Picture: Lydia Ko has a tattoo on her wrist

Picture courtesy of Golf News Net

Picture courtesy of Golf News Net

Lydia Ko has clearly established herself as one of the best golfers in the world at only the young age of 17. She has six LPGA Tour wins and nine wins total (No, this is not a joke).

Her first win? Well, she got that tatted on her wrist just to let everyone know that it was the first of many to come. The tat says April 27, 2014 which is the date she won the Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic. The tat is in Roman Numerals however.

She’s one of the rare few golfers to have tattoos anywhere. Bubba Watson has a tiny tat on his ring finger that has his wife Angie’s name on it.

I also saw a picture ad for Callaway of Rocco Mediate rocking several fake tattoos just to show how much of a badass he is. Love you Rocco!

The tattoo artists for Lydia and Bubba must be MVPs at their profession to be able to get tats on wrists and fingers!

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WATCH: Jordan Spieth Stars in Funny PGA Tour Commercial

Jordan Spieth always seemed like an intelligent, pretty laid back dude. However, in this commercial from the PGA Tour, Jordan’s your best friend in whole wide world!

The 2014 Masters runner up who lost to Bubba Watson after it was a tight battle at the front 9, decided to show you that’s he’s a fun guy as well.

Check out the commercial below:

Here’s hoping Jordan has a great season. He’s a super humble dude which is something you don’t see too often in golf.

He usually puts other players before himself. After a win, he’ll usually be like “Well, so and so played great today”, etc.

Now if that isn’t class, then I don’t know what is. Nice work Jordan!

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Picture: Jason Dunfer’s New Look Will Shock You

“Everybody loves the Duuuf!” was a saying I heard on a commercial while listening to Sirius XM’s PGA Tour channel. And everybody does love the Duf, including myself.

Although I never thought he was fat, a lot of people seemed to pick on him a little for his small gut he rocked. Now, he decided to make a lifestyle change that could help improve his already solid golf game.

The Duf man lost quite a bit of weight and now looks pretty darn skinny.

Check it out in a tweet sent by the homegirl Stephanie Wei.

Now, I hear some people on social media saying “Oh, he’s too skinny now.”, etc. Make up your mind y’all! You make fun of him when he had a little weight and get upset when he loses it.

Merica ladies and gentlemen! Merica!

Congrats to Duf though, looking forward to seeing him play some more this as I know you are as well!

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Picture: This is probably the closest you’ll get to Pine Valley

So, I decided to do a little snooping around on Google Earth’s street view and decided to pull up the tiny town of Clementon, New Jersey. Why do I look that up you ask? Because Clementon is home to the number ranked golf course in the world.

That course being non other than Pine Valley.

Thanks to the power of Google Earth’s Street View feature, I was able to explore the small, somewhat mysterious town. Things I was on my virtual journey was a couple of stores, some houses, the famed amusement Park that stands out in the middle of the town.

And then, there’s that long stretch of road that leads you to a dirt parking lot. There’s some train tracks (Too Too Twain!) right by the lot.

Across the tracks? The world famous entrance of the world’s number one course. There’s a guardhouse that sits within the entrance, ensuring that intruders don’t pass by.

That’s as far as I got and for good reason. Here’s the picture I took.

One thing I notice about the Pine Valley parking lot and entrance is that it looks like it’s just at the end of the country or something. Like as if you traveled all the way across the country and at the end, here’s your reward.

Like an exclusive dead end.

I also hear that what makes Pine Valley so beautiful is that it’s so secluded (Lovers who also golf, rejoice!….only if you know a member of the course or are a member yourself). It’s definitely a course full of wilderness and probably see plenty of wildlife.

Probably even more rare than the main course is its short 9-hole course which was designed by Tom Fazio back in 1991. I’m a big sucker for a great short course so this would be a dream to play!

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WATCH: SDSU Women’s Golf Perform Unreal Trick Shots

Hey there! Were you looking for something to drop your jaw to the floor? Cool! Well, here’s something that should do that for you.

The 24th ranked San Diego State University Aztecs’ Women’s Golf squad got together and proved why they’re a top 25 team. How so? By performing one of the greatest trick shot videos in golf!

Check it out. You tell me if it’s great:

What’s so impressive is that it’s multiple players taking part in this. Most videos show two players at best (Looking at you Bryan Brothers) but with so many players in one video, you’d think something would go wrong but that’s not the case with these ladies!

