ICYMI: Brian Harmon hits two aces in one round.

WOW! OK, this is just plain nuts!

Brian Harmon got not one, but TWO holes in one in a SINGLE round. How on earth does that happen?

Check it out below:

What’s probably even crazier is how do you accomplish such a feat like that and not win the tournament? Bad luck Brian?

All kidding aside, it was an amazing display of accuracy and congrats to B-Harm on the two aces. The 2014 John Deere Classic champ is only the third player to ever have two aces in one round on the PGA Tour.

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ICYMI: Phil hits backwards shot at the Barclays

We now know that Jason Day won (AGAIN) at the Barclays and he’s simply been playing out of his mind.


But, I couldn’t help but share this video of an amazing backwards shot effort by Phil Mickelson. As you can tell, it was THIS CLOSE to reaching the green.



We would then go on to make a great recovery shot in the end. Phil the Thrill ladies and gentlemen!


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Inbee Park is golf’s most dangerous player by a mile


In a world where we’ve seen a new generation of talent rise on the PGA Tour, with guys like Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day and Bubba Watson leading the charge, the Tour has since grown in popularity. However, another Tour that has shined bright is the LPGA Tour thanks to the unbelievable job done by commissioner Mike Whan and the talent that has risen.


Who’s leading the pack on the LPGA Tour? None other than Inbee Park who once again won the Women’s PGA Championship for the third straight year (YES, third straight year). She also won the Women’s British Open at the legendary Turnberry golf course in Scotland, to complete the career grand slam at the young age of 27.


I’m going to come out right now and say “my bad” after I had wrote a piece a while back, stating that Stacy Lewis is the best golfer in the world. Although Stacy is terrific in her own right and got the LPGA’s triple crown in 2014 (She won the Player of the Year, Vare Trophy and was the money leader on Tour. This has never happened before), it’s fair to say that Inbee has been the best player so far.


I think Inbee and Stacy have quietly put together one of the best rivalries in sports, although it’s not considered one, they’re both always towards the top of the leaderboard it seems. It was Stacy who held off Inbee at the 2013 Women’s Open Championship as Inbee was on her way to becoming to first golfer ever to win four majors in a season.


At one point, Yani Tseng was a dominant force in golf and she has five majors to her credit. Even she can’t match what Inbee has done so far and Yani was an absolute monster and is still good.


What’s amazing about Inbee Park is that she doesn’t have a massive amount of skills. She relies simply on a hot putter and igniting at the right time.


In just a five year span from 2010 to 2015, she has won an incredible seven major championships. One of them, the Women’s PGA Championship were won three years in a row by her as mentioned.


She’s a deadly ball striker, ranking fifth in the world in that category. Combine that with her deadeye putting and you have the best golfer on the planet.


She’s better than any player on any tour right now (Again, I said this about Stacy Lewis and again, “my bad”). And with the skill set that she has, makes it that much more impressive.


She’s not going to “wow” you with big drives like Michelle Wie or Lexi Thompson or hit laser straight drives like Lydia Ko. But what she brings to the table is consistency and knowing how to attack a golf course.


Course management may be one of the most important things in the sport. She’ll read greens like books and then drop putts at an alarming rate.


I think for most of her competitors, their hopes is that she doesn’t make all the greens in regulation. If she does, you’re simply screwed.


She’ll likely one putt each time. Only Stacy is a better putter at the moment.


Another thing that stands out is her competition. She has to go out there against players like Lydia, Stacy, Brittany Lincicome (Two-time ANA Inspiration champion, or basically the Ladies Masters), Suzanne Petterson, among others and still dominates.


Not to mention all of the young talent that keeps coming up. We just saw a 21-year old In Gee Chun win the U.S. Women’s Open and we obviously have the aforementioned Lydia Ko who is an accurate driving machine and just won the Canadian Women’s Open for the third time.


Who did Lydia beat? None other than Stacy Lewis.


So please don’t use talent as an excuse for Inbee Park’s terrorizing of the world. She has dangerous competition on her tail each week.


