Tiger Woods Shoots Worst Score of Professional Career



It seems that Tiger Woods has been missing his share of cuts in the last year plus. He once again missed the cut at the popular Waste Management Phoenix Open after shooting an 11-over 82, the worst round of golf of his entire legendary career.


According to USA Today, this is only the second time Tiger’s ever shot a score in the 80’s. The other time was during the Open Championship in 2002, a time when he was just coming off his famous “Tiger Slam” where he nearly one all four majors in a row.


The first round went OK as he went 2-over and finished with a 73. Then things went downhill from there as he is now 13-over for the tournament as mentioned, has missed the cut.


Tiger hasn’t played in this tournament since 2001 mind you. So, you know their could be an unfamiliarity with the course after not being there in so long.


Thing is, I think he’s focusing too much on his swing rather than course management. I honestly think reading the design of a golf course is what wins tournaments or at least puts you in contention.


I’ve said several times before that I think we will see Tiger win more tournaments and probably one major. I just don’t see him breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record.


It happens to all great athletes. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all-time and was a prolific scorer. However, he’s fourth all-time in scoring.


Same thing with Tiger, he’ll be known as the one of the all-time greats despite not breaking the record. A lot will say that he is still the greatest of all-time.


I think he’s hit a lot of shots that Jack could never hit. However, Jack, in my opinion is still the greatest of all-time unless Tiger does tie or break his major record.


I think the the reason why so many people believe Tiger’s the greatest is because of the speed at which he’s won his tournaments. Also, as I’ve mentioned, some of the unbelievable shots he’s hit make him stand out to some.


It’ll be interesting to see how he fares the rest of the way. With this not so good of a performance at the Phoenix Open, it’ll just peak our curiosity more and more moving forward this season.


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Tiger explains why he wore mask with silly comments

Picture source: GolfWeek.com

Picture source: GolfWeek.com


Remember the whole Tiger Woods “Tiger Tooth” situation? Where he was missing a tooth while watching Olympic ski star and girlfriend Lindsey Vonn at a race?


Well, he’s back and ready for the Waste Management Phoenix Open. He addressed the media with some interesting comments in regards to the missing tooth thing.


When asked why he wore the mask, Tiger responded with a little humor. He basically said that he was just trying to blend in because “You don’t see too many brown dudes at ski races” (The mask he was wearing was a skull designed mask which is white. Looked pretty cool actually. Schwag!).


Here’s the Vine of Tiger’s funny little comment:


Oh wait! There’s more! When being asked again about the mask, Tiger asked the reporter if he’s played “Ghost Recon” which is a video game that features masked protagonists which are soldiers. As a video game nut, I’m glad he brought up a video game. Love it!


However, to be honest I have never played Ghost Recon but it’s just cool to see that he mentioned video games period. I play a lot of sports video games with my share of other games like Journey (Shown on my “About Me” page), Grand Theft Auto 5 (They have golf in it!), etc.


When asked once again about the mask and missing tooth, he went on to say “That’s how the media is” in a jokingly way. Oh come on Tiger! It’s not like a lot of people wrote about your missing tooth and mask or anything! I sure didn’t (*Whistles casually*)!


All kidding aside, people write stories because as fans, we have curiosities. Sure, there’s a handful of fans who’ll roll their eyes but they do click on the story and read it. Plus, there a lot of people who are interested in the story, likely more people interested than not interested and that’s why the stories are written.


Anyways, this will be Tiger’s first time at the Phoenix Open in 14 years. I can only imagine the reaction he’ll get on the 16th hole!


So, with the Waste Management Phoenix Open upon us, we’ll be seeing a field full of unbelievable talent. Better warm up your popcorn and put some extra butter (I like hot sauce on mine) on it because it’s going to be a duel of golf titans this week!


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Source: Kyle Porter, CBSSports.com 







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Review: Thirty7Designs Brings Style to Your Putter

Check it!

Check it!

Thirty7Designs, a young company that designs custom putters, creates putters that not only are stylish but perform well. They were kind of enough to send me a custom flat stick to try out on the greens.