Golf is getting cooler and cooler each day and I love it. If you’re a traditionalist and you despise things like this, then I have two word for you:


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REPORT: 2016 U.S. Ryder Cup Captain has Been Selected

Davis Love III Lost a Heartbreaker as Captain of the 2012 U.S. Ryder Squad at Medinah Country Club in Chicago.

Davis Love III Lost a Heartbreaker as Captain of the 2012 U.S. Ryder Squad at Medinah Country Club in Chicago.

Alright Ryder Cup fans, want to put that last Ryder Cup aftermath meltdown behind you? Well, now you finally can because The U.S. has just announced their new captain.

According to golf writing great Tim Rosaforte via GolfChannel.com, Davis Love III will return as Ryder Cup captain after nearly blowing out team Europe in the historic 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah here in the Chi (Chicago). Despite Keegan Bradley playing out of his mind, the Euros made an unbelievable comeback that will be stuck in America’s brain for a long time unless a big win happens in 2016.


This may be a big surprise for fans who thought Fred Couples was the heavy favorite. He’s one of the most popular and beloved golfers in the history of the game and has a successful President’s Cup resume.


So this may be a big surprise to fans as DL3 was the captain just a short few years ago. This gives him the opportunity to redeem himself after the Cup was at the tip of his fingertips.


Personally, I love the move. Although I felt Fred Couples was an excellent choice but I’m not disappointed at all about the DL3 move.


I was hoping that he’d get another shot down the road as he led one of the most dominant U.S. teams in recent memory despite to upset. That’s why it was an “upset” because the U.S. squad was just out of control good.


Davis is a likable guy and has had a terrific career to go with it. He has a great leader mentality and now he has the experience under his belt as a captain going into 2016.


This is an exciting move for U.S. Ryder Cup fans and should make for an interesting tournament next year. I wonder what the roster will look like next year too.


Don’t be surprised if you see Jordan Spieth, Patrick Reed, and Brooks Koepka in next year’s Ryder because these guys are definitely on the rise. I’m being biased because I’m a fan, but it would be great and beneficial to have Tony Finau on that team and who knows, he may have a few wins on his resume around that time.


The guy can absolutely drill a golf ball down a fairway. Could be big at Hazeltine, the host course of the 2016 Ryder Cup.


What makes this move so great is that he’s fresh off of a captaincy so I’m sure he’s eager to get back to it. It’s not like it’s a guy who’s captained before, but hasn’t done it in years.


This guy is refurbished and ready to go. Like a pre-owned game at GameStop, it’s been played but is waiting to be played again but when you play it, it’s like nobody touched it.


As for the Euros, it looks like Darren Clarke might be the new captain after there were many rumors swirling that the “Real Most Interesting Man in the World”, Miguel Angel Jimenez was going to be the captain. But, it looks like the European Tour’s 15th all-time wins leader and 2011 Open Championship winner will take the cake.


As for DL3, it’s his chance to get the Cup that was taken from him. No doubt he’ll be coming into the next Ryder Cup with a force and his brain will be working like a Ferrari engine.


DL3 becomes the 8th U.S. Ryder Cup captain to lead the team twice. Probably the quickest to have two stints as well.


His storied resume includes 20 PGA Tour wins and a PGA Championship in 1997. He has 36 tournament wins worldwide.


The 2016 Ryder Cup will be held at the legendary Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota. It has hosted the U.S. Open, U.S. Amateur, and the NCAA Men’s National Championship among others and was designed by golf course architecture legends Rees and Robert Trent Jones.


So, what do you think of this big move? Do you think Davis will lead team USA to victory his second time around? Or will he once again collapse? Things will get real spicy once we find out who’s on the team next year.


Here’s Rosaforte’s report below:






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PGA Tour to reach young, casual audience with Skratch TV




Online TV networks have become quite a popular trend with several networks being created on YouTube as broadcasts. Then came the release of 120 Sports which has quickly grown and became a popular spot for up-to-date sports news with live internet TV roundtable discussions and social media shows.

Well, the PGA Tour also decided to go this route by creating their own online TV network called “Skratch TV” which will launch this Spring. They will be working with Bedrocket to make this happen. Bedrocket created KickTV which is a popular MLS (Major League Soccer. Go Fire!) channel on YouTube.

“As younger fans find new ways to follow their favorite sports, it’s important to deliver great golf content to platforms that they use and in a voice that resonates with them,” said Tim Finchem, PGA TOUR Commissioner via PGATour.com. “We believe Skratch TV will provide a tremendous new platform to effectively speak to this audience.

The goal of Skratch is to bring a brash, funny, entertaining new network for the new, short attention span world we live in. It brings a whole new light to golf and will bring to non-golf fans on board who were at least somewhat interested in the game.