She also won the Women’s British Open at Turnberry, a course that has hosted many Open Championships on the men’s tour including the famous “Duel in the Sun” between Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson. So the courses she plays on are as tough as the men’s tour.


There’s nothing that tells me that she isn’t the best golfer on the planet right now. Rory is the nearest competitor and he’s not even close to what she’s done.


And it’s a fair comparison:


Rory – Age 26

Inbee – Age 27


Rory – 18 wins globally

Inbee – 24 wins globally


Rory – 11 wins on PGA Tour

Inbee – 16 wins on LPGA Tour 


Rory – 4 majors

Inbee – 7 majors


Rory – won 2 majors in a row in 2014

Inbee – won 3 majors in a row in 2013 and was very close to winning 4 in a row.


Rory – All-around talent. Can use any shot in the bag.


Inbee – Simply relies on her ball striking and putting. 


I know, I know it may seem like an unfair comparison due to two different tours. But, I think it’s also unfair when the number one player on the PGA Tour is automatically the “best player in the world” when clearly the best player in the world is a woman.


You can definitely make a case for Jordan Spieth who is the current world number one on the PGA Tour. He’s extremely consistent but he’s only 22 so that’s where things may get a little unfair.


It’s kinda hard to compare a 22-year old to a 27-year old with the experience Inbee has. We don’t know where Jordan will be at by the time he turns 27 although it’s easy to take some guesses.


Inbee has led a charging LPGA Tour and I think three of the best five players in the world are ladies (Inbee, Stacy and Lydia). And Inbee is leading that by a mile so think about that.


She’s a quietly electrifying player too. A player who can shut the door on a tournament when that putter is en fuego (If it’s a double door, she’ll shut those too) and I honestly think she’s the best closer in golf, simply the way that she’s put away majors.


No noise. No ice. No pressure. Just pure heat.


And that’s one of the reasons why we love golf.


Sure, I think a girl like Lydia is definitely the future of the LPGA Tour. She already has built an outstanding resume for herself and hits putts in the clutch and almost never misses fairways.


But in the meantime, it’s Queen Bee’s show. She just needs the credit she deserves.


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REVIEW: Jumbo Max grips are large and amazing


I’m sure when you clicked on the article, you probably said “WOAH!”. Aren’t these seriously the coolest grips you’ve ever seen?


Thick and gorgeous, the JumboMax grips are more than just something to look at. You know how you squeeze a skinny grip and your hands start to ache after taking some swings?


Well, with the JumboMax Grips, you’ll never have to worry about aching ever again. They’re thick and soft, so you can squeeze the club better.


This helps you generate more power with your swings. You’ll certainly get more distance off the tee.


The grips are in the wrap style and are made out of rubber. The wrap style will help get your hands around the club in proper gripping position while the rubber feel will help make your hands stick to the club with no worry of slippage.


Are your hands small like mine? No problem, because the JumboMax grips feature three different sizes, based on your glove size.

So, if you wear a small sized glove, then you could go with the small size for example. The other two sizes are medium and large so this helps give you a little variety to choose from.


Some of the big names that use JumboMax grips include Bryson DeChambeau, the NCAA champion who uses clubs with the same length and rocks the old school golf cap and Mike Dobyn who won the 2007 Re/MAX Long Drive Championship. Among others, NBA legend Rick Barry who is arguably the greatest free-throw shooter of all-time, also uses JumboMax grips.


JumboMax’s concept was simple, yet brilliant. Think about a tennis racket for example.


When you hold most rackets, they feel pretty good in your hands right? That’s because of how thick and soft they are and they help generate more powerful shots.


Also another good example is an aluminum baseball bat. The grips on some of them are also thicker, although not quite like a tennis racket but pretty similar.


Heck, even a table tennis racket has a thicker grip (Love me some table tennis! Used to play a little in high school)! So, “why not golf” they thought?


And I think it was a brilliant idea. You’re taking a lot of swings out there on the golf course and the driving range so why should your hands ache or have blisters?


Another thing that makes the JumboMax grips so cool is that you probably don’t even need a glove to use them! I’m someone who loves to wear a glove when taking swings but since these grips are so soft and thick, a glove may not be necessary.