I decided to go with an all black color which is cool because it looks like a total ninja! As you can see in the picture, it’s a blade putter and this is my first time using one. Feels great!


I think it’s only fair to start out with the grip of the club as this is the very first thing you touch with any club. The grip is created by Ace of Clubs which is a company that has custom putter grips as well as golf accessories such as putter head covers and yardage books.


These grips are unlike anything else in golf. The front of the grip has what appear to be little bumps all around it and they really help you with getting the right feel of the club.


The back of the grip features what appears to be the signature feature of the Ace of Clubs grip which is laces tied around in the back. The laces also play a big role in the feel of the putter like when you grip a football by its laces. This is very beneficial to get the right amount of touch on the greens.


Overall, the grip of the club just feels beautiful and is a crucial part of successful putting. The next thing I want to mention is the shaft.


The shaft is amazing. Has a great style and feel and is excellent when putting on the green. It has a very nice slick feel which adds to the unique style of the shaft.


While on the green, the putter hits beautifully. The feel of the ball coming off the clubface is as smooth as butter and it helped build some extra confidence.


How do you like that?

How do you like that?


On short putts, this putter made them into just gimmes and most of the time, short putts can be the toughest. The long putts, although missed just because I’m a lame putter, came pretty close actually. I was left with pretty easy two putts opportunities.


The clubhead that was put on my putter is phenomenal. As I mentioned, it feels great when the golf ball comes off it. Another great thing is the the alignment line on the putter.


The alignment on this putter makes it so easy to help you read your putts. Although I missed my share of putts, I was able to get my putts on the right line as the balls rolled up towards the cup.


I usually am not the best green reader but this putter was able to help me line up the putt just right and I was able to see the green that much better. The green went uphill and curved left once it go up the hill. I was able to get the putt pretty close to the hole!


There were a few putts that were on tough spots on the green where it sloped downhill and to the left. After missing the first putt, I was able to sink the next two putts!


You’d have to have quite a bit of touch to be able to hit that putt. That’s another beautiful thing about the putter. Pure touch!


Overall, these putters are awesome, and if you want something stylish that performs well, then this is a great putter of choice. You can get design colors of your favorite sports team or maybe the high school or college you attended which is cool.


Or you can be on of those guys who attends a major, famous university for like two months, comes out and says “That’s my alma mater right there!”.


If you want a putter, visit Thirty7Designs.com and contact my man Phil and he’ll hook you up!


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Picture: Natalie Gulbis Rocks New Adidas Fitness Gear

The cool thing about today’s world is that we get to check out and wear some cool gear. Well, Natalie Gulbis decided to give Adiddas’ new sports bra a try and apparently, she’s obsessed with it.

She decided to take to Twitter to show off her know fitness wear. Check it out!

I think it’s fair to say that Natalie could make anything look good! But this is just a fine example of how important the proper gear is in today’s sports world.

I like Ashworth golf jackets, yeah, those are swagged out cool.

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Review: Momentus Drivers Help You Hit More Powerful Shots


ladies and gentlemen, the world's rawest driver!

ladies and gentlemen, the world’s rawest driver!


Momentus Golf has been a premier manufacture when it comes to golf training clubs and fitness aids. Pros use their clubs and even the longest hitters in the world from the Long Drivers of America use their clubs for practice and training.


Well, I had a chance to check out the signature Power Hitter Driver and the convenient Indoor Driver. Both are awesome clubs, I’ll say that right off the bat…or the clubface I mean.


Power Hitter: The Power Hitter Driver is a weighted golf club that you can use on the driving range to help build golf specific muscles. That, they definitely do.


I loved swinging the club. It was just a blast seeing the ball explode off of the clubface and the sound was just so pure and beautiful.


When getting the club, you can either choose between a traditional grip or Momentus’ signature training grip. I decided to go with the traditional grip just to give me more of a real driver feel when swinging.


The grip on the club felt great and the club as a whole is just absolutely gorgeous. It has a metal shaft like you usually see on irons and the clubhead looks like it was just meant for pounding balls (NO! Not those balls!).