They had a beta for Skratch during the Waste Management Phoenix Open which kinda inspired this move. The beta was also available across all main social media platforms during the Farmers Insurance Open.

I personally love this move. This will help bring that “cool” factor to golf that I’ve been shouting about ever since I got into the game almost a decade ago. Although I picked up the game and loved it, I grew up in a neighborhood where swag was a huge priority for young people and I built that mentality. I love golf but it needs something with a little more of a swagger to it and that’s what this looks to accomplish.

However, I’m already seeing social media posts and other posts claiming that this was a move of desperation since Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have been hibernating lately. That’s a load of crap, golf needed something like this years ago in my opinion, even at the time when Tiger and Phil were dominating and filling the needs of fans.

This was a great idea with or without Tiger and Phil playing well. It’s something to help keep people glued to golf and help young fans learn about the new loads of talent flooding the Tour.

This is better instead of relying only on guys like Tiger, Phil and Ernie to help keep fans eyes on golf. Because as soon as guys like that fall, fans will leave and that will never change.

But with this new online network, it’ll keep people coming back because it’s constantly moving and it’s not taking breaks in between you know what I’m sayin’? And again, I think this network will be crucial to help get the new talent the respect they deserve and help younger fans and casual fans get familiar with these players.

The aforementioned 120 Sports which is really the first truly popular online only sports TV network, went out to congratulate the PGA Tour on Skratch TV via Twitter:

So with the new, insane EA Sports PGA Tour video game coming out and Skratch TV coming this Spring, there’s no doubt that golf is in a great place at a great time. You want to reel in more people to this game? You want people to stop calling golf “boring”? Well this will most definitely do it.

The best part? Skratch will be going across all of the main social media platforms including mobile phones. So fans can take the fun of Skratch with them wherever they go.

Golf is going to be juuusst fine my friends, do not fear!

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Tiger Woods to take leave of absence, will he be back to form?

On a day that was considered “National Golf Writers Dayoff Day”, Tiger Woods made a statement on his website that he is yet again taking a leave of absence from golf. At first he makes it seem like he’ll be gone for a while and then he comes out and says he might be at the Honda Classic which is only a couple of weeks away.


With anticipation, many fans are hoping to see the golf legend play at The Masters. However, this is also the same Masters tournament that many are curious to see how Rory Mcilroy will fare, who is going for the career grand slam at only the age of 26.


Others that fans will keep an eye on include 2-time Masters champion, Bubba Watson, Jordan Spieth who nearly pulled it off last year against Watson and Jason Day who’s no stranger from having great performances at the majors, especially at Augusta.


But here’s Tiger’s statement below via his website on what he plans to do moving forward:


The last two weeks have been very disappointing to me, especially Torrey, because I never want to withdraw. Unfortunately, lately injuries have made that happen too often.

This latest injury is not related to my previous surgery. I am having daily physical therapy and I am feeling better every day.

Right now, I need a lot of work on my game, and to still spend time with the people that are important to me. My play, and scores, are not acceptable for tournament golf. Like I’ve said, I enter a tournament to compete at the highest level, and when I think I’m ready, I’ll be back. Next week I will practice at Medalist and at home getting ready for the rest of the year. I am committed to getting back to the pinnacle of my game. I’d like to play The Honda Classic — it’s a tournament in my hometown and it’s important to me — but I won’t be there unless my game is tournament-ready. That’s not fair to anyone. I do, however, expect to be playing again very soon.

I want to thank the fans in Phoenix and San Diego. They were amazing. I greatly appreciate everyone’s support.

I tell you what man (or lady), when The Masters does roll around, it’ll be the most interesting one in a long, long, long time. But, as I’ve said before, even if we have seen the best of Tiger and Phil Mickelson, I wouldn’t trip. There are too many great young players out there to watch.

In other words, not trying to be a jerk or anything but while you cry into your beer about how the PGA Tour is dying without Tiger and Phil, I’ll be paying attention to the historic slew of young talent coming through with some experienced vets playing in their prime like Hnerik Stenson, Adam Scott, Bubba Watson, Jimmy Walker, etc.

One guy I’ve become a big fan of is Tony Finau (Cousin of NBA rookie and Chicago native Jabari Parker) because he just booms tee shots down the fairway. It’s a thing of beauty.

Fans want to see Tiger and Phil dominate yet when Martin Kaymer destroyed the field at the U.S. Open, nobody cared. I mentioned this in another piece I wrote.