These grips also give you the chance to use the famous ten-finger/baseball grip. Since the grips are so thick, why not wrap all your fingers around it and take a whack?


JumboMax also has a couple of stylish putter grips you can get as well. These are are also fairly thick and feel solid.


Overall, the JumboMax grips are game changers. It may take a short time to get used to them since you’ve been using skinny grips for so long.


But, once you do get used to them, you’d be surprise at how much extra power you can generate. Just squeeze and let it rip (Did that sound wrong?)!

I’d recommend finding a place that may let you test them before you buy as it is a transition.

To me personally, these are one of the best grips I’ve ever felt. If you get a chance to test them, then I think you’ll really enjoy these.


Bye bye blisters!


You can check out their grips at JumboMax.com where they have starter kits.

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WATCH: Fan cheers blindly with shirt over his face at Wyndham

Soooo, this happened.


During the Wyndham Championship (Davis Love III was the winner. Saved you a Google search), a fan was taking off his long sleeve shirt when it got stuck.


A nice shot was hit by a certain golfer and the man didn’t see it because he was stuck in his own shirt. So, he clapped blindly and it’s pretty funny.




Sometiiiimess, you just gotta cheer homie! 👏⛳️


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Source: Golf News Net 

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PHOTOS: A train delays golf tournament

Choo choo! The birdie train has arrriived! Well, literally almost.


During a tournament in Minnesota, a train that was blocking certain pathways of the golf course came to a stop. It was then in the way and since they couldn’t get it running for a while, they decided to delay the tourney.


Doug Hoffman of the Minnesota Golf Association posted these tweets of the incident:

Then finally….



That’s pretty crazy. Reminds me of Royal Colombo Golf Club where there’s a train that goes by on the fairway!



Now THAT’s where REAL golf strategy comes in to play.


Lay up and wait for train to go by? Or hit tee shot over moving train?


Golf is awesome man.


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Source: Golf News Net 





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Jeff Flagg drives the ball 350 yards with hybrid over water

Jeff Flagg, the 2014 Re/MAX Long Drive champion who defeated the deadly accurate Jeff Crittendan in the final round, decided to have a little target practice at the famed Butler National GC out here in Illinois.

Jeff’s goal was to try to hit the green on the 14th at Butler that featured a long carry over water. He didn’t even need to use driver, he pulled out a hybrid instead!

Great production from Golf Digest too. Good fun! He was even a great putter too!

So, next time if you decide to play Butler National or maybe play the sixth hole at Bay Hill, make sure to decide, “Go for it? or lay up?”.

I, most certainly couldn’t hit the ball even remotely that far! Unless it’s in a video game with a motion controller, THEN I might be able to hit that far!

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Jason Day gave 40 shirts to low paid journalist


Another reason why PGA Championship Jason Day is seriously one of the coolest guys in golf. According to Golf News Net, a struggling journalist would wear the same shirts each week, different color for each day of the tournament.


These were his only course/work appropriate attire. Jason noticed this one day.


“So he’d have a red shirt for a Monday and a blue shirt for a Tuesday, and Day eventually cottoned on to this and asked, ‘How many shirts have you got?’ And he said, ‘Seven. One for every day of the week,’ and Day said, ‘Meet me next week.’ another journalist, Lawrence Donegan said in a radio interview on 106-108 FM in Ireland. 


Eventually, Jason came back and gave the struggling journalist 40 high quality golf shirts to wear. Now the reporter doesn’t have to worry about shirt selections and that’s just awesome.


Jason is one of the most likeable guys on Tour for a reason, and this is just another great example of that. I’m sure that journalist is extrememly thankful for Jason’s good deed.


He went out of his way to do that. Simply awesome.


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Another beautiful “Day” at the PGA and the bright future of golf


Well, all four majors are in the books and all were spectacular. The PGA Championship for the second straight year proved why it’s more than just the “fourth major”.


Also, for the second time, Whistling Straits shined as the host course. What once was an abandoned military base, has now hosted three PGA Championships and will host the Ryder Cup (Yes, the RYDER CUP) in 2024.