If that isn’t cool enough, then you should see the head cover it comes with. It’s a beautiful cover that in a black and yellow color and fits on the club perfectly.


The way the club hits is superb, and when you get the club, you choose what weight you want on it. I went for 275 gram weight which was just right.


One of the things I enjoy about this club is that, you can go ahead and use the baseball grip or the 10 finger grip on the club to help you juice up your swing. This makes for an incredible workout as you’re swinging the club as hard as you can using the baseball grip.


After hitting multiple balls at a quick rate, I definitely started to sweat a bit. There’s no doubt I burnt some calories swinging this bad boy!


And the sound of it when you hit balls is just Godly. Never heard a driver sound so good when I hit with it. It was totally unique!


Now, I don’t if that had to do with because I was in an indoor facility or not. That shouldn’t had made that much of a difference however. I played with my share of driver and I have never heard a sound so beautiful.


Best way I can explain is that when you hit, you’ll probably start nodding your head like “Yeah, I crushed that one!”. That pure sound contributes to this.


Overall, the Power Hitter is the ultimate driver to use if you want to start hitting the ball farther with your regular driver. Excellent driving range club. Or if you want, feel free to use it in a round of golf!


Well, hellooo there!

Well, hellooo there!


Indoor Driver: The Indoor Driver is a small driver (30 feet long) that is heavier than the Power Hitter. It’s like taking a dumbbell and swinging like a golf club.


That’s what makes the Indoor Driver so awesome and why I’m practically in love with it. As great as dumbbells are, doesn’t it sometimes get a little boring lifting them?


Well, with this little power builder, you can play golf right at home. It’s so simple to use yet so effective as a result.


This is the club where I decided to use the training grip on. Nothing short of amazing.


The training grip helps you put the position of your hands in the correct spots. It helps you get familiar with the traditional way of gripping a club although there’s so many ways to do it.


So when you grip a regular club, you’ll know exactly where your hands need to be. Plus, it feels comfortable and stick to your hands very well.


If you don’t grip a golf club the traditional way or don’t want to try to then simply get a regular grip if you decide to get an Indoor Driver. Momentus’ regular grips feel great too.


The Indoor Driver, like the Power Hitter, can give you an excellent workout if you swing it enough times. It helps build strength in those key golf muscles which is why it’s nice to swing a weighted club vs lifting dumbbells if you’re a golfer.


The club itself looks beautiful. It has a gorgeous yellow shaft and a shiny silver clubhead and really makes you feel like you’re holding a real driver except heavier and smaller.


After swinging the club for about 30 minutes, I decided to pick up my regular driver and take some swings. It felt like I was swinging nothing more than a skinny little stick!


I didn’t hit any balls because I was at home, but just swinging the club felt so much easier and lighter. I was able to generate much more swing speed than I did before swinging the Indoor Driver.


If you enjoy traveling to play different golf course layouts, then the Indoor Driver is perfect just throw in your briefcase. It’s like bringing your golf gym with you, it’s so cool.


And you know how sometimes you just don’t feel encouraged or have the urge to hit the gym or workout at home? Well, if you’re a golfer, you’ll be working out every single day because you’ll be swinging this club around.


It helps to kinda scratch the golf itch during the winter. Not only are you swinging a golf club, you’re feeling great as you’re doing it because you’re building strength while getting a great workout.


Plus, you’re keeping your golf swing sharp because you’re able to swing the club without going to the course or range. This is extremely important if you want to improve your game.


Swinging a club everyday or at least every other day on those days when you’re not on the course is a great way to stay consistent. You’ll have the mindset locked in on how you want to swing your club because you’ve swung a club everyday.


Overall, both the Power Hitter and Indoor Driver by Momentus are terrific and are great training clubs. Don’t be surprised if you start hitting the ball farther.


You’ll feel like a ninja on the first tee. You’ll hit the ball so far that your golf buddies wouldn’t even know what hit them! When they see your ball down the fairway, they’ll think it’s a lost ball for them to add to their collection!


Check out these clubs at MomentusGolf.com


Also, you can hit me up and follow me on Twitter. I’m @ChiGolfRadio on there and I have nothing else better to do so say hi!








