Review: Mantis may be the hottest new putter in golf

They also have blade putters as well.

They also have blade putters as well.

What’s the popular saying in golf? “Drive for show, putt for dough”. This saying pretty much tells that although putting is as sexy as driving a ball 300 yards down the fairway, it still racks in the dough, gives you triumph, makes you upset, makes you start doing a silly dance, etc.

One thing about putters, no other club in the bag tugs at our emotions more than the putter. It’s the scoring club, the one that puts your ball in the hole.

They also may be the prettiest clubs to look at.

Well, Mantis Golf, a newer company that specializes in putters knows how create some beautiful flat sticks.

They have options of a mallet or a blade putter. I decided to go with the mallet because my very first putter was a mallet.

I’ll tell you right off the bat that these putters are absolutely gorgeous. They feel wonderful as soon as you put your hands on the grip.

The grip on the club is terrific by the way. Very soft and comfortable which is important to having soft touch on the greens.

When taking some strokes, the first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful clanking sound you hear when the ball comes off of the club face. It acually has a heavier feel when you putt which could be very beneficial on short putts.


The reason I say this is because if it feels to light off the club face, then that’s how you potentially over shoot the cup. Then it probably rolls down that steep slope of the green leaving you with a long putt and leaving you on the ground crying like a newborn.


It happens to the best of us though right?


This putter is so awesome, that I made 4 putts in the row from medium-close range (It was kinda close but it wasn’t a gimme). It was from the same spot however but still, that’s always a nice thing if you’re doing that!


The style of the club is the signature of the putter. It’s one of the more unique looking putters you’ll find anywhere.


The clubhead is a beautiful green with a nice round, shape to it. It’s pure green and nothing but green (Favorite color right here! What’s yours?) and there’s a gorgeous silver spot under the head with the Mantis logo embedded in it.


The grip goes perfectly with the head. It has a bright green color on the top and bottom of the grip with a nice stretch of white in between.


The top part of the grip has the word “Mantis” going downwards while the Mantis logo is planted nicely in the white area of the grip.


The putter also comes with a fantastic head cover to protect that “pretty to look at” clubhead. Instead of the traditional velcro putter head covers for mallets, the Mantis cover closes using a magnet to seal shut.


It’s a quiet way to put on and remove the cover. Great for sneaking out to your putting green at night while your folks and neighbors are sleeping.


And then a pack of wolves surround on the green to “join” your round.


Overall, the Mantis mallet putter is a win win. It could literally be a win win when you’re sinking that tournament winning putt or that match play you decided to settle with that buddy who oddly hits better shots out of the rough than the fairway.


The Mantis putters are being used on the PGA Tour and Tour this year as well which is always nice. So basically, you’re using a hot new putter that the pros use.


The Mantis putter is hot fire, so the next time you hit the course, be sure to bring the fire extinguisher. Bring a handkerchief too because the designer of the course yo’re playing will be sweating.


Check out these sweet putters at MantisGolfCo.comĀ 


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