PGA Tour Takes Fun Out of TPC Scottsdale’s Hole 16



Oh no….one of your favorite holes in golf is getting rid of one of its signature features thanks to the PGA Tour. The world famous hole 16 at TPC Scottsdale that is.


According to my man Michael Collins of, the PGA Tour released a notice that basically states that players and caddies can no longer throw or kick things into the crowd. This is a bad move by the PGA Tour as this was one of the signature things about the Waste Management Open.


The purpose is because they want to keep the fans “safe”.


It’s taking the fun out of the event. They already got rid of caddie races and now they get rid of one of the best things of the event.


This is a problem and will NOT fare well with fans. This was the ultimate way where fans, players and caddies could interact with each other.


It also made the players get a little loose and show their fun side instead of their cookie cutter face.  You’re taking a sport that’s already widely considered extremely boring and making it even more boring.


The 16th hole at Scottsdale is not only a well designed hole that challenges players of all skills but the crowd is not only one of the best in golf but in sports. It’s the one hole that makes the Waste Management Open a premier event each year.


Michael Collins made a great point in his piece that he was spot on with. He wrote in his article that if you’re worried about fans “safety” then you should eliminate ALCOHOL.


He is so right about that. If anything’s going to get someone hurt or killed, it’s all of the alcohol that the fans consume. And you’re worried about players and caddies throwing things into the crowd? Makes less than zero sense.


I think the PGA Tour is a wonderful organization and has raised more money for charity than all of the four major sports leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL) combined. However, you can’t grow the game if you take away the the aspects that help make it fun.


The 16th at Scottsdale has always been one of my favorite holes in the world because of its stadium like atmosphere. I’m not a big rowdy, party person or anything but it’s just such a great hole to watch guys play on and would be a fun experience to check out.


I’m not even a big desert course guy either but TPC Scottsdale is really one of the iconic desert course and it’s practically alone because of the 16th hole. The anticipation as you arrive to the 16th hole has to be an unbelievable feeling as well, especially if you’re  a player or caddie.


Even if it’s just a regular round with your friends or by yourself, playing the 16th hole has to be breathtaking. Although the crowd isn’t around like during the Waste Management, you can still feel the crowd as you look around the hole.


There’s no doubt, if you tee it up on the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale, you’ll probably get chills going down your spine as you stare down the hole. The PGA Tour is trying to take the magic away unfortunately.


Well, at least we can still enjoy the pleasures of the wild crowd reactions to great shots. It just sucks that a great tradition is getting taken away.


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