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Lydia Ko Looks Totally Boss in Her LPGA Profile Picture


Yeah, I know I’m a tad bit late on this one but give me a break will ya? Yeesh!


For the 2015 season, one of the world’s most accurate drivers off the tee, Lydia Ko decided to make a change to her LPGA Tour profile picture. She for one, got rid of her signature glasses and is going with contacts instead.


The 17-year-old also seemed like she’s made a minor change in her hair style as well. Nobody knows if she’ll go with the more loose hair look or stick with her usual tied hair.


One thing’s for sure, she definitely is looking more mature now! Check, check, check it ouuuut!


Oh! Miss mature up in the hizay!

Oh snap! Miss mature up in the hizay!

Love her style of play. One thing about Lydia is that she will take advantage of your mistakes while driving with pure accuracy. During the final round of the CME Globe, Lydia hit EVERY FAIRWAY, going 18 for 18 including the fairways she hit during the playoff in which she won.

But my goodness, as mature as she looks, give that girl a suit yo!

Here’s the comparison thanks to Golf News Net:


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Review: Mcintyre Golf Balls Make You Travel Back in Time



Hickory golf has made an impressive restoration into the 21st century and has been a hit with a lot of new school golfers. Sandy Lyle won the World Hickory Golf Open in 2014 and he absolutely loves the hickory game.


Well, hickory clubs go great with certain kinds of golf balls and Mcintyre recreates the classic balls of old to perfection. I had a chance to try these pieces of history for myself.


They are gorgeous golf balls and are perfect for either play or display. They give you a great look of what the original designs of golf balls were back in the day.


I had a chance to check out the “RTJ” which is a ball that based from 1905 to 1935. These are one of the first dimpled golf balls only the dimples are much smaller than today’s balls.


I also had the opportunity of trying out the “Victor” which is based off of a more classic ball design. You’ll notice this when you see the picture above that the ball kinda has the design of a ball of yarn as if the ball is wrapped all around with a bunch of rope.


David Brown, who does a great job of running Mcintyre, was nice enough to send me a customized version of the “Victor” which has the Chicago District Golf Association logo on it. You can get them customized on the website which I’ll share momentarily.


Customized Mcintyres make terrific gifts for the golfers in your life, including yourself.


One thing I learned is that the best to see how a golf ball plays is around the greens which is exactly what I did with these beauties. I started hitting my usual pitch, chip and flop shots.


I didn’t have any hickories so I used my modern clubs to see how well these balls of the past, played with the clubs of the present. It was a fun and unique experience hitting these kinds of golf balls.


While hitting some pitch shots, I noticed that that balls rolled on the greens with a little more speed. When you thought the ball should stop rolling, they don’t and stop when they wanna stop.


Not saying that they don’t land in great spots but they make you change your strategy a little more. It adds to the uniqueness and beauty of these balls. They make you think more.


That’s what makes these balls so awesome is that they challenge your mind, especially with modern equipment. This is because you have to adjust from the balls you use in today’s game to what the legends of the game used back in the day.


You have to know how hard or how soft you should hit it, especially from the rough. Most golf balls today you could probably put less effort into it and the ball won’t roll as far.


With these classics, the ball will pretty much roll wherever, judging by your swing tempo. They feel terrific off of the clubface however.


These balls handled modern clubs better than I thought they would and are definitely playable with them. I then pulled out the flatstick to test the ball on the putting surface.


The ball feels great off the putter face and is a lot of fun to putt with. The way they roll on the green is a lot different from today’s balls. You don’t really have to hit as hard as it’ll roll a bit for you due to its adjusting to the face of the modern putter.


Making a putt with these balls is a lot of fun and are excellent practice to improve your skills on the greens. As mentioned, these babies make you strategize more and use your functioning brain sells to help you execute the perfect shot and sink that amazing putt.


It truly brings the roots of this legendary sport to the 21st century and hitting them makes you feel like a legend is right beside you. Old Tom Morris is probably standing there as you’re lining up your putt!


If you want to get these fantastic pieces of golf history for either play or just for display, then visit McintyreGolf.com!


