on

That’s awesome, and although this happened a few days ago, it’s still flat out timeless. Then PGA Tour rookie Emilliano Grillo won the, winning his very first start on Tour.

What a way to welcome in the new PGA Tour season eh?

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WATCH: Wind blows Matt Kuchar’s ball into hole

We all knew Matt Kuchar was good but nobody knew he was this good. During the Fiji International, Matt’s ball stopped short of the hole on a putt but using his unbelievable Star Wars like skills, he was able to push the ball into the cup.

OK, so it wasn’t that but actually, it was some high winds that helped put his ball in the hole. Still, what an awesome putt!

Here you go:

Man, if I had skills like that, I just may be able to earn a PGA Tour card. Problem is, my shots usually don’t make the green and my supernatural ability is too weak to force the ball into the air, over a tree, onto the green, and in the hole.

Only Kuch!

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REVIEW: Momentus’ power irons are too much fun

Momentus Golf is one of the leading golf training brands out there. A while back, I had a chance to try out their signature Power Hitter Driver as well as their indoor driver (It’s a small heavy driver you can swing for indoor use) and both were superb.


This time around, I had the pleasure of trying out their two irons used to help build golf strength and improve iron play. Both of these were so much fun to use and I’ll evaluate both of these clubs here for you.


These two clubs are the Power Hitter Iron and the XL Iron and both are perfect for range practice. Here are some key things I enjoyed from both of them.



Power Hitter Iron – Similar to the awesome Power Hitter Driver, the Power Hitter Iron is a heavy iron that helps improve iron consistency and distance. When I was hitting some shots on the range, I was feeling my muscles work and was getting that sensation (Or pain, whatever you want to call it) you get that tells you that your muscles are building a little.


This iron is about as good of a golf workout tool as any. Who knew that just bashing a bunch of balls on the range would help build strength and burn calories?


Bobby Jones had once said that hitting balls on the driving range is a great way to gain strength and hit further out on the course. Well, the Power Hitter Iron is definitely your friend here and makes for an excellent routine on the range.


One thing I really loved was that after hitting some shots with the Power Hitter Iron, I felt like I had more control of my swing. When I grabbed my wedge, I felt very confident swinging and I was able to hit a few shots close to the pin on the green out on the range.


I felt like I was much more in control with my wedge than before. I didn’t feel the need to take a full swing to hit a decent shot and I was making more solid contact with the ball.


The Power Hitter Iron is certainly a beast and is just a wonderful club when practicing on the range. After all, you use your irons more than any other club and the Power Hitter helps you get in complete control of them.



XL Iron – OK so this is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve seen in the history of ever. The XL Iron is an iron and has weight on it just like the Power Hitter Iron.


However, the “big” difference is the size of the clubhead. It’s freaking gigantic! When they said “XL Iron” they certainly weren’t joking.


It has more than just looks as it is an excellent training tool. The reason that the clubhead is so large is that it helps you on your backswing and follow through with air resistance to help you keep the head square every time you swing.


So when you swing this beauty, you’ll feel the weight of the head during the backswing and this is your feedback in regards to whether your swing is correct or not. You’ll feel the tilt of the head thanks to its large size so you’ll know if you’re going to be too open or close at impact.


Like the Power Hitter Iron, the XL Iron also is great for building strength and is a great club to swing before hitting balls on the range. You may also catch the attention of your fellow golfers as they look at your club with wide eyes and such.


This club really will help develop a more square clubface and that’s one of the most important aspects of a golf swing. We all want to make perfect contact with the ball without shanking or chunking it and having a square face is crucial to pure contact.


And that’s what makes the XL Iron such a powerful tool. Swing it a few times, and your mind will get used to a proper backswing a follow through when going back to your normal clubs.


The XL Iron also is great for your driving game. Although it’s an iron, the size of the head makes it beneficial for all clubs and as mentioned, helps you build those key golf muscles so when you grab your driver and tee it up, your swing speed will likely improve.


The club is short enough for indoor practice as well but make sure you have enough room as well, remember, it has a giant clubhead. But, it’s a great club to throw in your bag and take to the range, or maybe you just want to work on your iron game like I did where I brought a couple of irons and the XL to the range.


Overall, Momentus Golf has once again done an excellent job with helping golfers play better through training. Cool thing is, these are fun ways to get some great exercise while still enjoying the sport you love.


You can visit and you can check out both of these sweet irons for yourself.


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