Review: The Groove Caddy will wipe your clubs totally clean

It's totally Groovy!

It’s totally Groovy!

It’s the Holiday season as we near Christmas and it’s cold in most places, too cold to hit the golf course. However, are your clubs still dirty from the last time you did play? You probably were shanking your clubs around in the dirt missing your balls and hitting nothing but ground. Or, if you were making contact with the ball, you probably took one of those huge divots the pros tend to do on approach shots.


You know you get little pieces of dirt trapped in your club faces? Sure, you could use a wet towel like most players do but does it really clean your clubs good enough to where they perform their best? Probably not.


Well, the Groove Caddy could change this. The Groove Caddy is the 2014 “Best New Product” from the PGA Merchandise Show and it is a beautiful thing to have in your bag. It wipes your clubs off clean and does it relatively quick.


When you take the Groove Caddy out of the box. Some of the first things you’ll notice are a spray bottle, a charger, a beautiful carry bag, and the Groove Caddy itself. How it works is, you fill the spray bottle up with water or any other cleaning liquid that you may use.


Then you spray the clubheads with the bottle and turn on the Groove Caddy. It has a brush on it and when you turn it on, it spins in a way where it can get into those tight little grooves of your clubs.


You apply the brush gently on the clubs when you clean them as putting force on them may cause damage to the Groove Caddy. I tried it out and absolutely love it. I tried on one of my irons and wedges and it did a terrific job.


Not only does it do a great job of cleaning the clubs, it’s very convenient and fits into your bag perfectly. It also has a wonderful grip on it as well so you don’t have to worry about it accidentally slipping out of your hands while it’s running. Most things like this probably wouldn’t even have a grip which is why this is so important.


Plus, you want to make sure you are handling it well when cleaning. It’s like having a great grip on a golf club!


It really is a beautiful product and it really helped clean my clubs up. By the way, those clubs that I cleaned? They’re older clubs and I haven’t cleaned them ever since I used them! So they had that old dirt on there and the Groove Caddy STILL cleaned even that hard dirt off!


You may be asking, why is cleaning clubs so important? Well, the grooves of the club faces need to be clean in order for the clubs to perform their best. Clean grooves help you put spin on the ball when you hit a shot.


Club you chose goes to far past the green? Well, with clean grooves, you’ll be able to spin the ball. So even if you hit it too far, you can get the ball to spin back towards the cup.


So this baby could help you play some good golf in 2015. Just clean those grooves and try applying some spin on your approach shots and short game shots.


Just make sure your golf ball is good with spin.


So, if you want a great stocking stuffer this Christmas for that golfer in your life, (Heck maybe it’s you! Go ahead and treat yourself, you’ve been good! I think.) then the Groove Caddy is for you!


You can visit them at for more info on this brilliant product.


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