And if you have hickory clubs, then these are definitely the perfect balls for you. All you need to do is rock some knickers and grow a beard and you’re on your way!


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Another Witness Comes Out, Sheds Light on Allenby Story



After Robert Allenby’s alleged kidnapping during the Sony Open in Honolulu, Hawaii, a homeless woman had supposedly helped him get away from two bad men. Now, we have a different twist on this story that may make a little more sense.


According to the New York Daily News, a homeless man named Tao Kalili and a friend saw Allenby passed out on the sidewalk. Remember, he was in a bar with his caddie and a friend so he was probably just extremely drunk.


When Tao and his friend woke up Allenby, the 4-time PGA Tour winner went into somewhat of a defensive mode.


“He’s accusing me and my friend, ‘You guys are the ones who stole my wallet and phone. The gig is up. Just hand it over,’” Kalili said according to the New York Daily News.


“I was like, ‘Oh no. Brother, we’re the one who woke you up. We’re the one that was just helping you.’ ”


It also turns out that the homeless woman, Charade Keane, saw Allenby when he was confronting Kalili and his friend according to the NY Daily News. So the pieces are coming together.


The Daily News also mentioned that when Kalili and his friend returned after two hours, that Allenby was once again passed out on the sidewalk but with a bloody face, like in the picture above. They said that he likely fell on a lava rock which explains the bloody face.


Yup, so as expected, it turns out that the Allenby story is nothing more than a guy having just a little too much fun at the bar. A lot of fans thought this was the case and you simply can’t fool people who drink because they’re experts and know what happens when you have a little too much.


Besides, how the heck do you get kidnapped in Hawaii? Hawaii is the last place in America where you should see a kidnapping.


Plus, if he was kidnapped, wouldn’t you think he would’ve gotten beaten up a heck of a lot worse than that? His face looked like it suffered the consequences of a lava rock.


Real beatings would result in broken bones, ribs and things that are a heck of a lot worse. Especially if you were “kidnapped”. Kidnappers do way worse things.


And according to my man Ryan Ballengee of Devil Ball Golf, Allenby fell after coming out of a strip club. These things make a little more sense.


I guess the questions we ask now are, why would he lie and claimed he was kidnapped? Why doesn’t he just simply say that he had a little too much to drink? Is he smiling in that picture? Looks like it.


Could he be just trying to get some attention? His last PGA Tour win was in 2001 after all.


Crazy thing is that he’s still sticking with his story. Some golfers, especially ones who were really good like Allenby (He had four wins in just two years in 2000 and 2001) was, feel they need the attention after not being noticed in a while.


My attitude is, if you want some attention, win some tournaments or get in contention more often. He did so when he nearly won the 2012 Mayakota Golf Classic but ultimately lost to the champion, John Huh.


Plus, it’s not like his career sucked, he’s had a nice career. 13 Australian PGA wins and four PGA Tour wins in not too shabby.


So yup, I think this pretty much settles this situation. Good job detectives (You)!


But just remember, next time you go to Hawaii, watch out for the Hawaiian gangstas! H.W.A. (Hawaiians With Attitude) or the Hawaiian Homies are coming next I’m sure. They’re hit single will be called “Straight outta Lulu” !


UPDATE: Robert Allenby adresses the media. Here’s a clip of his press conference courtesy of the Associated Press.


He did give some blame to the media for making him not look like a victim although I don’t think he mentions it in the video after watching it but it was mentioned.

What Allenby needs to keep in mind is that it’s not the media making him look like he isn’t a victim. They’re called “witnesses” that saw you come out of a bar and fall.



So, this is where we’re at so far. Hopefully this thing is about over. Just a weird story. Man, and I thought I was weird!


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Video: Bubba Watson Sinks Amazing Mini Golf Putt

Bubba Watson isn’t afraid to attempt interesting things when he’s not hitting an incredible recovery shot out of the rough (Or yelling at his caddie). The fourth ranked golfer in the world and 2-time Masters champion went to the putt putt course again to hit another amazing ace.