It just shows you the imagination of one Pete Dye as he and his wife once again put together a legendary course. Crazy thing is, it’s in some ways, still relatively new, being built back in 2000 but it is already one of the great courses in the world.


And just a couple of hours away from me here in Chicago, it’s easy to make the trip up there. Views of Lake Michigan on every hole ain’t so bad either!


But this year’s PGA Championship was LOADED with story lines.

“Will Jordan Spieth win it for his third major this year?”


“Will Dustin Johnson come back to Straits and play well or will the bunker incident forever haunt him?”


“Will DJ also ever come through and win a major?”


“What about Tiger Woods? Is he ever going to play well in the majors again?”


“Rory McIlroy just came back from injury? How will he play?”


“Jason Day has also fell short in majors. Will he come through here?”


And sooo many other questions as well. Justin Rose had said earlier in the week that he was going to make some noise at the PGA and scarily enough, he was right!


He didn’t win, but finished in the top five.


The leaderboard even featured the likes of Brooks Koepka and Tony Finau who are arguably the hottest rookies in the sport today. That’s what makes the PGA Championship so much fun to watch and why it’s so exciting.


You never know who’s going to be hanging around on top of that leaderboard. It could be a rookie or a former champion from some 15 to 20 years ago.


OR it could be a Joe Schmo (Well, everybody knows that Joe Schmo is the greatest golfer of all-time. One does NOT simply question the great Joe Schmo’s talent!). Either way, it adds to the unpredictability that really makes the PGA Championship, the grand finale of the majors.


Jason Day who has really had a terrific year, went on to win it for his first major title. He beat Jordan Spieth (Who else?) by a few strokes and also beat others like Branden Grace, who also has played some solid golf this year as well as the aforementioned Justin Rose, who is a potential hall of famer.


His win also broke the all-time record for lowest score in a major, shooting -20 to take the title. He beat Tiger Woods’ record of -18 which was set in 1997 at The Masters.


Let me say that I am really happy for Jason Day who I’ve been asking for at least four or five years, “When is he going to capture that first major? He’s so good!”.


Ever since he finished second at The Masters back in 2011 (Charl Schwartzel won it and really helped put South African golf back on the map), I thought it was only a matter of time and I know you thought the same.


And now, here we are, four, almost five years later, and Jaydee is a major champion. He was seeking huge putts all weekend which ultimately, led him to raising the Wanamaker Trophy in victory.


And Just to show how classy his partner, Jordan Spieth was, on one of the holes, late in the Sunday round, Jaydee hit a great lag putt that stop right near the hole. Jordan then gave a thumbs up as to say kinda “Nice putt, you’re going to win this thing”.


Jaydee has been through a lot in his life to get to where he is now. His dad died when he was 12, he became an alcoholic at the same age and was getting into trouble at school. His first golf club was found in a dumpster by his father and his mother had to sell their home to use the money for Jason’s golf program/clinic.


His caddie, Colin Swatton, is the one who really put his foot on the acceleration in Jason’s career. He was the one who kept him busy with golf so he didn’t continue to get in trouble.


You see, the ol’ stereotype for golf is that every golfer is rich and spoiled and that’s nothing but a bunch of crap. I’m tired of hearing that, especially when people don’t know the players’ backgrounds.


In relation, and I think I mentioned this before but I got my first club from a flea market for $2 or $3 and I would just go to the school playground and hit shots. You don’t need to be rich nor do your parents need a doctorate degree to love golf.


Jason is a wonderful example of that and I think he can relate to a lot of people out there. I think golf gets picked on and ripped a lot because of the “Rich, Strict and Snobby” stereotype but I think non-fans can really appreciate the sport a lot more with a guy like Jason winning.


I’m not saying that anyone has to go through the crap Jason went through to be appreciated. Absolutely not, nobody deserves what happened with him.


But I think the fact that he did deal with these things and the fact that he came out such a great person out of it all, really makes you want to root for him and teaches powerful lessons about life. And like Jordan Spieth, it’s so easy to pull for a classy player who’s humble with his/her words, especially in a sport like golf, which unfortunately is an “All me” sport or a “Meh, I’m a cool person but it’s still all bout me”.