So, with that said, to put things simply, if you need Tiger and Phil or Ernie Els for that matter, to watch golf then you simply aren’t a golf fan.

Opinion, done!

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Review: Classic Golf Omaha Brings Hickory Golf Back to Life

The Store Front of Classic Golf in Omaha and its Signature Truck.

The Store Front of Classic Golf in Omaha and its Signature Truck.



Hickory Golf has started to make its way back onto the scene and into the 21st century. The sport of yesteryear has played a major role in the growth of golf today.


Well, Classic Golf, a shop in Omaha sells some of the most unique, original and beautiful hickories and persimmons you’ll ever see. I was fortunate enough to check out a few of their classic hickory irons.


I always understand the importance of a great grip and these hickories have some of the most unique grips around. They feel great too might I add.


They much longer grips then you’d see on today’s clubs and makes the club look a lot shorter than it is. It’s a unique leather grip that reminds us exactly what the legends used back in the day.


It’s a very skinny grip too because it’s “shaft tight” or like a girl who wears tight pants, “skin tight”. This gives you the unique opportunity to improve the way you grip a golf club.


I say this because I believe working with a skinny, tight grip can improve the way you grip today’s slightly wider grips. These grips are excellent too, feels really good in the hands.


This also gives the chance to either take a swing with the popular Vardon style of grip or take a shot with the grip the legends used for years with this clubs, the ten finger baseball grip. Yup, the same way you’d probably grip any other stick.


That’s one of the fun things if you’re a typical Vardon gripper. You can try something different which was a primary for these clubs.


Now let’s get to the shafts, where the roots of these clubs come to life. One thing I heard, is that hitting a hickory is one of the best feelings in the world.


Well, they were right. And the shafts are beautiful.


All you feel is nothing but pure wood after you hit a solid shot and slide the club down your hand. It’s such an awesome feeling and the sound is great when the ball comes off the hickory’s sweet medal club face.


The clubs are fragile however but to me, this adds to the strategic style that the hickory game brings. You know the ball won’t go as far and you know you can’t swing as fast as you normally would (No 100+ mph swings for you Mr/Ms!) so it makes you think more on each shot.


It adds to what makes the sport of golf so beautiful. The strategic aspect is a work of art in motion.


Now, if you hit some softer golf balls then you might be able to swing the club a little harder. But with hickories, it’s best to focus more on pure control and accuracy rather than power and speed.


That’s what these clubs are perfect for is the control players out there. The ones who want to make to smart play and lay up in the fairway and shoot for the flag stick on the approach shot.


These beauties will make you view a golf course differently. They’ll make you a better golfer in my opinion because we always focus so much on “going for it” instead of making the proper strategic play to outsmart the layout and/or your opponent.


Sure, it may not be as “cool” or “heroic” as shooting for the green on a short par-4 but sometimes, laying up and making the smart play tells yourself that you still have a working brain. That’s what these clubs make you do.


Speaking of golf course strategy with the hickories, the guys at Classic Golf will also be building a golf course that’s designed specifically for hickories. The proposed golf course based in Omaha will feature a shop with all old school golf gear as well as other neat things such as a caddy program.


It will be an 18 hole design and should really apply the strategic elements that make hickory golf so wonderful. I had a chance to view the drawn out layout of the course and it looks spectacular.


So I highly recommend that you visit ClassicGolfMidtown.com and shoot them an email or give them a call if you want some classic hickories for either play or display. If you live in Omaha then you can just stop on in and once the course is completed, you can test your hickory skills and strategic abilities on the awesome new layout.


You’re going to definitely travel back in time with these clubs so you can really see how golf’s roots came about! Throw on some knickers, heighten your socks and get ready to tee off!


Next thing ya know, you’ll be looking like my man, Chicago golf legend, Chick Evans!




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ICYMI: Aussie Golf Pro Hits Amazing Ace on Par-4

Alright, you’re not going to believe this if you haven’t seen it yet. Richard Green, a player on the PGA of Australia tour, hit the most unbelievable hole-in-one you’ll ever see on a par-4 during a pro-am.

When he hits his shot, the ball seems land in a bunker place just left of the green, then the ball just magically jumps out of the bunker like he’s using the Force and rolls into the cup!

No joke, check out this insane awesome madness below!


Now, the jokes have already started on social media that the dog from the Traveler’s commercials that kept saving a golfer’s shot while his buddy looked in disbelief, has something to do with this.


See, my dog would just throw the ball into the other bunker! All kidding aside, this HAS to be the greatest hole-in-one ever hit in golf’s long rich history.


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