Check out this sweet putt from the “Master of Escape” as Jim Nantz calls him:



And this isn’t the first time he’s hit a crazy shot on a putt putt course, below is the first video he put out where he hit a shot backwards and nailed it!




The backwards one was still better for the most part but the latest one was pretty freakin’ impressive too! Hate the man or love the man, he definitely makes golf fun!

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Review: The Kick X Golf Ball is Masterful Ball on Greens


In today’s amazing golf world, everything in golf seems to make a difference. From the clubs, to the grips, even to the tees. Golf balls seem to be more important now than ever before and the balls I tried recently are just terrific.


You may have seen the commercial for the Kick X Golf Balls which showcase 19-time PGA Tour champion Bruce Fleisher and other golfers talking about the greatness of the ball. Well, after trying the ball out, they were absolutely correct.


I went up to a local indoor golf facility since it’s still pretty cold here in Chicago. Plus, the black ice or “Ninja Ice” I like to call it is all around!


After hitting some balls at the indoor facility’s driving range, I went to its short game area and started hitting some pitch, chip and flop shots with the Kick X ball. I was amazed with its performance.


The ball feels smooth coming off of the clubface and rolled beautifully on the green. The soft landing of the ball contributes to this.


When hitting pitch shots, I felt more confident with my swing and the ball had just enough roll to where I was left with an easy putt. The pitch is probably my second favorite shot in golf and this ball is so solid with it.


On chip shots, it’s as if the ball obeys you. you hit the shot and it practically goes where you want it to go.


It’s like some Anikan Skywalker using the Force stuff. Pinned in a tight spot, I was able to chip into a hole on the green which is quite hilly and elevated.


It was in my opinion, the toughest hole on the green due to its hilly nature. If that ball didn’t land near the hole, it would’ve started rolling down the green.


The Kick X ball rolled beautifully into the cup from a tough lie. You should’ve saw me when it rolled in. I was like going into an epic slow motion fist pump and pretending like I was screaming to the heavens!


Now, with the flop shot, which is my favorite shot in golf for its pure artistry and beauty. Like a moving painting in an art gallery.


This is probably where the Kick X ball really works its magic. It is an excellent flop shot ball due its soft nature.


First, I tried to hit some flop shots out of the rough area of the short game area and the results did not disappoint. The ball flew straight up in the air and landed back down just about where I wanted it to.


Some balls tend to roll on flop shots just a tad too much but the Kick X ball lands with hardly any movement. So if you want to really stick the flagstick, then this ball will land right where you want it to.


I then to a vacation to the beach in the short game area where I tested the ball’s sand recovery abilities. I tell you what, I suck hitting out of the sand, absolutely terrible at it.


With this ball, I hit probably the best bunker shot I’ve ever hit although it was at a practice facility and not a real golf course.


Aiming at the hole I was trying to hit, I started to think about the choice of shot to escape the sand. I decided to go with my favorite shot once again, the flop shot.


I took a swing as the sand flew all over the place as I finished my follow through and watch for the ball, it landed practically right next to the hole. This was on a green that was sloping severely to the right.


Aiming left, the ball landed where I wanted it to and curved to the right as expected. This left me with an easy enough putt to finish my vacation at the beach.


On the green is where the Kick X ball’s signature feature comes in to play. The incredible alignment tool on the ball.


The triple line alignment is unlike anything else in golf. It makes it extremely easy to line up putts.


Once you read your putt, line this baby up and you’ll be ready to drill holes. I had a long putt ahead of me and noticed the green sloped up a hill and to the left.


I used the alignment tool of the ball, lined it up exactly where I wanted it to and let the putter rip.


It rolled up the tricky hill and landed fairly close, leaving me with an easy second putt. From that distance, a lot of us, especially me, would be three putting.


Overall, this ball is fantastic and is one of the best balls I’ve ever used. The way the ball feels is just amazing and rolls oh so well.


If I had a GP Golf Report “Hot List”, the Kick X golf ball would be my gold medalist for the golf ball category.


I highly recommend this beast of a golf ball!


You’ll learn some new dance moves once you play this ball even if you don’t know how to dance!


Check them out at KickXGolf.com!







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