To hear little things like “Dustin should be holding this trophy right now” (Jordan said this after his win at the U.S. Open) and “To beat a great player like Jordan….” (Jason  after his PGA win) is jaw-dropping because you just don’t see guys giving credit too often out there. Unless I’m missing something and I need to get my ears checked but I rarely hear these things out there.


Not only is Jason a great person and an awesome guy with the fans, he’s simply one of the most dangerous players in the world. The fact that he’s starting to close out tournaments and slam the door shut, just makes him that more deadly.


Now that he has the first major won, I think we’ll definitely see more which will only make The Masters next year that much juicier. Barring injuries, the field will be absolutely insane!


Jason also gave us this unforgettable fist pump. As if nothing was going to stop him:



Back to Jordan Spieth for a minute. He reached number one in the world rankings surpassing Rory McIlroy and at the start of the year, he was ninth in the world (Yes, NINTH!).


So although he didn’t win, he got a heck of a consolation prize. There are many people out there say he’s a “boring” player and usually those fans are European fans that don’t want to see an American on top again.


And it’s cool! I understand! That’s why the Ryder Cup is such a great event, because of the heated rivalry between European and American fans and really shows the passion.


But to say Jordan is “boring” is just plain asinine. Can someone please define the term “boring” in golf?


Making long putts, hitting crazy recovery shots out of the bunker, the clutch shots, etc. Yeah, that’s totally boring, I’mma go to sleep.


Yeah, you’re nuts.


And to be fair about it, when Martin Kaymer played dominated the U.S. Open last year, many fans were saying that was boring as well. More than likely, those saying that were American fans.


So, the fact that Jordan is the new number one, and European fans are eager for Rory to retake that spot, makes the “Battle of the continents” that much more exciting in golf.


Back to Jason Day though; I think his win officially painted the picture of what the future holds for golf. The new generation is here and it’s very exciting and it’s just going to continue to grow.


I think the “THE GAME NEEDS TIGER!” stuff has finally started to die down a little as people slowly start to realize what’s going on here. The game will be great with, or without Tiger and Phil Mickelson.


I think many of us act like childish lunatics when guys like Tiger or Phil aren’t at their best and this looks like it’s finally making progress to come to a stop. If anything, having Tiger and Phil along with the new generation of talent would make things twice as interesting but it’s not going to ruin the game if they aren’t in it to win it.


The talent now is way too good and the fact that Jordan, Rory and Jaydee are top three players in the world highly represents this new class of talent. And the fact that these three players are all from three of these player rep three separate countries, makes things that more exciting for those of you who are full of “country pride”.


The game is full of colorful characters that are skillful with a golf club. If anything, THAT is what golf needs.


New generational talent that has a swagger on and off the course.


If you’re a Tiger, Phil or Ernie Els fan, I think it’s time for you to loosen the shackles and appreciate what we have going today.


So what’s next for Jaydee after his PGA Championship win? I see him winning more majors.


How many? It’s anybody’s guess.


The fact that he had the lowest score in major championship history on a Pete Dye course is mind boggling and impressive. He has the skills that can lead him to many more titles to come.


One thing’s for sure. Jason is now a leader of the new generation of golf along with guys like Rory and Jordan.


We can’t dwell on the past with guys like Tiger, Phil and Ernie. Greatness doesn’t happen overnight.


You can’t appreciate today’s young talent if you don’t let them become great. Stop relying on the past and rely on the future.


The new generation is here, it’s fun, and the future shined bright over Lake Michigan on Sunday afternoon.


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WATCH: Bubba hits insane drive on Whistling Straits’ 6th hole

He wasn’t going to win the PGA Championship but he still made sure to entertain and impress. Bubba Watson, on the sixth hole at Whistling Straits on Sunday, hit a “Bubba Long” drive that landed near the hole on the par-4.

Then of course he sank the eagle putt.

It’s crazy some of the shots he hits. Seems like he does it every week!

He also went on to argue about ants with a rules offical:


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